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Ashkenazi fraud Christopher Wray assured us the 2020 election was secure.

What should be the consequence for lying?

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The guy grabs his crotch in front of everyone, on stage, when children are watching.

That alone is gay and sexually deviant. And it is out in the open

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The entire thing is theater and the debates were never constructive or fair.

The networks utilize the power of the camera and production to spin it either way

I don't waste time watching it

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This is a fair point. There are many more pseudo-Christian zionists than there are jew ones.

I do, however, believe jew population numbers are extremely under reported.

I also do not believe that the scofield reference bible is the root source of the zionist infestation of modern Christianity, though agree it plays a part.

Zionism is the Beast talked about in Revelation. Pseudo-Christian Zionists are cheering on the coming of the anti-Christ and helping jews put in place the conditions to fulfill the "prophecies" and justify it.

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Anti-Semitic fliers blame US Jewish lawmakers for gun control https://www.timesofisrael.com/anti-semitic-fliers-blame-jewish-lawmakers-for-gun-control/

LOL, because jews are the ones pushing gun control.

"the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you"

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According to Christianity, all jews who reject Jesus Christ go to hell.

It's Zionism which is jewish and satanic.

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Even the c/Christianity forum here on scored is run by crypto kikes

They will threaten to ban if you don't capitalize jew. They can't even hide who they are. It's in their nature to be petty and deceitful.

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There is a satanic Jewish infatuation with six that is consistent in their lies. Your arguments all require that we dismiss this evidence as coincidental. "Cohen"cidence.

The bible explains that sixes will be the mark of the beast. If you believe the Bible is the word of God then He meant for this to be a clue and omen to you. Do not dismiss these things as mere coincidence.

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I just noticed that the sodomite gay pride flag only has six colors. Whereas a typical rainbow representing God's covenant with man has seven colors. Once again jews spread something satanic and attach six to it.

Did You Know The Gay Flag Is Jewish? Harvey Milk, Son of Lithuanian JEWS, Tasked Gilbert Baker To Design Gay Rainbow Flag in San FranSICKO. Then Milk (City Supervisor) & Mayor Both Get Assassinated By Dan White, and Jew Feinstein Becomes Mayor. https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16bPnm66FF/did-you-know-the-gay-flag-is-jew/c

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I have been researching jewish involvement in sexual perversion and sodomy as well. I am linking some of my posts that i believe to be relevant. Feel free to work some of this information into future lectures. I appreciate your work!

These Saints Worship Jesus Christ. Most Of You Worship Jews, Not Jesus Christ. https://communities.win/c/Christianity/p/17siXLc0Pg/these-saints-worship-jesus-chris/c

The Great Saint John Chrysostom Told Christian Followers The Truth About Jews. You Christians Have Lost Your Way, Brainwashed By Post WWII Holohoax Propaganda https://communities.win/c/Christianity/p/17siXLc0LZ/the-great-saint-john-chrysostom-/c

Jews Are Behind Eugenics, Birth Control, Abortion, Inoculations. Margaret Sanger Collabed With Jew Fania Mindell To Open 1st Abortion Clinic. Her 1st Patient Was Jew Sadie Sachs. She Hired Jew George Pincus To Develop Birth Control Pill. She Was Inspired By Jew Emma Goldman. She Was Married To Jew. https://communities.win/c/ConsumeProduct/p/17rmABh8Ur/jews-are-behind-eugenics-birth-c/c

Pornography is Jewish https://communities.win/c/ConsumeProduct/p/17rlrSCCSz/pornography-is-jewish/c

Israel Is A Safe Haven For Pedophiles. Republicans Should Cut Off All Aid To Israel Until Jew Pedophiles Are Extradited Back To America For Prosecution. https://communities.win/c/ConsumeProduct/p/17r9b9rkIQ/israel-is-a-safe-haven-for-pedop/c

White Pride Is Hate!!! but but but Affirm Jewish Pride, Bigot! https://communities.win/c/ConsumeProduct/p/17r98zc23E/white-pride-is-hate--but-but-but/c

Zvi Migdal Was Gang Of Jew Mobsters Sexually Exploiting Jew Women & CHILDREN to Jew Pedophiles In Argentina and Buenes Aires From 1860-1939. Jews Even Do It To Their Own Kind! https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16c2WBDmZt/zvi-migdal-was-gang-of-jew-mobst/c

Tell Your White Women!!! CONSOOOM THE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!!! (((George Rosenkranz))), The Inventor of the Birth Control Pill, Dies at 102 https://www.jta.org/quick-reads/george-rosenkranz-an-inventor-of-the-birth-control-pill-dies-at-102 https://communities.win/c/ConsumeProduct/p/16c2RVhTjc/tell-your-white-women--consooom-/c

The World's Largest LGBTQ+ Media Site, PinkNews, Is Founded by Jews. The Powers That Push Sodomy Are Jewish. Just One More Reason Jews Deserve A Real Holocaust As If You Didn't Have Enough Justification Already. https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16c2I4wz6O/the-worlds-largest-lgbtq-media-s/c

Another Case Of Jew Privilege. Goblin Jew Kike Pervert Ron Jeremy Was Indicted On 12 Counts Rape, Over 30 Counts Sexual Assault On Girls As Young As 15y/o. The Jew Kike Gets Away on All Charges "Incompetent To Sit Trial" By Jewish Gay Judge https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16c247mzHl/another-case-of-jew-privilege--g/c

Famous Nigger Tranny From 90's RuPaul Is A Jew Goblin Kike. More Evidence Transexualism is Jewish Kabbalah. https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16birCrQO1/famous-nigger-tranny-from-90s-ru/c

Meet The Jewish Necrophiliac Kike Creep Carl Tanzler. A Weirdo Synagogue Of Satan Jew Who Dug Up Woman's Corpse And Slept With Her Corpse For Seven Years. Charges Were Dropped Against Him. #JewPrivilege #SynagogueOfSatan https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16bihoPdXX/meet-the-jewish-necrophiliac-kik/c

Did You Know The Gay Flag Is Jewish? Harvey Milk, Son of Lithuanian JEWS, Tasked Gilbert Baker To Design Gay Rainbow Flag in San FranSICKO. Then Milk (City Supervisor) & Mayor Both Get Assassinated By Dan White, a https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16bPnm66FF/did-you-know-the-gay-flag-is-jew/c

2030 Androgynous Agenda Being Pushed Through United Nations, Directed By Jew Kikes Following Perverted Gender Concepts From Talmud and Kabbalah. Goal To Make Real Life NPC, Genderless, Indifferent Normalized Goy Slave. Link Is Collage Of Marketing Operations https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16bPQRY34H/2030-androgynous-agenda-being-pu/c

If Gays Are So Proud, Why Do They Commit Suicide So Much? Muslims Exterminate Faggots, But If You Leave Them Be They Exterminate Themselves. Israel Bans Gay Marriage, But Promotes It In Gentile Nations. #GayPrideMonth https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16bPLnBWG1/if-gays-are-so-proud-why-do-they/c

Jew Pride Fund Pays For And Organizes Gay Pride Events In USA. But No Jews Allowed. However, In Israel, Jews Stab Six Gays At A Time. https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16bPLnA8sS/jew-pride-fund-pays-for-and-orga/c

Jew Trannies Worship A Horned Androgynous Demon Named TimTum aka TumTum. This Demon Appears in Mishna, Tosefta, Talmud, Midrash, The Collective Body Of Jew Satanic Laws Called Halakha. This Is Why Trannies Wear Horns, Manifesting TumTum Demon. https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16bPLidNoH/jew-trannies-worship-a-horned-an/c

Transsexualism is Jewish Kabbalah. Proof From Rabbi. Links Inside https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16bP7gtt2K/transsexualism-is-jewish-kabbala/c

More Jew Pedo Rape. It's Not A Bug, It's A Feature. Their Talmud Permits Them To Rape Children. https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16bP7gtbmr/more-jew-pedo-rape--its-not-a-bu/c

Synagogue of Satan Anti-Christ Jew Kike Goblin Chuck Schumer Supports Abortion In USA, Supports Anti-Abortion Group in Israel. Just Another Double Dealing Hypocrite Racist Jew Supremacist. https://communities.win/c/Conspiracies/p/16b5zXCWn4/synagogue-of-satan-antichrist-je/c

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That looks like some copy and paste stuff a rabbi would use to throw someone off the trail.

If the number of the beast is 666 then there is no better way to graphically write that number than the zionist star of remphan.

Also, no one seems to want to discuss why these satanic liars are obsessed with the number 6 when they lie about dinosaurs, a spinning ball flying 66,600 miles around the sun, social distancing, the planet tilting, muh six gorillion jews. It's obviously a number that lying satanists rely on in their lies.

How To Notice When Legislation Is Written By Jews - It Counts By Sixes. i.e. Federal Reserve Act of 1913. #SynagogueOfSatan #GoblinJews #SixGorillion #ImpaleJews #EndTheFed https://communities.win/c/ConsumeProduct/p/17siEgczy4/how-to-notice-when-legislation-i/c

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he and comey ran Crossfire Hurricane.

It was a huge hoax. He and Comey deserve to be impaled.

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Infowars was a good gateway into conspiracies. I generally like Alex Jones and Infowars and its history.

Whether or not he was controlled opposition or gatekeeping the jew question the whole time I do not know. Maybe.

He did cheerlead a bit much for Trump instead of sticking to the overall theme that both political parties are controlled by evil people and do not act in the best interest of white Christian Americans.

I do fault Alex Jones and Infowars for probably being the primary reason that the average MAGAtards blames nameless boogiemen such as "globalists" and "deep state" instead of just naming names which means naming jews.

My theory is that Alex Jones is blackmailed. I think Trump is blackmailed too. Jews find out what you are afraid to lose and then threaten to take it away. Could be your savings, fortune, reputation, a family member or a child, etc.

Owen Shroyer was Alex Jones' protege but he doesn't have the ability to lead Infowars in the absence of Alex Jones.

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If Trump takes office, they needs crises.

A huge jump in cost of gasoline would be good way to start sabotaging Trump's second term and create chaos. Followed by more illegal executive actions by Trump that the dumbfuck MAGAtards will cheer. Another operation warp speed but based on some other fake manufactured crisis.

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Boomers funding 401ks Instead of buying land and farms proves how fucking stupid they were. Now the corporations they funded with their 401ks hate white people, promote niggers and advertise lgbtq and force you to wear masks and get fake vaccine shots. Those same corporations use boomer money to buy the land boomers should have bought instead of corporations.

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As a democrat, you are used to the bait and switch by now. So why do you keep falling for it? This kike fucker is not going to do 25 years in a real prison and you know it. So take the fake fact checker hat off and be realistic. That's all.

Even when kikes get convictions for financial fraud, guys like Donald Trump pardons them at the end of his first term. Guys like Sholam Weiss. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/20/trump-pardons-and-commutations-the-full-list

The rest of the jew criminals, if charged, flea to Israel where they get safe haven.

With enough experience and honesty, you too will be blackpilled enough not to be so naive as to expect a jew criminal to serve the length of his prison sentence in a real prison.

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How easily can you convert monero back into cash? Seems these cryptos let you pump them up but how difficult do they make it for you to cash back out into fiat federal reserve notes?

I think i will stick to collecting gold/silver coins and investing in my own land and property.

I've always been interested in crypto but never got on board. I have regrets because the finance forums i posted on way back in 2010 were hyping up bitcoin and mining back when millionaires were being made.

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Sam Bankman Friedman is being relocated to a minimum-security satellite facility in Southern California! https://nypost.com/2024/05/22/us-news/sam-bankman-fried-being-transferred-to-new-prison-in-calif-overriding-request-to-stay-in-brooklyn/

LOL remember when you argued he was going to serve a long, hard sentence?

He gets moved to a resort in Southern California just 2 hours from where his parents live and might do 10 years max for stealing $8 billion fucking dollars. Not only that, but he gets an appeal which might reduce his sentence even more and it'll happen when jew fake news is purposely not paying attention.

VPNsurfer gets proven wrong again.

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Reminds me of the test itself being the scam:

WHO Admits High-Cycle PCR Tests Produce COVID False Positives https://principia-scientific.com/who-admits-high-cycle-pcr-tests-produce-covid-false-positives/

"Government agents admit bird flu tests were contaminated, conducted incorrectly, blah blah blah sorry folks fake crisis again oops no consequences, your government needs more money pay increases more benefits more holidays more paid time off more health coverage for the fat lazy dyke women who work here. Bow to your public servants"

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