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Progressive liberalism is devoid of accountability - this should come as no surprise. When was the last time you’ve heard any politician admit they were wrong or humble themselves before their constituents? Never.

Egomaniacs could never tarnish their self-image with even so much as the thought that they were in the wrong, let alone admit to it.

To any self-aware person it is infuriating to witness though I agree. This is why I think things will never change with them though. There is no “middle-ground”, give them an inch they’ll take a mile and never make that mistake themselves. Through scandal, verifiable evidence or objective fact - it means nothing to them.

We should all do well to remember this because it’s more important now than ever that we stand our ground, even to the bitter end, and push back wherever possible.

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Pretty sure that is a hand signal to assemble or “rally on me”.

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JB Pritzker is a fat piece of shit who just bought his position - his brother is a tranny and they’re all billionaires.

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Against structures they usually will use penetrating ordnance that can imbed itself in up to 20m of reinforced concrete before detonating.

Obviously we can’t know for sure, but those types of warheads are designed to level buildings and the best way to do that is as close to the foundation as possible, so it makes sense.

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Without a pre-existing serious heart defect it’s basically non-existent especially for someone in relatively good health.

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You already know that daddy was raping his ass until he got the other one chained up in the attic.

Sick fucks. You will never be a woman.

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Trying to memory hole Dr. Seuss it seems like

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I work in IT and had to setup the network for one of those sites where they were processing like 1000 people a day. Had to stay on-site for a few days to make sure bandwidth was okay and all I can say is after chatting unassumingly with some of the people there - just surreal. You’ve got people foaming at the mouth to get their Moderna or Pfizer mystery juice pumped into their arm. I couldn’t help myself so I innocently pressed a few people about why they felt that way or why they wanted to get it. Complete deer in headlights, like they just blue-screened in real life lol.

It’s crazy what all this propaganda has done to the average sheep citizen. How can you be so passionate and zealous about something and then just malfunction when pressed on it. How gaslit are you that you don’t even know what your own motivations are. Are you even human at that point? The programming runs very deep.

They were nice enough to offer me a dose from the left overs, told them no thank you so I’m probably on a list now.

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You sound emotionally biased and slightly retarded. I will not be going vegan thank you.

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My guess is that these sites are relatively new and probably mass reported by bad-actors to make these domains show up as risky.

There was another post a while back of another service flagging .win domains, but was removed as a false-positive after the admin team/regular users contacted them.

I guess it’s better to always be wary but the above seems far more likely to me that this is just due to mass reporting by libtards in an attempt to delegitimize the site.

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Length of orbit.

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Every advertisement is interracial/trans/gay/anti-white these days. If you pay attention you’ll see how common it is.

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Just make a css exception in ublock to not load someone’s messages - pretty simple and you can do it yourself.

That’s what I did for magapede. Or cry in threads whatever suits you.

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I look at the immune system like your muscles. You have to work it and put it under strain to keep it fit and make it stronger. If you don’t, it weakens and atrophies and can no longer perform its purpose.

I think these people who’ve been in their own private bubble with no outside contact for nearly a year are in for a rude awakening if we ever return to any sense of normalcy which I’m not even sure we ever will at this point, or even if we do that they would reintegrate.

Maybe I’m an idiot but I also work in close proximity to sick patients every damn day, albeit not directly, and haven’t had so much as a cold for probably 5 years. No flu shot, no nothing. But it’s not uncommon to hear people always being “under the weather” or have sicknesses that drag on and on as if they’ll never get over it yet they always get the vaccines, avoid going out, etc. It kind of pisses me off as well that it’s always the shut-ins who are the most vocal about advocating what others should or shouldn’t do. If you’re scared stay home and keep it to yourself, why do normal people have to bend the knee to satiate these holier-than-thou types I’ll never understand. Fuck em

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I went to France a few years ago and thought I was in Africa or Pakistan. Doesn’t diminish their point, but I’m not convinced the French are doing themselves any favors either which saddens me because the native French were a great people and still are, but they need to take their country back.

Same with Germany, USA, Sweden, etc etc etc

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Thanks for the post. This is also something I’ve also never understood about crypto - but I’d also acknowledge that maybe I’m naive to its actual function/purpose.

To me it just seems like a pump and dump scheme where the only tangible value it carries is others confidence that it will somehow, some way carry a real-life application/valuation. Currency backed by a government gives confidence/buying power and I guess at the end of the day a 100$ bill is just a piece of cloth - you can’t create technological components with it which is why I like the example you gave, supply and demand. And I’m not in love with the treasury or the methods in which they devalue the currency to spare themselves financial ruin (bail outs etc). And in that sense I see a dollar much like I see a bitcoin, the governments just beat them to the punch in terms of applicability.

I also understand that a lot of crypto advertises that it is immune to this sort of manipulation, static amount of coins, etc - but until you can apply it in the same way as cash in any situation I just don’t get it and i don’t think anyone invests in crypto for those reasons, i think they invest to make an actual dollar off some other sucker who bought into the ideologies.

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