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i have no idea if its productive. i was mainly curious because im NOT actually ascribing this to be true.

I dont know if it is. i dont know the source and thought someone here might have info. that was all.

could range from bullshit to productive. idk. its not like i innately trust things. so far everythings just been a dog chasing its own tail. usually is.

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its not my website. the link was posted on infowars/banned.video. thats why i mentioned AJ. I dont know the source on it so i was asking here. I dont know who drastic research is. i dont know the validity of the document. I bear no responsibility for it.

i didnt mean to piss you off.

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thats the reason i wont comply specifically. I cant serve two masters. and especially not THIS master.

thats the reason im willing to go so far with it unto the end.

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hey i was just criticizing the WAY he tried to give up.

its like the most ineffective way of surrendering like a pussy and not getting hurt. he had a high likelihood of being ignored in his surrender and shot anyway. running probably would be the better option.

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i know american history and im talking about the type of free trade we practice today. not the sale of our goods and purchase of their goods, but to the extent we are wholesale outsourcing labor and education.

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idk what this is but the pattern im seeing here is 2 multiples of 33 (33 and 99)

as well as the number 200 (could possibly be 299, but gut said 200)

I have no idea if that means anything its just what came immediately to mind as far as a pattern. I dont know anything about numerology to be fair.

I saw that 99 is 33x3, and then a pattern with 2 1s -- 199 and .01

I removed the decimal and just made .01 1 and added it to 199.

the thing i said about maybe 299 is that it might be adding 1 to the 1 but that doesnt feel like a pattern to me and the even one feels more like something.

not that i believe any of this is significant, but if it is that was my gut trying to see something that probably isnt there.

Unless theres another 6 in it im not seeing 666 but the 2 multiples also could be 2*33=66. I think this is also pretty likely tho because that would be 2 multiples (1+1 = 2 and 99/33 being multiples)

this really can be twisted any way though and ive never held stock in numerology by trying to interpret numbers like tea leaves.

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ive had some experiences which led me to believe that actually aliens are extradimensional entities (possibly demons) and not from another planet. I had altered consciousness states using occult methods before i found god to astral project or out of body experience. In those experiences i did see very evil entities in scenarios that were by all means similar to an alien abduction experience, however I did not see "aliens" (well i guess i did but not those aliens), i wasnt on a 'space ship' i was clearly in or outside my own body in my own bedroom and they were with me there in that place.

whether or not the experiences were real or just some state of consciousness that gives the illusion of reality, i believe that is actually what the aliens are.

as for the disc objects flying in the sky, one theory that would fit with this is if they arent actually really spacecraft, but thats an incidental side function. they might actually be interdimensional crafts.

notice how they never seem to come land here for extended periods of time. they appear and disappear. they definitely hang around and even come back. but they dont stay here for very long.

you'd think if it was a 'space ship' there would be more clear signs of entrance and exit, and you'd think theyd have at least one extended stay after people already saw them. even if it was only a single 30 minute to an hour event. but that never happens does it.

they also move in ways which seem to defy physics. which might make sense if they were slipping/transversing through dimensions to move rather than space.

but i dont know. this is all guesswork.

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i think the yellow guy is just dumb. if i was trying to give up and avoid being shot, id lay flat on my belly and just put my hands behind my back to let them cuff me. standing up means a stray shot could get you, and in the fog of war they probably wouldnt even pay attention.

they might have even been ordered not to care. so best bet would be to look like you've given up and be out of the way, or look like you already got shot.

one person survived the nanjing/nanking massacre by pretending to be shot and jumping into the river of dead bodies and blood for example. they just assumed he/she was already dead and didnt go digging through the bodies. although thats quite gruesome.

thats if you're just giving up and not trying to flee or fight. im only commenting on the dumb way he made his decision. not the validity thereof.

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im not sure. he promised he wouldnt destroy all humanity like that again.

it says natural disasters will occur but it doesnt specify what the specific cause is. It could be weather weapons, or it could be punishment by god. in this case idk which, because either conclusion is semi-logical -- it could be punishment for rebellion by the government, or it could be punishment on the government by god in this case because they did just kinda screw themselves.

its really hard to say. the bible never gives people the cause of the catastrophes that happen in the end times, revelations just tells us to know the signs of the season. but it doesnt specifically say god doesnt send punishment that way ever again, he just promised not to wipe out mankind again.

in noahs flood, everyone but noah's family was gone im pretty positive. that wasnt just a run of the mill catastrophe.

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well with space here i wasnt even really referring to hard drive space.

it was more the space allocated to each cpu register. depending how many bits a cpu is, that determines the maximum size a variable can hold.

thats why on like NES most numbers max out at 99. or 999. or something like that.

you CAN pull tricks to get bigger numbers out but its more computationally expensive, and its not stored in one single register or "variable"

thats the real advantage of higher bits, being able to do more complex math with longer strings of numbers, and more points past the decimal point, in a single variable or register.

an 8 bit cpu can only deal with like a byte in each register (8 bits). 16 is double... and so on. and it will always stay in those multiples which is why you have 8,16,32,64,128... this called the "word size", the amount of bits each register can store.

I shouldve been more clear but it was already a lot of text and look how much this added. y2k inspired me to learn computers, because i knew it was bullshit as kid what they told consumers to whip them into a frenzy

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its not your fault. im just slowly losing it. i try to maintain composure but its hard.

I knew all this was gonna happen but even knowing it for years and knowing everything.... it didnt prepare me to actually be here.

I thought it was terrifying just being aware what was gonna go on and how shit was working behind the scenes. but nothing compares to the actual moments before and during. to actually being here.

I really thought id be able to handle this better being at least mentally prepared.

i do have some family but not much and elderly. my elderly parents are somewhat awake for the first time and have finally taken to listening to me for wisdom. but they arent long for the world even in ideal circumstances.

My sister however is a teacher and a completely indoctrinated shill who cant tolerate us anymore. her and her husband even cut off his family too.

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really because im all alone with nothign, no opportunity to work, completely paranoid and preparing to run to the woods with no weapons and one set of clothes and a few cans to the woods in the dead of winter.

im literally at the breaking point where i just want it on so they shoot me already. nothing to live for. and every day is hell. heads beginning to spin. continuous rage buildup to unmanageable levels.

if this gets over ever in my life i might have a first entry level job at 40-50 with zero chance of any life at all.

thats why i dont respect people who are doing it to 'feed muh family'. im planning to suffer homeless and die in the freezing cold alone over this.

id love to get a job somewhere but id have to walk hundreds of miles to a red state and find an apprenticeship by a homeless shelter that also wouldnt vax or require me to stay in quarantine because my only hope would be to literally walk all that way and be homeless during the entire apprenticeship.

nobody is going to take care of me. im preparing to die. and i might in fact go psychotic very soon entirely.

if theres a civil war id walk to join the other side and lie about my age, say im younger than i am and that would get me out of here. but aside from a crazy situation like that im pm fucked.

for now i live off charity and i have enough to get by a 9mo to a year, maybe two (not money, simply supplies and a roof). i dont mind delaying my start another couple years i was never gonna retire be doing manual labor til i died on the streets anyway.

but i actually am abandoning everything.

I will go without food.

i will go without shelter.

I will go with no family.

i will die young with NO medical care.

I will refuse to participate. Im pretty much trapped in upstate NY. but if i wanted to leave, id have to walk with a total of $13 in my pocket and no bank account. im literally stuck in some great depression-esque shit.

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they're probably just shooting him up with tons of drugs before he goes out.

if you drug yourself up enough you can use your muscles in ways that would normally hurt your body very badly, and get away with it for short periods of time.

if you gave someone some speed, opiates, a little numbing agents, and something like steroids they'd be extremely spry for a short while.

its probably another reason he tries to get off stage so fast the longer this goes on, as he hurts his body more and more, in addition to avoiding questions. longer it goes on, the less time your body is capable of cheating itself. especially when you need to be hopped up before every photo op.

Theres a very good chance he literally falls down and collapses shortly after going onstage.

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ok maybe i should have used generic authoritarianism as a term or something.

its a wording issue. the real post is a criticism of supposed "free trade"

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fuck these bastards. if yoiu work for military or police in any country if you're a good person its time to go AWOL or just become homeless.

tell your wife you love her but if she needs support find another man.

tell your kids goodbye sorry you cant support them.

leave. quit your job. dont worry about food. be homeless if you cant afford rent.

aint worth your soul.

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i explained what it was above.

the real problem was in critical infrastructure that relied on date time and a few bad implementations on driver/OS level code that might not have wrapped around but overrun.

when IT staff scared the bejesus out of upper management insisting they needed to do basically a total expensive ass overhaul RIGHT NOW or theyd be DONE because the assembly lines would stop...

upper management created the conspiracy part of it. they decided to recoup a lot of the cost by scaring the fuck out of the public into buying bunches of shit they didnt need after they paid for the upgrades.

most of consumer software had already been upgraded with moores law in years prior but industry sits relying on old legacy code. look above for long version.

There was a real problem, but it would never have been apparent to anyone outside of industrial software and assembly line machine manufacturers and stuff.

Source: am programmer with lots of knowledge in computer science. the conspiracy you are half right on though. they were passing the buck back off to the consumer. they figured "if we're computer illiterate and had to pay, they might as well pay for it if they are too"

Im almost entirely certain this isnt even a theory but a straight fact. makes perfect logical sense and fits all the facts. upper management did get panicked by IT staff and have to pay. so they in turn panicked other people so they would pay.

in comparison to the modern conspiracies, only the news panicking aspect and control relate. the rest of it was actually kind of just a benevolent/normal issue of capitalism and cost of production at the time. although it was extremely dishonest and tyrannic to manipulate using the news and lying to uneducated people about unrelated shit.

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i can explain the y2k thing. you obviously are not a programmer or computer engineer.

yes it was partly scare theatre to sell shit but there was an acutal technical reason and problem (although 99% of it couldve been dealt with without fixing it just accepting wrap-around. really only core OS and a lot of industrial code needed to be re-written. a lot of things were programmed so it wouldnt crash anything or connect to any other applications and would just wrap around to 1900)

anyway as to answer your question of "why not use 4 digits". 4 digits takes up more memory. many processors were 8 and 16 bit still, and its possible to do 'tricks' there (like carry some numbers in a different register and combine them all back up as if you're doing math on paper sort of -- this costs performance overhead and memory which isnt always possible, but if you saw REAL old games with more digits, its because they were doing that trick, or like old scientific math applications)

it was mostly that legacy code was written to run on much slower, weaker machines where every byte of memory counted and every inch of performance mattered. it was a lot more difficult programming than in the modern day (I know some asm and have done a little 6502 programming before)

not only would it be easier to overlook such a problem with deadlines, if you were limited to specific hardware, you might not even have the resources to do the tricks to account for the issue.

its sort of like why the banks still use COBOL as a primary programming language which has otherwise been dead for like 50 years. they are sitting, relying on old legacy codebases even on more modern machines. the cost of reprogramming everything modern style would be a lot. like many peoples huge salaries a lot.

and in many cases adapting to the new system and getting bugs and edge cases out would take even more time and cost sink.

so really it was an issue of dragging shit along for wayyyyy too long. in reality by the time y2k was being accounted for, 99-100% of all software being released in the past 4-5 years had already accounted for it due to moores law at least on the consumer front (since it was new)

the real thing was, IT people scared the living fuck out of upper management because actually their critical infrastructure in many cases would have failed (Assembly line computers that relied on date-time, real low level stuff that might be programmed in a way that could overflow the date into a buffer overrun rather than wrapping around)

after they scared management shitless into paying for something expensive they didnt want to, management decided to recoup losses by falsely scaring the public into a panic so they'd buy bunches of goods in preparation, basically passing the buck along.

in eastern europe where its poor, they just dealt with core important systems and knew in their minds any wrapped around dates that werent important just meant 2000 instead of 1900 or 1. and it wasnt the total apocalypse there. as you can clearly see retrocomputers still run fine. which might make people think it was a total conspiracy, but in reality certain industrial applications would fail if you really think about it.

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ahh the world from the original fallout 1 and 2.

in fallout 2 the enclave (not the gay one from bethesda) is the remnant of the US government hiding on an oil rig, planning to exterminate all the "mutants" who were able to adapt to the new environment so the original non mutated human race that wasnt basically immune to cancer could take back the world as the pollution faded.

one of the possible endings was convincing a scientist they were wrong and that the survivors ARE actually genetically superior on merit of being able to adapt to the wastes, in which case, he releases an alternative poison that only kills normal humans through the air ducts in an act of suicidal self sacrifice.

theres also a caricature of Bill Clinton sitting as president and a secretary based off monica lewinsky that just got done blowing him.

also there was real marijuana hidden in one of the lockers your character could smoke called "pre-war drugs"

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another thing i noticed recently was that, and it might be because of aging population or something, there has been some evidence of vaccines, even traditional ones, stopping working in the past 10 years.

old people vaccinated against chicken pox began getting shingles a few years back if you remember. i never remember that happening before then. if that vaccine was truly effective, that shouldnt have happened. they shouldve still been immune as an elder.

that was a major redpill for me.

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i deleted it because i twas an angry rant.

but yes. most hackers are in fact employees of the security industry lol.

and yes, the original class of programmers was in fact the same people committing software piracy in the early days on the demoscene and running BBS systems.

the best hackers are actually the security and programming professionals. Snowden recently came out and said the same thing too!!!!!

Do you think high end elite criminals have no day job or cover? or that the real ones implementing the vulnerabilities arent the companies themselves?

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as a side note this is exactly why Terry Davis wrote his Chaos Theory-type Oracle program.

his very idea was that since the numbers are in fact, NOT random, they are linked to some larger system that butterfly effects out to the whole universe and therefore can predict non-random events. they appear to be random, but are not.

but he was crazy to be fair.

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