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free-will-of-choice 0 points ago +2 / -2

what's the point and ultimate destiny of humanity if we're supposed to believe that we're all alone here?

Your choice to want to believe the suggestions of others is what causes your want for "the point and ultimate destiny of". Your choice of want represents the ignorance of need; which isn't suggested by others, but offered by the system you live in.

As form (life) within flow (inception towards death) you need to sustain yourself by choice based adaptation to balance, yet also want to ignore this for the suggested choices of others. The more you choose want over need (ignorance over adherence to self sustenance) the more your ignorance corrupts your comprehension about this system (flow/form aka loss/growth aka energy).

Your want for "point and ultimate destiny" represents your lack of comprehension about life not being outcome oriented (since inception predefines death for life), but balance oriented, hence you having a free will of choice.

Your origin = flow to form (inception); Your function = self sustenance as choice in reaction to balance; Your destination = form to flow (death).

As for alone...as form within flow you represent ONE within ALL, and comprehending this represents self discernment, after which you can comprehend that ALL represents ONE in energy aka ALL(in)ONE aka "alone". As ONE you react "alone" to ALL by free will of choice as reaction to balance (within flow).