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The evil hates the kalt. The kalt is godly!

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It really doesn’t matter to them. They can get the cattle to do or believe anything. #We’re all in this together. That essentially means that they hunt the preppers while billionaires life styles remain unchanged.

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I always take those with a grain of salt. But when he said they weren’t luciferian, I immediately doubted. It’s the complete inverse of the Bible. They believe that they can actually achieve complete victory over God by doing exactly the opposite of what the Bible says.

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If it’s infertility how are they gonna cope? Do you think they’ll target the non-injected even harder?

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I’ve actually gamed this out. Fishermen will become supreme, assuming the coast guard doesn’t completely fuck anything up. What will likely happen is fisherman, their friends and family will eat while others have to scavenge the woods. This will cause tension etc. Also, all that other stuff you mentioned is bloat. You don’t need fuel, you don’t need too much maintenance. You just need men, oars and a can do spirit.

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This was completely insane to me. The people who screamed no justice, no peace are okay with this. If it was a white kid, there would have been pushes for gun control legislation. In Chicago there were no charges because it was mutual combat. Laws for thee and for you and me.


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After they destroy America, they’ll flee to Mexico.

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You have to use the search functions. You can always find really great information doing things like.


-Enter into search

Site:reddit.com/r/conspiracy adrenochrome

Site:YouTube.com adrenochrome

You’ll typically get better results for searching exactly what you want.

One of the best search engines out there for finding conspiracy related content is, un-ironically: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/ and http://archive.4plebs.org/x/

You just have to know where you’re trying to search for the information and the best place to find it.

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Dark Winter = Total Chaos. Hope you guys are prepped. Do not be taken to the camps. You need a ham with the ability to hear comms from very far away. If you hear any mention of people being put into camps, rebroadcast and warn about people being forcibly put into camps. This will give people ample opportunity to flee if necessary. You should have gear to be able to trek into the woods and survive the winter.

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Are you Jewish? Defending Hitler only amounts to making this board look retarded. Even if he was a true agent against globohomo, still lost and the cattle’s mind has been completely warped so they equate anything depicting Jewish influence, Supremacy and Zionism as Nazism.

He also didn’t ban the Thule society, a society I’m honestly not acquainted with.

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“Hitler hated the occult” That’s bullshit. https://vimeo.com/164360745

The actions of Hitler created Israel. He likely used the rat lines of the Catholics to escape persecution. We never got absolute proof that he died. He’s definitely on deaths door or is dead by now.

Hitlers mom literally worked for the rothschild’s. You don’t simply work for the rothschild’s.


They always control both sides before any conflict, this ensures that they always come out on top.

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I remember the USN from r/conspiracy thegirlwithpolkadots. I wonder if they know anything more.

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I tried to make the point a few times that the BLM protests/riots were in fact depopulation of blacks. (Under the paradigm that them supporting it during a deadly “pandemic” is in fact racist.)

I’m personally surprised that more people on the right don’t out left the left. They unfortunately have too many false idols they follow that they believe harbor the truth when in actuality the reverse is true. They’re all saying the wrong thing in slightly different ways.

I remember when I used to listen to exclusively left wing people when I was younger. Eventually I wondered how the other camp could be so stupid. So I began to look at their ideas and see the sense and logic most of it made. Right wing politics is despicable however, mainly the people who support Israel. I did this too with conspiracy theorists because like all human history, those people who get demonized by the elites are always right.

That’s what most people don’t seem to understand, it’s the same game played over and over through multiple generations. The truth is too painful for people to admit so they dismiss it as a conspiracy theory, crazy. Etc..

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