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Just like the displays of shoes and hair.

If they need to rely on theatrics, then it's a fact that they're lying.

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I don't know. I don't think anyone knows for sure what's actually happening behind the scenes.

But judging by Putin's actions and speech, and the values he calls for, I dont see any inconsistencies. So I believe he's the real deal.

But time will tell.

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"Birds aren't real" is not even a real conspiracy. Its either:

  • a forced meme.
  • satire.
  • a lame attempt at lampooning actual conspiracy theories.

Flat earth, however, is a real conspiracy.

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The 7 laws for Gentiles is a rabbinic concept. It's supposedly based on the laws given to Noah after the flood. It's basically a religion for Gentiles that Jews oversee.

It's not quite technically the same as the 10 commandments, although in spirit, they are.

  • Not to worship idols.
  • Not to curse God.
  • Not to commit murder.
  • Not to commit adultery or sexual immorality.
  • Not to steal.
  • Not to eat flesh torn from a living animal.
  • To establish courts of justice.

Notice it doesn't have the positive commands like "Worship God". It just says don't worship idols and don't curse God. It might as well be secular humanism.

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I respect Rob Skiba for his flat earth work but I think he goes overboard with his end times theories, like when he talks about "them" using technology to resurrect a king who lived 4000 years ago and the vaccines causing immortality etc. He tends to mingle scripture with sci-fi and thus distorts everything.

But he is correct about refusing the vaccine leading to loss of livelihoods.

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Jews do not let Gentiles get involved with their religion.

Yet, high profile Gentile presidents, prime ministers (and even Popes) who visit Israel do that ritual at the wailing wall. Why? It makes no sense considering it's an exclusively Jewish holy site.

My theory is that Jews are working to implement the Noahidism -- the only religion that Judaism permits for Gentiles. And they need the support of Gentile leaders to have it go smoothly. Since Jews can't approach every country and tell them to become Noahides they're going to get the leaders of those countries to do that work for them. The wailing wall ritual that Gentile leaders perform is part of whatever deal they have with Israel.

I can't think of any other reason why..

Noahide law = the proposed one world religion.

Fun fact: the UNs official website has a downloadable pdf document titled "Uniting the United Nations with Seven Noahide Laws -- Diplomats, Delegates, and Emissaries Gather at UN Headquarters for "One People, One World" Conference"


Google "UN Noahide laws" and you'll see that for yourself.

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How many of you were shocked Biden not only won but Trump just shrugged his shoulders?

I was shocked that the Republicans allowed those responsible for the election steal to get away.

In the days immediately following Biden's inauguration, I thought it was all an act and that the election would be overturned. I honestly believed that there was a plan and that everything that happened was part of the plan.

I thought it was all 4D chess and that Trump had an ace up his sleeve and would return as president. But a month later, it became obvious to me that Biden was going to stay. There was no plan.

It then dawned on me that Trump did shrug it off and went away. I imagined 3 possibilities:

  • Trump didn't actually care.
  • Trump was helpless to do anything.
  • Trump was with the deep state all along.

As of now, a year later, I'm leaning towards #3.

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Fun fact: I made that infographic back in 2017 and posted it to the flatearth and conspiracy subs. Notice the watermark at the bottom.

I'm so glad to see it still circulating around. 😎

Another fun fact: That same infographic was featured in a buzzfeed article attempting to deboonk nasa skeptics.

Edit: Posted it here 7 months ago.


by Ahmneo
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The people calling themselves Jews today are NOT the real Jews. They are Khazars. They adopted Judaism centuries ago and it's been such a long time, that they actually believe it.

True. But when the khazars had their Jewish kingdom, a lot of "proper" Jews relocated there. Because the king invited them to set up religious schools and teach Judaism to the khazars.

So some of the "proper" Jews ended up intermarried with khazar converts it's likely that some of the descendants of the khazars today (Ashkenazis) have some "proper" Jewish blood. But khazars, even those without any "proper" Jewish DNA are still jews because they practice Judaism or at least identify with on a cultural level. So the percentage of magical Jew DNA is irrelevant.

If someone is 50% Jewish and 50% Mongolian, then he could just as well be referred to as a Mongolian. Why highlight his Jewish half over the Mongolian?

If someone is 2% Jewish and 98% Congolese. Then he's virtually fully Congolese. Why highlight the Jewish 2%??

Idk why Christians tend to elevate Jewish genetics. They act like having 2% Jewish ancestry makes them better and more special than a regular "gentile" Christian. It's so weird.

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"The black flag will fly above the dome" is a clear reference to the Islamic prophecy of the "army of Khorasan" that will identify itself with black flags. Khorasan is a region that includes most of Afghanistan. I've heard some say that the army in that prophecy are none other than the taliban or that the black flag army will emerge from the taliban (just like how the taliban emerged from the Mujahideen).


  • "There will emerge from Khorasan black banners which nothing will repel until they are set up in Jerusalem" (Da'if) — Ahmad in al-Musnad, 14/383
  • "When the black flags come from Khorasan go to them, even if you have to crawl on snow, for among them is the Khalifa from Allah, the Mahdi" — Abd al-‘Alim in al-Mahdi al-Muntazar
  • "Surely black flags will appear from the Khorasan until the people (under the leadership of this flag) will tie their horses with the olive trees between Bait-e-Lahya and Harasta (names of places in Jerusalem)" — Nuaim Ibn Hammad in Kitab Al-Fitan

"the rod and the ring will strike" sounds like a reference to the rod of Moses and the ring of Solomon. Islamic prophecy says that a "beast" will emerge from the earth that will possess the rod of Moses and the ring of Solomon, and that it would "mark" the disbelievers.


I submit that the beast is greater Israel under the leadership of the antichrist. He will have the "rod of Moses" (the authority of Moses) and the "ring of Solomon" (the ability to control and command demons). That's how he rises to power. So "the rod and the ring will strike" means "Israel will strike".

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The city of "Medina" is derived from "Midian".

And the old name of Medina is "Yathrib", and is derived from the name "Yithro"... that English Bibles translate as "Jethro"...the biblical figure was the priest of Midian during time of Moses.

A Jewish rabbi, Avi Lipkin, has written a book called "Return to Mecca" in which he makes this connection. He also goes so far as to assert that the Kaaba is the origin of the black cube that religious Jews wear on their foreheads and hands during prayer!!

by Alduin
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I think Trump threw the election

Are you saying it wss all scripted like a WWE match? And that Trump (babyface) had to put over Biden (heel)?

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Read Ezekiel 22:17-22.

Israel has been established for a reason. God is gathering them to one place so He can pour His wrath on them.

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Those regions were Muslim long before the Russians conquered them in the 1800s.

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The war with Amalek ended thousands of years ago. But Rabbis interpret the Torah to mean they must keep fighting Amalek.

Basically, 'Amalek' is anyone they don't like. One day it's the Palestinians and the next day, its the Germans.

They justify their hatred for certain people by calling them Amalek and then saying "look, there's Amalek. We must fight them as the Torah says!"

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Edom is the grandfather of Amalek. If Amalek is Germany, then who is Edom? Edom includes most of Europe. It includes the United States of America.

That Rabbi is just making up nonsensical stories. Amalek is not Germany and Edom is not Europe.

According to the bible, Edom are the descendants of Esau, the TWIN brother of Jacob -- the ancestor of the 12 tribes of israel, from whom the Jews descend.

So that means Edomites and Israelites are brothers. The Jews own bible even says so, and commands them to not hate Edomites.

"you shall not abhor an Edomite, for he is your brother" (Deuteronomy 23:7)

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The official explanation is that they're the identical twins of the astronauts who "died". That's how stupid they think people are.

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Of course giants existed. The bible calls them "nephilim".

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Note that if doesn't say smartphones but that a man's thigh would inform him of his family. The first thing that came to my mind was the smartphone that are often stored in the front pockets of the trousers...on the thigh!!

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God is the same in both the old testament and the new.

The old testament appears more violent because it covers 3500 years of Israelite history. So yes, you will read about their wars and what not.

The new testament appears more peaceful because it's events took place in a relatively peaceful time period.

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