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It’s going to be a lot more than “one case in a million”.

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Christian is pretty vague and most people have different definitions for that term. Some consider Catholics to be Christians while others don’t. I think you are safe with either option there. Doesn’t hurt to throw a bible verse or two in there to support your beliefs. Asking for a religious letter from anyone is unreasonable and a religion can be your own, personal belief and not include any organized movement. Peggy Hall has some great videos on YT that could help you too.

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Good. I don’t want these fucktards breeding.

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Keep it short, state a religious belief on why you don’t want the shot, and leave the science and personal opinions out of it. Make it so they can’t argue your belief.

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You need more “Faith” by Limp Bizkit in your life!


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He’s right. Liberalism and fascism is a mental illness.

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Now we need a time lapse of percentages for people who are “fully vaccinated”, meaning two shots except for J&J recipients. It was hovering around the 65-70% range for a while and I’ve seen recent headlines showing 55-60% are fully vaxxed. I bet the real number is 45-50%.

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That logic works until you realize the fact that these types of people are telling others what to do with their bodies and/or supporting movements that force this mentality on others. That’s the definition of evil for me.

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I have an FDA shill who lives in my neighborhood. We had a disagreement about vaccines during dinner before COVID was even a thing. Him and his family GOT UP IN THE MIDDLE OF DINNER and walked out because he said we were endangering his family. He is a perfect little puppet for the FDA and a clear example of being brainwashed. These people and everyone in organizations like the FDA, CDC, WHO...all brain dead meat sacks and completely mindless.

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Does the average Italian citizen own firearms? Cause if not, this will be a tough fight for them.

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Probably the first time that dumb bitch has run since junior high, lol.

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Gupta and Wen are scripted doctors. Rogen probably knows more about medicine then these two idiots combined.

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Yeah, there are quite a few angles to go with that won’t necessarily please everyone.

From a personal perspective, I’ve never taken any vaccines and try to live as naturally as realistically possible.

From a religious perspective, aborted fetal cell lines were used in the development of these vaccines.

From a scientific perspective, vaccines, particularly COVID shots, have not been proven effective and over 2 million (as reported by a biased organization like the WHO) adverse injuries and deaths have been recorded.

From a business (or maybe ethics) perspective, the companies who make these vaccines are protected from litigation for these injuries and deaths.

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I knew I hated this guy. He made an anti-vax joke in the video.

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