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It’s why it’s called luciferous, but christians Jews and Muslims all want it

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More cia “IBLIS” muslims, bet was even high on intoxiant, amphetamines

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I just realized that Molière’s play ridiculing bullshit doctors I had to study back before leaving literature turned “WOKE”, occurred before/during the witch craze, hunting down “anti science”


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Is it me or people who read this shit are on meds?

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It’s like shooting test, eventually your body can’t work without the store bought kind and you grow tits

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This is how shit started with truckers in Iraq

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Last night I saw an article from there so based I couldn’t believe it came from Reddit

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One of my favourite theories was they used bats for corona because apparently hanging upside down they can’t reduce the viral load at the bottom of their throat

Humans can lower it gargling with listerine

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experimenting with one type of abortion material can lead to problems like;

harvesting chinese female babies, from the one child program, leads to no understanding of things in autism in boys

by Oaty
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It’s the opposite of Gibraltar Israel and France

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What a fucking joke, hold these cunts accountable when the mass death happen

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