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Makes no sense to you because you’re retarded

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Because it was planned out you moron.

I swear people like you are the reason why we get into this mess; you’re completely fucking oblivious.

READ SPARS PANDEMIC by John Hopkins which concluded in 2017. ALL OF IT WAS PLANNED.

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No shit He’s a sodomite

So it’s the whole Vatican.. it’s home to the largest gay bathhouse in Europe. TF up with that?

Sodomy sodomy sodomy

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People will learn that it’s China pulling the strings to cripple the west so they can carry their agenda out

Biden is doing everything on purpose none of it is by mistake

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Reddit is full of faggot leftists

Can’t say anything without getting banned in some form

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I mean people were showing up HIV positive after first dose when this first started not surprised

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He’s a junkie who got what was coming to him

You reap what you sew

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Psaki is a Commie Needs a helicopter ride

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It’s not that it looks like, it is is a multilayered doc.

In fact the country’s top leading foresenic experts checked it out and confirmed it. This was clarified years ago by Sheriff Arpaio who put together a posse to investigate headed by Mike Zullo



Mcafee telegram is just rebranded Q bullshit to sucker people in with recycled old conspiracy theories. It works because newbies think they on to something

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Aussie police are the worst right now. They are deploying the army now.

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Who knows but there is zero evidence of it being round.

Just lots of propaganda from those who invert reality

And what’s the inverse of flat?

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Punishable by death

As nuremberg code clearly states

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Dr Francis Boyles info that he came out from the start is more damning. Has irrefutable information and all the receipts

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