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I just learned a friend of mine is in the hospital with covid. His daughter posted on his condition, noting he's on a ventilator. I'm pissed off, because I'm sure the hospital will kill him without ever giving him any actual treatment, can't try IVM or HCQ because muh Drumpf conspiracy theories. They just stuck him on a ventilator. Fucking pieces of shit. Doctors will not be spared when the time comes.

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You serious? Lmao

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They'll give him Ivermectin at the last second, after a court battle, after his lungs are SHREDDED from blood clots-- just to "prove" Ivermectin doesn't work.

If you get to the point where you need help from a hospital, they will only help finish you off.

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I've read stories of people sneaking IVM into the hospital inside food.

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patient making unexpected recovery

Doctor> This shouldn't be!

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Worse even begins from intake. Ayh watched in 2020 in NYC as they preemptively treated ALL patients as potential CoVID and this led to horrible initial treatment and procedures which ayh assure you led to deaths. Saw it, watched it, complained, crickets.

Fucking NYPD and FDNY and their fucking pensions. They are scared children. Ayh know one who's own Uncle was murdered in a robbery later that year and it listed "with COVID" on this COD. Did he complain? Nope.. muh pension.

Fucking hate cities.

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Please for the love of God stop saying ayh. I can't fucking stand it. Zoomers...

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Ayh do not think ayh can.

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Rule No. 1:

  1. If you are NOT already on Vitamin D3, start NOW, not tomorrow

  2. If you get any kind of ILI , load up up Zinc, Quercetin, EGCG, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vit K2, VitE, NAC,Black Seed Oil and L-Argininen electrolytes and hot drinks

  3. If you get cough/runny nose/sore throat: Zinc lozenges and gargle/nasal rinse with 10% Betadine (or use the nasal spray from the same)

  4. If you get lung congestion: Dilute 10% H2O2 down to 0.3 - 1% strength with NaCL, and nebulize that through your nose into your lungs, max 3 times a day

  5. If it still continues: Ivermectin

  6. If your situation turns worse on 8th day of illness:

  • Medication: Prednisone 80mg dly x 1 week.
  • H1: Promethazine 25mg tds x 5 days or Levocetirizine 5mg bd x 1 month to follow Promethazine H2: Cimetidine 400mg x 1 month or another H2 blocker Other anti-histamine drugs can be suitable
  • Medication: Montelukast 10mg bd x 5 days then dly x 1 month
  • Aspirin 325 mg dly x 1 month. Add Xarelto 15 mg bd if D.Dimer is raised; decrease to 15 mg dly x 1 month once D.Dimer is normal

How come my friends don't die, they go to parties, outside everywhere without mask, without vaxx and some of them are 75+ yrs (healthy though and don't have American weight).

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There are studies now showing that 84% of people "dying of covid" in the hospital were deficient in Vitamin D3.

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They had studies going back last fall showing this. Apparently the literature has been there for decades showing that “flu season” is just “vitamin d deficient season”

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Don't forget to self-isolate indoors!

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Wow, this is gold!

One thing to keep in mind about D3 is that for most people, the correct dose would be something like 5000IU a day (even better if you know your level for sure), not 400IU like many conventional docs would suggest.

I had a short summary in PDF with some of these treatments. Feel free to download and share if you find it useful:


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Keri Mullis was the first victim in my opinion.

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"Kary" (not a mean correction, just a correction for his sake :) ) bcuz ayh 100% agree with you!

You could NOT have deployed PCR as aggressively (that word is even too subtle for how they did it) as they did with the Nobel Prize winning inventor so adamantly and professionally opposed to it. He would have railed like a madman every single day stating PCR test CAN'T DO THAT as he did with HIV. He had to go.

Ayh think they curve ball they didn't anticipate was Dr. Malone and mRNA counter arguments. Guarantee they wish they had taken care of him but they are too deep now on that. Not that anyone would do anything if they Epstein'd him.

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No offense taken, it's been quite a while since I've read anything about him.

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"Has died by Covid" could mean 1. he really died of covid or 2. he was murdered.

Disinformation is real.

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Or he just died with covid, not from it.

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Medical staffs are paid for every patient that gets positive to covid. Put him on a respirator with wrong medicine? Even extra financial benefits. Doctors are nowadays legal murderers backed by the government.

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That NYT writer died from the vaccine a few days ago too; I would bet my money this is just a coincidence (outside of hospitals treating patients poorly at least)

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If I thought they were going to execute me for not getting vaccinated, I would get vaccinated.

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Do it no one cares faggot

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I hope your horse paste tastes like shit.

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Apples retard

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"To save my soul, I'd sell my soul to the devil."

Are you retarded?

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I didn't say I would sell my soul to the devil. You are reading things that aren't there. So you are the retard.

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actually uhm... Im pretty sure this might ACTUALLY COUNT as selling your soul to the devil... mainly because of the whole... slowly cutting us off from food and buying and selling thing...

like going along to get along is exactly how people take the mark of the beast because they dont want their families to starve and die and suffer.

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Just because you practice a goofy religion doesn't mean I do. Your stupid church is wrong. The god hates retards church.


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Ive met some pricks in my time, but you sir, are a cactus.

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We will agree that I am a cactus. I like cactus. You don't. I am a mainstream Christian cactus, not a vaccine is the mark of the beast nutcase cactus. I wish my pokes were always as helpful as a vaccine. (Think small pox vaccine. Not the covid vaccine that only exists in the imaginations of the mental.)

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idt it is the mark itself, but to me the behaviors surrounding it sure seem leading up to that.

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So is there zero chance he actually died from covid and nothing to do with your conspiracies?

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only fools deal in absolutes