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When it was man dated. Who was the man?

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.lesser of two evils.

A tv watcher i know already called her a bitch. What a jackass.

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I should reread the event 201 and lockstep documents.


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Multi billion dollar dud. The plan (almost?) worked even with a dud virus.

On day one i saw the masses of morons at an asia airport all masked and all holding the escalator handrail with their bare hands.


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If then. Huge cigar and much whiskey.

It just takes one bad dumpling.

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Lesser of evils. You want globalism or not globalism.

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Maybe this was why trump was shook up after a private post selection meeting with obama. Nov 2016. Or maybe obama just showed him the blackmail vids.

Someone or some thing is blocking the way out of here over at 60° south.

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Knights of templar...secret societies pro and anti roman go back to egypt at least.


Picked up steam in 1700s...

The oldest known work of this type, The Halliwell Manuscript, also known as Regius Poem, dates from between 1390 and 1425. This document has a brief history in its introduction, stating that the "craft of masonry" began with Euclid in Egypt, and came to England in the reign of King Athelstan (924–939).[1] Shortly afterwards, the Matthew Cooke Manuscript traces masonry to Jabal, son of Lamech (Genesis 4: 20–22), and tells how this knowledge came to Euclid, from him to the Children of Israel (while they were in Egypt), and so on through an elaborate path to Athelsta

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Yeah. I could have had more pussy but i did aright.

Never cared if the female is riding other dick. Maybe be discreet but thats it.

Women do not have the same moral self control as men.

Eve got the apple from satan's hotel suite.

Nothing new abt that.

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Theatre. My friend's sibling was a nurse around beijing. Late january '20 they closed her hospital except for 6 icu patients.

This made believers out of all the hospital staff and their families and friends.

But it was probably the same bs they did in us with empty hospitals and dancing nurses.

Tldr. Theyre all in on it.

China's got nice new roads tho.

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Bezos’ Grandfather Helped Found DARPA. Before That Though, L.P. Gise Was A High-Level Director At The AEC. Bill Taylor

L.P. Gise’s tenure at the AEC overlaps with the formation of a company near Pittsburgh that would, by 1965, “lose” enough weapon’s grade uranium to make six nuclear bombs.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos’ mother, Jacklyn Bezos (nee’ Gise) was the daughter of Lawrence Preston Gise (L.P. Gise.)

L.P. Gise had a very fascinating career in the service of the U.S. Government during the four decades following World War II. This piece only looks at all small sliver of his resume in the roughly 1957-to-1959-time frame.

“Electricity Too Cheap to Meter” The quote, in various forms, is attributed to Admiral Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission 1953 to 1958. Admiral Strauss is associated with nearly every Deep State conspiracy going back to World War I.

He was personal secretary to Herbert C. Hoover, Head of the Belgian Relief Committee, the group that rallied America to join the War in Europe; adviser to Navy Undersecretary James Forrestal during WWII; President, Princeton Institute for Advanced Study; and Financial Adviser to the Rockefeller Family. His main source of income was as a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company from 1929 to 1947.

In the 1957 to 1959 timeframe, with Chairman Strauss at the helm of the AEC, the first commercial license to manufacture weapons grade Uranium was awarded to newly formed NUMEC located in Apollo, Pennsylvania.

In 1965, about 300 lbs. of weapons grade uranium, enough to make about six nuclear bombs, was discovered missing by AEC inspectors. In about 1968, when the Israeli’s tested their first nuke, the CIA determined the material came from the NUMEC plant in Apollo.

The incident is known as the “Apollo Affair.” A few JFK Assassination researchers, and we tend to agree, have theorized that President Kennedy was killed because he did not want Israel to have nukes.

The timeline of the Apollo Affair encompasses the Kennedy Assassination.

1957 – Formation of NUMEC from the merger of three existing companies, one of which, the San Toy Mining Company, was under the economic control of the Guggenheim and Rockefeller families, via their ownership of ASARCO, the largest metal smelting company in the world at the time. 1958 – AEC grants first commercial license to NUMEC to make weapons grade Uranium. 1960 – President Eisenhower request information from Israel about their nuclear weapons program. 1961 (May) – JFK meets with Ben Gurion and requests inspection of Dimona (secret weapons plant in Negev dessert.) 1963 (May) – JFK demands American’s be allowed to inspect Dimona. 1963 (November) – Kennedy assassinated. 1965 – AEC discovers weapons grade uranium is missing from NUMEC plant in Apollo, PA. L.P. Gise, Assistant Director, Division of Military Applications, Atomic Energy Commission There is no “smoking gun” that shows Bezos’ grandfather had anything to do with awarding NUMEC its license. We do point out though that L.P. Gise was at the right place at the right time to know something about the license.

NUMEC made enriched uranium for nuclear bombs. NUMEC’s only authorized customer for its nuclear bomb material product was the U.S. Military. As Assistant Director at the AEC’s Division of Military Applications of the AEC, we do not think it is much of a stretch to surmise that L.P. Gise had some say when NUMEC applied for its commercial license to make weapons grade uranium for the only buyer of weapons grade uranium, which was the US Military.

(Another application the military had for nuclear material was for fuel rods used in ships and submarines. Although we do not have the source, NUMEC’s raw material was fuel-grade uranium, which likely came from the Navy’s enrichment facility in Portsmouth, Ohio.)

We have argued that the Deep State rewards those who play ball. L.P. Gise was in a position to make sure Israel got its bomb. His boss, Admiral Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss was certainly a Deep State “wheeler-dealer” with a long history of promoting the creation and defense of Israel.

After leaving the AEC in 1958, L.P. Gise helped formed the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA – renamed DARPA), which would eventually invent the Internet.

That Jeff Bezos became one of the richest men in the world because his grandfather was owed a few favors seems more likely than the official story involving a garage, a loan from mom, and a dream of selling books on the World Wide Web

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I personally have spoken with Xi's people and word is Hal Turner will be sent down for re-education.

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These are not medical grade.

Theyre for the mindless zombies.

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If i were him i'd be very worried about what happens when this doesn't work out...

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