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That's interesting. It looks like someone is using multiple alts to broad downvote his post history because it is a similar downvote count across nearly all his many posts. Not organic. Also interesting that the user doesn't seem to notice or complain about it much (?).

I notice he has repeatedly posted two things:

  1. Trump never went to Epstein island
  2. Israel is an apartheid state

And this seems to usually be directed at:

  1. pkvi
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I've never heard of JAH BUL ON but I've heard of TU BAL CAIN (Tubal Cain) in freemasonry and they seem to be similar. It is said they use these as passwords.

Tubal Cain was supposedly the "first blacksmith" similar to Hephaestus (Greece) or Vulcan (Rome), both being a God of Fire. "BalCain" is possibly another way of pronouncing Vulcan.

Blacksmith is another way of saying Builder, or Mason. This seems to be the earliest idea of a craftsman whom the Masons can latch onto for their lore. Father Craftsman / Father Creator / First Builder.



So it's more like Yahb'elon, which sounds closely related to Babylon.

JAH BUL ON seems to translate roughly to "I am the strongest ruler". Knowing what freemasonry is, that makes sense. Freemason means "doing mason freely", it means being the builder of their own self, life and freewill, free from monarchy rule, they rule over themselves instead. So they might have used these passwords to signify to others in the know where their allegiance lies (with themselves and not the monarchy). This is what the Church was about, especially Solomon's Temple, as you might recall the ancient power struggle between monarchy and religion.

This "I am the strongest ruler" statement can also be interpreted as "King of Kings" which you'll find in Judaism, roughly the word Moloch (Melech Malchei HaMelachim). Darius the Great is perhaps a historical one, who actually did free Israelites from captivity in Babylon, unlike the pseudo-history of Moses doing the same in Egypt.

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It appears the US Military is subordinate to the NATO chain of command.


The current Biden administration is bending over backwards for NATO, opposite to what Trump was about, making America great. That's why Trump was ousted because he was an "outsider" (of NATO) and went against some of their plans. It is why there has been SO much pushback over nationalism, because nationalism is the antithesis to NATO globalism.

This is why there's a border crisis. When they disrupt another country with war, it causes mass immigration, and they ship those immigrants to the southern border so they can flood into America. This is why 26 southern states are banding together to control the situation, because they don't have help from the US Military, due to chain of command. NATO wants the immigrants to get to America. That's why Texas is shipping them to Washington DC, DC is like a NATO HQ. These immigrants are actually like insurgents being planted in America. And they are being given cell phones and tracked by the Biden administration.

USA is pretty damn cucked.

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Here's a thought. People who get vaccinated are producing spike proteins for life, or a long time. When the body expels spike proteins, it does so through waste. That goes into the wastewater. Animals and bugs interact with wastewater. Water including wastewater makes it back into the normal precipitation cycle. Some wastewater is treated at plants to produce tap water. So you can see how bioweaponized humans could be propagating the disease through excrement and the water cycle, especially in large cities where they are faced with recycling their water. A truly nefarious bioweapon would aim to achieve something like this cyclic feedback.

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Shrooms do a lot that doctors cannot even comprehend. Their indoctrination forbids them from knowing. So that'll be interesting.

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That's where "Drain the Swamp" comes from, the guy who designed NESARA was quite a genius and also wrote a book about it:


While the Wiki article is very informative, it is also a hitjob piece attacking "Dove of Oneness" and calling it a cult.

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Immune deficiency probably originates from vaccines.

The chickenpox vaccine is varicella zoster, a herpes virus. It's known to cause shingles, a very painful blistering rash. But this is only what you can see happening on the outside of your body. What goes on inside? It is said these viruses magically make you healthier and stronger (until they burst out in blisters, apparently).

And that's just one virus (weight) they add to your immune system. What is the max load?

They inject about 40 more viruses, while you're young, and you're telling me that's not going to disrupt the immune system?

This stuff is not normal to be getting inside us all the time, not normal for our DNA, and by doing it constantly it's forcing a mutation through natural selection as the DNA attempts to resolve it's own understanding of the environment and how to properly synthesize proteins with what's available (now lots of virus available).

I think we're running around at max load already. One little COVID strain comes along and it's doomsday.

Look how Fauci was involved in AIDS in the 70's and now COVID. Very interesting isn't it?

What better way to control society than to keep them at the precipice of illness? The CDC ramps people up to max load with their vax schedule, and their secret goal is population control through advanced biological means. The problem seems to be that the human immune system is pretty damn strong, and often botches these guys' doomsday plans.

Why do you think nothing ever gets fixed though? The morons are donating billions to cancer research, while injecting cancer into their own kids. They're going to send nanobots into your bloodstream to clean up microplastic, but they won't stop making plastic. They don't know how to cure the common cold, with a cough drop. "Curing" is an unsustainable business. Welcome to the machine. Drink the kool aid.

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Reminds me of Kefka's last speech from Final Fantasy IV, here's part of it:

Why do people insist on creating things that will inevitably be destroyed? Why do people cling to life, knowing that they must someday die? ...Knowing that none of it will have meant anything once they do?

Why do you build, knowing destruction is inevitable? Why do you yearn to live, knowing all things must die?

You people make me sick! You sound like lines from a self-help book! If that's how it's going to be... I'll snuff them all out! Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!

Life... Dreams... Hope... Where do they come from? And where do they go...? Such meaningless things... I'll destroy them all!

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Mana is like spiritual excitement or divine inspiration. It can be tapped by the adept any time, and is drawn from an infinite well, the place where all excitement, inspiration and creativity springs from.

"The world river"

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A classic one is that the mRNA vaccines can create an active denial system in your body, which gets triggered by 5G.

Would be a major improvement over the current models because they could tune it to any radio wave/band, have a band for each person on Earth (digital ID), etc. Active deny anyone at the press of a button, from any 5G tower, all over the world. It would even be superior to satellite which would have positioning and targeting issues.

Bill Gates wanted to get the vaccine into everyone, all over the world, including the "most rural areas" like that Amazon tribe they jabbed. Think about it a bit. People were getting sick of the corporations and oligarchs and fake everything, so what did the oligarchs do? They unleashed COVID. They mandated injections. They nuked humanity.

"Humans are useless and now we can hack them" -Yuval Harari, Homosexual WEF Cultist

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Here is one take which could possibly be true.

Jesus is a synonym for mana, if you were to anthropomorphize it.

Judas and his people were a "cult" of the sacred mushroom. They knew how to find and consume it to obtain spiritual heights and revelations. Their "cult deity" or idol, was this Jesus character. Think of it similar to Hercules, every culture back then had these deities, these man-shaped "gods" (usually statues) who embodied a culture's identity and way of life.

When Judas "betrayed Jesus", he was handing over the secret of their cult - the mushrooms - to the court per their demands. That means Judas was being honest. Even so, the court must have decided this was paganism/blasphemy, and likely punished Judas for it, while making the mushroom against the law or their established religious order. That was the proverbial "death of Jesus", the taking away of the spiritual medicine (mana) and ending of their deity.

But as they say, Jesus rises from the dead. So do the mushrooms rise from the decay of organic matter. That is the majesty of mana, for it always returns to be found again, rising from the dead.

It might make more sense if you study the Mystery Schools. Kykeon was a special drink that was used by the Romans. The Romans around this time, lived during the era of Jesus.



They say there is "manna" in the Ark of the Covenant...

The same stuff they ate off the ground in the Bible when they had spiritual visions, which looked like mushrooms...

Mana is synonymous to Ambrosia and Soma. It was the old world understanding of spiritual medicine, which they exalted as "King" or "cream of the crop". Stuff so powerful, you might start believing in God.

Speaking of special drinks:



In sweetest and most gladdening stream flow pure, O Soma, on thy way, Pressed out for Indra, for his drink.

This knowledge of spiritual medicine was world wide. In some cultures, creating and consuming it was the height of righteousness. Jesus, resembling mana, and the messiah, and Hare Krishna, and Yaweh (Jewish means Yaweh-ish or Jehova-ish) is like the accumulation of all this sacred knowledge into a single symbol, or icon. And it has happened several times over throughout history, throughout cultures. In Egypt, it was Ra. In Phoenicia, it was Ba'al. And for the Proto-Indo-Europeans (Irans/Aryans), it was Mithra. But they all had the same secret. They knew how to harness spiritual medicine and understand the mind of God. From that we got civilization and human consciousness.

by bfytw
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Those vaccines are made with chicken eggs.

Maybe we should ask why chickens/eggs were mass depopulated during corona...



We don't need to ask though. Because we know it's because they wanted to force thru the mRNA jabs, and they can only do that thru EUA when no other treatment (like chicken egg vax) exists.

Try to understand that the COVID lockdowns were carried out with military level planning and precision. It was a plandemic to stop the revolution.

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Probably relocating some important pencil pusher's office whose previous location is under protest.

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Heard of Scottish Rite?

White guys.


They adore Judaism.

Temple of Solomon is their favorite jam. That's what a Lodge is.

They gonna LARP some death ritual about Tubal Cain, after you pass thru the pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

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But how are we gonna make anti-aging creams if we don't chop dicks off?

Not only does a fresh perfect baby boy get circumcised, he also gets a Hep B vaccine.

It seems like medical assault, and normalizing parents to it.

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CBDC? Nobody wanted or asked for that.

It's a desperate move by an obsolete government.

We already have Visa/Mastercard which is digital. Everyone has a credit score. Give this stuff to the government and they'll be building huge databases with all your info, income, purchases, vaccines, etc. They'll tie it to a wellness "green" pass which might also track how much you spend on carbon emissions, tax you on CO2 etc. They'll know everything about you down to the last molecule of carbon footprint you "cost society". Then they can use your DNA and data to build you out on a chip, as an avatar, and predict everything about you. They can re-create you and simulate you and run drug simulations & studies on your clone.

Crypto is going to be somewhat tied to USD for as long as the USD remains the world reserve currency. People are buying crypto with USD, and selling crypto for USD.

It's still a new technology, but has things like decentralized governance built in, which is a far more democratic "people controlled" way of doing money. It's just the beginning.

Crypto has a major sell off at the end/beginning of every year it seems, right around tax time. But also coupled with that, China seems to ban it every year around the same time too. Recently it was in the news that Russia was banning crypto.

The economy is down across the board right now, including traditional stocks.

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You don't need to be a condescending asshat.

Politician suggests bombing erupting La Palma volcano to stop lava flow


The chatter about some hypersonic missile smoke or its splash into the ocean being seen from space is beyond laughable.

Chatter? Try video evidence mate.

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It could be a missile with large white plume of smoke, hence why it looks like a cloud moving in the wrong direction.

Look up some hypersonic missiles online.


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