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LOL..you still believe in space. What are you five and illiterate?

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Hiding extra land and resources. Convincing people to stop exploring so said land can be horded. Hiding the true nature of your reality..

You probably believe in aliens, because your TV told you to, but can't believe that aliens have you in a giant Truman like enclosure? A free range prison?

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Please keep posting these videos. Very interesting stuff. Thanks!!!

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Especially the folks that are refreshing every 10 minutes to shit on flat earth posts. Very strange... The most censored conspiracy on the internet and they get angry when you talk about it.

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Either into the ocean OR to unknown land masses beyond antartica.

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Yea. Just disregard all the distance proofs that prove you aren't living on a 25,000 mile circumference ball.

Its flat. Deal with it.

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You can tell who is retarded in this thread by seeing if they can wrap their head around this simple proof OR if they result to appeal to ridicule to prove their point.

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Fake As Fuck.

Low IQ globetards eat this stuff up while getting injected with mystery juice.

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The best was when they explain why the astronauts helmet filled with water. LOL. DUDE ALMOST DROWN IN SPACE.

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You just joined the high IQ club and officially left the ACTUAL matrix.

"The True Man Show" is a documentary.


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Appreciate these posts. Good to see some other high IQ people on thus forum.

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