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I don't.

His dad was head of planned parenthood and he says he wants to depopulate and is a narcissistic eugenicist pedo.

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Where's The Greatest Ally?

On the receiving end.

by pkvi
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"What do we want?"

"Voter ID"

... oh, no, not like that

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The two bills Cox signed into law also prohibit kids under 18 from using social media between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m., require age verification for anyone who wants to use social media in the state and seek to prevent tech companies from luring kids to their apps using addictive features. Translation:

The two bills will encourage VPN use for people aged 12-18 to enable social media use.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) on Sunday said his state’s new restrictions on how minors can interact with social media aren’t expected to be “foolproof.”

They tried really hard to define what "social media" is

This site does not have "profiles" so we're ok - even though u/the-new-style is call my "profile"


159 (8) "Social media company" means a person or entity that:
160 (a) provides a social media platform that has at least 5,000,000 account holders
161 worldwide; and
162 (b) is an interactive computer service.
163 (9) (a) "Social media platform" means an online forum that a social media company
164 makes available for an account holder to:
165 (i) create a profile;
166 (ii) upload posts;
167 (iii) view the posts of other account holders; and
168 (iv) interact with other account holders or users.
169 (b) "Social media platform" does not include an online service, website, or application:
170 (i) where the predominant or exclusive function is:
171 (A) electronic mail;
172 (B) direct messaging consisting of text, photos, or videos that are sent between devices
173 by electronic means, where messages are:
174 (I) shared between the sender and the recipient;
175 (II) only visible to the sender and the recipient; and
176 (III) are not posted publicly;
177 (C) a streaming service that:
178 (I) provides only licensed media in a continuous flow from the service, website, or
179 application to the end user; and
180 (II) does not obtain a license to the media from a user or account holder by agreement
181 to its terms of service;
182 (D) news, sports, entertainment, or other content that is preselected by the provider and
183 not user generated, and any chat, comment, or interactive functionality that is provided
184 incidental to, directly related to, or dependent upon provision of the content;
185 (E) online shopping or e-commerce, if the interaction with other users or account
186 holders is generally limited to:
187 (I) the ability to upload a post and comment on reviews;
188 (II) the ability to display lists or collections of goods for sale or wish lists; and
189 (III) other functions that are focused on online shopping or e-commerce rather than
190 interaction between users or account holders;
191 (F) interactive gaming, virtual gaming, or an online service, that allows the creation
192 and uploading of content for the purpose of interactive gaming, edutainment, or associated
193 entertainment, and the communication related to that content;
194 (G) photo editing that has an associated photo hosting service, if the interaction with
195 other users or account holders is generally limited to liking or commenting;
196 (H) a professional creative network for showcasing and discovering artistic content, if
197 the content is required to be non-pornographic;
198 (I) single-purpose community groups for public safety if:
199 (I) the interaction with other users or account holders is generally limited to that single
200 purpose; and
201 (II) the community group has guidelines or policies against illegal content;
202 (J) providing career development opportunities, including professional networking, job
203 skills, learning certifications, and job posting and application services;
204 (K) business to business software;
205 (L) a teleconferencing or videoconferencing service that allows reception and
206 transmission of audio and video signals for real time communication;
207 (M) cloud storage;
208 (N) shared document collaboration;
209 (O) cloud computing services, which may include cloud storage and shared document
210 collaboration;
211 (P) providing access to or interacting with data visualization platforms, libraries, or
212 hubs;
213 (Q) to permit comments on a digital news website, if the news content is posted only
214 by the provider of the digital news website;
215 (R) providing or obtaining technical support for a platform, product, or service;
216 (S) academic or scholarly research; or
217 (T) genealogical research;
218 (ii) where:
219 (A) the majority of the content that is posted or created is posted or created by the
220 provider of the online service, website, or application; and
221 (B) the ability to chat, comment, or interact with other users is directly related to the
222 provider's content;
223 (iii) that is a classified ad service that only permits the sale of goods and prohibits the
224 solicitation of personal services; or
225 (iv) that is used by and under the direction of an educational entity, including:
226 (A) a learning management system;
227 (B) a student engagement program; and
228 (C) a subject or skill-specific program.
229 (10) "User" means a person who has access to view all, or some of, the posts on a
230 social media platform, but is not an account holder.

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Ask an AI what you fancy having for dinner.

Ask an AI what hairstyle to have.

Ask an AI if those jeans make her look fat.

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Nope, it's because they utilize Human Reinforced Learning i.e. 100s of humans correcting the output during training

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* wasting time on new accounts

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The story linking

Virgin Islands Governor John P. deJongh Jr. and his wife - Cecile René Galiber - who was Epstein's business manager and sat on the board of Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, blood diamonds, Eric Holder and his investigators convicted of accepting bribes while investigating deJongh Jr.

Galiber's childrens' book was promoted by Michelle Obama & Jill Biden

Joe Biden regularly holidays in St Croix

U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) Attorney General Denise George filed a major lawsuit against JPMorgan in a Manhattan federal court, alleging the banking behemoth helped to facilitate Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking enterprise on the island through which she has jurisdiction.

Biden visits and 2 days later

“I relieved Denise George of her duties as attorney general this weekend,” Bryan said. “I thank her for her service to the people of the territory during the past four years as attorney general and wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

The more I dig, the more things I find

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The lie travels around the world before truth has put its trousers on.

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Barclays chief executive Matt Barrett candidly criticised his own product, suggesting that the astute consumer would do well to steer well clear of it. Giving evidence to the Commons' Treasury select committee he said he did not use credit cards from his own subsidiary, Barclaycard, because it was simply too expensive.

He also revealed that he advised his four offspring to have nothing to do with credit cards either. "I do not borrow on credit cards. I have four young children. I give them advice not to pile up debts on their credit cards."

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Market value is "the price of the last share traded" x "the number of shares".

It's Fugazi

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That's always the grand total of the maximum sentences of any charges and assumed to run consecutively. Which in this case are "public intoxication, third-degree assault of a police officer, fourth-degree assault and second-degree disorderly conduct."

She bit and kicked the arresting officer.


by pkvi
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His grandfather, Joshua Haldeman is said to be Jewish, so under Israel's "Law of Return" he is entitled to Israeli residency and citizenship any time he chooses (unless determined to be an enemy of Israel).

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what guy, me? am I fuck

go on then, demonstrate my Ukranian support

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