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Yeah people at the top of government and corporations are scheming together for wealth and power. What else is new?

I don’t think you need names to see the conspiracy. The government is looking to mandate vaccines, vaccines it will rely on companies like Pfizer to make, for something that is 99% survivable. Bam, done.

And hospitals are even worse because not only are they getting all sorts of incentives, but when the vaccines injure people, they will be treating their symptoms for years. Easy money.

If you’re a Christian and you understand that the human heart is wicked then everything that is happening is obvious.

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Everyone gets what they deserve. People tuned out, ignored reality, wanted to avoid inconveniences, caved to peer pressure, and so on.

We are in a really soft, care-free period. People will learn from experience, or they will suffer and die. Why should it affect you?

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Dude I live in SC and people here have forgotten about the virus, mask, vaccines, everything. We go around like everything is back to normal. No one will accept any lockdowns here.

The US is a big country and there are large parts of it that don't care at all about this stuff. We're going to be fine.

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God's children have nothing to fear. I'm right there with you. I recently learned more about nutrition and have been improving my health ever since. My vision has improved, I feel more alert and awake, and I couldn't be more excited to take on the challenges that come my way.

I'm just biding my time and preparing until the time is right.

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Women are not made to understand these things. They cave to social pressure and there is a good reason why.

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Definitely man. I fell away from Christianity before after hearing the same kind of garbage.

I was taught that the holy ghost talks through feelings.

You know that experience you can have where things suddenly click and you are aware of some truth? It seems so clear and so obvious that sometimes you can't even explain how you got there, you just know something to be true that you were not sure about before. That is how God talks to you through the holy spirit. He just reveals things to you. My belief is that he allows people glimpses of the truth (we can never comprehend truth as a whole, only God can) when they are ready to receive it. It is a powerful experience, but notice there is no feeling associated with it. It is a knowing.

It always seemed obvious to me that if God is God, why would he need a book to communicate with you? That's not to slight the Bible, the Bible is great, it's just that people seem to believe it's the only way to understand God. Even in the Bible, Jesus says he will send a helper to guide us.

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. - John 14:26

I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father. - John 16:12-16

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Churches are not a place of morality anymore. They began catering to women and their emotions and have become feminine.

but as you look at major christian dominations, "love your neighbor" is becoming the dominant moral that excuses degeneracy.

This comes from a misunderstanding of what love is. True love is not emotional. What you are describing is a woman’s form of love, which is actually coming from Satan. (it’s not love, it is hatred, which is why it precedes destruction)

For a woman, love is “warm fuzzy positive feelings” about something, an attachment like they would feel towards a baby.

God’s love is logical. It is what men understand, sometimes referred to as “tough love”. If I kick my lazy son out of my house so that he can learn how to work and become a responsible man, a woman perceives that as mean, while a man recognizes that while it may be uncomfortable, it is ultimately good for his son in the end.

If I tell a friend a truth about himself that might hurt his feelings, but allow him to grow if he accepts it and changes, what is that? What about hiding the truth from him, in order to protect him? Is that love?

In reality a woman does not know and cannot know what love is. Only a man can because love comes from God, through Jesus to the man, and finally to the woman and then the children. (God’s order)

The woman is a receiver of love. So naturally when women take over the church, the focus moves from the logical building of a wall in order to protect the family (man’s logic) to feeling sad for the illegals and children across the border and wanting to save them (woman’s emotion).

That message has nothing to do with true Christianity. It is a perversion meant to destroy Christianity from within, just like the acceptance of LGBT crap in direct contradiction to God’s word and the Bible. (again, pushed by women so no feelings are hurt)

I don't believe in moral relativism either. Emotions have a place, but I think it's too easy for empaths to lose logic in the face of always trying to be moral.

Emotions do have a place: hell. Emotions are from the devil, sent to manipulate souls away from God.

If you are seeing the truth, and seeing it clearly, then there is nothing to be emotional about. It’s when you see a distorted lie and overreact to that lie, in other words, when you judge reality as if you were God yourself, that you feel strongly about it.

Like this shouldn’t have happened, or this should have happened… why? You are not God and you do not determine the outcome of things. When man has a difficult time accepting the truth, what he is really doing is rejecting God and attempting to take on the role himself.

Satan tempts us this way. That’s why women are so easily manipulated, because they are prone to having strong emotions, aka judgments. (weak men as well)

Look at Jeb, who said the same thing about illegal aliens crossing the border (“it’s an act of love”). That guy is obviously a momma’s boy, just look at how often he referred to his mother.

Apologies for the length, but the destruction of Christianity gets to me because I know people see these crazy messages about “love” and think Jesus was some gay hippie, but that’s the female version of events. (aka a total lie from the pits of hell)

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Ok, I think that's amazing, speaking as a Christian who strongly believes in good and evil. Sure there are always people being manipulated by emotions, or who cloak their selfish intent in terms of the good, but those are just lies.

If you take the approach that there is no such thing as good or evil, then you are easily manipulated because you can't argue against taking any behavior or course of action. Like why even have borders?

To me, borders are to keep evil people out so they don't rape or kill our people, or destroy our property. If you believe in moral relativity though, then why does rape, death, or property destruction matter? If it's not evil, then why not have open borders?

The modern day "compassion" has nothing to do with morality. It's not even cloaked in moral terms anymore. It's all about emotions, and how you should feel bad if people are dying or living in miserable conditions. That's a fundamentally female way of looking at things. It's not manly, moral, or Godly.

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Lol the Messiah already came. That's the sad thing. They could have peace and prosperity today if they admitted that.

Also the idea that Muslims will simply forget about them and the rest of the world will put down their weapons and serve the Jews is ludicrous. The Muslims will obviously destroy them if they get control over the West.

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Those are really just the early statistics. How many people who are having heart, lung, and brain problems now will just drop dead one day within the next year or two?

They won't even be recorded as vaccine related.

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It can also depend on the server you choose, so try more than one. Amazon will block me from the US based IP addresses that my VPN provider uses but not the Mexican IP.

Some of it is just blocking specific IPs because botters will use those IPs to try and automate certain forbidden actions, and in other cases the site is just trying to block all VPNs period, or trying to block content by region.

It's no different than if a website tried to IP ban you. I can say that at least with my VPN provider, I have no issue connecting to reddit (although why would I want to?), and I have no issues with Walmart either.

Ironically, Taco Bell will block me from my Mexican IP but will allow me to connect from a US IP. :P

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This correlates with what we know about what the vaccines do. The spike proteins get into the lung capillaries and cause clotting. Your father only did the transplant a month after, so his body was likely still generating the spike proteins.

The reason the scans don't show anything is that the clots are microscopic. The doctors didn't have a clue because they aren't testing for anything like this, not wanting to believe there is anything wrong with the vaccines in the first place.

I'm sorry you lost your father. The awareness of the evils of these vaccines will grow within the next few years as many people drop dead. The only silver lining is that it may cause people to question the medical establishment in the future.

You can't save people from themselves. I'm lucky that my family are all rather suspicious about taking an injection for a flu, but if they were not, I wouldn't hold myself accountable for their decisions after warning them. You did the best you could.

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Why is the face on the right a doomer face? It should be changed to a content or determined one.

2016 was fun, but we see now that it was an accident which will not be allowed to repeat itself.

Not all people realize this yet, but since you do, you should be glad. It gives you time to prepare, and you no longer have to waste time on political efforts.

I would still vote just to make the fraud more obvious, and because it costs little, but the rest of your time can be spent on making sure you have access to food, water, energy, and self-defense in case things go really crazy.

Focus on your life, and your children or future children. Look at ways you can disconnect or separate yourself from the system, which will be increasingly important as time moves on.

And be ready to share this knowledge with others, because you will be one of the few that are turned to in times of crisis.

Thank God for allowing you to see the truth instead of remaining blind and helpless.

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Why is artificially enforced scarcity stupid? I don't think having an inflationary currency is a good thing. If it was, there would be little point in creating cryptocurrency when we already have the digital dollar.

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Why is that assumed to be some heinous thing though? If the graves are something like fifty or a hundred years old, it could be that they died of tuberculosis or some other disease that was more common back then. It seems like people are jumping to the conclusion that they were murdered by the Catholic Church.

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The average catholic doesn't participate in any of that.

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Because dumping children in unmarked graves kind of pisses people off.

So what exactly happened? Do you know?

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