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YES it's called 'seditious conspiracy"


If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

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I am a milwaukee person. They are the best cordless tools you can buy. but i'm very pissed off about their slow rolling of this generator and the bait and switch. Specifically, that they are false advertising their battery capacity for the m1 batteries and also the fact you can't keep it plugged in and charging while using it. That seems to me like a retarded ass design that I cannot possibly even comprehend how milwaukee could have made such a bad product

none of the other tools like makita can stand up to milwaukee.

that said milwaukee is now owned by a hong kong based company techtronic industries, and so is ryobi and others


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we 'doomers' are cautiously optimistic about the john durham indictment

just remember, if he doesn't use this for discovery to go after the hillaroids, then Durham ....is OVER

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They altered the S protein expressed by mRNA ON PURPOSE in order to induce antibody dependent enhancement

in other words, they intended this vaccine to be part 1 of effectively a binary poison

part 2 is any 'variant'

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NOTHING came from it

Wrong. Lots came from it. You have tons of chrisitan people whose eyes are now open to how the world really operates--that governments and coroprations act as a duopoly and as racketeering transnational criminal organizations

And that there is a secret religion of the elites that isn't grounded in judeo christianity and isn't quite satanism but freemasonry-jesuititsm / the dark or esoteric version of mainstream religions and left hand path of gnosticsm

This is a big red pill for some

That human trafficking is still happening, and its bigger than they ever thought and that CIA was involved in that, in mind control and drugs-for-guns black market trade

AND FINALLY that there's an ongoing, secret space program whose history lies in the german nazi party and post ww2 operation paperclip program that is funnelling dark money (money converted from taxpayer input into contraband and then back into black money revenue) through hollywood / Netflix / bitcoin as a money laundering trick to 'repatriate' the dark money into continuity of government secret space program post www2 nazi globalist --- global fascist technocrats that are building things underground and runing a totalitarian AI-managed global intelligence empire from right under our feet

THAT IS NOT NOTHING. Stop saying this

Jan 6th was really a tiny protest, on the scheme of things. People like myself helped shut it down in order to keep Q people safe. I think we really DID help We knew it was an FBI honeypot from actually understanding the enemy (sun tzu), which is that FBI is captured by the DNC, which is itself captured by MI6/NATO (globalist technocrats / five eyes) and the CCP faction of the same (their five eyes, intelligence empire)

jan 6th scared the shit out of them because they realized the people were 'waking up'

I am still convinced Trump is running a sting operation. I was the first that i know of to say this

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I'll remind you all that the thing that trips up Q people the most is "indictment"

Indictment is like a 'soft arrest'. They aren't arrested, they are served papers compelling them to go to court. They are innocent until proven guilty through the due process of law--evryone in amercia under the constituion has this right.

Indictment is NOT conviction

Conviction is not punishment

The key thing here is the indictment has to lead to discovery and subpoena powers and that Durham JUNIOR (I believe) has to continue investigating HILLARY CLINTON and others who promoted the investigation of Trumps team

  • Sec state John Kerry
  • Jim Comey
  • John McCain
  • Bruce and Nelly Ohr
  • Possibly the FISA judges themselves

We need to know 1) what did they know AND 2) when did they know it.

You have to prove MENS REA otherwise they operated correctly and within the law.

It's going to be a bullshit thing if you just charge ONE person as ultimately responsible and that the rest of the people invovled are NOT conspirators...they dind't know ahead of time what the plan was...they were SIMPLY VICTIMS OF THE ORIGINAL SOURCE GUY'S HOAX

THey will try to hide behind this.

You must find those emails and texts where they were coordinating

YOu are going to have to have all of the perkins Coie communications FROM THE NSA...i'm sure perkins has already deleted all their emails from 5 yrs ago or whatever.

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This isn't the first time a durham post has shown up. He's been dripped out 3 times now at least, since Qs last post in Nov 2020.

I want to believe, but Durham is a let down. YEs hes probably real because he has a son and that picture of Durham jr is real, and Durhm jr. has more of a 'paper trail'

so it's possible that durham SR isn't even the 'Durham" that Q is talking about but rather Durham jr.

I hope this is the case. That SR was a distraction for Jr. to do his good work

I still think it's a sting operation

I still think Durham Sr. is effectively no longer a real person, because he's a non player character in this drama and no evidece to support he is still doing things. Same with Huber

Non player character

They should have produced much more work product than they have given their time and resources we've allowed them.

That being said, if HILLARY is charged, or others in Hillary's orbit are charged, and not just 'wrist slapped' a perkins coie guy, then maybe this is going to be a big thing

Q people fall into the trap of hopium, always getting all worked up because every little detail that goes their way provides vast amount of fuel, gives tons of air to their confirmation biases. This is a mistake though, because we've seen the pattern.

A SMALL amount of hopium keeps the Q people addicts, to keep dragging this out

I am of the thinking that "justice delayed is justice denied". Look what it's gotten them so far. It's gotten them all this draconian stuff

And you say "no patriots are in control" -- to some degree this is correct. You are correct in saying that they wouldn't have to do all these theatrics each day if they were actually in control

YOu are right about that, at the least---they are having to spin 10x more weird narratives to cover their lies. That is why it's best just to tell the truth. You don't have to keep spinning lies on top of lies.

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Hi, I’m Steve Kirsch. I’m the Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund. I have no conflicts. Advanced to slide number four with the elephants. I’m going to focus my remarks today on the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about, that the vaccines kill more people than they save. Today we focus almost exclusively on COVID death saves and vaccine efficacy because we were led to believe that vaccines are perfectly safe. But this is simply not true. For example, there are four times as many heart attacks in the treatment group in the Pfizer six-month trial report. That wasn’t bad luck. There is shows heart attacks happen 71 times more often following these vaccines compared to any other vaccine. In all 20 people died, who got the drug, 14 died who got the placebo. Few people notice that if the net all-cause mortality from the vaccines is negative. Vaccines, boosters, and mandates are all nonsensical. This is the case today. Death rates. Let’s slide number seven advanced to the number seven in the lower part. This shows that the all-cause death light rate and in three cases, only the VAERS numbers are statistically significant, but the other numbers are troubling. Even if the vaccines had 100% protection, it still means we killed two people to save one life. Four experts did analyses using completely different Non-U.S. data sources, and all of them came up with approximately the same number of excess vaccine-related deaths, about 411 deaths per million doses. That translates into 150,000 people have died. The next slide would be slide number 11—the nursing home. Now the real numbers confirm that we kill more than we saved. And I would love everyone to look at the Israel Ministry of health data on the 90 plus-year-olds where we went from a 94.4% vaccinated group to 82.9% vaccinated in the last four months. In the most optimistic scenario, it means that 50% of the vaccinated people died, and 0% of unvaccinated people died. Unless you can explain that to the American public. You cannot approve the boosters” – Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund

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Who are you referring to GynaNumbaZero?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a virtual meeting titled Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee on Friday, September 17th.

As they described it on their YouTube channel, “Join us for a Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting to discuss Pfizer-BioNTech’s supplemental Biologics License Application for administration of a third dose, or “booster” dose, of the COVID-19 vaccine, Comirnaty, in individuals 16 years of age and older.”

It was an eight-hour virtual meeting (Full video at the bottom of this article), but we found a few bombshell clips that destroyed the official narrative.

Here’s the first clip from Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund:



by pkvi
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I agree, with the exception of the 9/11 one. It is a very underrated post and might be Axo's best work

I think there shouldn't be more than say 2 posts sticked from the same user. You can't have 6 stickied AXO posts

that repels people from this sub, makes it look like only AXO is posting here and trust me, I know this well from reddit...if you have dozens of posts that are the same person, people will leave.

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THe thing about the 'doomers' and blackpillers and durham doesn't existers is that they'd be GLAD to be wrong. But they just didn't want to be banned for saying so

But GAW kicked these people off. And then they whine about twitter kicking people off. This says to me that GAW mods are enormous hypocrites

You cannot stop bad speech by shutting down speech

the only solution to bad speech is MORE SPEECH and convincing people.

People who questioned Durham weren't saying "it's all lost, give up"

They were saying "Don't sit around and wait for Durham...he's a loser who has produced NOTHING in 3 yrs"


Therefore, WE THE PEOPLE need to take over the investigation

WE THE PEOPLE need to push for federal referendums

WE THE PEOPLE have to fix the election

WE THE PEOPLE need to take over politics at the local level

WE THE PEOPLE need to join the police

WE THE PEOPLE need to become sheriffs

WE the PEOPLE need to be the ones to take down the deepstate with lawsuits and protests and yes possibly even acts of violence and treachery at the level of the fbo

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You have to prove MENS REA -- the foreknowledge that what you are saying is NOT true

Find this email, phone call, video, or tweet that betrays Sullivan's foreknowledge that this connection is not true, and there you have him as a co conspirator in a seditious conspiracy

which is treason

and accessory after the fact in multiple racketeering scandals also

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...To which glenn greenwald replies:

It wasn't just Hillary's lawyer who got indicted today, or their media servants, who spread this fraud about Trump's secret server with a Russian bank. Hillary herself endorsed and spread as her lawyer concocted the whole fraud in the first place:


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Even Aim4Truth, their strongest trump supporters have kind of black pilled themselves and started dooming

TIME and NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL HAPPENING (while we rapidly lose and lose and lose) is enough to black pill everyone

If Trump is playing a 'long game sting operation game of chicken'...the rest of us are getting VERY nervous

In other words


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