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by declaring your herd doesn't comply with some vetenary certification which you are prevented from applying for because you are not a registered herdsman and slaughtering it

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If we end up with CBDC, rationing of all sorts will become the norm.

"We don't ban guns, you just can't use CBDC to buy ammo"

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Starting Gun?

The Banking For All Act was Introduced in Senate on 23rd March 2020, although it wasn't voted upon. It was to allow banks to process Digital Dollar payments via crypto wallets for accounts held by all citizens at The Fed.

Curiously The Digital Dollar Project only released its first White Paper on the US using it as the CBDC afterwards in May 2020.

Jerome Powel spoke at the IMFs committee on CBDC in October 2020

The IMF wants to shift to their Digital Currency known as Special Drawing Rights rather than lend Dollars and thus put another nail in the USD as a reserve currency - that has huge implications for US power as the reserve currency status is what enabled US imports to be cheaper.

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I disagree because Digital Payments via Phones showing a Cashless Society are the pre-cursor, not speculating on BitCoin.

All the Chinese CBDC, e-CNY, needed to get started in 2020 was offer "$2 million of digital currency to 50,000 randomly selected consumers".

At the end of 2021 there were 261 million users in the extended trial who had made US$13.8 billion of transactions

This is in mandarin but Google translate makes it readable


The digital renminbi ... has a legal status higher than any other domestic digital currency. No one or institution can refuse to accept it.

In terms of user experience, online payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat Pay first need to bind a bank card, and then each transaction needs to be cleared through the inter-bank system, but digital RMB does not require these processes.

There is no need to connect to the Internet to use the digital yuan. The digital renminbi is not limited by the network, even if there is no network, or the network is not good, it can also make fast payments.

"no handling fee for cash withdrawal and inter-bank transfer" and "realization in seconds." When the account is received, there is no need to wait for the bank to settle the difference on T+1 day”, “more privacy protection, meet the needs of anonymous payment” and other advantages.

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I'm not sure about Amazon but on ebay sellers often put a crazy price on when they re out of stock rather than taking it down so they don't have to pay a listing fee again when they get stock

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says GBP 3,596.20 here, so don't be too sure, maybe it's just converted from it's original currency

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Swartz was forced onto Huffman and Ohanian by Paul Graham as a condition of getting funding, as well as calling him a founder.

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This was your big opportunity to do that

by qbqb
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Except Trump conceded at the very same rally.

Election rigging started way before 2012.

One example is Nixon vs Kennedy 1960. Illinois held out until 3am and pulled the same trick.

Nixon had them audited pre-inauguration and the results were "something is not right, we will do a full audit post-inauguration." Then when that audit happened it was "yes, definitely something fishy happening" but the GoP didn't support Nixon by then and it was dropped.

It's not even something from a Conspiracy forum, here's MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell saying it openly

Richard Nixon not challenging... that Kennedy had stolen the election in 1960, which obviously had been stolen in 1960

And CNN's Race for the Whitehouse saying the press corps knowing it just silently letting it go because they didn't like Nixon

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Genesis 3:19

By the sweat of your brow you will eat your bread, until you return to the ground--because out of it were you taken. For dust you are, and to dust you shall return.

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or "best in the world" if you ask most Brits.

They will all moan about it, but not entertain any talk of reform.

"It just needs more money, the Tories are starving it because they want it privatizing to sell to their friends"

They just won't listen to "It is impossible to fully fund the NHS because it has the capability to absorb infinite funds. Not a single department will ever say "no, it's OK, we have enough money"."

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Google says it is for "violating confidentiality policies". So if you suspect they are being duplicitous, that counts as conspiracy.

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Everything and everybody else is a crime unless they say it's otherwise

aka "nulla crimen sine lege"

In Russia the principle was abolished during the Russian Revolution. According to the earliest Communist decrees, criminal courts were to render judgment on the basis of ‘revolutionary legal spirit’ (revolutionäres Rechtsbewusstsein). The Soviet Penal Codes of 1922 and 1926 permitted the criminalization of ‘socially dangerous acts’ through far-fetched reasoning by analogy. The nullum crimen principle was formally reintroduced in 1958 (Art. 6 Fundamental Principles of Criminal Legislation of the USSR and the Union Republics) but still remained inapplicable in practice for minor offences treated by non-professional Comrades' Courts. Today, the principle of legality is guaranteed in Art. 54 Constitution of the Russian Federation of 1993.

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