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Shrimp are ugly little crawly things but I love eating them. Lots of meat. Cocktail sauce and old bay

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"I have tested positive for COVID. I am paralyzed, have blood clots and myocarditis and had a mini stroke. Thankfully, I was vaccinated at the Coolio concert, or it would have been worse!"

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How many screen names does he have? he's the same angry rabbi jew who follows me around dot win all day.

Why are jews so angry and hateful and greedy? They're compensating for having small dicks.

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Bots say

"I have tested positive for COVID. Thankfully, i received the fake pfizer poison clot shot, otherwise it would have been worse. DERP DERP!! BEEP BEEP!!"

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Jared Kushner - Jew fagboi who deflowers his half jew daughter

David Friedman US ambassador to Israel

Jason Greenblatt - representative for international negotiations focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Steven Mnuchin - Jew Goldman Sachs rep

Stephen Miller

Carl Icahn - special adviser on regulatory reform issues, jew hack lobbying for jew regulations to crush small businesses

Gary Cohn - Jew Goldman Sachs rep

Boris Epshteyn - Regularly on Steve Bannon war report trying to setup Chinamen as decoy to distract CUCKservatives from recognizing Jew criminals

David Shulkin - Jew for Department of Veterans Affairs, medical services scam artist

Reed Cordish - sleezebag jew friend of Kusher

Avrahm Berkowitz - another sleezebag jew friend of Kushner

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I'm not racist. If you want to learn what racism is, ask a Jew for an english translation of the Talmud. They'll refuse to even supply you a copy. LOL

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Yes. Terrible people to do business with. Loud. Obnoxious. Stinky. Greedy. They always try to change the terms of a business deal. They hate Christ.

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So you don't believe in the Bible?

Then why the fuck do you serve the jew at all? LOL

I mean at least Bible studiers see 'em as fake chosens peoples.

But why the fuck do YOU cuck to the bastards?

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I'm far too articulate, nuanced, clever to simply be an algorithmic programmed bot.

Only a vampire alive since the 15th century can explain my existence and experience in these matters.

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Governments suck.

Government which governs Least governs Best.

I want local government. I don't want to be ward to some distant land in Washington D.C. Fuck those criminals.

Local militias. Local churches. Local Christians. Local government.

Christians should create their own "No-Go Zones." It seems to work well for blacks and Muslims. Keep the creeps out of your neighborhoods.

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What if you could build huge torpedoes that you can just remote control and basically hit any target accessible from the ocean?

Or a droid submarine that you can quickly move to offshore target which hatches a missile launch from there.

Navy is known for warships but the underwater tech might be the more stealth and capable attack.

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How much does the Jew botfarm employee make in hourly wage for following me around the internet down voting all my comments? $2 per hour?

How much is a single downvote of my comment worth to a bot farm employee? 5 cents? 10 cents? Or do you think they get paid in shekels?

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Who controls the USA? Joe Biden's Synagogue of Satan Jew Cabinet.

Athony Blinken Secretary of State

David Cohen CIA Deputy Director

Merrick Garland Attorney General

Avril Haines Director of National Intelligence

Ronald Klain Chief of Staff Joe Biden

Eric Lander Office of Science and Technology Policy director

Rachel Levine deputy health secretary

Alejandro Mayorkas Secretary of Homeland Security

Anne Neuberger National Security Agency cybersecurity director

Wendy Sherman deputy secretary of state

Janet Yellen Treasury secretary

Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Jews call their temples synagogues. They claim they are Jews but don't follow the Ten Commandments. They are extremely blasphemous, even hijacking the Rainbow which symbolizes God's Covenant with Man and making it symbolize sodomy which God condemns.

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Yahoo went bankrupt a long time ago. Who knows what frauds own it now.

Didn't all yahoo email get hacked?

They had a woman running it for a while. Or shall I say ran it into the ground.

For context for young people. Yahoo used to be a legitimate competitor of a search engine to places like altavista and google. It was a powerful website back in the day. Now it's just jew / cia / mossad propaganda.

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Russia has no motive to blow up a pipeline they are perfectly capable of turning off at the source.

It serves no interest to Russia to blow up their own pipelines serving customers.

Jews are fucking liars.

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