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Possibly. Or maybe not, and people are just naturally evil, and "reptilians" is just a way of deflecting personal accountability.

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I watched a video by Better Bachelor on YouTube when he disappeared. So they released him?

BB: https://youtu.be/LDsTtV9Uyds

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Is this the Spanish guy who was kidnapped by Ukraine forces and claimed to be a Russian separatist?

I honestly don't trust him either. He's not in the fighting, he doesn't know what the Ukrainian soldiers want or are willing to do.

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Lithium is a small part of the EV battery, and by the point of battery depletion, has fused with the iron/nickle. The iron and nickle are the largest portion in the battery, and they are fully reusable.

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Statistically speaking, Teslas vs. Fords, which have a higher passenger injury and fatality rate?

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Yeah, there's a lot to unpack there, but basically intention and trust.

"Climate Change" narrative is alarmist, which means it has alterior intentions (to accumulate political power).

And the idea that we need to trust government and business, the largest proponents of consumerism and pollution, to deliver global sustainability of our waters and air. Doubt at their ability to execute, and fear they'll just take the tax money and won't deliver anything.

We live in a time of corruption and division, so it's difficult to have faith in a future that relies on trust and cooperation.

But human potential is far greater than what we have allowed so far as a collective. And an increasing collective awareness, which has been revealing darkness under the light of truth, has been paving a way for a new and better future.

The collective desire is there, and those who don't allow it, or try to block it, will face a great resistance.

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Depleted Tesla batteries sell for $5000, I believe is the number I've heard. The minerals are very valuable and are used to create new lithium batteries.

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You've outlined an area of energetic waste that, once ESG taxes and credits come into play, it will finally be cheaper to run factories and produce in the US again.

In the next decade, the world's reliance on China and Asia for production will continue to decrease.

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Definitely possible. On "Rich Rebuilds" channel they've put electric motors into mini-cooper and other vehicles.

The issue is that current mechanics aren't trained to work with complex electrical systems, and the shops don't have the tools for the jobs.

So mechanics and garages need to be retooled.

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Solar is indeed capable of charging a vehicle. 10 kwh of solar, that you can mount on your home's roof, can produce 40-60 kwh a day, dependent on location. Works in the winter too, only very overcast/snow days interrupt production.

A 60 kwh battery is 200+ miles of distance.

Not even mentioning upcoming lightweight vehicles like Aptera that get 700-1000 miles on 50 kwh.

Support that with nuclear.

Even using natural gas to generate electricity will produce less emissions than gasoline vehicles.

Even having a coal/oil plant generate electricity to charge vehicles, will reduce emissions, because people can fill-up at home, which eliminate an entire distribution network of last-mile transport trucks and gas stations.

As electric car usage increases, gas stations will be fueled less often (ie. instead of daily, only refueled every 3rd day). Which means less trucks burning emissions to deliver gasoline.

More efficient to use trains to deliver coal to power plants in large loads, rather than thousands of trucks delivering gasoline nationwide every day.

It will be a slow process to replace existing usage and infrastructure, but eventually most vehicles will be electric.

Cargo ships and large machinery will likely continue to run on gas and diesel, but ie. 85-90% of consumer travel will be electric.

And other solutions will play a role too. ie. Germany is already building electric lanes on highways so delivery trucks can run on grid power. Like trolley buses, these trucks have arms that extend to connect to overhead wires. So large batteries are not always necessary.

There are also tens of millions of small engines like scooters, motorcycles, lawnmowers, generators that burn fuel, which in most cases, can be replaced with electric alternatives.

I watch a YouTuber who creates motorcycles that hit 100 mph and over 80 miles of range.

The biggest issue right now is pricing and supply of batteries. But as the next 10 years progress, the increased supply of lithium batteries will transform the consumer ecosystem of these goods, and ease of access to lithium powered devices.

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Red-Blue Solar-Moon (Solomon) polarity intensifies.

Interesting theories from the producer of the "crater earth" theory videos:


And after that one, the follow-up:


It doesn't matter which side you support. Taking either side is willing your "self" into the conflict narrative.

Same with Ukraine and Russia, it doesn't matter which side you think is right, preferring any side causes you to personally become entangled in the victim-aggressor narrative.

The only reasonable position to take is to not participate.

Call for unity.

Reject the division matrix programming.

The matrix wants you to feel hate, to feel disgust, because that causes you to contribute and lock your energy into the eternal fight.

It doesn't matter who is the aggressor today, we are all victims of the matrix.

We need to rise our collective consciousness above the duality narrative that has been playing-out for the last 10,000 years.

We are at the energetic point of consolidation, these duality polarization events will speed-up and become more frequent in coming months, last push to show the world that reacting emotionally is futile.

You must seperate from the emotion, and elevate your focus to a higher plane of possibility.

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The final solution is working from home and not needing to commute.

You may be right, but I also think we just need to reduce emissions, not cut them out completely. So using electricity whenever possible, and diesel when it's not.

The price of solar panels has fallen drastically, and I think mass adoption of solar is a part of it.

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The people in power don't want to admit that consumerism and "green" are not complementary ideas. "Green" in the context of creating more products does nothing to reduce waste.

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There's a YouTuber "Rich Rebuilds" that talks about the issues with Tesla. He's pushing for the "right to repair". It's gotten better, in recent years Tesla has opened access to documentation, and you can order replacement parts now (although there is a wait, especially got worse during pandemic years).

Fixing the Tesla is still hard though, because there's few places that fix electric cars. But this niche will eventually get filled, like Rich Rebuild's "Electric Garage", he has 3 locations now to service Teslas and electric cars.

I disagree with your assessment that Tesla's are a big piece of shit. They're some of the best vehicles ever made, in terms of cabin and drive quality, longevity, and safety. They had issues initially with production, but Elon personally spent 3 years living in a factory to get them fixed. Today the build quality is much better, in terms of panel spacing and electrical issues.

I get it, you're paying $45k and there can be issues at delivery. We're talking about a new car company with less than 10 years of experience in mass-production. It's to be expected, but it will get better. If you're bothered by these issues, it's best you wait another 5 years. Realistically, electric cars are still not affordable for most people, and the electric infrastructure is still early too.

But that doesn't mean they're not doing great things, and I feel you're being disingenuous to not give them credit.

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The chemicals in lithium-ion batteries are 85% reusable so far, with current recycling methods (lithium is lost, but are surface pond mined... hard metals are 100% reusable over and over again).

The 500t claim doesn't acknowledge that other non-battery minerals are also extracted during the process as well, also refined and sold, like copper, iron, nickle, carbon, zinc, aluminum, magnesium, lead, etc. Minerals don't exist individually, they exist together in ore streams.

Once the battery is created, you can charge it for 10-15 years using solar panels, no longer excerting energy to generate driveable distance.

Oil rigs and oil refining is also an energy intensive and dirty process. To build and deliver an oil rig on location, drill hundreds of feet into the ocean, transport workers and oil back and forth, etc for 10-15 comparable years of gas needed to fuel your gasoline vehicle to a comparable mileage.

Once extracted, oil must be refined (energy intensive and dirty), and energy is spent on ships and trucks to deliver that gasoline to your nearest gas station every single week for the next 10-15 years, so that you have access to gasoline always available.

Once the battery is recycled and put into a new vehicle, you don't need to move another 500 tons of earth, while a gas vehicle requires another 10-15 years of oil mining and delivery.

500t is not a lot of dirt. Mining haul trucks can carry 350t to 400t. So you're talking about 1.5 loads per battery pack, and those loads include non-battery pack minerals.

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Someone at the port is getting fired for removing the wrong bags from the containers.

But one angry French mob boss just bought a lifetime supply of coffee beans.

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I guess it would have been too obvious if they just named it "The Ministry of Truth".

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"Crypto" is a scam. Only Bitcoin matters.

Bitcoin is up over 1450% since March 2020.

It was one of the first commodities to increase when money printing accelerated.

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Eh, you only need food prep for 30 days. After that the army will be corralling everyone into camps anyway.

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