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Even Flynn has admitted Q is just a big LARP

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Genuinely can´t tell if this is satire or an actual quote, you just don´t know with Jiao Bai Deng.

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It´s not just the ridiculousness of Covid, the cult of woke has been kicked into overdrive at the same time. The anti-white hatred, feminism, immigrant and negro worship, LGBTQ and transgender insanity, etc have all been on absolute steroids since Covid happened.

They are playing so many of their cards for a reason. Something is awry. If you´ve been paying attention for a few years as you mentioned, you´d know that this is not how they normally operate.

Honestly I can´t tell if we´re about the witness one of the greatest periods of mankind or it´s literal end.

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I sometimes link this place on Voat and on my various "fringe" TG groups but I am also banned from GAW for repeatedly asking why Trump loves Israel, whilst never getting an answer. Browsing GAW these days is pretty cringe tbh.

It is a shame this website isn't a bit more active but at the same time it's not the worst thing. As someone said quality=/=quantity. More users means more shills and trolls.

Honestly this place has the potential to be the best of all the fringe conspiracy sites (/pol/, Voat, GAW, /r/con, etc etc). I like the UI and the range of views espoused here. I'm not really sure what can be done to increase the userbase numbers, but should it even be done?

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That is exactly what will happen. All these "booms" and hopium is just to keep the Trump movement alive. It's like a drug for them. Everytime Trump says the number "17" or wears a yellow tie, the Qoomers blow their loads and buy into "da plan" for another few weeks or months. But it's just a hook, gotta keep people interested.

All this shit is just smoke and mirrors. It's part of the false dichotomy that (((they))) love to use so we stay divided and ignorant.

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When I see Youtube comments for videos like this or Biden or Marina Abramovic and Bill Gates etc, I think "wow so many people are redpilled, are we on the precipice?"

Then I talk to people in real life and I instantly lose all hope. I don't understand this juxtaposition.

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I've tried all those sites and they work fine for me

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If anyone likes reading books I'd highly recommend "Hitler's Revolution". It's an academic examination of Hitler's policies and actions as leader before and during the war. It goes into a bit of detail on how he transformed the country in a couple of months and revolutionised Germany. The social programs like incentives for families to own houses and have kids, can't remember all the specifics but couples were literally given tax breaks for having more kids, and they were encouraged to buy houses using co-operative loans from the government (interest free of course, in fact IIRC what you owed actually decreased over time!), among all other sorts of relief and encouragement.

Or for example, children and teenagers at school were cultivated to be the best at whatever it is they are good at. Students would learn about world geography, history, languages, religion etc on a general level but if they showed aptitude for music, sports, acting, arts, etc, they would be put on tailored programs and encouraged to develop those attributes. The best of those kids who showed the most hunger and ambition would go on to be the leaders of NS Germany in whatever field/locality. Education was all about producing intelligent, capable and patriotic citizens, not just rote learning getting "good marks" and then aimlessly figuring out how you should sell yourself into debt. Countless, theatres art and music schools were opened, including traveling troupes who would visit more forgotten rural parts of the country.

There was even a labour program for all students once they finished secondary/high school. It lasted for the immediate summer after, and you had to join it regardless of your class or background. At these clubs/societies, you would fraternise with your fellow German brothers/sisters and do things like camping, going out in nature, building things, gardening, cooking, etc etc. This was designed to break down class division and instead imbue people with a strengthened sense of compatriotism.

There's also of course the interesting approach to global economics, whereby he essentially introduced bartering on a global scale. Germany's economy was powered by and made valuable through it's labour, what it physically produced. Be it weapons, mechanics, furniture, tools, chairs or just straight extracted materials like wood, coal, steel, or again food, etc. What Germany produced would then just be straight exchanged on the global market for whatever Germany needed - oil, chromium, etc etc. Essentially severing Germany from the system international debt slavery and financial Zionist capitalism.

It's really quite an illuminating read and I've only scratched the surface. The book obviously has an underlying "pro" tone to it, but it at least tries to present itself as impartial as possible and with that in mind, it's really quite shocking when you see how many facts have been hidden and distorted and how much lies has been shoved down our throats over this one man. I would really commend it alongside the documentary "the Greatest Story Never Told" if anyone is interested in seeing the alternative perspective on Hitler. Maybe he wasn't the saint some people make him out to be, but what I do know is he definitely was not the devil incarnate like (((they))) terrorise us into believing.

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It's only cuckservatives that yell the whole "Hitler was a Rotschild!!!!" thing as a cope, because they refuse to believe that their brand of conservatism has been thoroughly Jewed and compromised for decades now.

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You have been and are doing the Lord's work friend. Please keep it up. Discovering /r/conspiracy and the quality posts that used to exist on that sub, really changed my life.

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Q is fake and gay.

Trump is the same man who told you all to get your vaccine shots.

Trump is the same man who recently said we must always stand with Israel (in addition to a million other pro-Israel comments he's made throughout the years).

Trump told everyone "Jan 6th. Be there, it'll be wild". Almost promising some grand event. Instead he fired people up for almost no reason, to the point people got arrested, and then sent them all home. Can anyone explain to me what exactly was the point of Trump's weird Jan 6th party?

Trump assassinated Soleimani. An Iranian general, the assassination of whom was a prime war goal for the Zionists. Trump works for Zionism.

Trump is the same man who has played along with this Covid scam since the very start, surrounding himself with swamp monsters like Fauci et al.

Trump is the same man who has almost exclusively Jewish grandchildren, including marrying his own daughter to sketchy shekel master Jared Kushner, who is literally and openly really good friends with Netanyahu, to the point they stay at each other's house.

I can go on and on. Trump will tell his supporters to vote Democrat for whatever reason, and his supporters will gobble it up. A random Q post will emerge telling people "Wait, it's part of the plan" and thousands of patriotic Americans will quietly sit at home twiddling their thumbs waiting for Trump to swoop down in a helicopter complete with American flags, flashbang grenades the US military, the national anthem and maybe even Jesus himself and then arrest all the Democrats on live TV.

But it's never going to happen. How long have you been told "wait"? How long have you been warned of "HUGE BOMBSHELL BOOMS INCOMING!"? How long have you watched Biden and Harris sign off executive orders - yes, real ones that actually have an impact in the physical world around us, not "holograms" -, how did it make you feel, when the US Army released the most effeminate and progressive woke bullshit propaganda video? This is the same US Army that's secretly in control, and aaaaaaany day now, will save the day? Like the movie? Are the Qtards still enjoying the movie? Still buying popcorn or whatever?

I highly doubt it. Hard to feel like the end of Q's prophecies are near, when it never even began.

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If you were a German, the Third Reich was a pretty awesome place to live before the war.

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He's not really though. Putin supports mass immigration to Russia, co-operation and integration with Muslims and he also cracks down on true nationalist movements in Russia. Putin is like Trump. Surrounded by rich, powerful Jews. Appeals to the downtrodden white man with their rhetoric and supposed Christian beliefs, but when you look at their actual policies, and who they associate with, it's very clear what team Putin is on.

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Then why are (((they))) trying their absolute hardest to replace the indigenous populations of Europe and their colonial descendants with turdworld immigrants? If nearly everyone is gonna die anyways within 20 years anyways then it doesn't seem like that this is a plan that's really worth committing to on such a huge, global extent.

They want to replace us because they want us to forget our heritage, our history, our identities and our destinies. They want us to be mixed-race automaton slaves with no gender, religion, culture or heritage. This project itself and the undertakings they do to bolster it lead me to believe that they see this as something that goes beyond the next 20 years.

I feel like if we're all guaranteed an apocalyptic event in 2046 - one that's out of their hands - they would probably do their best to subdue the population and not to do really risky shit like Covid or white replacement, because although that stuff might have the most controlling and changing effects on our society (which is good from their POV obviously), they also carry significant levels of risk to people waking up (through the sheer insanity and obviousness of it all).

Idk, just not seeing it entirely.

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Lmao. Ugly, bald, glasses, hook nose, Cohen, an article that calls for violence against dissenters... Does it get any more stereotypically whiny evil Jew?

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