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did you miss this part?

be part of an ordered system following a leader.

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This ties in to their actions with roe v wade.

They lose a lot of power if they do indeed gain power from evil actions. I think their magic is more specifically them generating negative emotional energy, loosh.

Manipulating "good" people into doing evil deeds is very evil. The more evil the action against the more sacred thing the better. There is just no comparison to tricking a mother into murdering her own child when its at its most vulnerable stage, simply because she wants to be a whore, cant afford it, etc. This means that you've compeltely demoralized the person to the point where they value material things over sacred life. Once the mother realizes "what they've done"..... thats quite the harvest of some tasty negative emotional energy.

They might just be undoing it now because they believe that their field is ready for harvest. This decision will generate a lot of loosh. People mad about not being able to be whores. Mothers being woken up about what they've done. It will generate a lot of positive emotional energy as well, but I think they're aware of that.

I think this move signifies that they are aware they're losing, and are desperately trying to drum up some loosh to power their next evil deed, which looks like its gonna be plandemic 2.0 + food shortages at the same time.

On top of this, this is the same day they pass the red flag gun laws. They are maximizing the negative energy produced and minimizing the positive energy produced.

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You don’t have to take anyones word for it, you can go outside yourself and see that it’s not a ball of the diameter they tell us.

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When gas expands to fill a container it's because it's under pressure and/or excited. It's not something that magically happens all the time no matter what.

In order for it to be a gas, that already means it is excited. Otherwise it would be a less excited state, a solid or a liquid. Expanding to fill a container is a property of all gasses, yes, they do always fill the container. It is a basic property of a gas.


Under Physical Characteristics

Compared to the other states of matter, gases have low density and viscosity. Pressure and temperature influence the particles within a certain volume. This variation in particle separation and speed is referred to as compressibility. This particle separation and size influences optical properties of gases as can be found in the following list of refractive indices. Finally, gas particles spread apart or diffuse in order to homogeneously distribute themselves throughout any container.

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Yes, a vacuum is literally nothing. Gas expands to fill its container. “space” is an infinite vacuum. So the container is an infinite vacuum. There’s nothing keeping the air contained on the spinning ball moving thousands of miles per hour.

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Yes it does. The infinite vacuum it’s sitting next to

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The point is it makes absolutely no sense for an infinite vacuum to not suck all of the air off of earth.

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Ah so I guess you’re just gonna ignore the point. Alright.

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Gas has mass. There's no reason gravity should have no effect on it.

So you're saying that a force of 9.8m/s², a force so weak that a bug can fly against it, is strong enough to hold off an infinite vacuum? Do I have that right?

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Ah, thanks for answering for me. I couldn't tell what he was exactly getting at.

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Why would everything be pointing at us?

I believe that we and this earth are created. That must just be how it was created.

If we're flat, then that means everything is flat, and facing us. Like saturn and the moon. Why us? Shouldnt some things be at an angle?

Well just because the surface of the earth is flat doesn't mean that the sun and stars are flat as well. We can't tell what they exactly are. If you zoom in on stars they're not even sphereical.


Why doesn't satalite photos of earth show all the contenints at once? I know yall think those are fake. But if they are, then how do satalites work? How would I be using my starlink wifi right now? Or how does your GPS work?

Balloons. They touch on this in the Level Documentary. I watched an in depth one on it once but I cant seem to find it anymore :(

Edit: I think its this https://www.bitchute.com/video/zwbXBctYHDTg/

Why wouldnt I fall off the edge. Cant people just fly around the world? That would be a simple way to prove it. People have hobbie planes.

We're not sure whats past the ice wall. Anyone claiming they do doesn't know what they're talking about. We're not sure if its an infinite plane or of it stops somewhere after the ice wall. Normal people aren't allowed to go past, which is why no one has done it in a hobby plane or successfully sailed there.

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if bug fly too high for too long then bug no find food and die

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You’re not making much sense here, please make a sensible question I can answer.

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jews want you to take it

that should tell you all you need to know

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It means that very, very evil people have ruled us for at least like 600 years.

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Is there any experimental proof to magnets being able to hold in air against the suction force of a vacuum?

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