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Yes, most assuredly. You'd have to take my word for it, but I came to all the same main conclusions as he did before I'd ever heard of him.

When I finally saw his presentations a couple of years ago and realized that he was way, way out there and I was way, way out there, but that we had both ended up in the same place, that was enough of a confirmation for me that we were both correct in our research.

I would say he hasn't gone as far as I have, particularly in the identification of Satan and all that that entails, but maybe he just hasn't published on it. People get very touchy when you come close to their "religious" convictions, and "the Bible is actually about aliens" is more than enough of a pill to swallow.

He's got tremendously more detail in what he's researched than I have, since I was just after working out the main thrust and certain details. But from the few presentations of his I've seen, he's dead on.

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I have found that Baal = Moloch = Lucifer = Satan = etc, and I wouldn't even claim this unless I felt I had compelling evidence to back it up. And I would relate to you any part of it, but in a way that's pointless and I'll tell you why.

If someone presents you with evidence contrary to what you currently believe, it's the easiest thing in the world to find reason to discount it. You have to defend your own position, right? Totally instinctive.

The dynamic is entirely different when you find evidence on your own. If you're expending the effort, then you're in a mindset to learn.

So what I would suggest is this: as you continue researching and encountering information, just keep the thesis in the back of your mind. When you come across something relevant, just say to yourself, "I wonder how this fits with what that jackass on the Internet said?"

Who knows, of course, but I think you may find that the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall more neatly into place.

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I couldn't say, but quite possibly so. You find that there's a lot more two-way "interaction" between Yahweh and the Israelites than you would expect.

One example (from Ezekiel, I think) is when they asked for a king instead of just judges. Then Yahweh sends Ezekiel back to try to talk them out of it but can't. So Yahweh gives in and appoints a king. I mean, is that what you would expect to read in the Bible? Or that anyone would make up?

It was only after I started closely studying the text of the Bible that I had any realization of how deeply ignorant I was of the actual material in it. Then on the flip side, I stumbled across vital points that I had never once heard mentioned.

An example would be Isaiah 1, as mentioned. I still see people claiming the Bible was written by the Elites to control us through organized religion. Well then who in the hell wrote Isaiah 1? And those claims go completely unchallenged, so even Bible fans don't know.

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My research has indicated that Moloch and Baal are one and the same entity, as well as going by quite a number of other names. And he's the head guy, the capo di tutti capi.

This identification is a key insight I would urge you to consider as you research. Thanks for the reply!

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A clarification I would offer is that Yahweh changed his attitude through the course of the Old Testament, and whatever came before, by the time we get to Isaiah he chastised the Israelites about the sacrifice of animals (let alone human children!):

To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto me? saith the LORD [Yahweh]: I am full of the burnt offerings of rams, and the fat of fed beasts; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats. (Isaiah 1:11)

In fact, the whole chapter is quite key, in that it brings into question the entire idea of "organized religion" as we understand it, ripping on just about every facet of it. Yahweh is very plain-spoken about this and then instructs them thusly:

Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil; Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow. (Isaiah 1:16-17)

Simple indeed, yet oh so few conduct their lives in such a way.

The point here is that whatever sacrifices are being made to Yahweh, then or now, it is without his desire or approval. The sacrifices are to other deities.

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I've given up on the idea that "justice will be served" in the normal fashion on this or many similar issues. That is, we're in a war, and one of the things that breaks down during a war is the orderly administration of civil law. That is, the very concept of "martial law" exists only because civil law is suspended, is unenforceable, or otherwise fails to be enforced.

In my view, we've gone beyond "violations of the penal code" or "felonius this-and-that". The offenders would die of old age in the century or more it would take to sort it all out on that basis.

Rather, I think these are more properly seen as war crimes, and no tribunals will be constituted until we have prevailed and hostilities have ceased. That may yet be a while.

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iDK if your Baal reference was just a joke, but it touched on something I find quite important.

For the longest time, I could never figure out why the Leftist Establishment had the biggest hard on ever for abortion, like absolutely nothing else. I mean, it was way, way, way out of proportion to any other "principle" they held.

When I finally put it together that abortion was a literal and functional Satanic sacrifice, it all clicked into place. Yes, they do serve Satan, and yes, these sacrifices of humans do indeed nourish his demonic legions. I think it was the fact that the Planned Parenthood headquarters building in Houston strongly resembles a ziggurat of lapis lazuli that sealed it for me irreversibly (there is a very deep and very direct connection in that, confirming much other research I've done).

Although this a great victory for humanity in the struggle against Satan, I also feel that court rulings and legislation and constitutional amendments aside, the war isn't really going to be over until most people actually understand what I wrote in the last paragraph. I suspect many reading this right now think it's utter nonsense, so in my view we have yet a long way to go.

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Many think so and that's close, but the evidence is conclusive that it's Enlil and Marduk.

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Glory to yellow journalism! Glory to what now passes for journalists!

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Well, once the bleeding heart liberals get ahold of this story, they're going to... uh... not give a rat's ass because it's not part of the agenda and they have not been instructed to care about it.

And anyway, mental illness is now a virtue. Single-payer healthcare. Late-stage capitalism. Brave and stunning.

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This reminds me of a similar sentiment from Iranian "terrorists", and also an example of how--yes, indeed--things can (almost) be erased from history.

In the the movie "Argo", there's the scene of a press conference given by the students out in front of the US Embassy after they had taken it over. It replicated an actual event, which I had remembered from the time it took place.

There was a big banner on the embassy wall behind them, and I was impressed that the filmmakers had included that detail. You can't quite see all the wording, so I went to look it up online.

It does not exist. Want to know why? Filling in a few missing words, the banner reads:

We differentiate between the United States corrupt government and fair honest American people

Oh no, not quite on message for a bunch of terrorists, is it?

You can get very partial glimpses of the actual banner in this documentary: American Embassy - Thames TV: Look from 1'25" to 3'22".

So the most complete record of this banner exists only in "Argo", at least in English. Which is all very ironic because "Argo" is about the CIA, made by the CIA, and starring a CIA asset. What a strange world we live in.

PS: Anyone else notice how terrorists have given up on press conferences, and even on making demands? They just attack people who are inconvenient to US and Israeli geopolitical objectives.

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For the last couple of years I had the hypothetical question on my mind: how many people would do what they knew was right even if everyone else thought (because they were told) that they were the worst person in the world?

I never thought it would actually play out, but here we are with Putin and Ukraine.

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Russia and the DPR clearly don't want to have to put this guy down, as the story implicitly admits in the first sentence:

British national Aiden Aslin has been told by his Russian captors that his execution will go ahead and that 'time is running out' for Britain to save him.

Otherwise they'd just announce that this guy was done-zo and take him out back. So that brings up my favorite part:

... the [British] Government has thus far refused to intervene directly to prevent the sentence.

They want this guy dead, of course, a martyr for their Neo-Imperialist cause. I'm sure they pray to Satan for it to be televised live. Then they can decry the pitiless brutality of the aggressor and trumpet the righteousness of their cause.

Oh, and they don't have time to intervene, anyway. Way too busy shipping weapons into a war zone. For peace.

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Nobody ever talks about it, but I think in such a situation the cops would fold very, very quickly. Like in Uvalde, to confront one teenager that doesn't exist, it takes 50 during the incident and 500 afterwards for no known reason. (Or whatever the numbers are, I can't bother to look.)

But what happens when this standing army starts getting out of line, and then someone SWATs his gun nut UltraMAGA neighbor? Only--ooops!--it's actually an ambush at an abandoned house and the entire team is wiped out as a very harsh example. How many of these power-tripping thugs are interested in suitin' and bootin' for the next go-round?

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I agree, and it is very depressing. But there is some light in the darkness.

In that dank hellhole of disinformation that is Wikipedia, I constantly come across stuff that I'm stunned they just left laying around in plain sight. I mean, even if it was a lie, they're still--in practice--admitting to it.

The flip side to that flip side is that they don't need to hide it all, because few are reading, fewer still are understanding, and almost no one realizes the true meaning. (Perfect example is the first line of the Georgia Guidestones.)

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First, I would make the scholarly argument that "Amalek" originally referred to adherents to Satan It's an interesting and illuminating (haha) case, but quite long.

Of course, since Satan rules this world, the original meaning has been inverted, so that "Amalek" eventually gets used when pointing to someone or something that stands in the way of Satan's goals. See how neatly that holds together?

The Khazarians, generally being both intelligent and violent supremacists, gladly fill in all the connecting "logic" and "facts" of the inversion, and congratulate themselves on their moral superiority for thus saving the world.

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I recall first hearing about this story a decade ago, and what I've learned in that time is one of the most fundamental, most important techniques of the Ministry of Truth.

You see, in all that time NASA has never tried to cover it up, or argue against it, or hide the survivors, or "deboonk" the conspiracy theory. All they've done is keep telling the same story of the tragic deaths of the astro-nots.

And that's it. The technique is simplicity itself: just keep telling the lie longer than anyone else can keep telling the truth. If they persist long enough, the lie will undoubtedly prevail as bedrock reality.

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People really need to focus on the phrase "no health authority in the world".

There's a world-wide genocide going on and none of these people anywhere have the balls and/or brains to say one word about it. Take note that this is what the entirety of the World Health Establishment is worth to you: (checking my math here) something less than zero.

One might even be tempted to say they're part of the problem.

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Mathematicians say they can prove anything at all, if you just spot them one miracle. For the Medical-Industrial Complex, "standard of care" is that miracle.

"Standard of care" is, essentially, declaring some medical treatment as safe, healthful, beneficial and even mandatory solely by fiat. Even if it drops you right in your tracks (see Tiffany Dover), then that's on you because probably you just suck at being alive. For proof, see the first sentence of this paragraph.

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I consider the existence of NPCs as a substantial fraction of the population one of the biggest secrets of the Elite. They want you to continue believing that these are people you just somehow differ with because of culture or values or intelligence or any other reason. This is not the case.

When you finally accept the reality of NPCs, you begin to see the world with new eyes. You think and feel and act very differently. If you go back and watch "The Matrix", you'll notice that all the "awakened" people barely interact with the others who are still in the Matrix. Now you know why.

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Russia is going to do what they're going to do, and i think that was decided long ago. They are past negotiating, or even caring what the West thinks. Would you trust any Western government to keep their promises?

That said, it's not really even a provocation, but more a psyop. Any counter-measure will be characterized as an aggression. Even if they do nothing and the residents of Kaliningrad suffer in any way, then "tHeY dOn'T eVeN cArE aBoUt ThEiR oWn PeOpLe!"

The key question is how many Westerners will buy into the narrative. Support seems to be crumbling. Even the (Anti-)Pope now says openly that Russia was provoked into military action. Who saw that coming?

I suspect the Puppet Masters no longer care about popular support or even the pretense of it. They will keep commanding their "troops" to do their bidding. And what happens when that persists for long?

Anyone ever heard of fragging? Rumor has it that's essentially what happened to those 50 or so Ukrainian officers in a recent Kalibr missile strike.

I believe the world will be very different in the near future, but the process of birthing it is proving very painful.

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