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As far as I know, you're just here to Understand emotions. Clay for the potter. This whole experience is for your benefit.

Shortcuts out? Enlightenment is never out of reach. But it's temporary and nothing ever answers all questions.

Enjoy life. Fight evil where you see it. Your actions will echo in eternity. It's pretty glorious imo.

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Zionist Occupied Government.

Israeli subversion of democracy though fourth generation warfare.

Bribery, coercion, subversion, blackmail, murder, mass murder.

They did 9/11 with neocons. Now they have dirt on the whole system and have captured some of the more important agencies. CDC, FBI, State, Executive, FED, etc..

Along with MSM, hollywood, and the larger Investment firms and banks.

Go look. 3500% over-representation is statistically impossible.

America is being gutted for profit and hate.

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They started filming before the first plane hit.

FBI/ZOG ops also:

warned Jews on Odingo.

warned Israeli/Jewish Businesses in the WTC's. Several of them BROKE THEIR LEASE AND PAID PENALTIES with no reason given.

This mass murder goes unpunished. Instead, these same people have taken over our gov't. ZOG.

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So thats 20-25% of the people in America who are full out fascists?

Are you trying to dehumanize them? Because that will do it.

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Operators says its coming back up.

But yeah, it was ZOG.

wahhhh! Why can't we just take over your country without your consent?!

Riddle me this: if 1/3 of 1 percent of our enlistees are Jewish, How are over 50% of the generals in the Pentagon jews?

23 out of 30 pres appointments.

3500%+ over-representation in the higher echelons of our government, media, banking. Statistically impossible.

They have all the blackmail. You think epstein killed himself? Ghislaine had no customers? 9/11 was saudi's?

Did you know the Dancing Israelis started filming before the first plane hit?

Red pills for free. Enjoy.

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It's a space blanket! (NASA)

Reality: Its been in orbit since we dont know when.

Its in a circumpolar orbt. VERY DIFFICULT, and we don't know how it corrects itself. Its also the ONE orbit a satellite can take and capture every square inch of the earth in its orbits.

It still emits a radio signal.

I heard they launched an Atlas at it back in the day and BK blew it out of the sky.

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Thats an overly broad assumption and you're discounting a lot of factors.

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20% is actually very good news.. 3.5% is the magic number for civil war.

No civil war has ever failed with >3.5% engagement.

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That might be the plan, but even 20% of us well armed citizens is gonna fuck up ANY of those plans.

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If you'd like to address a particular error he has made, feel free.

Otherwise, stfu.

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America's scenario for famine or genocide won't play out like anywhere else in the world. We're too well armed.

Expect a short civil war and a sea of blood should they try.

ZOG needs to be removed asap or its just a matter of time..

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It wouldn't look anything like a war. The NATO / RU matchup is ludicrous. NATO has zero chance of stopping RU. Its not even a funny comparison, 10x+ force strength on RU side. And with an army made to fight a long, bitter, non-nuclear war.

2 ARMY groups of mechanized Hyperbaric MLRS on RU side. And cheap air defense. Meanwhile nato MLRS is conventional AND pretty much obsolete since 2003.

The only good thing so far is Democrats literally used a filibuster to stop even sanctions against RU. (which would have just fucked families in Europe who rely on RU pipelines for heat..)

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His dad is a general with cia links.

He adopted two black kids. (He's white).

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9/11 is a fucking slam-dunk, but if you do too good a job they'll kill you..

They are DEATHLY afraid of that shit still. SAME people in charge of that Admin (ZOG side) are in power right now.

Last guy who had a book contract: finished his book, then he and his whole family is killed, including his dog, and book is never released..

Sounds like fiction. Sadly, that's our reality.

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Nah, My kid sat in the same chair as some kid who got sent home from school with a fever. It was covid. CDC calls, all that shit. A week later daughter has what came off as a mild cold for her, but got the wife and me down for about a week-ten days. Just like a flu really. Lot of fatigue, blah blah. My son didnt even get sick at all.

So kids got tested before and after, so did wife (School requirements for them and work requirement for her). I obviously got it as well, but wtf is the point of takin the test if everyone else did? i said fuck that. I've got a degree in cardiopulmonary science. I just watched the symptoms and treated em appropriately.

MY Ivermectin FINALLY showed up on the tail end and I took a 6 day round of it, never fucking felt better honestly.

5'11 180. Covid is just a fucking flu that we don't/didn't have a lot of familiar antibodies for. We do now. Herd Immunity is here, unless you were stupid enough to take the jab.

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Lost my sense of smell for a couple months from the covid. True.

Its back. I appreciate it more now as well.

But I did begin to enjoy hot and spicy indian food..

Made most things bland/narrow tasting (salt, sugar, etc). Apparently you have No taste complexity without your olfactory senses..

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You cannot name the Jewish people for any impropriety whatsoever, even absolute solid facts are not tolerated as antisemitism.

Fuck that place. Its just controlled opposition if they want to bitch and never point out the causes or who's in charge..

Fuck em.

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Nah, just check the BS and lies out of your life. Fight the good fight if you go online. Spread truth in darkness. Fuck all naysayers.

Put in my first garden last year, 128 sq ft., Second harvest this year.

Haven't touched a gun much in the 20+ years I've out of service. Learned how to make carbines this year.

Physical and mental Independence is one the best things you can do for yourself. Be strong for yourself and you can be strong for your family and community.

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I would like to bring to your attention to an often overlooked aspect of the covid conspiracy. Specifically, how they generate false data and then use that false data to justify drastic measures. Please take a moment to examine this clear example of criminality.

Several days ago (1/4/22), WGBH news outlet in Boston published an article [attached] in a corner of their website. The story was dire: Massachusetts (and her neighbors) had no more ICU bed's due to covid.(!) The articles intent was obvious: Covid fear.

Article title and quote:

'No ICU beds left': Massachusetts hospitals are maxed out as COVID continues to surge.

Dr. Melisa Lai-Becker, the medical director for the emergency department at Cambridge Health Alliance's Everett Hospital, spent much of Monday afternoon urgently calling hospitals all over the state.

"I was searching for an ICU [intensive care unit] bed for one of our patients, and every single facility is full," she said. "They are at full capacity. They have no ICU beds left."

She even started looking up hospitals she could call in neighboring states, but they're in the same predicament."

However, the article had no basis of fact. It was and is a complete fabrication.

Let me repeat that: THERE HAVE BEEN NO ICU BED shortages in Massachusetts. This data is verifiable from the John Hopkins website which tracks nationwide ICU bed availability. Furthermore, additional checks against the Dr.s claims were verified. It was not difficult to pick up a phone and actually call the hospitals.

FACT: The information in the article is propaganda and completely non-factual.

This was not a large news story in Massachusetts, it was 'buried' in the back of WGBH's website.

Here's where things get MUCH WORSE. The Associated Press decided to pick up this story! Meaning AP news outlets WORLDWIDE were now allowed to include this in their news feed.

It becomes WORSE still on Friday 1/7/22 when a Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court used this falsified information from the AP as 'fact' in their opinion statements to justify the EXTREME measures proposed by OSHA. (A forced, mandated injection of an untested drug which has not only proven to be of dubious clinical benefit, but is in fact responsible for an uncountable number of injuries).

These fabricated stories do not happen by accident. A doctor does not make up stories at the risk of their career, The AP does not pick up a obviously falsified story buried in the WGBH website by accident. A Supreme Court Justice does not include fabrications in their arguments by accident.

This is conspiracy. Have they watered down this word enough for it to not have meaning anymore? This is criminal collusion.

For all parties to fail in their fact checking responsibilities here is impossible. All parties know this information is a fabrication, easily revealed in mere minutes of fact checking.

This fabrication of propaganda ultimately serves to defraud you of your basic rights.

This is only one example of their criminality, it is quite impossible to not see the malfeasance they engage in with obvious impunity.

Please report on this, the public has a right to know.

Article: https://www.wgbh.org/news/local-news/2022/01/04/no-icu-beds-left-massachusetts-hospitals-are-maxed-out-as-covid-continues-to-surge?fbclid=IwAR15VVCEhFj2odaMkRzbN7nuixss2ywHHbKT_qAZjuDxFB7k8h6BgALeyfo

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And history would be about to repeat itself,

Except Americans are armed to the fucking teeth.

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truckers said fuck off mandates. Supply chain is gonna get wrekt I think. They will blame unvaxxed...

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