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Yeah I think it's the same thing.

Also I use 9xbuddy.com to download the mp4 from youtube or wherever.

And then just

C:\whisper>whisper --lang Russian video.mp4

and it starts processing

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But I demand that you fix it.

Fix it!

Fix it now!

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You can use Whisper to pull the transcript from a video, and then feed it into GPT to get it translated. It's good stuff.

[00:00.000 --> 00:12.880]  Hello, everyone. I thank the Flat Balance channel for sending me this video. This channel no longer exists, but it still contributes to the cause. This is the same person
[00:12.880 --> 00:19.000]  who interviewed Soviet cosmonaut Igor Volk in 2014.
[00:19.000 --> 00:24.800]  Igor Volk passed away in Bulgaria in 2017. This astronaut said that we have never been in space.
[00:24.800 --> 00:34.960]  Igor Petrovich Volk was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Let's take a look at excerpts
[00:42.480 --> 00:50.160]  from his interview. After all, we can trust a Hero of the Soviet Union like you.
[00:50.160 --> 01:00.720]  You know, you said it's like being a clean cosmonaut, they don't talk about it in space.
[01:00.720 --> 01:03.120]  They have nothing to say. I'm talking about...
[01:03.120 --> 01:09.120]  How do you say it, in space, actually, if not in space, if someone says...
[01:09.120 --> 01:13.360]  You just don't know, nothing like that. We haven't been to space.
[01:14.320 --> 01:24.720]  If someone claims we were there, it's not true. It's another hypothesis that I and our viewers will have to ponder for a long time.
[01:30.720 --> 01:34.720]  Wow, Dubrek, a departure of thought. With you, Haresfa.
[01:36.720 --> 01:40.720]  Igor Petrovich, thank you for participating in our program.
[01:43.840 --> 01:48.720]  This astronaut said that we have never been in space.
[01:48.720 --> 01:55.920]  After I posted this video, there were justifications from propagandists in the comments.
[01:55.920 --> 02:00.880]  Some said you translated it incorrectly. Others said the translation was correct.
[02:00.880 --> 02:07.680]  Thirdly, they said Igor Volk was joking. That's why the next interview is very important.
[02:08.000 --> 02:14.000]  The person who interviewed Igor Volk in 2014 was Stoychuk Kerev.
[02:14.000 --> 02:18.000]  This time, Stoychuk Kerev is giving an interview to YouTuber Martin Karbovski.
[02:18.000 --> 02:22.000]  These two are highly respected in Bulgaria.
[02:24.000 --> 02:32.000]  This interview was posted 6 days ago, which means it's been 9 years since that 2014 interview.
[02:32.000 --> 02:34.000]  Let's take a look at a clip.
[02:38.000 --> 02:48.000]  I don't know, brother. Kavkaz once said, this world is not bad because it's so bad, but because it's the only one.
[02:48.000 --> 02:57.000]  Well, yes, that's true. You know, unfortunately, Elon Musk didn't discover a world we could go to.
[02:57.000 --> 03:02.000]  Elon may not discover it anytime soon. It seems that our world...
[03:02.000 --> 03:07.000]  Let's move on to conspiracies. This text in front of me is too superficial. Good idea.
[03:07.000 --> 03:14.000]  They went to the moon. They did. But only in their wildest dreams.
[03:14.000 --> 03:18.000]  I want to tell you something. What bothers me about this?
[03:18.000 --> 03:23.000]  I've watched dozens of popular science films, documentaries.
[03:23.000 --> 03:29.000]  And now I'm absolutely convinced that there could have been no one there. The Americans created a wonderful fake.
[03:29.000 --> 03:35.000]  I'm used to making documentaries. I know that if I have to hide inconsistencies,
[03:35.000 --> 03:39.000]  and they constantly arise, I know I won't be able to hide them.
[03:39.000 --> 03:43.000]  Especially on such a large scale and for such a long period of time.
[03:43.000 --> 03:46.000]  It's been 50 years, right? Yes, 50.
[03:46.000 --> 03:53.000]  And suddenly you realize that we're not flying there with our modern technologies, even now.
[03:53.000 --> 04:01.000]  One of the guests on my show was the greatest cosmonaut of the Soviet Union, Igor Volk.
[04:02.000 --> 04:10.000]  Igor Volk stayed in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, a few years after this interview, he passed away.
[04:10.000 --> 04:21.000]  He stayed in Bulgaria for a week or more, and I was with him the whole time, and I'm grateful to him for that.
[04:22.000 --> 04:28.000]  This astronaut had a very unusual fate.
[04:28.000 --> 04:32.000]  This man flew all kinds of airplanes in the world.
[04:35.000 --> 04:42.000]  In a private conversation, he told me that we were not in space.
[04:45.000 --> 04:49.000]  So, we're just flying around the Earth? Only in orbit, yes.
[04:49.000 --> 04:53.000]  What about space? But the Moon is in space?
[04:53.000 --> 04:57.000]  This is the answer to the question you've been pondering.
[04:57.000 --> 05:02.000]  And he didn't tell you directly that Armstrong and company were not on the Moon?
[05:02.000 --> 05:03.000]  Marcho.
[05:03.000 --> 05:09.000]  Marcho, look, do you really need a direct answer if he already gave you the key?
[05:09.000 --> 05:12.000]  But most people want to hear it directly.
[05:12.000 --> 05:17.000]  Do you want to hear that the Russian cosmonaut said that no one was on the Moon?
[05:17.000 --> 05:21.000]  Knowing that I'm blurting this out live right now.
[05:21.000 --> 05:25.000]  So, Igor Volk wasn't joking. No one was on the Moon.
[05:25.000 --> 05:28.000]  No one was in space. It's a big lie.
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Now fix the block function.

It only works when you view the site as a communities.win subsite

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if(isBeingMeasured) DontRadiateSoMuch();

There. Fixed it, VW style.

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Why would a federal judge care about the constitution?

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He's a great storyteller, just like the David-Wynn: Miller. character. But as far as I can tell these people never win in court, or just end up getting shot by cops.

Seems like a great money-making scheme though.

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3 is supposedly a lucky number in Chinese culture, so 3333 is extra lucky.

Until it isn't.

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Like how they discovered bluetooth mac's coming from graves because the cemetary had begun rfid tagging the coffins?

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Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity

But at the same time

Never underestimate how stupid malicious people can be

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Try and separate his fantastic stories from the underlying idea:

All the courts of the world are linked by a world-spanning secret society - these days known as the Universal Postal Union (members of the UPU), who have been controlling the world for ~8000 years under various names and guises, using a secret language-within-languages (Legal Syntax) to communicate real intents and bamboozle everyone else with unenforceable contracts that we willingly sign and bond ourselves to, simply because we don't understand the language or the system being used against us.

Even if his quantum grammar stuff is ultimately nonsense, the idea itself is fantastic. An entirely fact-based and mathematically provable grammar syntax that is universally applicable to all languages on the planet, rendering all contracts ever written using the bamboozlement language null-and-void.

I can do without his fancy stories and anecdotes, but I'd love for the idea itself to be real.

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There are websites where you stick in your user/pass and it runs through all comments in your history and edits them before deleting

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They will own nothing and be happy

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