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It’s just another Pharma scam to create lifelong Pharma dependents for the purposes of profit and control.

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They have to show their guilt. Some weird cult thing. All the ones who get caught diddling kids, assaulting women, being gay/on drugs, etc. do the frile, too. Maybe it’s a focus group-derived gesture that affords maximum forgiveness, not unlike the way a child pouts.

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They don’t need to cash out their stock. Banks loan them whatever they need with their stock as collateral and their interest rate is near zero. That’s how they do it.

And because they aren’t realizing their capital gains, they don’t owe taxes on their accumulated stock wealth.


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Fuck. They removed it. Got another link, based fren?

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No one has ever died from or because of a virus. The truth is that viruses are part of a healthy immune system. Such systems function poorly or even fall apart when not maintained properly by the user. Like an engine can leak fluid resulting in damage to other parts of the engine and eventually failure, so too can bodily systems including immune systems.

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Hijacking to say:

OP is a bot written by a faggot.

Trump is Teflon now. Said he got the vax and the booster so when it all falls down, he can say he got fooled just everyone else. Everyone will know exactly who to be mad at and it won’t be him.

Plus, who isn’t proud of a “vax” that kills normies who voluntarily choose it? Just sayin…


Shill bot with multiple accounts raiding this entire thread lmao

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The cycling motion is converted to a reciprocating motion via a crankshaft and piston down below that thrusts a little chinese dildo in and out of Adam Schitt’s throat and another one that fucks his ass.

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Where’s the 1/1,000 part? What exactly does it say? Help a nigga science, will ya?

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Yup and then they exposed themselves and brazenly committed atrocities in the open with hubris. Now, everyone sees them for what they really are instead of trusting them blindly.

Sure, many were sacrificed but this is war and those weak willed sheep who gave in are no good to us as they actually help the enemy,

4D chess.

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