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First hour free. "Listen free button". Or to.

The internet.


This is the doc abt his moon observations.


If the dome theory is correct then the moon and sun are under the dome.

Plus perhaps layers of (Plasma?) dome upon dome as with russisn fabrige eggs. To account for the infinite(?) land beyond the ice ring.

If theyll lie about the common cold and who killed jfk. Theyll lie about everything.

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It is a tragedy and it all happened so fast

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It looks sadly obvious that all the people who "never had a life" will go along with whatever bullshit Massa BossMan dreams up.

Fucking pathetic.

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Yes brother... As usual... There will be more pure men than women.

Eve brought her apple back from Satan's hotel suite.

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cause my bible tells me so.

hand sanitzier is the new holy water.

the unwaxxed are the heathens.

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The electric meters have magnets and spinning drives in them.

I have video but site wont let me upload it.

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Octogon (yt tries hard to autocorrect this spelling) Empire of Darkness.

The pharoahs and phoenicians relocated to switzerland.

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So Stanford alum Kesey and friends went on a bus distributing LSD, with a connected author, and no one was steering?

cyber means to steer btw.

Not every asset knows theyre working for the agency.

Some if not most are "sleepers".

Ive witnessed them close up and personal. Its very real. As you know.

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