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I don't know. Unless she comes out with a public statement I'm just going to drop this in the fake news folder.

Yeah those lasers are awful and someone was handing them out by the crate to BLM/antifa idiots. You can get a laser for under $100 that will burn through peoples eyelids. We live in interesting times.

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I don't think Trump directed colluded with Russia but they operated to his benefit regardless in the election

Trump and Chabad Lubavitch (BRICS/Russian banking) are family at this point. https://archive.ph/1M6CM

Dems were kvetching about Russia but couldn't mention the jewish aspect for obvious reasons.

You can have my vax.

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One thing the Pfizer documents showed was that the RNA would reverse transcriptase into the cells of the liver in a matter of hours after injection. These people are being poisoned by their own cells now which may continue to divide and produce more spike protein. It may also be somewhat self-limiting as it the liver kills itself resulting in a very slow death.

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A hermaphrodite is born that way, A male taking female hormones or vice-a-versa is an emulation of that. None of what you said had to do with transgenderism, true, but don't put words in my mouth.

If I want to criticize judaism, I'll have to make it a full time job, there is no shortage of evil that comes out of that small corner of humanity.

Anyone here who wants to look up a rabbis preaching in a synagogue can find many utterances of "Hamesh", and they're not talking about a good luck symbol, you fucking liar.

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They pray to multiple deities, of various sexuality and specific purpose, "monotheism" is the lie they tell to cover this up.

You'll notice another post in this thread trying to persuade me that their god is "faceless", and that the male and female aspect, or Hamesh, don't have reference to a specific deity, or any deity/demon. I have jews on video, including rabbis talking about these deities and talking about Hamesh as their main god. I'm pasting Valmar33's comment here in case it is deleted.

"Shekinah is only used in Kaballah", well lots of jews, and non jews, study kaballah, and just because some don't doesn't change the meaning. Shekinah doesn't just refer to a place.

"The jewish god has no face", misdirection, which god?

Lies and more lies. I didn't down vote you though.

Please do proper research before throwing together a bunch of stuff you clearly have no understanding of...

If you want to criticize Judaism, please know what it is you're actually criticizing!

The Jewish god has no image. That's a core tenet of Jewish faith. So Baphomet cannot be representative of the Jewish deity.

"El Shaddai" is merely one of the many, many names of the Jewish deity. It doesn't refer to any "male aspect".

Traditionally, "Shekhinah" refers basically to a dwelling place where the presence of the deity can be more readily felt. It has also been used sometimes as a name. In the Kabbalistic tradition, "Shekhinah" has been used to refer to the female. But this isn't used outside of that.

As for "Hamesh", that's not even a deity! It's just a Jewish and Islamic symbol used for good luck!

Something with a male and female aspect is known as a hermaphrodite, and is thought to symbolically represent a spiritually whole being.

None of this has anything to do with transgenderism!

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The jews who "bob their heads" at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem are not bobbing their heads. They are thrusting their hips in an act of ethereal copulation, a sexual act with Shekinah the gossamer stroke they believe will give birth to their messiah in human form.

They imported red cattle to fulfill prophecy. Just make it up as you go.

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What about US coins though, since the US Mint is part of the Treasury? So your pocket change is real money, even though it's not gold or silver. The paper money from the Fed is actually a debt marker.

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Nuclear has been knee-capped on purpose because of its' efficiency.

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I'd bet that 90% of all health problems could be solved by sunshine, socialization, proper diet, and a clean environment, and no vaccines.

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Many of them can't. The goal is not really to make it easier for brown people, but to dumb down White people.

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Reactive armor works pretty well against ground fired kinetic and chemical rounds. Anti-javelin type systems are not 100%. I wouldn't want to take my chances in a tank against modern anti-tank systems. Offense/defense is a constant race, you probably knew that.

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Send in old tanks until Ukraine uses all their anti-tank missiles, threaten other countries with nukes to not re-supply them, they get re-supplied anyway and Russia has to think really hard if they wan to let a big-boy off the chain.

Tanks aren't to be used for more than mobile artillery since drones and computer guided anti-tank missiles became common, they're expensive and somewhat obsolete so why waste money on new ones if you're Russia and don't have a lot of money?

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CIA was founded by Sabbatean-Frankists and Jesuits, so against Russia-Chabad/BRICS.

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