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Here to twitter link.


Hits it out of the park. Home run.

Blames Kinsey as the villian but doesn't follow the money.

The Rockefeller Foundation board co-funded the Kinsey Report on Sex in America with grants of $414,000 a year for the years 1941-1949...$6 million a year in today's dollars.

With 27 minutes remaining in the doc....the speaker says 1 in 10 women have the temperament of a man, but that's not the same thing as "being a man" in a woman's body.

This is the key moment.

You can skip watching, just know this:

That personality range is how they're doing this whole trans-conversion thing. Doctors, psychologists, pharma...they're confusing those people (and children) on the edge of the scale (because it's very profitable---lifetime patients).

Girls and women with a bit less emotional range, and boys and guys who can cry.

Details on Harvard/John Hopkins sick fuck who invented this gender bender theory by forcing one of two male twins from dumb evil weak-willed parents to be raised as a girl. He photographed the twins playing sex. Both died before 40. Overdose and suicide.

This sick bastard john money is a father of the tranny sexchange movement.


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sincere ones....

Tracy Twyman...Acharya...Michael Hastings....Paul Wellstone...Kary Mullis...


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Saw his pedo pix a few years ago.

Average guy 'be busted up for those.

And nothing happened to him.

Maybe there are a few more to wake up...wheat from chaff time is very close.

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I really dont care anymore.... but good there's other links.

by Lippy68
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They dont care if you laugh abt the fall guy.

In fact. They want you to.

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Re vietnam. According to Stockwell, the vietnam war era cia station chief was passing secrets to the local communist rep from hungary.

And from there..on to russia.

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Modern art museum school.

Harvard Fogg run by a Forbes and a Sachs in the 1920s.

Moma started by rockefeller. 1929.

Good sources pry mate. Thnx.

The usual suss pects.

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Bruh. Learn to internet.

So we can see the map.

Is this ewaranon's map?

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