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Researchers have discovered statues over 7,000 years old that appear eerily similar to modern illustrations of reptilian humanoids. These saurian creatures are present on pyramids walls in Egypt, talisman from Africa, Mesopotamian figurines, Asian statues, Indian architecture, and Mayan carvings. Whether they physically saw these creatures or observed them while on hallucinogenics, it begs the question: why is this phenomenon taking place?

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Terraforming projects are being carried out around the world in attempts to suck the carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Without enough CO2 plants will die and lead to the extinction of our species.

Of course let’s not ignore the elephant in the room: why are vaccinated athletes in optimal physical condition dropping like flies? Why have heart problems, miscarriages, blood clots & strokes suddenly peaked after the ‘safe & effective’ inoculation? VAERS has reported more vaccine-related deaths in 2021 alone than the previous thirty years combined.

Is this an intentional depopulation scheme perpetrated by the very same elites that call us 'nonessential' and 'useless eaters'?

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Dr. Franc Zalewski was perturbed by statements made by his colleagues about their bizarre findings regarding the vaccine. He wanted to see if there was any validity to such claims and obtained Pfizer samples. What he observed left him horrified and deeply concerned: strange Hydra Vulgaris-like creatures. He believes taking the vaccine is a dangerous game of Russian Roulette. Each injection and subsequent booster increase the odds of becoming infected with these parasites. He asserts the jabs are actually bioweapons.

Think about it: the very same authorities that called you nonessential are now telling you to roll up your sleeves and get the shot because they ‘care’ about your wellbeing. The very same individuals who have called for mass depopulation are now trying to impose mass vaccinations and medical mandates.

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It is all incredibly fascinating! What I find compelling is that there are people of all ages/ spiritual beliefs/ countries/ upbringings/ etc that all witness nearly identical entities. I sort of liken it to a dog whistle. If you were to blow it and I don't hear a sound does that mean it doesn't exist? Canines would beg to differ. The frequency is simply beyond our confined audible perception.

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Most familiar with DMT have heard of the ‘machine elves’ but few talk about the other phenomena repeatedly witnessed by users: reptilian beings. Rick Strassman, a medical doctor and psychology professor, conducted a 5-year long double-blind study on DMT in the 1990s. Each volunteer went through a rigorous vetting process including detailed psychological evaluations to ensure they had no underlying mental health issues. Full physical examinations including blood tests and electrocardiograms were also completed.

Dr. Strassman administered over 400 intravenous injections to 60 human subjects. What was disclosed during this time with participants would permanently alter his perception of reality. After each dose he would interview the individual to ask what they experienced. Despite being isolated in a clinical hospital setting and possessing no knowledge of one another, over 50% of the volunteers reported encountering nearly identical nonhuman entities.

Human beings only see an estimated 0.005% of the spectrum of visible light. Might it be plausible that certain hallucinogenic drugs take off our metaphoric blinders and allow us to see what’s truly been there all along?

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In 1984 Fauci was appointed Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases. HIV coincidentally emerged only a few short months later. A new business venture blossomed seemingly overnight. The conniving doctor utilized scare tactics on citizens by falsely stating AIDS could be spread without physical contact. He vowed to come up with a vaccine to eradicate the disease. Over 35 years and more than a trillion taxpayer dollars later, the nation is still waiting. Similar strategies were implemented with epidemics that followed: instill fear, conceal information, inflate the figures, then lobby for pharmaceutical manufacturers. With each ‘outbreak’ of viruses such as H5N1, Swine Flu, and Zika, Fauci’s organization consolidated power while he received massive kickbacks. He's been playing this game for over half a century.

Fauci’s spouse, Christine Grady, just so happens to be Head of the Presidential Commission of Bioethics. She is directly responsible for clinical trials required for FDA approval. Both husband and wife are involved in the endorsement, production, and distribution of coronavirus inoculations. Their combined efforts created the Moderna shot which has already raked in billions of dollars. In fact, Grady uses her salary to fund democratic candidates. She contributed donations to the Biden Campaign while her spouse advised Donald Trump with erroneous information.

Anthony Fauci is not the Patron Saint that many make him out to be.

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Yes I remember 2012 so vividly, all the hype about the end of the world/ Mayan calendar predictions. Sometimes I wonder what if the Mayans really were correct… that the world as we know it really did end then and we have been living in an alternate dimension. The way things have been going it honestly doesn’t that seem farfetched to me at this point.

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According to a whistleblower, researchers working on the quantum energy project were able to open a line of communication with the entity for over five years. During this period the being warned HAARP activities are causing irreversible damage to the planet. Globalist leaders believe the world will soon be ending are attempting to create man-made wormholes through which they can escape. Experiments being conducted at CERN have created a rift in space-time throwing off the very trajectory of this dimension.

The extraterrestrial stated that when the time for the dimensional merge drew near the following observable changes would occur:

• Subtle changes in time perception

• A waking-dream or ‘Twilight Zone’ type feeling

• Acquisition of extrasensory abilities such as telepathy

• An enhanced visual spectrum awareness in which experiencers see beyond physical sight and into other planes of existence

• Spiritual awakening combined with a sensation of collective oneness

• Consciousness of the duality of time and space

Are the events of the last 2 years indicators that we may in fact have already began shifting into an alternate universe?

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Malformed Blood Cells

Philippe van Welbergen is a UK-based doctor with over 40 years of experience. He drew blood from his patients and compared slides between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. There was a catastrophic difference. Blood cells in the inoculated had become jagged and malformed. A center core could no longer be distinguished. After reviewing his disturbing findings, he no longer offered the jab to his clients. He felt doing so violated his Hippocratic Oath of ‘first do no harm’.

Test HIV Positive

In December of 2020, Australia was forced to cease vaccine distributions after several volunteers tested HIV positive. Representatives promptly assured the general public it was merely a coincidence. However, Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Act, asserts genetically modified viruses are intentionally added to these ‘Frankenshots’. Fauci has a long and corrupt history concerning AIDS specifically. In fact, he utilized the epidemic to advance his career and receive massive kickbacks from drug manufacturers.

Bodies Become Magnetized

One of the strangest side effects made headlines after vaccinated social media users began to document magnets sticking to their bodies on Tik Tok. While many claimed it was a massive hoax, it is interesting to see what recently happened in Japan. They pulled 2.6 million doses of Moderna after finding a mysterious metallic substance which “reacts to magnets”.

Red Blood Cells Become Positively Charged Dr. Bärbel Ghitalla analyzed numerous blood samples those who received the inoculation. She was stunned when the results showed the red blood cells converted to a positive charge. Healthy RBCs naturally possess a negative current, allowing them to repel each other to avoid artery blockage. The alarmed doctor stated: “I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m afraid for my vaccinated patients.”

Blood Clots Throughout the Body

Canadian general practitioner, Dr. Charles Hoffe, noticed a staggering portion of his inoculated patients suffered from debilitating complications and neurological problems. Upon administering D-dimer tests, he discovered 62% had blood clots. Her warns the majority of fully vaccinated people will die in less than two years due to heart failure. Interior Health Authority leaders suspended his clinical license after Hoffe went public with his findings.

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The whole situation is just so sad. I tried to warn people I knew not to get it, but they don’t listen. The craziest part is that everyone who is having severe adverse reactions is in complete denial that it’s from the vx! It’s as if there is a firewall in their brains now and they can’t make the obvious connection. They are still defending it/ promoting it. Absolute insanity.

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Out of my own personal circle I know the following that happened to vaccinated individuals: 1 had a stroke. While they were conducting tests at the hospital they found several tumors, turned out to be cancer all in his kidneys; 1 had her vision literally invert overnight from nearsighted to farsighted/ can no longer stand for more than 10 mins at a time (she was extremely active before) and has severe bouts of vertigo; 1 had a massive heart attack while driving and crashed into a concrete barrier and died; 1 died of a blood clot to the brain (another healthy/ active person with no prior health issues); 1 had their leg swell up to 3xs it’s normal size; 1 had sudden kidney problems and now has to be on a catheter for potentially the rest of his life; 1 is having cognitive issues and cannot remember things from just minutes before; 1 had heart issues which turned out to myocarditis which has caused permanent damage.

Guess how many people I personally know that have died of Covid: zero.

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