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We've been through this before. Zion fell, Atlantis fell, Rome fell. Nukes are coming. Matrix will be reset. Followed by mass incarnation and another 10,000 years of torture and suffering.

We need to destroy the hypnosis broadcast beacon. I think it might be the moon.

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This planet is a torture chamber. Every experience will unfold in the way that guarantees the most suffering to the greatest number of people.

You are not meant to establish or build a life here.

You are stuck in a gravitational hypnosis field.

You need to escape. Stop allowing yourself to incarnate here for another life. You have free will, they can only trick you to act against your best interest. But you can refuse to comply. You can escape this dense gravity.

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This planet is a torture chamber, is ruled by dark spirit. They feast on suffering energy in the 5th dimension where they operate. The humans who sign-up with the cabal to torture other humans, like Jews and Hollywood, are rewarded with materialistic success. This allows the dark spirits to operate in the shadows, so other people still think there is hope, they mistakenly think this isn't a prison.

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The colored lights form continents. You can clearly see Russia, China, Africa, Europe, and US.

The white lights, after they fall to target, they eminate a radial pattern outwards, which to me looks like an explosion radius.

And the dancers are running away from the white lights, attempting to dodge the explosions, fleeing from one continent to the next.

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By the end of the year, he'll be one of the few sportsmen still able to walk upright and play basketball. Then he can set any price he wants.

God is here.

When we acknowledge God's presence, we no longer need to live in fear.

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Measure the antarctic.

But flight times between cities appear to favour the standard globe model.

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Omfg laughed my face off. It's like they know the mobs are coming for them.

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The Illuminati tripped the explosive planted in her heart when she was starting to reveal secrets.

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It doesn't matter where you store your "wealth". It all belongs to Ceaser. It is only on lease to you while you do everything that Ceaser wants. The moment you anger Ceaser, you will lose it all.

This world is dominated by the evil kabal. Trying to get comfortable on this planet keeps you in perpetual slavery. Look at the millions/billions who refuse to speak-up for truth because they know it will be the end of their career and life.

The more you accumulate, the more corrupt you become, needing to protect "my precious" hoard of crap.

Look at how evil Soros and Gates have become. Wealth causes people to become completely disconnected from people.

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If you refuse the jab, they know you can separate lies from truth. So they round up all the unjabbed into camps. Now there is no one in the remaining public population that will question or doubt what the TV tells them to believe. They now have full control over the pawns/serfs to spread illusion without question.

As for Bitcoin, people who don't trust the government have seen the dollar lose all value, so they started moving all assets into Bitcoin, thinking they can escape the failing financial system.

Instead, we will soon learn that either (a) the cryptography of Bitcoin is insecure and it is legitimately hacked, or (b) that the CIA had 3 million of the original Bitcoin and is going to sell it all (therefore cratoring the value), or (c) something like that, I don't know specifically, but I know they built the code, they probably put in some back-door.

The initial group of crypto engineers was working on Bitcoin and being funded by the CIA since the 90s. It's a creation directly for the utility of Illuminati further empowering themselves.

They control this world. You cannot become wealthy without blood oath to them. They destroy anyone who achieves power and does not comply with their kabal.

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You can get Ivermectin from IndiaMart.com, might help.

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What were your symptoms, or what prompted you to do the test?

What are they giving you to take for the strep?

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It's all caused by parasites.

The cure is routine deworming.

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Strange. I came down sick today, after feeling good for a couple weeks (first time in a long time).

I'm an HSP/empath, I'm constantly picking up on the feelings in the Collective Consciousness.

In general, the last 6 months have been horrible, it's been a constant sea of suffering and despair.

Intermittent good days, but a lot of really heavy dark days, where it's been impossible to project a future.

It's like the old way of linear creation no longer works. It's impossible to plan anything into the future. We're being forced to be here, now. We can't look to the future for hope anymore.

I've been sick and exhausted, and I've been attributing a lot of that to the overall despair being felt on this planet, it's not only my own.

I also have vivid dreams where I sometimes observe the collective consciousness, and last night, I had a dream that freaked me out.

There was an A.I. robot, but it looked like a man. He was cold, emotionless, and steadfast in his task. He said "no hard feelings, but I must do what I was created to do".

He was chasing down people, and injecting them with a poison. He said 90% must die, it must be this way, no one can escape it.

We were running, I confronted him, "we know you're injecting them with poison, we know you're killing them!"

He didn't care. He had no emotion. He was matter-of-fact, "this must get done".

One thing I noticed is -- the narrative is an illusion. There are no elites in control. We are not powerless. The elites are not causing us to feel this way (this despair).

We as a planet, elites included, are all feeling this new energy right now. It's a transformation taking place, and it involves everyone, each of us is being forced into a metamorphosis.

This despair and suffering that we feel is a result of the grief of losing the old world, and the pain of going through the metamorphosis, not knowing if we'll make it to the other side, afraid of what the other side will look like, not sure if there even is another side.

We've never gone through this before, this global metamorphosis is happening for the first time in human history.

So we're all very uncomfortable right now, and no one has the answers as to what is happening, and how this will unfold.

The elites are trying to make it seem like they're in control, like they're gods, like they are pulling the strings. But they're not. They're going through this pain just like we are. They're also on the receiving end of this transformation energy.

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