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wearing a press vest in a war zone does not magically protect you.

also not surprised since im not sure Israel really care who they shoot and who they dont

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lots of reasons, also lots of who the fuck knows.

the two banned vaccines AZ and JJ are viral vector and adenovirus, not mRNA. the mRNA shots are still around. but i doubt it has anything to do with actual technology cuz they are all fucked.

what i do know for sure is that Moderna had the patent for genome of C19 since ~2015, and Pfizer has the deepest pockets. i honestly think they are just deeper in the cover-up than the others

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i think its cuz we agree that whoever is on CNN or MSNBC, or Biden or Psaki or Clinton are always cunts.

not really interesting to beat a dead horse

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the worship more relates to Trump. man did a lot, but he made a lot of mistakes as well. we can discuss both and not be SJW's

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hating or loving Musk for his name is retarded either way.

we should be praising actions we agree with, and critiquing actions we dont, for any individual, Trump, Musk or any SJW.

the personal attacks or hero worship regardless of real world actions are how we got here

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he also collapsed the Ruble in the 90s.

dude is a giant cunt, and has never had to pay for it

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well that the only place in EU where that's the official position of the elected govt.

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took Americans 6 weeks to take Baghdad against Iraq. the force quality imbalance there was even higher, abrams and apaches vs t-72s. dont buy into the memes that this should have been over in 2 days.

If Russia was fucking up as bad as they say, wouldnt Ukraine need to arm every male 18-60, foreign fighters, "situation desperate" and etc.

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The Germans knew they were losing the war because their victories kept getting closer and closer to Berlin.

Russia is getting "curbstomped by Ukraine" but they keep taking territory and towns

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shits not even hidden, its like right there

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i dont think its a litteral parasite so much as a mental one.

Its like breaking a person. once they are broken in, once they have accepted the vax as the saviour against their own base instincts, you can tell them anything and they will believe you, because their "person" has been broken

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Kyiv is recent de-russified spelling. Ukrainians used to spell it Kiev too but are not trying to make a point

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