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oh shit dude does this mean I need to bury my proton pack ASAP?

I can like actually legit sink a ship to get rid of the thing maybe. but then if I do that the ghosts will take over my entire town!

what do I do?

I could always just leave this place... let the ghosts take over... walk off somewhere else and ignore the screams behind me. maybe I can start a new life... somewhere without ghosts...

but wait a minute... what if theres a deeper purpose to them coming after all the ghost guns?

maybe our overlords are all ghosts and only ghost guns can deal damage to them?

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i've been grinding to take down the internet for quite awhile now.

I can do DPS if you can tank and we can find a mage.

I hear the internet actually drops some killer loot if you manage to win.

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i think this is a chicken or egg scenario tbh.

if you become a sage, you will become psychotic. If you are psychotic, you may well be disconnected enough from the world to potentially become a sage.

so which came first? the psychosis or the knowledge?

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whole point is to gradually shift the overton window.


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my opinion is: Partly true.

what people are noticing is not that the internet is dead, but that it has been monopolized and regulated into sterility.

essentially people like me who used to write our own websites and code have been pushed out of the marketplace entirely as costs rise and it becomes more unrealistic to create a site that actually draws in viewers.

combine that with increased regulations on speech and content (actual copyright enforcement also plays into this) and you have a recipe to take down 99.9% of websites that arent corporate run.

you cant make much money from advertising, and those of us who did it as a hobby for no money still cant get any viewers without hiring expensive teams to do all the work lets say on art, fancy design, etc.

the functionality expected of these websites today also goes beyond what a hobbyist would do to implement their own, so out of the few sites that do exist, they dont even seem independent since they all use the same code backing them or just setup a wordpress blog or something samey.

when I ran a website, I wrote my own entire content management system and did the entire web deisgn and everything myself -- such a job today would probably cost over $100k to hire someone for and is generally considered "unrealistic" because of the overhead cost vs using existing code. and even if you do it yourself, its unrealistic due to time-sink.

so yes, a majority of the internet is "dead" but its not because its a giant potemkin village.

its actually dead for the same reason most private businesses are dead. it comes down to monopolization and lack of ability to compete. its sort of like how when walmart supercenters came in, main street across the nation just died overnight.

Stores still exist, theres just a hell of a lot less of them! less incentive to start your own, less profit from doing so, less chance to get a customer... I think you wee where i'm going here...

the internet was much different when it was the wild west and many of us had dreams of working in technology in the future, so we showed off our chops to each other sometimes for free, when copyright enforcement didnt exist and every fan page had ROMs of old games on it... when piracy sites were out in the open... when web hosting was a huge private sector business not managed by amazon and google so freedom of speech was a thing for real...

It was also a different place then because normies didnt even use the internet at all -- there were some college students, but aside from that it was ONLY tech nerds back then and educated people.

Death of the internet also coincides with and is related to the rise of the smartphone and "apps". nowadays that is where the money is, so you can see all the stuff independent people do being shoved on cell phone apps instead of the old method of writing computer applications and websites.

trust me not a single business cares I know web programming and also lots of low level programming like C/C++ and assembly language. Nobody cares I sit and write entire game engines and complicated things. there literally is no work in it and I'll never a job lmao. like 2 people have those jobs today, and thats it, and once they are gone those jobs will likely be phased out forever due to cost/benefit analysis.

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many upper eschelon jews do follow it, and idk if its a creed or an entire occult system.

Im aware of the interlinking between all the occult organizations and the shared heritage and symbolism leading me to believe they are all part of some wider world-order system.

the main thing I like to point out is that this is generally some kind of secretive cult that only upper eschelon individuals in society take part it -- not the vast majority. its something that, like all other secret societies/ritual religions, requires initiation and is generally kept secret from the general populace at large.

Im sure most people know of the kabballah i.e jewish mysticism, but they dont actually know much about it other than it is a mysticism system.

much of it forms the basis of or shares the basis with other systems involving sacred geometry and other concepts (like reincarnation of elite caste etc)

I would classify much of judaism today as "heretical", and id even go so far as to say modern judaism is impossible to exist because you'd need sacrifices at the temple (which hasnt existed in thousands of years) to absolve sin.

today even torah only believers would say that simply meditating on leviticus is somehow enough (but that makes no sense according to the torah it says "do these things" not "meditate on the concept of these things")

but I wouldnt say everyone is evil because most people dont know like you said. most people who are christians are the same and only know what their cultural teachings and preachers tell them -- so they are equally deceived in many ways by not looking into the source material and questioning everything.

the real point here I was trying to make is that there is some other deeper occult system that has permeated all cultures and shares too many things in common to be considered as not having the same origin, and that I do not believe this is only a "jewish" thing.

I constantly oppose the "its the jews" or really blaming things on any one group of individuals based on ethnic background because it seems to me from my own research that whatever is going on literally encompasses all cultures on the earth similar to pyramid building.

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what do you expect me to do? be dishonest to respect other peoples fee-fees?

theres a real debate to be had here and the origins and authority claimed by the RCC are dubious at best. it doesnt help that the Popes seem to always be in line with bold the old and new world orders... unless you just dont want them to be held accountable for their entire history as an organization.

I would say Jesus and the original apostles are the only ones who have any authority at all and the church fathers and such do not. I would also argue that the changing of the 10 commandments (or rather mis-teaching because they left the bible unchanged as far as that, but have people memorize a fake version with thou shalt not covet twice) is pretty damning evidence something is seriously wrong.

according to the Bible and Jesus, every believer is a priest, there is no need for a high priest to absolve sins anymore, and nobody has the authority he had (i.e. pope is not real).

theres a bunch of man-made traditions other than that too, but I avoided arguing against the perpetual virginity of mary (which is ludicrious, Jesus had brothers), or arguing that the statues of the saints are idolatry, or the repetitive prayers (rosary), or the fact that the NT mentions studying the scripture yourself and not just listening to a priest tell you what they think.

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it wasnt about calling your dad dad, it was about giving honor to fake priests who were only in it for power and using god's name to get that power.

the idea behind this is that priests getting you to call them by honorary names and titles are taking credit for being the authorities in place of god.

its the same deal as like, the emperors titling themselves "gods" and having statues built of them and demanding worship. or say, kings claiming "divine right to rule"

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you do realize kabbalah is just generic mysticism adopted from both babylon and the far east by some heretical jews, and is not only not widely accepted by the laymen of judaism, but also does not originate with judaism correct?

Go study occultism more deeply before acting like an authority.

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the graven images commandment.

they removed it a long ass time ago in order to justify their saint, mary and statue worship.

they replaced it with "thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods" and "thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife"

the real ten commandments have it "thou shalt not covet" and "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image"

now in the bibles its still the same -- but what they do is brainwash people into the catechisms in which they tell them the fake version of the 10 commandments.

Also the bible says that everything they do is bad. Jesus himself said, when criticizing the pharisees "And call no one your father on the earth; for One is your Father, who is in heaven." because the first priests who wanted to be called father were the pharisees. and what do they call their priests? the very thing their supposed messiah said NOT TO CALL PRIESTS but only God.

so the catholic church actually blatantly goes against the bible in a myriad of ways, proving themselves a false religion that goes against their supposed messiah, Jesus Christ.

in fact they make excuses for it like how precious it was etc, but in old times the catholic church restricted anyone who wasnt a priest from reading the bible and kept the bible chained up in the churches and locked, and the first man to try and translate it into the common tongue from latin -- William Tyndale -- was burnt at the stake for doing so because it exposed them.

this is actually where the original protestant tradition of "pope is the antichrist" originates from -- because the pope is AN antichrist if not the son of perdition -- however modern globalist controlled pro-unity churches will hide this from you and not ever explain it.

we could go on and on about this -- about how all their rules are made up by men and go against the bible (priests cant marry etc.) and im sure there are some experts who can literally go point by point and rule by rule and compare it with scripture that says to do the exact opposite. theres so much of it you have to be blind or ignorant not to see it.

whether or not you believe in the religion doesnt matter -- this church, its ideas, and its leadership are so hypocritical of the documents upon which they are based that any sane man must deem they are evil and intentional liars.

listen even if the god isnt real -- if you believe its real -- you dont take his 10 most important rules and change them for your own convenience.

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why do any of you ever believe there was such a thing as a democracy or republic?

are you not aware that your votes NEVER counted? not one since 1776. there is nothing to be proud about for your "nation" of slaves. not ANY of the nations.

every war you fought was a lie. all your veterans died to help enslave themselves and humanity. every time you fought for freedom it was actually to help fight for slavery.

it sucks, but its reality.

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part of the reason they do this is probably because they have induced a state of schizophrenia in the masses.

what this kind of stuff is called is a "double bind" which actually sets of schizophrenics really really badly and also bipolar people. it makes most mental illness worse.

A double bind is like, when someone says "I love you, but I hate you" or "it is but it isnt"

these types of conflicting crazy statements probably exist to drive people more insane.

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it is intentional and quite simple to understand really in the right mindset.

the system gets implemented this way:

1.) Start with real currency and somewhat equitable distribution to access to real currency

2.) let some people get wealthy, then have some kind of civil conflict in order to repatriate much of the funds to one singular group

3.) Start some external wars, giving preferential contracts to that one group mentioned during the war.

4.) excuse to transition to the fiat system. Now the system is rigged so one side has at least 65% of the wealth, but it still appears fair and equitable to the people other than them (i.e. they still have "a chance" like in a casino gambling)

5.) continually fractionalize the fiat gradually over a long period. this allows that initial 65% to grow to 70... then 75... and so on. and it allows this growth to the majority stakeholders with NO RISK of loss since they own enough of the economy to rig anything any way they want. it will be slow moving so not everyone will catch onto whats happening until like 90% of it is on the one side alone and owns almost everything by that point it is too late to argue with it since they control everyones access to food and work.

6.) collapse the system entirely once all real assets are held and all means of production have been excised from the country -- doing this enables the people you fuck over by the millions into sure death cannot save themselves by any means as it would take over 100 years to rebuild a new society, currency and infrastructure necessary to create the means of production while your new chosen host nation has all those things since you moved them there.

7.) rinse, repeat.

the point is not to have a functional monetary system or economy, but rather to hide the fact that an aristocracy rules the earth and eliminates its peasants as soon as they wise up too much or get too close to figuring it out.

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same, me and my friend have caught nothing, in spite of being around his military brothers who were forced to take the shot. both of them did get the virus (supposedly) or were at least visibly quite ill but no more than a normal flu.

ive been around some elderly people in a deceived church as well, Id like to preach the true word to them but will likely get kicked out for threatening their tax exempt status and false belief system if I do.

many of them -- mostly nurses who work in the hospital system, have come down with it. still, even sitting right next to some and being coughed on im totally fucking fine for years. and the fools consistently promote it.

the main thing id like to correct them on is that God does not run and decide who gets into the government -- Gods control of the government only goes far enough where he allows Satan to control it. but I very much doubt i'll be able to unbrainwash the elderly from their traditions of men they grew up with and their faith in human institutions.

its very very sad though, that I know none of them will be forgiven their sins in the end because they believe in a false christ and the systems of control devised by men.

anyway literally everyone I know who caught it supposedly, also got the shots. nobody I know who refused got sick at all in this time. not even a cold.

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idk what im gonna do. eventually i'll have to work again, and i would really like to have some income.

i havent really looked and its possible i might be able to find something, but I dont have much faith on that in NY state. even though this is the country part of the state very far from teh city with very different people.

by the grace of God I am lucky to have food and shelter for the time being and its foreseeable I will into the future for some time... but this obvious isn't a possible situation to maintain forever.

As far as money my net worth is only $5 to keep a savings account open.

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id work if I could have absolute assurance the employer was willing to potentially violate any state laws or mandates. Im still rather worried, regardless of "unconstitutional" decisions, that I would be forced to take the shot to work.

so instead I choose not to work. if I start to starve I might try to work, but if it is in fact required I will actually just move straight to looting stores and holding up people like a highwayman. for now I do not have to do this, although any potential future I had is totally destroyed since even then i'll be looking at a first job in a decade at like 40 or 50 if this ever ends so its likely even if things do turn up I still have to turn to a life of crime eventually now after being cut out of the labor force for over 3 years since this shit started.

i might be wrong but i still believe in some places they force you to get the shot to work. most of the time if the places I go say they want you to be vaccinated nobody checks so I just dont talk about it. but idk about employment rn.

anyway even though I am in abject poverty im willing to starve to death or let the blood freeze in my veins before taking the shot, so I just wont work until im absolutely assured nobody will try to force me.

even if they have pivoted in the news and pivoted politically, I dont believe the push is over, and I live in a terrible place where 99% have complied. so i dont think i'll be able to work. maybe ever again. I dont receive any entitlements and am living in a temporary situation at the mercy of God alone. I have literally nothing, and no handouts -- dont even want the state insurance no more since I wont be going to the doctor and using it ever again.

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i honestly think these people were part of a psyop to make people who were just barely slightly waking up believe something was going to happen and there was a real movement when really there wasnt and they just wasted their energy and time.

Look at who they actually reached -- it wasnt real longtime conspiracy theorists or anyone who actually believed shit -- it was the normies some of us in the conspiracy community counter-indoctrinated to trick them into voting for trump in 2016.

there was a group of us who pumped up trump, but we only did it and lied about him being some savior to trick mouth breathers into voting for the person who wasnt supposed to win as a bellwether test of the government.

unfortunately a ton of people became "true believers" and memers on 4chan as well as the government themselves took advantage of that fact to create "Q" "Qanon" and a bunch of shit like this. essentially they got them right back on the plantation since they were mouth breathers the entire time that believed there ever was a good time in america and didnt understand its always been fucked since day 1.

I honestly think in the end trying to fuck with shit probably caused worse damage, since he was never going to save anything, and if he hadnt won perhaps directly going to war with russia and having life suck hard immediately might have had more effect.

but who knows...

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it actually would be a solid depopulation plan considering the hedonism of modern culture and its sex-obsession, however i am currently unsure and undecided if it is in fact true or not.

but if you did that, you'd even get a majority of people who refused to take the shot since they wouldn't want to become monks and commit genetic suicide from abstaining from sex anyway.

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i believe this. I actually have since converted and repented of sorcery.

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at one point i mastered accessing other dimensions and escaping the body at will by utilizing control of sleep states/patterns.

I also was able to remote view in similar manner (with absolute confirmation I was viewing real events) but only in situations I was being betrayed by someone deeply emotionally bonded to me. which was absolutely awful (imagine remote viewing a spouse cheating on you thats pretty much what happened)

anyway I stopped trying to access that realm. theres fucking demons there.people say they see all sorts of good stuff but its a fucking illusion cast upon them and they dont have the power/skill to see past the illusion.

I pretty much got mkultra'd. my intent was to try and find a way to defeat the demons or at least fight them, and to gain free and clear access to the etherial realm so I could spy on people in power and actually use sorcery to become extremely powerful in the world and change things.

however by the end of my experimentations -- throughout which I was literally haunted by demons who prevented much progress -- I got literally drugged and interrogated about "knowing too much, what do you know? we found the documents!" and I felt numb all over like someone injected novocaine all over my body and I was drooling and could barely answer the questions with my right arm flailing uncontrollably like a door swinging on a hinge at the elbow.

when I woke up I found that my hidden notes on everything I was doing were actually legit stolen and they were hidden in a secret panel in a drawer that nobody knew about but me. I was actually being spied on by demons all the time legitimately and some human figure I couldnt see only hear stole the notes and interrogated me about it.

I only know the voice because my head was paralyzed and I couldnt look at them. all I remember is the feeling of raw terror -- of fear itself -- worse than any demon or sleep paralysis fear -- it was the worst type of fear imaginable.

they had an effeminate voice but were male. they sounded "beautiful" like the kinda guy whod have long flowing blonde hair like fucking lucifer or some shit. I have no idea who it was. but clearly they were wise to the fact I was plotting against them and trying to steal power for myself to fight them with.

probably dont believe me, and this is the real short version of the story too, but i bring it up from time to time.

whatever exists in the bordering realm to ours is trying to invade, has been successful, and is absolutely fucking evil.

its probably the same entities people think are aliens and they are actually from another dimension, and probably some humans on earth serve them and are allowed free access to that state and also given information by these entities in exchange for something.

before my notes were stolen i wasnt entirely sure it wasnt just hallucinatory dreams, but after that I absolutely KNOW it was real. I dont think about it so much anymore but what happened still haunts me to this day.

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my personal theory, from looking at ALL the evidence and having relatives that were in fact interned and killed, is this.

holocaust = partly true, partly false. less jews died, but many did, many did die but not the number told.

as far as good/evil? there was no good side. they were all the same side which is evidenced by money and resource flow between all sides. they set up the war to forever change the economies of the nations and start up what we now call globalism since ww1 didnt finish the job there. it was used to restructure the economies, add new taxes which were supposed to be "temporary"

and worst of all, it was a giant human experiment physically and psychologically. they experimented in the Euro nations and USSR in mind controlling the public and eliminating all opposition, and also in euro nations controlled by scapegoat germany medical experiments on unwilling test subjects.

wiping out germany would be absolutely necessary, so in playing all sides they made hitler and the nazis think they had a real chance and let them do some things that made them seem like opposition (going against world banks for example, creating real jobs). but all the innovations were stolen afterwards, and anyone who worked on shit like their secret aerospace program was either wiped out or brought to other member nations after the war through project paperclip.

they were in fact experimenting in making vimanas and such (UFOs) and thats what the foo fighters actually were.

everyone wants to fall into this ancestry dichotomy and "all jewish bloodlines are evil" or alternatively say "nazis were the greatest evil to ever roam the earth"

neither are in fact true. to a limited degree, both are true -- but the public has no knowledge or participation in such things and does not approve -- the public is chattel slaves. ONLY the leadership is guilty and its likely every single empire or leadership class in the world minus the third world.

notice how they always secretly collaborate to cause the sparking events for every war ever, and none of them EVER die in the war or after the war... Its because its a big club and they're just killing us and gradually taking further control of the world.

if there was a REAL uncontrolled war, you'd see titans of industry and megacorporations of enemy nations targeted for destruction to damage the supply chain, you'd see people within the supply chain refusing to deal with the enemy knowing they would reverse engineer the technology and put hits out on them after.

none of this ever happens. instead you see megacorps safely playing both sides the entire time (esp in ww2).

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people in power dont marry for love or sex -- they go to orgies together and fuck other people constantly.

they marry more like an arranged marriage for political/economic benefit and power.

in fact old royalty and upper class was no different. thats the origin of masquerade parties actually. people wore the masks so you didnt know who you were fking or who was fking you so nobody could use it as blackmail or report on it if anyone found out.

this worked well in the old times (and probably today) since the entire elite caste was genetically related as cousins and inbred, so even illegitimate children could be held as legitimate easily.

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