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Roller coaster of tolerance emotions

18 months ago I was fed up with others ignorance; “how can they not see”

Then came the tolerance; “we’ve all been lied to, they’re just my still asleep brothers and sisters”

Lately it’s back to being completely fucking done with these people

How are they still defending gates at this point

“You need to get 1984’d” - some ignorant psycho

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I don’t know shit about fuck but positivity is definitely a factor

In my humble and ignorant opinion, for what it’s worth and for reasoning I won’t be able to describe, there is something more going on behind the veil of what we can normally perceive with our senses

Godspeed, fren


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So Jews are demons muslims are pedophiles and blacks are rapist murders then, is what you’re saying

If we are going to cherry pick statistics and apply to whole groups of people then let’s roll, bigot

What are their metrics for productivity? Society is wildly different today than it was for our ancestors

Using words like triggered to suggest I’m unjustifiably calling you out for your shit tier labels is sad, pkvi

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I’d expect to learn the secrets of this realm of existence before I understand why they would get the WORST actor to help push globe lie on us

Maybe because I know it’s a lie but to me he goes on and on about it in the cringiest way and I can only imagine lord bay sos is screaming inside for billy to shut the front door

Billy must be high up in satans club and it’s his retirement wish or something, I don’t know, I’m fucking lost on reason about most of this whole shit show being run by self proclaimed elites

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“Most incompatible”? With what?!

Link your source, from anthropologists, funded by the same people we post articles about on the daily, you fucking dolt

For someone who posts 600 times a day I would expect you to understand this

Millennials and progressives aren’t interchangeable and you’re suggesting I’m in the wrong to call you out for it, which is even more pathetic

You chose your words, so own them

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Watch the video and then tell me you’re satisfied with this “supercut”

Where’s all my shots of the earth from altitude and/or space as viewed from their point of view ?

If it were me, I would have cameras all over as much as possible, FUCKING OBVIOUSLY

Skip through to 10:30ish when billy the mason is describing what it looks like


Explain that.

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Watch the whole thing and tell me if you’re satisfied with the video offered

Where’s my view of the earth and or space and or all of it, I mean, I would have cameras all over this thing, showing what it’s like as described by billy shitner THE MASON around the 10:30 mark

Skip to 10:30 when shatter starts talking about what it looked like when they reached space



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Millennials oblivious?

The boomers get a free pass for allowing things to go unchecked for decades, I guess?

Fucking sad, pkvi

Hoping I’m reading your title wrong but “millennial oblivious government corruption” sounds like you’re saying it’s millennials who are blind?

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Hoh fk yeah, bud

Either finally come annex Canada like you should have a hundred years ago and then I don’t even have to move

Or trade the US lefties for us Canadians who understand and appreciate liberty; straight swap

And then we can still annex Canada a few years later after they’ve collapsed under their own communism

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Oh and I just thought Satan was synonymous with prince of darkness but that’s maybe just the decades of media influence then, if incorrect

Apologies for my ignorance on the subject and I appreciate you taking the time to share your views

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No arguable reason to believe in Satan or any other specific supernatural being, but I do believe that there is something going on beyond the veil of what we can normally perceive with our senses

Important to note that I don’t need there to be something else going on to be happy in this life, and learning without a doubt that there is or isn’t another experience after this one won’t change how I conduct myself during this phase of my existence

For various reasons and despite not being raised with religion I believe this way

I’d love to have some proof to point you to but I’m left with describing experiences of déjà vu and other points similarly unprovable and difficult to describe

Again, to what end would proving or disproving it do for me anyways if it won’t change my actions

Truth is king and whoever is lying or infringing on the free will of my brothers and sisters is my enemy

I enjoy the search for Truth in this world governed by liars

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I agree that lucifer is referred to as the lightbearer

We are talking about the father of lies, though, aren’t we? It stands reason that the father of lies who’s made an enemy of God would claim to be the Lightbearer, an inversion of the Truth

Isn’t the King James Version from only a few years after copernicus, a freemason, pushed the globe lie?

Isn’t king James the king in name only who banned any other versions of the bible to be printed

Why would I believe any book, distorted and perverted over the centuries

I go with what I see for myself

We, as Gods children, prefer the Light to the dark

Light obliterates the darkness, no contest

To me, this is a good comparison of how strong I believe my God to be and how it compares to Satan, the self proclaimed prince of darkness

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I read through "predestined for suffering" and appreciate some of the points considered / questions asked especially about the contradictions forming the foundation of the Abrahamic religions ie the existence of Hell and why an omnipotent omniscient God destine a soul to Hell to be punished for eternity?

And if no Hell, then why these other things?

Regardless of who or what is or isn't watching over me, I'm just going to continue following the Truth wherever it takes me, and I find this topic supremely interesting

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" My God puts Truth and free will above all else, and those who operate in the darkness are about to feel the swift and mighty hammer of His Light "

I'm not sure how you draw from that I meant Lucifer, the great deceiver

Literally the opposite of what I said, and almost exactly the same as your "mighty hammer of justice" used in your supposed letter to Leif Johnson

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Sure, I can get on board with leaving force/violence as a last resort and only to be used in the defense of our natural rights, as you've described

Why the pledge, at all, though?

Why not simply live your life as a sovereign being, no need to pledge to any creator or architect?

Pledges are not a requirement to obtain approval from my God, nor will your spoken words alone get you past Heaven's Gate

God knows what's in your heart and mind, and He doesn't give two flying fucks if you pledged to the right God in this lifetime

Your actions in life illustrate which God you have pledged your soul to

My God puts Truth and free will above all else, and those who operate in the darkness are about to feel the swift and mighty hammer of His Light

If you really are a warrior of Truth as you claim, then "May the Good Lord be with you; may your Guiding Light be strong" - R. Stewart, Freemason of unknown degree

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Oldmancountry17 will respond but I'd be surprised this would be news to you?

It's been claimed that "witchcraft had to go into hiding due to Jesus arriving on the human scene"

Parallels drawn comparing how similar the supposed initiation of Freemasonry to the ritual performed when one is joining witchcraft


Appx. @ 3:05:00

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I love the power goes out and society collapses gotcha point; “what’ll you do with your useless crypto then?”

As if the money I have in the bank is any more useful at that point…

How would I even spend my money or access it with no electricity? Or where?

If you aren’t holding it in your hands, then it may as well be imaginary

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A couple of whales pretending to be women, a plus one who gets to play pretendacop by ratting out her neighbours in plain clothes and shiny badge, and one man (in name only) is there to supervise, clearly instructing the female beside him how to do her job

A couple more drive by to check on things, because there's definitely not enough resources being spent here harassing this older couple

It's over when you say it's over, Australia

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Of course it’s some butchy dyke

“Now they’ll have to acknowledge I exist”

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Now it is, fren!

Upgraded your post to frat earf ultimate red pill status, free of charge


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Is there any video taken of the view?

You’d think they’d have tons of video of what it looks like to look out the window

But I’m getting this shitty little clip?

There must be more than this?

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Honestly and I truly mean this just point me to these flattards who have proven themselves wrong because they aren’t the ones I’m listening to

I would suspect you have been viewing the controlled opposition material

I’m just after the Truth wherever it takes me so for whatever it’s worth, I promise I am not attempting to intentionally mislead you

I would consider Eric Dubay’s material on the subject

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