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You: "Waaaah! You didn't sing about teh Jews!"

Me: Literally just explained I got my only content strike for singing about "teh Jews"

Did you even listen to the songs? Low effort.

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I totally see where you're coming from but the reason I stayed on YouTube for as long as I did was it's still a great way to reach normies in the belly of the beast like that. I DO enjoy playing ragtime and other content like video game music that's more accessible to a wider audience. I'm trying to get young kids interested in ragtime, which I love. Literally nobody cares about that kind of content on bitchute, rumble etc...which makes sense because ppl aren't visiting those sites for that stuff. I have twitch so I can keep playing the ragtime and boogie woogie etc that I love and at least have a semblance of an audience. If you can point to anywhere else on the internet where I can play that kind of stuff and get more than 1 viewer, I'm all ears. I think the best thing for people like me is to use BOTH the corrupt big tech shit (in a certain capacity) and the alternative stuff. I'd like to keep posting spicy songs elsewhere, and use twitch etc for my other passions, if that makes sense.

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lol watch me go down as one of the preeminent song-writers of my generation. And not 7 but 9 in. (and yes, its been measured, can send proof if you like).

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lol you're actually retarded I tour internationally with the biggest jazz band in the world.

guess which of these singers I've repeatedly banged? Hint: more than one of them, and no not my bro Casey ;)

you're obv a shill if you don't realize that being diverse and/or a chick is how you get successful on social media, not talent.

and yeah my music is clearly succeeding on all fronts. actual human beings enjoy it, and it triggers faggots like you, a win win really.

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no offense, but zelda-playing pianists are a dime a dozen. I can sight read sheet music better than anyone (I studied with Tom Brier, ragtime piano legend who was my mentor). don't get me wrong, I LOVE video game music and play it all the time, esp zelda. BUT I just do that for fun. I've tried getting people to care about me playing video game music etc for 20 years and no one has, mostly because I'm a straight white male and they'd rather support chicks and "diverse" musicians with a fraction of the talent. no, it was only when I started singing about conspiracies did people FINALLY start to care. I will always play zelda, but I will still sing about conspiracies. what's weird is this song is meant to be super accessible. what didn't you like about it? did you actually listen all the way through? I play in tons of different styles. maybe you'd like a different feel? or not, honestly you can't win them all and it would be silly as an artist to try and win EVERYONE over all the time. it would be exhausting. maybe my music isn't your thing. but you'd be foolish to deny that music like this isn't resonating with people today. watch my ray epps song. it just got featured on revolver news. SINGING songs about events has a timeless quality. who else is doing it? who else is singing folk songs about the actual resistance? not many, and I'm stepping up. take care, fren!

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Thanks for linking the documentary! Wim from the godlevlamste channel should be uploading a new vid in days, stay tuned!

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good spot! the "still alive" with a major chord like was a nod to the Portal soundtrack. when you end with a "surprise" major it's called a "Picardy third" in music theory. someone called it the "portal picardy" which I thought was pretty awesome.

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aw thanks! try the ones I wrote for fauci and ray epps

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