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The vax shills were thicc last week and it’s been quiet since, so I know we have been invaded by bots, paid propagandists, and alts. Honestly, it’s all probably from just one furry, purple-haired Reddit trannie fag.

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Every data point, system, application, statistic, research analysis, and anything science-y that supports left-wing, liberal, race-baiting talking points is fake and gay. Every single one.

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I think they played the vax too hard, so digital ID will be through another, primary avenue with digital medical IDs being a part of it eventually. Perhaps food rationing, tax refund eligibility, driver’s licenses, property taxes...something.

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Peak level retard has been reached. Thanks, liberals.

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The jabbers are creating variants unnaturally with the irony being variants will eventually kill them off since they have VAIDS.

No refunds.

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