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You know what is shown to stop Marburg?


Makes sense now why they don't want you taking "horse dewormer"?

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OMG.. I never thought of it this way. I think you just helped me exit the matrix.

Thank you!!!!

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My friend tested negative 3 times before the PCR test gave him a positive.

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If the earth was flat and the analemma proves it, would a cat have pushed the evidence over the edge by now?


PS...This was a typical globetard response.

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Hey bud...first off...check my post history so you can see I'm not a shill.

I too once thought there was no covid. I even thought this while having my partner working as a nurse with covid patients at a hospital.

She would insist it was something different than the flu. But I always would say its the flu rebranded.

A close friend of mine whom had similar beliefs actually got covid or whatever these sick fucks released on the public. It wasn't until he texted me from the hospital saying he thought he was gonna die I realized, there might actually be something too this.

Now mind you, at the onset of his symptoms I gave him a cocktail that would have stopped him from being hospitalized. Doxy, zinc and ivermectin. His wife took it, he didn't, thinking his immune system would take care of it.

That wasn't the case. She was better in 4-5 days...he was hospitalized on day 11 since onset of symptoms and was in there for 4 or 5 days on IV drugs.

He messaged me on day 11 and said "so what do I take and what dosage?"... Needless to say I was a bit miffed that he waited this long to take the drugs that could have prevented his pneumonia and hospital stay. He went to the hospital that night.

That said... He is back home and basically at 90%.

But he said he was scared. Before this the dude would NEVER think of taking the VAX...but this whole ordeal seemed to have had him changing his tune.

I'm just writing this because of your blanket statement of " there is no covid."

Yes, they are blowing this out of proportion and yes they are taking every step to make whatever is going on more virulent.

This guy and his family made it this whole time not getting sick....Everyone started getting vaxxed and now bam...sick...idk...I think it could be something in those vaccines maybe making those vaxxed contagious.

by pkvi
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You'll get use to it.

I've been a level motionless earthed for 5+ years now.

I've realize you can lead a horse to water but can't make em drink.

Also, the conditioning since birth makes it very hard for lesser minded folks to break free.

Part of me has sympathy for them.

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LOL..you still believe in space. What are you five and illiterate?

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Hiding extra land and resources. Convincing people to stop exploring so said land can be horded. Hiding the true nature of your reality..

You probably believe in aliens, because your TV told you to, but can't believe that aliens have you in a giant Truman like enclosure? A free range prison?

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Please keep posting these videos. Very interesting stuff. Thanks!!!

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They do poison the water. Most water in US is fluoridated.

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Especially the folks that are refreshing every 10 minutes to shit on flat earth posts. Very strange... The most censored conspiracy on the internet and they get angry when you talk about it.

by Alduin
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Obvious shill is obvious.

It's flat, get over it mongo

by Alduin
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Yep. Dude is definitely an agent. Super obvious.

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Either into the ocean OR to unknown land masses beyond antartica.

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Yea. Just disregard all the distance proofs that prove you aren't living on a 25,000 mile circumference ball.

Its flat. Deal with it.

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You can tell who is retarded in this thread by seeing if they can wrap their head around this simple proof OR if they result to appeal to ridicule to prove their point.

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