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"Holocaust is a really gross word for it. ... Could you imagine if we called the deaths in the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11 a burnt offering"

That's a bad analogy. The 9/11 actually happened.

The holocaust is all about the fake hoaxed gas chambers.

An American Jewish man named David Cole helped to reveal the fact that the gas chamber at auschwitz was faked by the Soviets.

He created a very interesting video about what he found called "The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz".


And because of this, he was severely persecuted by other Jews.

Here's an interview of David Cole from a few years ago about how the the JDL (a Jewish terrorist group called the "Jewish Defense League") viciously assaulted him and put out a reward for his murder.


To see many more examples of Jews fabricating fake persecution hoaxes, check out a documentary (created by an Israeli Jew) called "Defamation".

Trailer for "Defamation"

(backup) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shx_l5LT0ro

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Torah quote where god commands Jews to commit genocide of amalek:

“Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox, and sheep, camel and ass,”(Samuel I, 15:3)


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It makes total sense.

Jewish supremacists (not all Jews are supremacist) are driven to take control over the world.

Throughout history, whenever a society has woken up to the fact that they were being controlled/exploited by a System of Jewish Supremacy., it's always been a majority white society.

So the Jewish Supremacists see whites as the ultimate obstacle to their taking total control of the world. Therefore, whites must be eliminated.

Other ethinic groups can remain and be their slaves/workers. But whites must be genocided in order to permanently remove the constant threat that they might rise up and overthrough the System of Jewish Supremacy..

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There is nothing remotely antisemetic in it.

That doesn't matter. For most people, any discussion of Israel's role in the Kennedy assasiation (or the USS Liberty Massacre, or the Lavon Affair, or the 9/11 attack) will trigger the Guilt Cycle....

The Zionist Mind Control Guilt Cycle

backup: https://archive.vn/8jQjN

Same thing happens when you tell them the truth about Who is behind communism?

backup: https://archive.vn/a6Gvr

Or when you try to tell people about any of this....

9/11 Put into Historical Context: http://archive.ph/9MLRa

Who Dominated the Slave Trade?: https://archive.vn/jep0w

what is white privilege really?

backup: https://archive.vn/FckiB

the idea of a "System of White Supremacy" is camouflage to cover up the real system of ethnic supremacy

backup: https://archive.fo/5cAQ3

The 7 phases of learning about the Holo-censored

backup: https://archive.fo/TUcLL

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That's Jewish Supremacist propaganda put out by the Jewish supremacists who control Hollywood.

It's designed to make you think that people who resist the tyrannical System of Jewish supremacy are simply hateful people who hate any Jew simply for being born a jew. It's bullshit.

People resist the murderous system of Jewish Supremacy because they don't believe in the idea that Jews are racially/ethnically superior to gentiles.

People resist the murderous system of Jewish Supremacy because God and the universe didn't give Jews some magical right to rule the world and to genocide anyone they don't like.

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It's weird that liberals openly practice bigoted racism yet swear they're all about equality, while also pushing women and black supremacy.

It's not weird at all once you figure out the historical pattern.

it's the same people behind every radical egalitarian movement in the western world for the last 1000 years.

The most murderous of these radical egalitarian movements was communism.

Many people are aware that Communists genocided around 100 million people in the 20th century.

From an Op-ed in The Harvard Crimson, the daily student newspaper of Harvard University... Communism in the 20th Century. Beating, Torturing and Brainwashing its Citizens On Its Way to Killing 100 Million People

But what is still hidden from most people is the fact that the communism movement was (and is) mostly lead by Jews.

This fact is eloquently described by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in his famous essay Zionism versus Bolshevism - A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People

The leading role of Jews in the Communist movement is also discussed in chapter 3 of Professor Kevin McDonald's book "The Culture of Critique". You can watch a video discussing this book (chapter 3 starts at 14 min, 20 seconds).

Culture of Critique an overview

backup: Culture of Critique an overview

backup2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/u2bUZGn8WKvE/

And before communism, Left wing Jewish supremacists were the leaders of the murderous radical left wing movement called the Jacobin Club.

"commonly known as the Jacobin Club (Club des Jacobins) or simply the Jacobins (/ˈdʒækəbɪn/; French: [ʒakɔbɛ̃]), became the most influential political club during the French Revolution of 1789 and following. The period of their political ascendancy includes the Reign of Terror, during which time well over ten thousand people were put on trial and executed in France, many for political crimes."


And of course today, antifa (which is trying very hard to lead a communist/anarchist revolution in America) is also run by left wing Jewish Supremacists.

From America's most prestigious Jewish Magazine Forward - The Original ‘Antifa’ Was A Jewish Anti-Nazi Militia

Israeli Newspaper "Haaretz" - Trump's Attacks on Antifa Are Attacks on Jews

Antifa means solidarity with the fascist state of Israel

Brooklyn Synagogue to Host "Antifa" Rock Concert and Fundraiser

Are These Antifa/BLM Riots A Jewish Coup?

The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) is also run by "Left Wing" Jewish Supremacists - which is why the SPLC won't label AIPAC and Israel as fascist Nazis.

‘Anti-Hate’ Southern Poverty Law Center Partner Funds Violent Canadian Antifa

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam that nearly caused me to be murdered

5 Reasons The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Hate-Mongering Scam

Ask yourself, if antifa stands for "anti Fascist", then Why won't antifa protest the largest fascist rally in America?

Thoughout History.... https://files.catbox.moe/cw1e0x.jpg

Whenever throughout History you see...

"OMG we need to overthrow the established social order and replace it with a new one in the name of equality and also we need to murder lots of white people in the process" That's the Js"

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When you figure out what democracy really means.....

"democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a "country run by Jews'" - Ezra Pound

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It's not nessicarily about being a Jew or gentile.

It's about being loyal to the system of Jewish Supremacy.

If you are Jew who is disloyal to the System of Jewish Supremacy, you will be viciously attacked for being a race trator (although they won't use that language).

On the other hand, a lot of gentiles (non-Jews) are richly rewarded for being loyal agents of the System of Jewish Supremacy.

They are called "Shabos Goy".

And many Shabos Goy will marry a Jew or have their children marry Jews.

For example, Trump is a gentile, but he is on record as recommending to his children to "marry into the tribe".

And most of his children have taken that advice (although some are divorced).

His favorite daughter (Ivanka) even converted to be an orthodox Jew in order to marry Jared Kuschner. So now many/most of Trumps grandchildren are Jews.

On the other side of the fake left vs right political divide.... We have the Shabos Goy named Biden.

Joe Biden - I am a Zionists:



If you want to gain entry into the ruling class, you can chose the "right wing" path or the "left wing" path.

But either way, you must be loyal to the System of Jewish Supremacy.

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Eventually they will take out Gab even if they have to pull off some type of physical attack like a bombing.

Gab has centralized servers, so it can be stopped.

They only way to make an unstoppable social media platform is to create a decentralized platform with a permission-less blockchain... like minds.com or Library (LBRY.tv)

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Actually he never said that he can grab ANY chick by the pussy.

He said that when you are famous, there are lots of gold digging, fame seeking chicks who will let you (if you are famous) grab them by the pussy.

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Jewish supremacists created and control the porn industry.


Top Jewish Pornographer Admits Jews Have Controlled The Porn Industry From Its Very Beginnings

Many Jews are totally obsessed with porn...

Holocaust Porn in Israel - Israeli Jews fantisize about being imprisoned in concentration camps and raped by hot Nazi female guards. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AecOMv4BfA1E/

Porn does real damage to society...

Serial Killers And Their Addiction To Jewish-Produced Pornography

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It seems like every advertisement featuring a couple shows and interracial couple, or a gay couple.

Same with all the Hollywood TV shows and films.

If a movie shows a white couple/family, that couple is fighting, depressed, or otherwise very unhappy.

Only interracial couples can be happy and in healthy relationships.

Regarding Hollywood....

The LA Times - Zionists run Hollywood Backup: https://archive.vn/hADYf

From "The LA Times" - Hollywood was founded by Jews backup: https://archive.vn/IiZ9m

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It's really not debatable. The evidence is overwelming that Jewish supremacists (not all jews are supremacists) have captured all major institutions of power and influence.

They use this control over the institutions to control the information and indoctrinate the public with beliefs that serve the ethnic interests of ruling class:

What are the ethnic interests of the ruling class?

Let's look at the institutions they control....

They control the Corporate media:

From "Jewish Insider News" - Major News Outlets are Zionists Organizations

From "The Times of Israel" - Jews DO control the media

Israel dominates the media

And who controls the Film/TV/Documentary industry?

The LA Times - Zionists run Hollywood Backup: https://archive.vn/hADYf

From "The LA Times" - Hollywood was founded by Jews backup: https://archive.vn/IiZ9m

And who control the political system?

AIPAC admits that it dominates BOTH major political parties

President Biden Stacks his Cabinet with globalist Jewish Supremacists

7 of top 10 political donors are Zionists

US Jews contribute half of all donations to the Democratic Party and 25% of donations to the Republican National Convention

Zionist Sheldon Adelson to donate $100m to Trump and Republicans

What about Wall Street?

Jewish supremacists form a third of billionaires in the USA

Forbes: 11.6% of world's billionaires are Jews, totally admired by China, Korea

Zionist Domination of Banking/Wall Street

And the University System?

Zionists/Jewish Supremacists Dominate Universities

And many other Businesses which some people think have a detrimental effect on society:


Top Jewish Pornographer Admits Jews Have Controlled The Porn Industry From Its Very Beginnings

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we will be dealing with their endless attempts to destroy democracy and enslave us.

Attempts to destroy democracy? Attempts? They succeeded in destroying democracy long ago.

Do you remember the murder of JFK? (http://archive.ph/9MLRa)

America doesn't have a "democracy". It has a ruling class made up of Jewish supremacists who maintain the illusion of democracy.

Or to put it another way....
"democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a "country run by Jews'" - Ezra Pound

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This is braindead. How can someone be so obsessed with Jews? I’d call you an antisemite, but I think you’ve crossed the threshold into philosemitism.

Every year tens of millions of kids are taught that we live under a "System of White Supremacy".

So I'm sure that, like most people, you understand the concept of a system of racial supremacy.

Many (perhaps most) of these lecture are given by the left wing Jewish "academics" that control the university system

And it is true that we live under a system of Racial Supremacy. But it's not "white supremacy". It's a System of Jewish Supremacy.

Perhaps you should attend one of the thousands of lectures on white supremacy. Raise your hand and say:

"This is braindead. How can someone be so obsessed with WHITES? I’d call you an anti-white hating bigot, but I think you’ve crossed the threshold into philo-europism.

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