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I was just permanently banned from greatawakening.win for posting this lol

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I think you're right. I wonder if "foundring" is on the ADL blacklist that's allegedly going to be released next week?

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This was a new position. I did the background check, references, etc and was set to start today.

Last week they announced a return to permanent masking at the school. I asked if the students in my choir class could remove them while singing. They denied my request.

I then asked to speak with the health department about the decision. They told me that was fine and to expect a call this weekend. The call never came. Instead, I received an email yesterday saying I was terminated. The reason? My resistance to the new mask policy (which was implemented AFTER I was hired).

Even more egregiously, I was completely purged from Twitter on Father's Day, June 18. I wasn't given a warning or explanation. Twitter is refusing to respond about the ban after over half a dozen appeals. Creepily, no one really seemed to notice I was removed despite rapidly approaching 10,000 followers. This is the REAL effect of deplatforming. There was no Streisand for me.

Cancelled: What it's really like

This is the EXACT same treatment I received from BandCamp and YouTube. I was banned from BandCamp in January 2022 in a similar fashion. They nuked my entire profile and refused to respond. YouTube followed up in January 2023 and deleted my ENTIRE channel of 16 years with ~500 videos (mostly ragtime piano). I didn't get a warning nor did I get 3 strikes first.

And now Twitter has followed suit. I had millions of views on songs on Twitter, and they were all removed.

When nobody stood up for me after the Twitter ban, I realized I had to move on. Fortunately, gigs are trickling back and I've been able to scrape by with a tiny amount of work. I was looking forward to this new position and now it's gone because I stood up for myself and my students.

I'm purged from the web, and can't find work without psychological and physical abuse.

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I'm definitely not surprised, and I hear you. tbh I should've had dozens of "viral" videos over the last nearly 2 decades of making content. I think being a SWM has been the single greatest impediment to that. I didn't think so at the time, but looking back I don't know how else to justify it. I'm one of the only ppl who can play in the style of Art Tatum for example. This was 16 years ago, and should've put me on the map (along with the rest of it). Why didn't it? I finally started getting attention when singing about clown world, and since they couldn't throttle me anymore, then went with straight banning. That's really harsh. I'm not expecting a level playing field, but this is just ridiculous.

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Well I was suspended last year (pre-Elon) for dissing the COVID jab. I got back because they specifically said which comment the problem was and made me delete it. This time I didn't even get a message and they just banned me. I've already been banned from youtube and bandcamp so it's basically boring at this point, but I'm just surprised that twitter would pull something like that while everyone seems mostly starry eyed that it's some new bastion of free speech. Clearly it's not, because my content is honestly tame af. pretty incredible they're going to these lengths when my platform is so small. surely they have bigger fish.

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I appreciate the vote of confidence! I like the idea of a loop stream, I have many hundreds of hours of content to work with tbh.

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Been on BitChute for years! Can't seem to manage more than a few hundred followers though and engagement is consistently poor. Ppl aren't really going to bitchute for music, so I guess that makes sense. Ooth, searching for "piano song" and "piano music" on bitchute brings up my videos so that's actually pretty sweet.

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It occurred to me part of the punishment is how vague and arbitrary they are, which has a psychological effect. YouTube never explained why they banned me, even after the appeal. BandCamp just deleted my entire account and never responded to repeated emails. And now Twitter (in the Elon era!) says after "careful consideration" they've deleted my account, but didn't bother to say what I did wrong!

By denying an explanation, they can avoid scrutiny, and it prevents me from knowing what not to do in the future. It's extreme gaslighting, and it feels weaponized. The timing feels so strange too. Like they waited for me to get the blue check and then pounced. Something isn't right about all of it, and perhaps it was just a mistake that'll be overturned after an appeal. Either way, Twitter is still totally fucked. It does feel communist.

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In January of 2022 I was banned by BandCamp without explanation or even a notification. One year later, in January of this year, my entire YouTube channel was deleted, also without warning or explanation. I lost 16 years of my work...400 videos, 17k subs and millions of views.

I started over on Twitter with just a few dozen subscribers. In February, I started making new videos for Twitter, and in the last 4 months they've amassed over one million plays and almost 5 million views, earning me 7k followers and counting. This was despite regular throttling and shadowbanning of my account by Twitter throughout this time.

Yesterday morning, on Father's Day, I posted a thread for my daughter and I was suspended seconds later, effectively wiping the millions of views and the last sizable community I had.

I was playing the role of the court jester. Without folks like me, it's a sign that things are deteriorating rapidly. The silence after my YouTube ban was pretty disheartening, and this feels more of the same. Not sure what else to do but share this.

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This overtakes Speed of Science as my most watched vid on twitter. Why twitter? I was banned by YouTube after 16 years and lost my entire community of 17k subs in an instant. I had a few dozen followers on twitter so I was reluctant to start from scratch, but I did anyway.

Since twitter is apparently still compromised, I soon found my account was blocked from upgrading so I'm unable to upload videos longer than 2:20. The reason given? My account is labeled as "organic misinformation" (I kid you not) by twitter. So instead of giving up, I decided to "reboot" all of my songs to fit in the 2:20 time limit, and now I've made ~2 dozen twitter exclusives that have ~250k total views (in just a couple months!). You can't stop the signal.

Last week I wrote "The Transurrection" as a joke, but apparently it struck a chord because it's continuing to go viral. I've gotten many death threats already (more than any song I've ever written, even "you will never be a woman"), but it's wild because honestly the song is super tame! It just shows how we're living in different reality tunnels. To some, this is just a silly song, to others it's a violent threat. What a world. I'll keep singing these ditties about clown world as long as people are listening. Thank you to this community for staying strong in such a dark time!

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I saw this was posted last month (thanks!) but I wanted share the new version without the soundtrack (which some found distracting).

I put a ton of work into this project and even if you never spent time on reddit, you might find something interesting in this deep dive!

Here's the original w/ music

Bitchute original

Bitchute NO OST

Rumble original

I shared the film to r/conspiracy for the first time. It'll be fun watching the resident asshats get triggered.

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You: "Waaaah! You didn't sing about teh Jews!"

Me: Literally just explained I got my only content strike for singing about "teh Jews"

Did you even listen to the songs? Low effort.

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I totally see where you're coming from but the reason I stayed on YouTube for as long as I did was it's still a great way to reach normies in the belly of the beast like that. I DO enjoy playing ragtime and other content like video game music that's more accessible to a wider audience. I'm trying to get young kids interested in ragtime, which I love. Literally nobody cares about that kind of content on bitchute, rumble etc...which makes sense because ppl aren't visiting those sites for that stuff. I have twitch so I can keep playing the ragtime and boogie woogie etc that I love and at least have a semblance of an audience. If you can point to anywhere else on the internet where I can play that kind of stuff and get more than 1 viewer, I'm all ears. I think the best thing for people like me is to use BOTH the corrupt big tech shit (in a certain capacity) and the alternative stuff. I'd like to keep posting spicy songs elsewhere, and use twitch etc for my other passions, if that makes sense.

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