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A few days ago I was notified that my YouTube account, which I've had since 2007, was removed (~500 videos). I primarily make ragtime piano vids and I've been a touring member of the band Postmodern Jukebox.

Five days before the removal, I pinned this megathread on Twitter detailing how YouTube has systematically censored my channel for over a decade, starting with my early antiwar/anti-bankster songs from the 00's.

In 2014, my parody of "Foil by Weird Al went viral, but YouTube froze the view count at just a few thousand for years, ultimately removing hundreds of thousands of views from it.

The following year, my Wernher von Braun update of the Tom Lehrer classic went viral too, but again was heavily suppressed. I call out the CIA and their coups here.

I couldn't leave out the good ol' FBI, so I tackled them next with Mueller Time which exposed the Russiagate hoax and decades of FBI fuckery.

YouTube tolerated all of these songs because my channel was heavily shadowbanned and censored. I was being heavily managed and not yet "big" enough to ban.

In 2020, I wrote the Pandemic Dance, which may be one of the first definitive and comprehensive songs giving and overview of the COVID scam. It was heavily shadowbanned on YouTube, but went viral anyway partly due to getting featured on /r/conspiracy (since removed by the admins).

BTW, that forum is unrecognizable from just a few years ago (why I'm x-posting here). Clearly an overhaul happened there because there have been 0 pertinent stickies for 3 years and the comment sections are overrun with rule violations and the unhinged scum that have blatantly consumed the rest of reddit like a festering wound.

YouTube incredibly tried to remove this video in Jan 2022, a year and a half after I posted it (trying to cover their tracks). Even more surprisingly, they restored it after I appealed, however it remained heavily shadowbanned. At the same time, YouTube removed my increasingly viral song "Oy Vey" for "hate speech" despite the song clearly being satirical in nature. This was the only video I've ever had removed because of a content warning.

My Election Fraud song tackled the 2020 election conspiracies...some of which have already been vindicated. This may have been my most suppressed video on YouTube, even more than Pandemic Dance.

I was singing about Myocarditis and the jab in 2021 for those claiming "we didn't know!" back then. Yeah, we did. By removing these songs, YouTube is destroying evidence.

My anthem for the Canadian truckers was played during the protests (I'm told).

I even wrote a song for Reddit! Most of these songs went "viral" to some degree, and all were heavily suppressed and had their views/likes reduced artificially.

Ironically, the song that may have ultimately prompted the ban was You Will Never Be a Woman. If you actually listen to this song, the lyrics are very tame, and it's one of my sweeter, more uplifting numbers.

Sadly, there's a certain fanatical contingent out there that didn't even bother to listen to it and who've determined I need to be destroyed over it, or something. After posting it in late 2021, I was doxxed, sent death threats, and almost fired from my job (I WAS ultimately fired for not getting vaxxed, but that's a different story). Over a year later, I STILL get harassed in my live streams due to this one song...it's an incredible phenomenon. I sing songs about the vax being poison and biden being a pedo and nobody really cared...but I sang ONE song saying kids shouldn't choose their genders and...literal death threats. These people...

I'm fairly confident my channel was mass-reported/flagged because "You Will Never Be a Woman" was about to hit 100k views. Reading the comment section, I could see there was a concerted effort to get my channel banned before this (arbitrary and insignificant) milestone.

My last "big" video was called "mRNA: Speed of Science" and this went so viral even YouTube couldn't hold it back. Despite the usual suppression, it had almost reached 100k (real view count likely 5-10x higher).

YouTube has been "tolerating" me for years. They've systemically censored and gaslit me this entire time. It's actually pretty unconscionable. I can't even imagine the scope of what they're doing to countless other artists and content creators. With the rise of alternative media, I've finally been able to break free of the stranglehold they had on me and my channel. Because of Gab, Telegram, BitChute, Odysee, Rumble, .win, etc, my videos actually started reaching the wider audience they deserve. YouTube couldn't have that. They wanted me controlled and marginalized.

"You Will Never Be a Woman" hitting 100k was just the excuse.

YouTube said to expect the appeal process to take about 2 business days...I appealed on Wednesday and didn't hear back before the weekend. I'm assuming I'll find out their decision soon, but won't be holding my breath.

A few legends like Five Times August have already stood up for me, but it's unlikely I'll be able to reach the critical mass necessary to "Streisand" my way out of this one.

In the meantime, you can follow on Odysee, BitChute, Rumble, Gab, Telegram and Twitch (for now)...I'm "foundring" on all of them (@foundring1 on Twitter).