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Oh dear. Seems the website has broken. It's an old site that I constantly kept loaded, I sincerely thought it was working.

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And even then I don't want him back. He'll destroy our country like the establishment because he is the establishment.

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I expect it to be a nothing burger or a "yeah, there was some small scale fraud, but nothing to change an electoral outcome"

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The rich do. Many of which are jewish

Proved my point for me. Also don't be afraid to be called antisemitic. That French general was called anti Semitic and "incited violence" by simply saying that a powerful group controls the media.

I think we're on the same side, but eventually the ethnic composition of the elites swayed me to my position.

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Nope, but an innocent guy being martyred isn't fun to watch either.

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The only person missing him will be his dealer.

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Yeah I did lol

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Nationwide "White Supremacist" bombings and shootings at black churches and black neighborhoods July 3.

Transcript from the media coverage: The attacks appear to have been coordinated online through an alt right forum. These forums are home to dangerous covid conspiracies, alt right rhetoric, false allegations of the 2020 election being rigged, and are ample recruiting grounds to turn the nation's impressionable young white men into dangerous radicals. The FBI has tracked the users of the forum and is currently detaining those who organized the attack.

Boom. Shut down forums, tighten gun laws, bash covid and election conspiracies, and make the FBI the good guys in an attack they either planned or cheered on.

The most important part however, is that it would allow them to further their CRT junk, using it to brainwash young white men to reject any "white supremacist" ideas. This will allow the destruction of the white race even further.

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