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lol his wikipedia page is a blast to read through https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Cohen

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What I'm the hell do the vaccinated have to fear from the unvaccinated? If we ever get out of this mass hypnosis mindfuck, the lunacy on display will be wondered at for years to come

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I'd be curious to read a history book 50 years from now. Will the con still be alive or will the truth emerge?

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Nah, everyone will be busy with the alien terrorists who had just spread covid 2070 which you can only be protected from by eating 20 insect larva at your nearest communist cafeteria while wearing a hazmat suit and watching and cheering the rabbis performing their daily goy child sacrifice on television.

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6 million jews. 19 arabs. Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Etc.

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If we ever get out of this mass hypnosis mindfuck, the lunacy on display will be wondered at for years to come

The only way to get out from the new normal is death.

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No it wont

Because the vaccinated will cease to exist within 18 months adn then it's problem solved. Just kidding btw I dont' actualy think so

But they WILL start having SEVERE problems within 18 months that they will have take a vaccine FOR the vaccine. They will have to unfuck themselves and will be extorted for it

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When you don't even need to look at the early life section.

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Lmao. Ugly, bald, glasses, hook nose, Cohen, an article that calls for violence against dissenters... Does it get any more stereotypically whiny evil Jew?

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That sounds like a threat.... Glad I am stocked up on essentials.

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They are overshooting this so hard that there will be blowback. Their system will not work if all the smart people opt out. They are radicalizing people who were previously quite content to play by the rules.

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The vaccinated should have turned on.

Then theyd see thru the lies.

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Looks like the rat lawyer from the lawyer show that the black british princess is in

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He's admitting the vaccinated are going to become zombies

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Another ((tribe)) member pushing the killshot.

Mrexreturns -8 points ago +1 / -9

After this gets through, the mechanical body parts are next.

You cannot stop it. They won, don't be a sore loser, accept defeat. The price of defeat is death, and it takes a special soul of iron to embrace death by killing/cannibalizing 6 people in a day and killing oneself from the horror.