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Outside Germany, where guilt about the fake holocaust of six gazillion Jews (only Hadrian’s massacre of twenty billion Jews according to the Talmud is worse) the left have invariably been strongly pro Palestine. The only leftists who are pro Israel are the antideutsche in Germany who are some real weird fuckers lol- their positions are more like the daily telegraph or Fox News than normal leftists.

I’m confused because almost all media companies are owned by Jews and have a whole Jewish management even if they have a pet Pajeet, nigger, or Armenian as the ceo.

Despite this, the left has maintained a strong support for Palestine and the Palestinian issue has been a bigger and more consistent concern for leftists than other genocides, for example Darfur at the hands of the Janawaeed (yes that is a real groups name), or the Armenians and Azeris swapping territory constantly and exterminating the other ones population in the new territory (which they’ve both done to each other repeatedly since 1993), or the shit in Bangladesh, or even other Israeli crimes such as those against Lebanon.

How come the Jews in the media haven’t tried to put a stop to this? Oy vey fellow socialists, the Palestinians are suffering yes but look at this war in bumfuck Africa. See goy, this is so much worse!

Because of the Palestine issue, many leftists are far closer to the JQ than most of the right who still buy into the chosen people crap. This is especially the case in Europe (outside Germany) where Palestine is a hot topic.