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Yeah thats exactly what my point was. You went to the place that says CONSPIRICIES at the top in caps just like that and went whoa you guys are crazy.

And also you're a faggot that is an equally important point that i made. Please don't forget.

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Did you just call out schizoposting in the conspiracy community you abject faggot?

Where the fuck do you think you are?

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I think it has to do with cheating in college. Look up % of cheaters in college its 75-98%. Successfully cheat through college and you are rewarded with running the world. It is all they know.

It can be used against them. If its a Democrat its cheating you just have to catch them.

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And we cured the flu too.

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The man has a fair point that place is a porno website where you hang around to talk afterward just like reddit.

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Haha moveon.org which was founded to run cover for when Bill Clinton fucked Monica Lewinsky.

I also think thats a really funny joke, bubbles. Me too, you might say.