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CIA worked with and knew where Bin Laden was from the 80's until present day. Iran took 150 Billion to hide him quietly and the SEAL team killed his body double in Pakistan then some of them got assassinated. See: "Alan Howell Parrot"

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-Panama Papers

-FBI bulldozed jihad training school shooting center in New Mexico and releases suspects

-Ghislane Maxwell


-Dead D.C madam

-Infrared space laser caught on camera twice starting fires in western USA

-Justice Scalia murdered

-Judges son and husband killed by fake UPS driver

-CNBC reporters kids killed for reporting on corruption


-Sunspot observatory, entire town emptied because "a janitor downloaded CP"

-Jussie Smollett

-Martin Bryant

-Cartels trying to dump fentanyl in LA water supply <--Wiped from Internet as far as I can tell


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Co-founder of the CIA, Herbert Marcuse, was a Sabbatean-Frankist from the Frankfurt School at Columbia. The Jesuits are all homos and Satanists, always have been.

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Disconnect. This. Shit. From. The. Internet. FFS.

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In the short term sure. But at least after it's removed you can eventually be free from it forever. If you leave it in it will be affecting you until the day you die. I had mine removed and about 3 months later I started feeling better. At 6 months I felt better mentally than I had in 20 years. I felt like I had a big glob of mud removed from inside my head and I could think more clearly.

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Maybe the chinks and jews that made the virus in the first place are making modified versions and dropping them in different places.

Or if you look at the history of them trying to make mRNA vaccines what ends up happening is that the immune system learns to ignore the protein produced by the vax. So everybody who is vaccinated becomes susceptible to what was a moderately severe cold. Then everywhere that was vaccinated starts having "major outbreaks".

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If you really want to understand the whole shorting/Gamestop thing, read this.

I made a similar post about the DTCC a while ago. The whole thing is so complicated that most people just zone out when you start talking about it.

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That video is at least 11 years old.

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Suddenly people are dying from heart attacks again instead of coronavirus. How nostalgic.

Coup by pkvi
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Corrected headline:

"Marxist Anti-White Government Steals White Tax Dollars and Gives them to Exclusively Non-Whites Who've Made Nothing But Horrible Life Decisions and Will Kill Whites When the Government Tells Them To."

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Well obviously he's a White supremacist.

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Injuries and blood clots, I didn't say death. If these countries managed to to shut down it's distribution despite being ZOG controlled it must have been much worse than they're letting us know.

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The fact that they stopped it at all for a time says a lot. It's always worse than what they let be known.

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I was starting to get skeptical for a long time about it but it's not the flu or pneumonia. I've worn masks more for woodworking and being in attics than I have for this. I probably hadn't worn a mask more than 30 minutes in a month leading up to my infection, there is only one grocery store I wear it in and the library. My symptoms were extreme tiredness and shortness of breath. I treated it with aspirin, vitamins, and colloidal silver. My wife also had it, some of my other family members had it, two of them lost their sense of taste and smell. I'm still not back to my normal energy levels. I don't get sick very often, but for the worst three days of the covid infection I barely had the energy to get off the couch. Covid doesn't deserve the lockdowns and mask mandates we're getting but it is real.

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I just got over Covid, it's real and it's not the flu.

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