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The fuck how? Its tiny and densely populated. USA and Russia have to be more. Plus more larger less dense countries.

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Dinos are fake and gay. You never seen what they claim is a real dino fossil, everything in museums is man made plaster. I read a long post on this a while back.

Something like 99% of supposed discoveries occurred in lie 3-4 locations on earth. One near Arkansas, one in China, another in Europe, maybe one South America. Right next to the China locations they built a factory for manufacturing fake bones.

Many of the dinos literally could not exist. Some modelers put together a simulation of how it (edit T-REX) could walk and discovered it couldn't walk or run, and it wasnt close. The most famous dino is a fake.

All their dating technologies are fakes, not just for dinos. Carbon dating is based on supposed known events of Pompeii and ancient Egypt. All carbon dating labs are tightly controlled AND you have to give them an age range of anything you want dated before they test it.

There may have been large creatures on Earth but not 60 gorillion years ago.



by pkvi
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fed fag :)

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kek, obvious libtard fed fag account

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always with the vague uestions, so few users here its so obvious when you fed fags keep using the same tactics. go have another tranny meeting nigger lover

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why do fed fags agree with kikepedia on conspiracies?

why do you never use physical evidence?

why do you fags use the same tactics as libtards?

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Citing kikepedia for the truth.

You fed fags get more retarded by the day. Cite cnn next time glow nigger :D

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Feds push globe lie along with jews and wikipedia. It becomes to obvious when you call someone a fed for agreeing with wikipedia.

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Fed fags really ramping up the anti-fe lately across all platforms.

If you agree with kikepedia on any conspiracy you're a retarded faggot.

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lmao free masons get mad fr fr no cap

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Direct linking to vice dot come

Believing China

Space shit

You're thee biggest boomer fed poster here. Also linking vice makes you a faggot.

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This buckeye faggot believes every mainstream view point there is and spams them all day long. He is the definition of limited hangout. He's such a faggot he makes alex jones looks based.

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lmao kike cock sucking free mason

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