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Telling you right now that physical metals are going to win in the end over crypto.

Crypto is the sunken cost of enormous amounts of energy and time and technology, to solve otherwise meaningless puzzles. And then calling that a store of value. I don't want to debate this. I know crypto well I was an early adopter and miner of BTC. My rig was attacked constantly by hacks and I blew through 3 raspberry pi miners that controlled it. My government never protected me from these attacks and no one was interested in investigating it, even though, that's technically multiple federal violations of wire fraud and cyberterrorism.

Metals are the future because not only are they a real tangible asset, they also have multiple real-world uses. Actually, of the cryptos, Ethereum is has a dual use parallel in that it enables smart contracts and distributed apps and thereby censorship resistant communities and services like open bazaaar and LBRY, so I support ETH in the crypto world.

But METALS, specifically silver and palladium are going to have very big use-cases in the future.

I was watching a TIMCAST IRL video about this very smart guy talking about nuclear power, specifically fusion and cold fusion. It's a recent video (today) and very interesting. He talks about cold fusion which he says is now called lattice assisted fusion or something like this. And he refers to what? Palladium

Palladium used in cold fusion. Bang. there you go.

Silver used in solar panels. Palladium used in cold fusion, the future of nuclear power. Solar will have a place in residential but fusion is going to overwhelm it in terms of production. Panels don't stand ANY chance. Green is not the future. I am sorry to all the green people. You have a nuclear plant that can produce thousands to millions of times more energy than a solar farm tens of thousands to millions of times larger in physical and carbon footprint to produce the same output

Nuclear is around for a reason. And it has a bad name from meltdowns and old reactor technology. It CAN be made safe. First of all, THORIUM molten salt reactors are the future. You get the power output of nuclear fission and you get safety

Fusion is probably a long way off, esp hot fusion. But cold fusion looks like it's on the verge of a breakthru. It had stalled because it was given a bad name in the 1980s, and that was a political hit job on science, very similar to the one the media did on Hydroxychloroquine recently.

We've got to stop with the science hit jobs. Innovations esp in energy help EVERYONE on the planet. But the dark heart of this alchemy (nuclear physics) is that it always becomes weaponizeable that's why when we get it, we should give it to everyone as OPEN SOURCE.

Everything should be open source. It's the only way to have a future.