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It's how jews tried to scare Americans away from usury-free banking, by calling it "Sharia banking"

by pkvi
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All they had to do was leave Kanye alone and play the victim card, but they can't help flexing their power and overplaying their hand.

It's Shlomo's heel.

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Wait until Americans realize the bolsheviks had total control of the global media via the Rothschilds since the late 1700s and controlled the narrative for pretty much everything ever since.

America deserves to fall for believing the Rothschild media over the German people who tried to warn them of the hell they went through with Weimar. Absolutely tragic stuff.

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Anyone who hasn't figured it out by now is an idiot or in on it.

The entire Old and New testaments display how they turned to pedophilia, child sacrifice, and Satanism and God destroyed their temple and rejected them because of it.

They were the people God showed his continual mercy to by forgiving as they did those horrible things, but as the parable where they kill the vineyard's son (Jesus) in the unfaithful tenants, that line was crossed and it divorced them as a people from God. It was one thing to kill the prophets coming to warn them, but the Son was the final straw.

Wolfmueller explains the parable in this video.

That parable destroys Dispensationalism and shows who they really are. After their rejection by God, and the destruction of the temple in 70AD, they literally fully turned to Satanism, and their "messiah" they are hoping for now, will likely be an antichrist figure.

Through their hermetic-kabbalist rituals, demons have promised them eternal life through technology, we see people like Yuval Noah and J. Kushner talking about that very thing.

It's all out in the open, and those who tried to cover for these demons are in danger and should repent, turning to Christ as He's the only hope for anyone on this planet.

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Hitler was not a controlled agent, he arrested Baron Rothschild and tried to get out of the system just like Gaddafi. Winston Churchill also writes they went after him for that reason, it wasn't ever about Hitler wanting to eliminate jews. That was the psyop to get Americans into the war. We have this on public record.







The sooner we deal with these harsh truths the better, because now they have surrounded us and we haven't even begun to organize properly.

It's why we desperately try and get the truth out, so society wakes up before another 66 million White Christians are exterminated because our situation is playing out exactly as it did during the Russian Revolution and the bloody jewish-led Communist Revolution in Germany in 1918 school didn't teach you about.

Germans were desperately defending themselves against an attempted genocide by Bolshevik jews right after they destroyed Russia.

We're all in deep shit now because we couldn't wake everyone up in time.

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Pg 517-520

“The Jews have made the falsification of history into one of the great — perhaps the most important of all — secrets of their successes. Without this, Jewish Imperialism would not have been able to control almost the whole world, but would perhaps have been defeated by the threatened institutions and peoples, as it also repeatedly occurred in the Middle Ages, when Holy Church and the Christian nations recognised the enemy who laid in wait and could defend itself against him. Particularly the Church and worldly chronicles and historic studies provided this knowledge and described the true origin of the earlier attempts of Jewry to control the Christians, to rob them, to gain control of their governments, to destroy Holy Church, to call forth schisms, to organise degrading heresies or to conspire against the Christian peoples. [...]

But it is highly strange and revealing that in all or almost all modern texts — a remarkable coincidence — that particularly all reports existing in mediaeval history books, chronicles and documents concerning the revolutionary, harmful interference of the Jews into the historical events of the time were left out. It would be ridiculous to hold that such a universal and persistent circumstance must be due to chance or to some kind of magic which from the historical texts caused only one line to vanish concerning social activities. In fact, the knowledge of this should have made the succeeding generations watchful, so that they defended themselves against Jewry. One thus sees that in the course of centuries an organised work was performed, in order to leave out from the new historical sources everything which could damage the plans for world conquest of the Jews.

Every serious researcher can affirm that this mutilation of the Chronicles and history books becomes more frequent and general, the more the Jews and principally the false converts to Christianity joined themselves to Christian society and gained in influence in it. As far as Church history is concerned, then, the conspiracies increased when the current of secret Jewish new Christians became greater, who introduced themselves into the clergy of Holy Church in order to gain control of her from within or to disintegrate her through schisms and heresies. Thus, for example, we can observe that up until the 11th century A.D. in the Chronicles and Documents the harmful, destructive participation of the Jews in social events and also all other interesting historical events are mentioned. From the 15th century onwards there are historical texts written by Christians and even by Catholic clergy, whose authors were in general converted Jews or descendants of converts, in which carefully the allusions to the wickedness of the Jews were left out. In these texts every revelation concerning the participation of the Jews in various events was left out and it was even attempted to falsify certain factual contents.

The more the secret Jewish historians and chroniclers descended from false converts to Christianity mutilated the historical texts and chronicles of their time — and that is what is serious about the matter — the real Christian historians, who went the most simple way, supported themselves on these already mutilated sources, without consulting the older more credible documents, which represented the events without evil-willed omissions. Thus one can establish that even in the 19th century, scarcely a Church or lay historian, even when it was a matter of well-believing persons, gives details about the harmful activity of the Jews in the past centuries. We are in the sad situation of having to reach back to the Jewish history books destined for internal use by the Synagogue, in order for the greatest part to reconstruct the true history of Holy Church.

In the face of the indisputable fact that both Church history, which is studied in the seminaries, and secular history, which is studied in the schools and universities, are incomplete and distorted and in them all that is missing which can give an idea of the most tenacious and very worst enemies of the Church and of mankind. It is urgently necessary that those particularly make efforts who are in the financial position to do so, in order to finance the work of researchers who are free of all suspicion of being accomplices of Jewry, so that they reconstruct the real history of Holy Church and also the true history of Europe. In this way, future generations, both civil and ecclesiastical, will throw off the blindfold obscuring their eyes and be in constant alert, ready to defend against the new attacks and conspiracies hatched by the enemy."

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Maurice Pinay - Plot Against the Church (1962) pdf

(Discussions of how the judeo-communists infiltrated the church, not just in Rome but Protestants. So it's a good book for EO, Catholics, and Protestants to see how they slowly took over with the power of usury banking and hiding behind secret societies like Freemasonry).

Pg 57-59

“At the present time one sees in our civilised world the admission of racial discrimination as the greatest sin into which man could fall. It is alleged to be a fault that leaves behind an eternal and ugly world of barbarity and animal nature, always presupposing that the Jewish people does not in practice commit this fault. Thanks to Jewish propaganda, which is controlled almost exclusively in the world by the Israelites (cinema, radio, press, television, publishing, etc.), anti-Semitism is the most disgraceful of all racial manifestations; for the Jews have made out of anti-Semitism a truly destructive weapon, which serves to nullify the efforts of countless persons and organisations who have clearly recognised who the real head of Communism is, in spite of the camouflage and cunning that this race uses to conceal its true activity. Particularly such persons and organizations that have tried to sound the alarm, since they were filled with horror at the fatal end which draws nearer and nearer.

This network of lies is so successful that the majority of anti-Communists who wish to make an end of the Marxist monster, direct their energetic and courageous attacks against the tentacles of the octopus and know nothing of the existence of the terrible head which renews the destroyed limbs, conducts its movements and brings the activities in all parts of its system into harmony. The sole possibility or destroying the Communist Socialism of Marx consists in attacking the head of the same, which at present is Jewry as the undeniable facts and irrefutable evidence of the Jews themselves allow to be discerned.

While the Christian lands are anti-racialist, because they build up their ideas on the concept of loving one’s neighbour, the Jews were and are at present the most fanatical representatives of racial discrimination, which they base on ideas from the Talmud, because they proceed from the principle that the non-Jew is not even a human being.

However, this Christian opposition to racial discrimination is very skilfully utilised by the Jews; and in the shadow of the same they weld their devilish intrigues against the Catholic Church and all Christian order, by their forming the Communist system, where there is neither God nor church nor supersensual norms of any kind. As soon as they are attacked, they protest with crying lamentation and show themselves as victims of inhuman racial discrimination, only for the purpose of crippling that work of defence which opposes their destructive attacks.

In spite of this, one can regard the real defence against Communism, which must be forcefully directed against the Jews (against the head), in no manner as a sinful manifestation of a feeling of revulsion towards a definite race; for the characteristic of racial discrimination is completely alien to our culture and our Christian principles; however, one cannot avoid a problem of such weight and range out of fear of being described as an “Antisemite”, which doubtless occurs with those who do not understand the present situation of the world.

Thus it is not a question of combating a race out of considerations of racial order. If one at present brings the problem under close inspection, the Jews alone must bear the responsibility of leaving us no other choice because of their racial discrimination in life and death, with their absolute disregard of all who are not of their race and with their greed for world domination.”

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Hard to tell sometimes if Revelation is playing out or if they are trying to emulate parts of Revelation (as Bill Cooper would say).

As a lot of their NWO plans are sort of Dispensational which aren't exactly Biblical as much of NT prophecy already happened in 70AD as partial-preterists would point out (God rejecting them by destroying their white-washed tomb of a temple), something Zionists want us to forget about and think it all future, so they set up their kabbalist talmudic end times NWO scheme to make Christians think "oh, we need to support this third temple that's a part of prophecy, it has to happen! Muh red heifers!"

There still is a final end times, but much of the "end of the age" like in Matthew 24 is talking about 70AD. Hard sometimes to figure exactly where that line is drawn as some verses are talking about the second coming/Parousia/Day of the Lord.

There's also the debate if there's simply a spirit of antichrist that's always here, or if there will also be an actual person. Really debatable. Probably Alexandra did a video on that debate.

I think about this one a lot.

I tend to think things are going to get very rough before Christ returns, it's hard for me to imagine postmil being true where much of the world is converted (Andrew Torba probably leans towards this, I certainly hope it's true, just doubt it), I tend to be a bit more of a pessimistic amil, especially rejecting Dispensationalism as a Rothschild-funded Scofield Zionist psyop (although historic premil is possible, but most of the early church eventually went with amil).

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I love Doug now.

Thanks Doug!

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feds having a gender reveal party?

BOOM... It's a queer BIPOC Polynesian transgender soon-to-be double-boosted faggot Jill, we're so happy for you!

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The problem is when 200 million+ Americans beg for CBDC credits to get food when the dollar is worthless and people start going hungry and getting desperate.

Imagine what happens when the EBT card no longer works, the central banks will act as though the public is demanding they give them credits that work, because most people will.

So the system will move forward, and just like in Brave New World there will be "savages" that try and survive outside the demonic system where humanity is erased and the people become mindless NPC's (as most already are anyway).

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It's all leading to a final crash as they cannot bandage up the system like in 2008. Then when most people are desperate, they will beg for the new CBDC credits just to get food, and will give up their property rights for a secure monthly paycheck.

Dr. Farrell lays out how they have done this multiple times in history, the first was to the Egyptians, who finally threw them off with physical silver after tricking them into a fiat-like credit system of clay tablets, designed to slowly devalue the Egyptian currency to the point the Babylonian Banksters crash the entire economy with financial alchemy (usury) and buy up the land pennies on the dollar.

It's all now happening again, and from total media control, most have no idea who's enslaving/genociding them.

"you will own nothing, and you will be happy" (1800's letter to Marx archived in this Paris journal - https://archive.md/OHKP8)

WW3 they believe will be their final war needed to finally have total control over everything.

More and more they are beginning to drop the mask and start to admit what's happening as they believe no one can stop them now.

And to be honest, I don't care what happens anymore, because people are too stupid to be helped, they fight against the people trying to warn them.

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You bash Muslims and complain about a "Islamic world order" when it's clearly jews in control of the central banks.

You then mock anyone who critizes jews as "stormfags"

You should repent and turn to Jesus and escape the evils of Talmudic judaism.

They openly say they are now destroying the world for their jewish NWO. https://www.bitchute.com/video/gwCdMJRGdCAl/

Please watch that video and ask if that's ok.

These comments are right about you, you are trying to subvert these forums. I sincerely pray you repent and find Jesus because you are in serious danger trying to cover for evil Bolsheivks who have destroyed this world through central banking usury and creating all those secret societies to infiltrated governments. https://communities.win/c/ConsumeProduct/p/15JnYiL2hf/the-jew-is-really-trying-to-thro/c

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They are openly admitting it now, and through media brainwashing that twisted the minds of society, we would still be the ones called racists for simply posting this man's words on most social media sites.

This is what's at the end of the rabbit trail, not the Illuminati, or even Communism. It's the Babylonian talmudic jews, the ones Jesus said were of the devil (John 8:44), wearing sheep's clothes but were actually a synagogue of Satan (Rev 3:9).

It's to the point it's immoral not to warn everyone, we aren't being mean, we are simply pointing out their very own threats.

This is a terrorist psychopath in the video threatening to destroy the entire world and with global banking and media power they seem quite confident they will accomplish this, as the ADL smears us as the evil racists in the media anytime we simply defend ourselves or post their own quotes.

On their own website, it says a final great war must happen before the world government can be formed.

"You will own nothing, and you will be happy (Talmud)" (1800's letter to Marx archived in this Paris journal)

It's the biggest conspiracy of all of human history. They formed secret societies to infiltrate nations, governments, banks, and medical institutions in order to subvert and destroy them for this plan.

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Listen to this poor girl, she was 15 and having mental issues so the doctors told her she must be trans and started giving hormones and then surgery.

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I'm skeptical from the dozens of fake falling over dying from covid videos out of China from 2 years ago.

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You almost have to frame it that way or they have a knee-jerk reaction.

Chris Langan 1

Chris Langan 2

Quotes from jewish whistleblowers like Brother Augustine and Bobby Fischer are also helpful.

Then if they are still with me, I move on to the 1918 jewish-led communist revolution in Germany and 66 million White Russian Christians murdered by jews, many given barbed-wire crowns of thorns and crucified, others skinned alive.

AND NOW THEY ARE FREAKING HERE. It's frustrating as crap, we could have stopped this, and most still won't listen, they are brainwashed BEYOND REPAIR just like Yuri B said.

You can't even talk about this on The Donald because it's a sub controlled by freaking Mossad/JIDF, same situation I see as on the old Godlikeproductions site trying to herd the boomers into thinking "it's the democarats/muslims/ccp/biden!"

It's the jews (I know not every single one, but nearly all the powerful/rich ones), and they want revenge for the temple being destroyed by the Romans in 70AD, and revenge against Christians and God Himself, as they literally turned to hermetic-kabbalist Satanism in Babylon and in their gnostic system, they believe they will storm the throne of heaven and take eternal life for themselves through techno-ascension through a "singularity" where they can upload their consciousness into some higher realm where they believe they will never die, ascending above the material.

Who knows what the genetics/origins of these people even are, as many mixed with the Babylonians, and then the Khazarian bloodline possibility. I seriously doubt anyone on this planet can prove lineage back to the original 12 tribes. Sometimes I do doubt the Biblical Hebrews had giant noses and evil joker smiles...

All our fairy tales warn of these people; goblins, trolls, lephrachans stealing our gold, vampires with blood rituals, Hansel and Gretel where they offer materialism through usury banking and they fatten us up and then kill the children (harvest the nation)

Most will not figure it out until Judgment Day, as it often sounds crazy to even me, I'm going on the writings in the Zohar and other wacky mystic books they have that talk about all this.

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It's a weapon of jewish war on society

Most still haven't got a clue how bad things are, they have been genociding us as Satanic rituals for a few thousand years now. Jews literally worship Satan, the group now ruling the world turned to hermetic-kabbalism (Satan worship) during the Babylonian exile.

Of course not every single jew knows what's going on but those at the top (like JP Morgan, and thousands of rabbis at Chabad Lubavich) certainly do, and have been starting wars, destroying countries via usury, pushing pornography, degeneracy, Marxism, etc...

And there's no way to wake people up in time. Many threw away their lives trying to warn but there was no way to break through the WW2 programming, everyone thought these were harmless victims, not people worshipping freaking SATAN.

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They knew they could pull a scam that it wouldn't matter how stupid it was, there would always be 50% of the NPC population that will do whatever the TV tells them to, including injecting themselves with the cells of children murdered in the womb in attempts of preventing disease.

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