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These people do not fear the public

You are now dealing with a Totalitarian state increasing and consolidating power without any concern for appearance or consequences. WEF and affiliates seem to have infiltrated the US government at the highest levels and controls the DOJ, FBI, IRS, FED, SEC, and intel alphabet agencies.

They rigged the 2020 election in full view of everyone.

Oh, so you are going to vote against the dementia patient after early voting was rigged with ballot harvesting for him to win? Ok, so let's shutdown counting, inject millions of "votes" from "voters" into the Dominion machines, then backfill with "mail-in" ballots after live voting ends.

You no longer have election day, but election season.

This enables any election to be rigged for various means. The only way this ends is to remove all electronic voting systems, restrict mail-in ballots to only those disabled, or military deployed, and require that mail-in ballots must be received and counted at least 2-3 days before live voting. Only allow paper ballots, check ID, hand count all ballots at the precinct. Communicate precinct votes by phone to the County recorder, to the SOS, take photo, upload to the web, then deliver hard copies to county and state.

Remove central tabulators entirely or must be open source with highly restrict access (also must be air gapped and in a secure room with keycard and real time video feed.

You can not trust electronic voting machines period. The incentives are far too high to compromise them. If not by partisans in county elections, then by the SOS, by the vendors themselves, by employees of the vendors, or by other outside interests including nation states and organizations operating in the shadows including private interests as well domestic intel agencies.

You also can not trust the machines not to be networked and connected to the internet either on purpose or by the vendor including modems.

Most people do not understand how deep this fraud goes and what is now made possible by these electronic machines.

It used to be that the fraud was simply contained to the large metropolitan areas. That is no longer the case.

Not only do you have to worry about elections being rigged in large metropolitan centers, but you also have to worry about machines in rural Republican counties being compromised remotely or by the vendor to shave off several points from the Republican candidate which will not be detected unless a hand recount is triggered. Shave off enough points from all the rural counties and it reduces the amount of fraud required in the metropolitan areas to get the corrupt Democrat elected as Governor, AG, SOS, or to congress.

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I posted steps to replicate the HTTPS warning error here


You're welcome to troubleshoot further. There's not a lot I can do further. Doggos and others are aware of the issue and it apparently is being looked at.

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A fairly on point analysis of the distraction piece coming out of the New York Times who appear to be running interference for Ray Epps and his affiliated interests.

What was the in the text messages that Ray Epps received?

Why did Ray Epps travel from Arizona to Washington DC and not go to Trump's speech?

Why was Ray Epps not charged by DOJ, when he was on camera instructing protestors to go inside the US Capitol building.

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The HTTPS warning error is still present.

I'm providing additional information below to make it easier to replicate the error when testing. I updated Torbrowser yesterday to version 11.5, which now includes a HTTPS check. This is how I began observing the issue.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Install latest Torbrowser - current (11.5 (based on Mozilla Firefox 91.11.0esr) (64-bit))

  2. navigate to conspiracies.win, patriots.win, or another affiliated .win domain

  3. click login, redirected to login page

  4. enter login credentials.

  5. click the 'sign in' button

On first login attempt Torbrowser will return the error and refreshes to



If you click the login button again a second time, the cookie recognizes an active session, but you are not actually fully logged in, returns an error and refreshes to




Workaround (no warning/ error)

If attempting to login from https://scored.co/c/Conspiracies/ or https://scored.co/c/TheDonald/ you are not redirected to a login page --> a pop-up window appears. input login credentials, click "login', and you successfully login without any HTTPS error warnings.

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Resubmitting with a better title. It's not just Russia in this fight, but farmers, proles, and anyone against fascism





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Doggos I believe you're aware of this now.


I reported, but you might want to escalate yourself


This warning does not appear when visiting via the domain scored.co.

I'm currently posting via

https://scored.co/c/Conspiracies as attempting to authenticate via conspiracies.win returns a similar warning.

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Aspire Food Group is linked to the The Clinton Global Initiative


It's all part of the plan


Massive cricket-processing facility comes online in London, Ont.

Company hopes to produce 13 million kg of cricket protein annually, selling mostly to pet-food market
Rebecca Zandbergen · CBC News · Posted: Jul 01, 2022 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: July 1

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This originates from Paul Sperry's twitter account.

Sperry is part of realclearinvestigations.com which is has published a number of stories in the past on Obama, Biden, Clintons, Russia Hoax... that WAPO, NYT, and other large mainstream media refused to cover.


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Support their protest and tell others about it. Become educated about The World Economic Forum, The Great Reset, and Agenda 2030.




This isn't exactly an isolated incident. Authoritarianism is coming. World governments have been infiltrated by globalist politicians loyal to the World Economic Forum. These same politicians are intent on implementing policies set forth by WEF agenda 2030, which is effectively an updated version of UN agenda 21. These agendas are intended to strip citizens of various rights, freedoms, and even property.

Everything that is to come was tested in China over the past decade.


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You should tell your mom to remove parent permissions on the router


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Post this to r/conspiracy on Reddit and you will likely get banned.

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Not a typo. This is legit posted




Toronto Police
News Release - Missing Woman, Ryerson Avenue and Bathurst Street area, Isobella Degrace, 27


Toronto Police Operations
Isobella Degrace, 27

  • Last seen June 25, at 3 am, Ryerson Av + Bathurst St
  • 5'10, thin build, shaggy blonde hair, full goatee
  • Black t-shirt, grey pants
  • Anyone with info 416 808-1400
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He did not say he didn't know much about the World Economic Forum.

I don't know anything about the agenda of the organization I belong to that has made this their primary goal.

I believe him... /sarcasm

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