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Got a lot of automatic weapons and unregistered suppressors in your home, do you?

It worked. It’ll work again.

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i dont htink they wil get sucess if they force it

In 1933, private ownership of gold (the only legal money in the US) was made illegal. No one, anywhere, did anything to stop it. They could go on TV right now, tell everyone to burn all their cash and turn in their coins, and everyone would obey.

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Translation: House Republicans will be the first to enforce global CBDC under penalty of death in two years.

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as it stands today

Tomorrow he will be on the ballot.

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China, India, Russia, BRICs, etc. Our enemies.

Yes, yes, no, partly; respectively.

They are currently at war with the west.


The goal is to unravel Western culture.


They have decided to wedge Islam + Communism + Extreme Feminism.


The combination is designed to destroy our republics.

Fun fact: they’re already destroyed and have been for over a century.

They hate our culture because it is better than there’s.

The first two do.

They are envious of our history.

The first two are.

China has full time people working to make it seem like it's all the Jews

Fun fact: it’s the jews. Take your shit and fuck off.

Asia is the enemy

Well, asians.

west is best

Name one thing about the West that is worth saving.

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the white man did something physically possible

therefore something physically impossible was also done by the white man

You’re shit at your job.

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Thanks for admitting that paid shills not only exist, but that they’re on this specific website and post well poisoning all the time. You’re dismissed. The discussion is over.

Thanks for admitting that this submission is the definition of spam, too.

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It seems more likely that flying an American helicopter bought before the revolution into a foggy mountain range is… a bad idea. But no one ever said nonwhites were intelligent.

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The website might be reporting in megabytes (for the file size limit) while your OS is reporting in mebibytes (for the file’s size). That would cause you to hit the limit “without” hitting the limit.

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fuel capacity

Have you never seen a Saturn V?

no blast zone

The surface dust was blown away down to the rock substrate. There’s not much loose “soil” on the Moon at any given time due to constant solar ablation in the first place.

no dust

There’s literally dust everywhere. It’s jagged, so it coated all the suits, the surfaces the suits touched, the interior of the LEM, and it overheated suits and the rovers, besides gumming up the axles and general operation. Apollo 12 landed a few hundred yards away from Surveyor 3, coating it with dust and interfering with one of the experiments to return parts from it to study the effects of vacuum solar exposure on machinery.

Van Allen belt

What about it. Don’t stay in it. They didn’t. In the same way that 10gs are survivable for under a minute and 100gs are survivable for under a thousandth of a second, radiation is survivable if you’re not around it for prolonged periods. Their parking orbit was below the belt, their outbound leg was at escape velocity, and their return leg was at almost twice that speed.

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K. So what aspect of this do you find physically impossible? Run me through every possible complaint you might have about the physical operation of the process of sending people to space between bodies.

explain the logic

The United States was occupied by a foreign government in 1945 and conquered legally in 1971. When the political narrative surrounding outcompeting the communists in one facet of society was deemed no longer expedient, funds were redirected from human spaceflight toward traditional war (Vietnam) and silent war (CIA operations) instead.

For the same reason we developed battleships until they were no longer financially justifiable, ICBMs until they were no longer financially justifiable, we developed the Saturn V until it was no longer justifiable. The rockets slated for Apollos 18, 19, and 20 are on display because there was no funding to fly them.

Moreover, look at the 1960s/1970s understanding of space and the utilization of its resources. Satellites exploded in popularity because of their low cost and high utility with readily available and developed technology. But justifying long-term human presence on other bodies requires asteroid mining/smelting/etc. Scientific grants can’t foot the bill. As such, we still don’t have financial justification to do what can still be done more cheaply on Earth, both public and private.

Finally, returning to my initial point, in 1965, the United States had its borders thrown open to other species and whites were forced at gunpoint to accept it. As such, we have collectively and subconsciously given up. As a species. No technology in use today, in any field, hails from later than 1970. It has been clinically proven that multicultural societies cause people to refuse to dedicate resources to a future they no longer own, because those resources aren’t guaranteed to go to their own children. We don’t bother developing things anymore because we recognize we’re going extinct and the brain, in self-defense, refuses to be cuckolded.

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So electricity doesn’t exist because Kalahari bushmen still haven’t discovered bronzeworking?

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they love the opposite of what they love

there are no leaders

Mhmm, sure. We’ll get right on believing that.

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