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I had lots of ambition to make money.

But once I think about money being printed, and how pursuing it isn't fair, and how jews get financing for free while I am denied financing, and that the game was rigged, and fiat paper doesn't have true value, and the best things in life cannot be purchased with fiat money, I lost a lot of my ambition to seek out and pursue money.

I still exchange labor for money, but only to purchase what I cannot supply for myself.

I have no life ambitions to become rich. I don't want to hire employees. I do not want to sacrifice time in pursuit of something that is largely fake, a cheated and unfair banking system.

I actually learn from my kids. Surprisingly, when i give them gifts for Christmas or their birthdays, they don't necessarily like the most expensive gift the most. In fact, sometimes it's just that $3 canvas and the $10 I spent on a bunch of brushes and acrylic paints that then have the most fun with. I also buy them little craft projects and kits and stuff to build or put together and be creative.

One year one of my kids got lots of great gifts, even a fancy new laptop. That child liked the $1 chutes and ladders boardgame the most. Got so excited playing it with others.

Do you agree with the ol' sayin' "The Best Things In Life Are Free" ?

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Interesting you think about an anagram. I usually don't try to decipher words like that. Doubt there's any underlying meaning.

Bayer was purchased by fisher diagnostics, right? I thought they made most of their money supplying companies and universities with lab equipment.

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Imagine you are a young child who has been human trafficked by jews who fund the caravans.

Then this ugly jew walks into the room to rape you.

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I think most of it is just theater. I think both political parties want to increase taxes on the working poor. They just have to pretend they are fighting each other on the way to making it happen.

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You win.

Osama Bin Laden was warning us about Jews back in 1998 and accurately described their control of our government and military.

Not a single DemoKKKrat or Republican calls out the evil jew. But the guy who both Republicans and DemoKKKrats called a "terrorist" did. That tells you that our leaders are sellouts to the anti-Christ Jew and that the so-called "terrorists" are peacekeepers compared to the evil jews who control both political parties in our nation.

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Most people do spend most of their income. Most Americans are paycheck to paycheck and in debt. Again, only the richer classes have discretionary income to save.

And what are you going to do with it if you don't spend it? Hoard it? The money is fiat and worthless if held on to. With hyper inflation, holding cash isn't a good idea and savings accounts do not come close to keeping up with inflation.

Also, every transaction will be taxed. Meaning that by the time the product makes it to you, businesses have already paid extremely high national sales taxes for each component part that went into that end product. This means you will be paying 30% many times over by the time the completely assembled final product makes it to you. And as we know, Jews always pass all corporate costs on to the end consumer.

You might argue that mortgage payments will be exempt from the national sales tax. So no national sales tax on buying real property? Now we're back into special deductions and credits and exemptions and all the reasons the income tax is a riddled clusterfuck of special privileges for corporations and rich jews.

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I know he doesn't. Which is why I agreed with his on this SPECIFIC point.

That doesn't mean I agree with Schumer on everything. Ultimately I think he should be impaled in most brutal fashion.

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Don't underestimate the number of people who are wage slaves, put in 50-60 hours per week, and spend any remaining time in a sofa sipping beer wanting mindless entertainment to numb the pain of being a cog in the rat race, working your whole life and only having some trinkets to show for it.

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I actually agree with Schumer on this specific point.

Fuck the fair tax.

Abolish all tax, abolish the irs, and abolish schumer.

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I like Russians. Much of my family and heritage is this general region.

They are an intelligent, hardened people.

I don't blame Russians for Jews having infiltrated their nation with communism 100 years before USA. Perhaps they were less suspicious because they didn't have the history and precedent dealing with these jew commies. We learned from their suffering. Now jew communism is pushed in USA and we are arrested if we do anything serious to stop it.

Only it's a different kind of communism? Jews bought up corporations and loot the nation under the guise of "free market capitalism." Republicans back these corporations lying to us telling us stories of Laissez-faire but the Republicans' hands in the free market are just as intrusive as demoKKKrats.

Also, too many people believe in the concept of tax. Government doesn't need to balance budgets, never does, and prints fake money. They can print the fake money to pay their inflated salaries and buy jews weapons and tanks to murder Christians and Muslims with. Why the need for income tax or sales tax? Only to oppress the people and steal from the working class and loot them for their labor since their labor is valuable unlike your fiat currency you make them slave for.

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From my experience, trying to spread any kind of truth in sports forums always gets me banned. I've found that most sportsball fans are brainwashed faggots.

For example, I've had multiple accounts banned at sbNation. That website is full of pseudo-liberal marxo-fascist soy boy wokester jewsballs sucking faggots.

No one was allowed to say anything critical of KaeperBitch. No one was allowed to take Don Sterling's side saying he didn't want AIDS Magic Johnson banging his tramp tranny mistress. You couldn't take Aaron Rodgers' side in the fake vaccine debate. SportsBall fans are some of the most brainwashed people out there. Some might be Republican but even then they seem to blindly follow Republican party instead of realizing it's just another Jew owned hijacked fake political party run by jew mafia.

One good thing i can say about sports is that it might help young lads remain competitive instead of getting too black pilled at young age. One might argue that it benefits children to not learn how corrupt and evil and controlled and deceitful the world is at too young an age. It could rob them of their innocence and youth. Jesus said to enter the Kingdom of Heaven one must remain likewise to a child, not being yet corrupted by the world.

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I have long wondered how they managed to stretch communications cables across the entire Atlantic or Pacific ocean.

I cannot say I know much about it. Just shared some of what I researched.

It would be interesting to find what percentage of internet traffic and communications occurs via these oceanic cables versus satellites.

I'm not convinced of flat earth theory or the dome, but I find these theories interesting at least. One thing that boggles my mind is that the earth and moon are supposedly both spinning, and the moon spinning around the earth, but we are to believe that they spin at some kind of absolutely perfect rate to guarantee we only ever see one side of the moon? That right there seems bogus to me.

I wonder if we could zoom in on sun and see if we are only seeing one side of the sun. perhaps by analyzing these "sunspots" and trying to identify patterns.

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When analysts at the Ludwig Institute for Shared Economic Prosperity, a nonprofit research center focused on lower- and middle-income families, measured what they call the "true rate of unemployment" in October 2022, it was 23.6%, more than six times higher than the official number. https://www.cnet.com/personal-finance/low-unemployment-statistics-are-misleading-economic-hardship-is-much-worse/ >

Individuals who've given up looking for work aren't even counted as unemployed, while part-time employees or freelancers who might find only one hour of work per week -- financially unsustainable by any standard -- are treated as employed.>

Also, there's over 10 million WORKING AGE people on disability according to BLS. Most of them women, surprisingly.

There's over 45 million working age people who aren't in the labor force. LOL Which means we should look at labor force participation rate https://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS11300000

It's still lower than it was March of 2020. The labor market never recovered from the scamdemic.

The USA Federal government statistics such as GDP or U-3 Unemployment are just as manipulated and fraudulent in the USA as they are in China, North Korea, Russia, or anywhere else. This should have been obvious when, during the Obozo regime, they actually changed the mathematical formula for calculating GDP at least two times to desperately make Obama and demoKKKrats and their Jew Regime look better.

Kind of like how the corporate fake news jew propaganda media doesn't mention we are in a recession right now. It gets glossed over.

Can you imagine if Trump were in charge of this shit economy? The headlines would read panic and great depression.

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Very good points.

Jews consider themselves a race. So they should get their own category in federal government statistics.

Also, Hispanics should no longer be included as white whatsoever. Some statistics sub-categorize by hispanic versus non-hispanic. But again, they should just get their own top level category.

Same with arabs.

One counterpoint might be that anyone who is HALF white and half some other race gets counted as that other race. So many of these "minorities" do in fact have at least one white parent.

Obama was half white half black. But being half black meant he was a "black man."

At what percentage are you no longer "white" ? Say you have 8 great grandparents and 7 of them are white and one is black. Are you still white? Or say 6 of 8 great grandparents?

If you are 6.25% jew then are you Jew or white?

We need new definitions to form our own truthful census.

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How come I don't read about accounts from anyone who attended?

Have they been advised by their own attorneys not to speak of it at all?

Or have they been forced to sign NDA's? Do judges have gag orders on them?

Gateway Pundit shared a letter from a political prisoner from Jan6 about a year ago. But I haven't seen too much publicity for the many others.

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I asked you for a definition. I'm not pretending to know better than you do.

Just not sure you want to label yourself "white" if Jews and Arabs also are counted as "white" in official Federal statistics, census, crime statistics, etc.

Perhaps a more specific definition is necessary to exclude these bastard jews and goat fuckers from being grouped in with descendants of Vikings.

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I'm not sure the term and descriptor "Jew" existed during the time of Jesus Christ.

But He did confront these fuckers several times in New Testamanent. The bible refers to them as pharisees. Also, that bastard King Herod was a twisted Jew fucker. Every time Jesus Christ was asked a tricky question designed to set him up, he answered wisely as to not get arrested. For example, when they asked Jesus Christ if it was blasphemous to pay tax to Caesar.

The anthropologist Robert Sepehr shared evidence that there were red and blonde hair, blue eyed people in Galilee and Jerusalem at the time of Jesus Christ and that names of towns such as "Galilee" are actually celtic, white names that whites Aryans named towns with.

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Not all batches of these fake vaccines are equal.

The batch numbers are tracked on the fake vaccine cards. Several batches have been recalled. Millions of doses, in fact.

I hypothesize that if you take a sample of a fake vaccine shot distributed in Israel, and compare it under a microscope with a sample of a fake vaccine shot distributed in a white Republican area in the USA, the samples will prove to contain different ingredients.

And then, we'd have to assume that the fake vaccines effect all races equally, which is itself unlikely because we know that the bio-weapon covid itself does not affect all races equally according to this scientific study linked above.

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Define white.

Like that other guy (NiceBot?) said yesterday, the idea of "white people" is quite modern. Prior to wokism, white people generally referred to themselves as Irish or English or serbian or what have you. Identity groups were far more specific than a color pigment.

Besides, in America, jews and muslims all get grouped in as "white" in Federal government statistics.

So what do you define as "white" Mr. OperationGlowNigger?

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Jesus told these fuckers to their faces that they are spawn of satan in John chapter 8.

When Jesus Christ threw these vipers out of the temple, that was the last straw and when Jews paid the ransom to crucify Him. Jews tolerated Jesus Christ until He fucked with their money and profits.

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I remember that during the fake "Quid pro Quo" impeachment of Trump, that Jew fraud Ciaramella came forward.

You weren't even allowed to say his name. LOL Fake news wouldn't say his name. Congress wouldn't put his name in congressional record. Weren't allowed to interview him or question his credibility.

I researched Ciaramella and he was dating or else married to some woman named SCHIFF.

Then he was Adam SCHIFF's key fake witness? And heavily protected with mass scale censorship in jew media and even in jew controlled congress? Either Schiff is a common Jew name or else there's a corrupt relationship here.

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I read through the comment section in The Donald Pope post.

The comments are full of criticism of Catholic Churches and Christian churches at large.

Yet The Donald is the same forum whose moderators banned me for posting VALID AND EVIDENCE BASED criticism of Jews.

So here is my take away. On The Donald, you are allowed to criticize the Catholic Church and Christian churches at large. But if you criticize Jews or reveal truth about Jews' complicity in eugenics and genocide and quote their racist Talmud, the moderators begin by removing your comments and eventually ban you.

That's why I urge others to STOP going to The Donald. The forum is already a joke. The mental gymnastics they go through to try to explain why Trump gave over $50 billion to Israel during his presidency but couldn't come up with $2 billion for the USA border wall, or why he still defends the jew jab to this day, is laughable and disappointing.

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