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Of course most RTV sealers will lose mass, regardless of vacuum or normal pressure, because thinner is added to most Room-Temperature Vulcanisation sealers to make their application easier and provide better adhesion. Thinner will diffuse to the surface and evapourate with time, faster in vacuum or at high temperatures, as any volatile liquids do.

This mass loss will not anyhow harm RTV sealer at all. But it could contaminate vacuum in some sensitive equipment and even damage sensors or poison some ion trap or whatever inside vacuum chamber sealed with this sealer. For such purposes thiinnerless 2k RTV sealers manufactured. But they are harder to apply and more expensive. There is no any sense to use them for sealing large surfaces for space, because nobody cares about contaminating outer space with few grams of thinner molecules.

Funny, you already tried to push exactly same crap here earlier. Somebody decided that everybody forgot about it and it is time for next round of pushing narrative?

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What if they just account such numbers as something cool?

In Russia was very popular to bribe road police to get number plate with something like 777 or 010 or 500 or whatever symmetric, round or other "interesting" number and letters. It was like a manifestation of coolness among their own. Or they tried to publicly manifest their ability to bribe road police to get such number plate.

May be they are just arrogant and childish idiots obsessed with manifestation of their power, so all that "cool" numbers and stuff?

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There is no vacuum chamber on earth capable of testing suits at those vacuum levels.

There is no need to do that at all. "vacuum level" of 1e-11 torr is not noticeably different from vacuum of 0.1 torr from the material strength science point of view.

It is like difference between 99.9999 purity gold bar and 99.99999999999999 purity gold bar. You will not find any measureable difference in mechanical properties of that gold bars.

Traditional rubber type seals do not work at those vacuum levels.

Bullshit. Anything more or less elastic will perfectly work at this levels for containig atmosphere.

Problems with high vacuum is in no way connected with any imaginary dectructive properties of high vacuum. Problems about keeping high vacuum pure enough in some applications like electron microscopy, ion spectroscopy and so on. It is about protection of vacuum, not about any damage to rubber.

Rubber, silicone and other elastic gaskets usualy made using lubricants or thinners. In any vacuum, just like in regualr air this lubricants or thinners will evapourate. It absolutely does not matter if it happen in space, but that lubricant or thinner molecules in some high vacuum precision device could ruin the day.

For space suits, spacecrafts and all that stuff vacuum in space is just 1 bar pressure difference and nothing more. Regardless of how low torr value you have.

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it is the material's resistance to degradation from the vacuum itself.

Rare materials degrade in vacuum at all. Some closed-cavities styrofoam, and something like with gas inside. Few materials that have to contain liquid and volatile substances to keep specific properties like decorative water-keeping jelly balls for flowerpots. Hardly you will find anything in that list that somebody will ever choose for space suit.

UV light and temperatures range are magnitude orders more important in question of material degradation in space, but they are not very different from those on Earth surface.

Vaccum is absolutely nothing, in literal and metaphoric sense for materials. It is not even in the top 10 things harmful for human without any protection. Here on Earth surface we have much more dangerous things without any space wonders.

That attempts to use vacuum as some scarecrow for ignorant audience are just stupid.

Only thing that is interesting to explore about space vacuum is who and for what purpose pictured space vacuum as something instantly deadly and severely destructive in all that mass media production, when all real properties of vacuum was perfectly known for arond two centuries.

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You say you don't have tools to measure tolerance, and then say your tolerances are sub micron?

I said I have no tool to measure tolerance of roundness I get on the lathe. Dial wiith 0.001 mm precision shows nothing on just turned part. So you need more precise measurement device to measure roundness tolerance less than 0.001 mm. I don't have such, so can't tell what exact value I have, only that it is less than 0.001 mm.

What stone are you working with?

Roundness tolerance does not depend on material. It's a property of lathe, not stock.

You can only lathe granite with carbide or diamond impregnated steel.

Nor diamond, nor carbide never impregnated into steel. That's not how abrasive cutting tools made. Just visit hardware shop and look at cutting disks for ceramic, concrete and stone. Abrasive impregnated into brass or bronze layer.

To cut some stone you need abrasive with equal or larger hardness. So you could just use granite itself to cut granite. Just have to change tool more often. Also, granite hardness is less than SiO2 hardness. So you could use sand as abrasive too. Guess what is used to cut diamonds? Siddenly, diamonds.

A lathe, even with the proper tools, puts lots of pressure on granite

You don't need to put pressure on granite. You need to have a fast rotating disc with abrasive as a tool, not a cutter.

Lathe is not a mechanism to put pressure. Lathe is a mechanism that allow turning round things with some tool. Potter's wheel is kind of lathe too. Tool is your hand in that case.

You can't just eyeball that.

You don't need to. Take something round as a template and you will be able to create enormous amounts of interesting curves, just combining circles. Different round templates will make things more interesting.

You seriously think the ancient Egyptians created micron tolerances in granite with lathes made out of "arrowheads" and "bowstring"

You get micron tolerances because of rotation between two supports. Not because of what that supports are.

Egyptologists claim the ancient Egyptians didn't have brass or bronze. They claim they only had copper and stone tools.

If you are not aware, it is much harder to make copper, than to make bronze. Bronze is just impure copper, with tin, silicon, lead and so on as impurities. To make copper you need more advanced technology than to make bronze.

You do know that it's the Egyptologists themselves that say the ancient Egyptians created these vases with only copper chisels, and without lathes?

I don't care what Egyptologists say. Imagine that. I don't need any Egyptologists to find out how things could be done by ancient people.

You seriously think the ancient Egyptians created micron tolerances in granite

There is nothing exceptional in "micron tolerances" at all. A surface, glossy enough to be a mirror have less then 0.1 μm roughness. Yes, 100 nm tolerance. Ancient Egyptians had nanotechnologies!!!111

It requires carbide or diamond impregnated steel

Why do you continue to repeat that bullshit about "abrasive impregnated steel" ? It is very easy to check that abrasive is always impregnated in bronze or brass even in modern instruments. Steel is used only as a cheap base for abrasive impregnated bronze. Steel is significantly cheaper than bronze today, so no need to make whole tool from bronze, and only cutting edge made from bronze now.

Those "coins" couldn't do jack shit to granite.

Those "coins" are as good, as modern diamond disks for Dremel. They just lost all abrasive on the edge, so was thrown out as we found them or was used as they are with abrasive suspension pouring on the rotating disk.

The entire society/civilization would have to shift/advance to achieve those increases in precision.

Strange that you do not apply same logic to your "unknown advanced ancient technology" belief. If ancient Egyptians had some advanced tech, then they had to have industry to make that tech, to make parts of that tech and so on, including precursor tech, parts, etc. And it had to be massive, so we had to find weared and spare parts of that advanced tech and tools to make that advanced tech everywhere in ancient Egypt.

You can't have tech, even magic or alien one without any traces. If it is magic, then there should be tons of blank magic wands, tools to make magic wands and so on. If it is alien, there should be tons of weared alien tool parts, depleted or broken energy sources, broken tools and so on.

When you have only a vase made with "advanced ancient tech", but no any traces of that tech at all, then it is bullshit. So, to be honest you have to look around and see if that vase could be done with things ancient Egyptians already had.

If you think that I'm kind of hardcore sceptic, you can't be wrong more. On the opposite, for a lond I'm trying to find any evidence of any "out of nowhere" technology, because it would be a solid proof of some external, alien influence on development of humanity. But none of that "advanced ancient technology" claims I know about, ever demonstrated technology itself or its parts, only some artifacts claimed to be done with "advanced ancient technology". And all those artifacts perfectly possible for the time they attributed to.

There is a group of "out-of-time" or "out-of-place" artifacts, like that spark plug ingrown into stone, but they are too questionable and too obvious. Antykitera mechanism was kind of promising, but it appeared to be just a sophisticated mechanical calendar to show events and holidays of ancient Greece. Interesting, but not what I looking for.

Listen, If there would have been found something like Antykithera mechanism, but designed to show phases of three moons and dates for completely another planet - THAT would be something I looking for.

Or if there would have been discovered multiple complex but definitely compatible parts of some tech with unknown purpose and with nothing even close to anything in our technologies, then it will be also very interesting.

If you know something like that - you are welcome.

So, if you satisfied with consuming what some videobloggers or "Egyptologists" tell you for your amusement, then fine. Many do that. But I'm not from their target audience. I want real proof.

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If you are not aware, 1e-11 torr means just 1 bar pressure inside suit. Even less, because even on passenger planes internal pressure is lowered to 0.8 bar on regular flights. Using oxygen only you could safely lower pressre to 0.3 bar. Nothing exceptional at all. You literally could make space suit from bike helmet, some plastic PPE, boots and gloves. Some hacking to make it air tight together and you are in business. You will have more problems with dissipating heat your body produce than with that 1e-11 torr vacuum.

Why the hell that "1e-11 torr" is used in all that space memes as something extreme or very dangerous? It is just 1 bar pressure difference with atmospheric pressure on the Earth surface. On the passenger plane cruise altitude of 10km pressure is 0.25 bar, so difference with pressure on the Earth surface is 0.75 bar. Since when 0.75 bar pressure difference is something very usual thing nobody really care about flying in passenger plane, but 1 bar pressure difference is something exceptional?

It is much harder to make underwater suit for 100 meter depth, because pressure difference is 10 bar.

As for the price - what government institution do not laundering tax money today?

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The problem is working granite (and other hard stone) to extremely fine detail. How tight are the tolerances of your works? Are they within micron tolerances?

It depends on what tolerances you mean. For roundness you will get less than micron tolerance on nearly any lathe and even cutting something gripped in hand drill.

I have no tools to measure roundness tolerance for things I made on my lathe, It is much less than micron. Best dial I have with 0.001 precision show nothing if I set it on a just turned part rotating in a chuck. Obviously.

For other axis, I have around 0.01 mm lengthwise from chuck to rear support and same 0.01 perpendiculal for 150mm diameter stock. This tolerances are adjustable so it could be better, but I don't need to.

Are the lines and curves of your works all related to each other, geometrical ratios?

You will not believe me, but suddenly, solids of revolution like vases are made from some 2D curve rotated by 360 degrees. If you look at Egyptian 2D pictures and ornaments, you will find that they are sometimes very sophisticated. You need not be a genius to take some of those ornaments curve and turn it to get some nice thing.

So you're just eyeballing the material removal between the handles.

You don't need any eyballing if you use stops. Simpliest thing - a stick attached to stock. Every time attached stick stop at some fixture, angle of stock is exactly same with decent precision. Very easy.

Same with vase curve. Especially if you need several identical vases. You make a template plank with one side curved that set vase profile and use it as a stop for cutter. You will not be able to cut more than template allow and all subsequent vases will be identical.

Egyptologists have tested sawing to cut rock using copper saws with sand abrasives. Do you know how well it worked? They made almost no progress.

They are idiots. You need bronze or brass for that. Just go to nearest hardware shop and take a look at all that diamond or corundum cutting disks - the abrasive is melted into brass. Copper is too soft to hold abrasive. In addition, copper is kind of sticky. It is hard to mil, drill and turn copper because it is sticky. Brass and bronse is self-slipping. That is why bushes are made from brass or bronze, and that is why it is used as a carrier for abrasive.

If you have a good hardware shop around, you could buy a rope blade for hack saw. Usially used for cutting ceramic tiles. It is a steel wire covered with brass covered with abrasive. Works pretty well. And cheap as dirt. You don't need any "egyptologists" to find out how things really works.

mainstream historians still claim the ancient Egyptians built everything they did without the use of the wheel, and without the use of the lathe.

Mainstream historians claim a lot of bullshit. That is why they allowed to be mainstream.

Egyptians was well aware about wheel and machinery.

I've worked in a quarry before. Even using steel tools

Steel is not used to cut stones. Steel is used in this tools only to carry cutting edge made from brass/bronze and abrasive. All cutting is done by abrasive. And there was plenty of abrasive in ancient Egypt.

I know when a job requires more advanced technology

Advanced technology makes things easier. It didn't change principle. Like with lathe. Of course modern CNC lathe is very comfortable to cut anything round and even not so round. But in basics it is not different from stock holded between two arrowheads and driven by bowstring with knife or sharp stone as a tool. With such lathe you could do anything you can do on modern lathe, it just will take much more time. With such lathe you could make any round parts from wood, bronze or brass stock. Then use them to upgrade your lathe to do things from stone or whatever material.

F.e. those flat disks with square holes in center that are declared coins by "archeologists". They are not coins. "Archeologists" didn't know about machining and all that stuff. They are cutting disks. Square hole allow easily transfer large torque from wooden stick to cutting edge without slipping. Craft was rated high in ancient times, so this form of disk with square hole eventually could evolve in coins with some art on them, but early ones with flat sides are cutting tools.

As for precision - I had a textbook for machinists where described a lot of methods to make high precision parts using low precision tools. It was old Russian textbook for technical schools. I'm shure western technical schools have to have similar textbooks, because it is the basics of any industry. High precision machinery is not appeared from nowhere. It was made on lower precision machinery. Find this book and read it. I guarantee, you will find much more amasing and mind-blowing stuff in this book than in all that videos about "advanced ancient technologies" together.

Again, you clearly haven't watched the video.

I watched and I'm pity I spend time to watch this. Only thing that saved this video is vases. They are nice. And that's all.

Seriously - buy that cheap stone bowl and measure it by yourself. All that bullshit "it is impossible even with modern tools" will vaporize quickly. Just $10 and highly probably you'll easily find something similar on amazon or ebay. Not a very high price to find the truth.

I understand why videobloggers do that videos. They want their easy money, so they will do anything to make even very boring things look amasing and misterious. But I don't understand why people here decide to help them to earn money?

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If you'd bother to watch the video, he (Ben with UnchartedX) explains that it would be impossible to create these things on lathes, even modern ones.

I don't care what some blogger explains. I know that I can do it.

Truly, these vases could only be produced in a computer, with design software, and manufactured with highly precise sophisticated machines

It's a bullshit. Right before me I have a glass made from stone, something like that - http://kamnerez07.ru/shop/product/bokal-d60-115 I don't know how that stone named in English, in Russian it is named змеевик. Hardness is just 1-2 below hardness of granite. You could also buy similar glasses from onyx, which is harder than granite, and other stones.

IDK, hardly this "ancient super advaced technology" of making stone glassware preserved only in Ural mountains region of Russia. I know similar things manufactured in Iran and Pakistan. If some dude from youtube could not do that, then it's only his ignorance, nothing more.

My glass is perfectly round, it was made on simple lathe, basically similar to simpliest wood lathe, but with diamond cutting disc instead of chisel. Inside is taken out with diamond ball mill. Stock is rotating slowly, diamond cutter rotates fast. It is possible to make partial arcs on surface (for handles, f.e.) rotating stock by incomplete turn, leaving some stone intact.

I could easily make similar granite vase on my metalworking lathe using dremel equipped with diamond disk instead of regular cutter. Will took some time and water, but absolutely nothing exceptional. High roundness is guaranteed.

In ancient times such things highly probably was made on hand-driven lathe of basic construction with rotating bronse disk/ball with sand melted in as cutting tool. Water was used for cooling and dust removal. Two slaves, one to rotate bronse tool at high speed with bow string and other to pour water was handy. Master slowly rotate stock in lathe by one hand doing cutting with rotating tool with other hand.

Once upon a time, being child I was very enthusiastic in all that "advaced ancient technology" bullshit too. But with time, I got a knowledge and expirience of how things work and how they made. I learned to work on different machines and use different tools. And now, all that "advanced ancient technologies" are nothing more than simple job done with simple tools. Tools simplicity just made job longer, not less precise. And ancient people had a lot of time. They didn't have twitter and netflix, so had to find some other ways to occupy themselves.

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Lathe-like machinery is an ancient thing. And with any lathe, even ugly, slaves-driven and prehistoric one, you inevitably get "magic" of ideal concentricity and roundness if you work on stock without taking it out.

It's like sawing something with rope saw - you always get perfectly flat cut surface.

Geometry rulz.

Nice vases, meanwhile.

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So it is absolute number of murders per year for the whole town with around half-million inhabitants. That's something, thank you.

Questions remains about victims categories and Portland area (and so accounted population) changes.

Then, if categories and town area didn't change since 2019, then that's definitely sign of some severe shit happening in Portland.

I understand your confusion. Often times data is intentionally presented in a way that makes it difficult to interpret meaningfully, and it takes considerable effort to train oneself to put it together coherently.

Looks like some culture in presenting and spreading data is lost completely. That's sad, really.

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Is it so hard to provide context for numbers?

What's it? Musrders per year? Per montth? Per week? Per 10k? Or may be per 1M

Who is the victims? Is it regular citizens who suffer from crime or may be it is unhinged gangs start to kill each other?

Numbers and plots without units and context are mostly useless, even if it is number of murders. Enough to provoke "feelings" for whatever reason, but not enough for something thoughtful.

The most disturbing thing is that during coronahoax we was fed a lot with same numbers and plots without units and context. After that, at least here, on that forum, people should perfectly know importance of units and context. But somehow I still see exactly same thing like I saw about coronahoax, just about some other thing.

How fuck is that?

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2x weight is not something disastrous. It's 2g force. You probably expirienced something near that many times at passenger plane take-off. For few minutes only each time, but it is more than enough to reveal any problems if any. Hardly anybody will even describe this as "unpleasant".

Humans and animals will adapt, only some structures for obvious reasons will have problems as mentioned earlier by 867glow5309reggin.

Also, many people who don't care about themselves have more than 2x normal human weight and don't look suffering from their weight specifically, putting apart health problems, some even claim they are "healthy" and "normal".

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Again noticed weird score calculation. It's 1 on the left, but +3 / -5 in title.

Ontopic: basically it is hybrid of hair clipper and vacuum cleaner.

Non-NASA, Roscosmos footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uood2MZaosU

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There is definitely nothing to tackle. Just sit and watch who will try to gain profit on his death. That simple.

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Thanks for the game, and only one small suggestion - try to thoroughly thought out preconditions, so they be more or less consistent and have internal logic. This will make game much more interesting and even useful. :)

I think that situation when things looks consistent and logical, may be even boring, and so pretty possible IRL, and when player don't see any decent way out it is much more spectacular and thought-provoking than any plain trash horrors. :)

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Your preparedness and cool head has made you a leader in the eyes of your neighbors and family.

God save me from that. I deny being leader. And neighbours are not any dumber of whatever, they just specialise in things other than elecronics. Also they are also stocked decently - remeber - they bring me what I needed, so they had and excess.

You need to set up a means of communication as all wireless communication is permanently down, and it seems only word of mouth is the only way news is getting in or out.

How is that? CB radios and walkies-talkies are fine and repaired.

How do you establish trade moving forward?

I don't think we need any trade at all at that point, since all that disater is temporary and main goal is to pass through with minimum damage, not make money. Will sum up everything later if needed.

Do you stay put, or do you leave?

Really nothing changed a lot. Yes, nobody making iPnone parties anymore, and there are no mains power from electricity company, but latter is not for long, they are fixing their stuff too. Why should we move?

What does your community look like? Will you have enough resources to take care of outsiders or do you fend for yourself?

Regular village, with forest, fields, log or stone houses and all that stuff. Just with temporary centralized power outage, which is not a rare thing, really, you know, that trees sometimes fall on wires or ice builds or wind, or somebody break power pole with tractor, so everybody prepared.

No, even a few weeks without electricity will not be even close to awful disaster here. Towns are more vulnerable, of course, but I don't think it will be total collapse too. Some shit will happen in some places, but nothing critical. As electricity will be fixed everything will return to norm.

Humans live without any electricity only 150 years ago, and that was not hell on earth. And even modern snowflakes will certainly survive a week or even a month without electricity.

We have a proverb - "devil is not as scary as they paint him", in the sense that things you don't dealt with often exagregated and when you really meat them, you find out that everything could be resolved, fixed or defeated easier than they told you.

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to your discovery they didn't!

So, I had more than enough firewood to keep my home warm. Nobody get cold and so on.

Trees don't run on electricity!

Really they do. You know, chemical reactions, ions, radicals and all that stuff. All that is about electrons.

Your family didn't have enough to go around

Why? Just in kitchen I have around 2 kg of salt, one table salt and another for dishwasher. And who knows how many in warehouse. Last time I bought five 1kg packs of dishwasher salt and three 1kg table salt, and there already was something.

Neighbors return home and nope power is still off.

All my neighbours have gasoline generators, so power outage is not a problem anymore, since among things they bring me to fix was few electronic regulators from gens. Others just have older electronicless generators.

Your wife is now starting to accept the fact that you can't let electricity go

Everything apperared to be fine with electricity in my house. generator is murmuring on the wood gas without any problems, and could do it as long, as there is wood to add. Well, of course I have to stor it periodically for cleaning and servicing, but that's not a problem at all.

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An amount of time has passed and you continue to cast imaginary spells and your family starts to worry.

Why should they? There are tons of wood in forest, it will took them dozen minutes to collect enough firewood to keep house warm even if I will be too lazy to do that.

Don't tell me that "solar flash" also vapourised our forest and so on.

has caused your mother-in-law to pass away from malnutrition and lack of salt.

Wait, solar flare also vapourised salt? You mean Sodium Chloride with melting temperature around 800°C and who knows boiling one?

We definitely on the next level. :)

There are 6 men and two women.

Slightly tired of them, really. They definitely bring me their broken electronic crap to repair. Again. As always. Well, I fix some of their electronic shit and they are happy, as always, and don't hesitate to provide us with everything necessary and much more, as always.

But I still not shure if all that stuff is applicable for next level. :)

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Well, I don't know rules for next level, and even don't know if the concept of "survival" is applicable here at all.

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Wife (Hungry, Cold) Son (Hungry, cold, Sick) Mother-In-Law (Hungry, Cold) Self (Slowly going mad, -1 turn)

Well, you mean solar flare also eat all our food reserve and vapourized few tons of coal and firewood? Then there are nothing to worry about anymore - we are definitely already dead, and moving stright to the next level. :)

Do you have a lore and rules for next level?

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Unfortunately the "electronics" you discover that are in your old pcs also show the same condition as your phone, TV, and Furnace. BRICKED.

If it runs on electricity it ain't working.

If such thing is accounted as possible in this wargame, then my move will be - I taking my magic wand and restore everything as it should be along with removing globalist cabal and their shills from existence.

Seriously, wargames with impossible preconditions are as senseless and practical as D&D. Just entertainment, nothing more.

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This is 100% is not solar flare. Probably electronic devices was compromised by chip manufacturers intentionally to die at specific moment.

Solution - go down to basement and dig out old electronic stuff made before above conspiracy. You know - that beloved old PCs and other nice electronic things of the past which are "too grudge to throw out and too unfashioned to allow anybody see you have them". Revive necessary ones and continue with your business.

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Moon albedo, calculated from visible sun and moon brightness ratio is around 0.07. So it reflects only 7% of light. I'ts pretty bad, really. Charcoal reflects 4%, for example. White paper reflects around 90%. Usual river sand have around 50%

Moon surface is only twice brighter than charcoal and 7 times darker than river sand. Pretty black thing I could say.

It is too easy to calculate, so hardly Kubrik, being perfectionist would have been fucked up with such simple thing. Color of moon surface on NASA color images is correct. It have to be kind of nearly black sand or dust to appear in our sky as we see it.

If moon had something like river sand as surface, it would have been 7 times brighter in full moon night, which is still far from sunlight, but already enough to read.

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Actually there is no math component required for it to be a theory.... It just has to be sufficiently proven through repeated tests and experiments. That can and often does involve math, but it doesn't have to necessarily.

You are absolutely right, math is not absolutely necessary, proof could be obtained without it, just in most cases especially in physics/chemistry, some math appears when hypothesis become theory.

Strictly speaking, it's not math, it is predictability, which provide way of proving/disproving. If you could predict outcome of your hypothesis given input variables/conditions, and so could check if it happens in reality, it is already a theory.

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