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The bodies in the Paris catacombs are from normal burials, moved after the cemeteries were full, not the remains of human sacrifices to a demon in order to scare their enemies, like with the Aztecs.

And you know it from what sources? How do we know that skulls from Paris catacombs are not result of Revolution or whatever massacre or who Aztecs really sacrificed? All we have is just human skulls. Unfortunately, they can't be asked.

'm not going to get into a "what is white" purity spiral.

I'm not trying to force you to. Really there exist a simple and definitive answer to that question - "whites are people who accounted as whites by all other whites". As simple as that. Same thing is true for any other race or etnicity. Yes, it is recursive, but who told you that recursive definition can't be perfectly valid?

What I'm trying to force you is to take a look from above of any possible bias.

F.e. Uighurs live in Kazakhstan too, and AFAIK they are not people anybody will want to have relations with. Ethnic conflicts between Kazakhs and Uigurs in Kazakhstan are not rare thing, and usually Uighurs are those who start or provoke them. Uighurs also somehow manage to start conflicts with Kirgyz in Kirgyzstan too. And nobody put them in camps nor in Kazakhstan, nor in Kirgyzstan, because "tolerance" and "diversity". What if Chineese have another tradition to manage some annoying tribes? Why do you think Chineese have to obey that Western "tolerance" rules?

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The Chinese have built a mound of skulls.

Who don't? Remember that weird Paris catacombs with walls made from skulls?

The question only about exporting that shit.

Civilization that practicise something like that either extinct, either drop such tradition at some moment of time.

As for white man, I think niggers in USA for the last 60 years killed much more white men than Chineese for millenia of existense.

Tibet and the Uyghurs, who are arguably white

Tibetians are pure asians, Uighurs are half-bred asians with indo-europeans.

Something tell me that you will not accept f.e. mulatto as a white person. :)

Why you didn't even bother to check things out?

You don't have to like somebody to study him.

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what you're saying is that if the Aztecs want to build a mound of human skulls with the bodies of victims of human sacrifice then it's up to the Aztecs to decide that.

Until they want your people skulls, try to export their rule of building mounds from skulls abroad, or insist that everybody in the world have to obey the rule of building mounds of skulls, or else, yes, that's completely up to Aztecs. If you personally don't like it, don't visit Aztec state personally, don't buy Aztec things personally and so on.

Speaking of "objectively evil" I would be much more concerned about Jews that penetrates nearly all societies and push their fucking "rules of building mounds from skulls" on every single society they infiltrate.

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But China is led by an objectively evil regime

And how it is your concern at all? Isn't that up to Chineese? Did you ever thought that quite different people who even have large biological differences from you could have quite different views on how to live?

And even in global sense - how is it different from any Western evil regime, or Russian evil regime? Don't they also trying hard to implement all that important for them crap like total surveillance, control of financial flows, thought policing, etc? Or, may be, it is evil CCP invented illegal humans organs trade? Or is it CCP invented labor/detention camps?

Also that fucking Tibetians and Uighurs that western MSM use to dance on their bodies to shame China, they have absolutely no any right to judge, are not very different from Catalonians and nothern Irish in Europe or niggers in USA. We also have Chechens and some other nails in Russian state ass. So what? Why I should be concerned about fucking Tibetians? Because some Western celebrities for whatever reason propagandized their buddhist monasteries and created a fantasy image of Tibetian monks in Hollywood movies? Are you shure that picture about who Tibetians are and what they really think about China you have in your head is real?

Just try to imagine that Chineese (and asians in whole) could really like that social credit and other stuff. It, suddenly, perfectly align with some of their millenias traditions.

You for whatever resaon like so called "democracy", chineese like their bees-like way or existing.

Did you ever saw their art, things they value, their food, that strange attraction to putting enormous amount of blinking LEDs of different color in the things that technically don't need any LEDs at all? All that things should be very unusual and strange for you. But, suddenly, when it comes to politics and social, you immidiately project your own concepts to that very different people. Why do you do that? Are you too indoctrinated with that "democracy" thing, that without any resaons you assume that your "democracy" should equally be what everybody in the world should want? Sorry to ruin your dogmas, but that is not true. Most world don't give any shit to "Western values".

They ain't the good guys

There are no good guys in power anywhere. There is three circles of machine guns, fight dogs and angry pigs around to prevent a good guy to get even tiny bit of power.

But one bad guys don't have to like another bad guys. And regular person, in rare case when he allowed to choose, usually just have to choose between one bad guy and another bad guy. And if one bad guy are fine with your habit to use sticks instead of fork to eat, and another suddenly want to take your sticks out because they are "transgender unfriendly" and force you to use only spoon, the choice for you become quite simple.

who will protect Taiwan. And knowing some Taiwanese personally who, while they dislike their country's politics, do NOT want it to be taken over by China.

Taiwaneese are Chineese etnically. They share same legacy and way of thinking with mainland Chineese. Despite anything they will always have much more common with mainland Chineese than with you, me or any other whtie man.

Ask that Taiwaneese the same question again, when the West will bomb Taiwan factory they work on to prevent its fall to the hands of evil CCP.

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Yes. From that AUKUS or whatever. If you think that it is impossible, think again.

What West will do with Taiwan if Taiwan will make a good deal with China? Huge part of Western IP is become real things on Taiwan. Without Taiwan Western IP means and cost absolutely nothing. It is an unacceptable loss for the West air sellers, so they will do anything to take revenge on their rebel vassal. Including bombing Taiwan factories and cities. And here comes China according to that Chineese-Taiwan deal to protect chineese people from insane laovai.

Look for tiny, as if irrelevant contacts between PRC and RoC bureaucracy. If they are increasing, West is in big trouble. If you woud have been knew something about Chineese you would have to know that. Chineese tops are not like Western politicians who would personally push themselves into any hole they see. Chineese traditionally usually use low level stuff for establishing contact, negotiations and even finalising big deals and they do that alsmost silently. Only when you are already established and well known great partner you could be honoured by personal meeting with your Chineese counterpart. And being, say, a CEO who personally runs to China and trying to have a meeting or sign a deal with your counterpart from Chineese side, you will be definitely accounted by Chineese side as a looser or clown who is perfectly allowed to be cheated and betrayed. Even if you will be met with all respect. Also in that case any of your proposals or deals will be accounted by Chineese as a puzzle where they have to find a way to cheat on or humiliate you. If you are a businessman or top manager even in small business, never do that mistake, and if you really need that voyage, send your lowest possible clerk with small present to do that negotiations or whatever.

That latest frequent voyages of US top politicians to Taiwan made absolute clowns from the US authorities in the eyes of Taiwan Chineese. And with high probability they are looking for ways to cheat on them.

The deadly mix of arrogance and ignorance of the West toward other civilizations and cultures is playing a significant role in the current fall of Western civilisation.

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There is possibility that in reality China will eventually have to protect Taiwan from US with full Taiwan agreement and demand for that.

Some history: At the beginning of revolution in China, there was coalition of political parties named Gomindan, and CCP was integral part of that coalition. Then, due to some disagreements between CCP and other Gomindan members CCP quit Gomindan and in subsequent clashes CCP took mainland (PRC) and Gomindan took Taiwan (RoC). However, both parts of Chineese population have similar views on China. Both believe that mainland and island should finally join into one country, and both assume that there is nothing impossible in CCP joining Gomindan again.

So it is quite possible that People Republic of China and Republic of China will find a way to assemble back without any help of laovai (aliens, as they name us, Europeans) in some kind of union or as RoC being autonomous region in exchange to participation or representation in PRC politics. HongKong and Macao things worked somehow, why Taiwan can't, especially if CCP will propose something tasty for Taiwan elites?

Modern CCP is not the CCP of Mao, they could find a way to smooth tensions with Gomindan.

It was barely mentioned in MSM, but semi-official visits of present and former PRC politicians to RoC and vice versa intensified in last few years on the background of constant China shaming in US with invasion of US politicians to Taiwan.

Also, take in account, that RoC is not very happy that the West expropriate most part of profit of Taiwaneese factroies. And it is not the past times when poor Taiwaneese agreed to work for cup of rice for Western corporations, at least one generation changed since and Taiwaneese youth look at job opportunities quite different.

Same happens in PRC too, but with some delay, because Western corporations started to outsource labor to Taiwan earlier than to mainland China. If some forgot, first "Chineese crap" instead of honest Western goods made by white people on the West we got from Taiwan, not from China. Taiwan passed the way from "Cheneese crap" made for cup of rice to the leader of manufacturing in some areas just earlier than China. And now, both PRC and RoC have very same problems with laovai capital having a lever over them.

What if mainland China and Taiwan will play that game with China-Taiwan tensions by their own rules and with their own goals, with getting rid of laovai capital as one of the goals?

And that love of WEF to both PRC and RoC - why do you think that WEF will sacrifice their beloved examples instead of continuing sacrificing West that is in progress?

Along with that strange Western elites claims about bombing Tawan factories in case of China invasion and total misunderstanding of chineese way of thinking in the West, I find probability of PRC and RoC giving a huge (and sudden, as usual) fuck to laovai from the West pretty possible.

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Russian rumors if you are interested:

There are a lot of people died in the day of second attempt to move Ark of Gabriel in Mecca at Sep 24 2015, their deaths was officially written off to the jam among crowd of palmers. Some casualities happened also at Sep 11 2015 when Ark was found.

When Saudis got they need some theological and scientific help with artifact, they connected with Russian Orthodox Church.

Russians was selected because it is one of biblical artifacts that was never touched by Rome, Jews are excluded by default, so there was not so much choice of keepers of ancient Bible Covenant knowledge who didn't participate in destroying or stealing religious things.

Military reconnaissance and research vessel arrived to Jiddah port and calmed down by Orthodox priests artifact was transferred to the ship. Then ship suddenly took the course to Antarctica with priests on board. Aslo, three military satellites, was launched at the same time (Kosmos-2507, 2508 and 2509, from the Arrow/Spring series, officially p2p communication satellites, but presumably with reconnaissance abilities in radio frequencies).

Ship had strange cargo on board on departure from Russia - capsules with "saint Russian soils", officially they had to be placed in the places of military glory of Russian sailors around the globe. Also officially trip to Antarctica was described as a "recreation voyage" for ships crew. Capsules with saint soil was all delivered to Antarctica without any ceremonies in places around the world. Bringing Russian soil to the places of death of Russians is a relatively popular tradition, but in that case there was too many soil even if it would have been delivered as promised.

Considering that at the time Saudis and Russia was not best friends and Saudi Muslims and Russian Orthodoxes are not best friends, and of course such joint trips of Muslims and Orthodox Christians on military ships to Antarctica is not some old tradition I think there is something interesting and important happened and may be continue to happen, as Iran being one of the most developed Islamic countries, they are also Shia Muslims unlike Sunni Saudis and the relations between Iran and Russia and Saudi Arabia rised to a new level, may be Iranians was also invited to join that project. Interesting, that unlike Sunni, Shia Muslims are obliged to constantly gather knowledge about the God's creation, i.e. our world in all senses. So they could have some knowledge useful in that joint affair.

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Then why European Comission radioactivity monitoring network show that suddenly elevated radiation levels?


To make good propaganda you have to take into account everything that is known and everything that could become known to make your propaganda believable. If you don't do that, your propaganda looks like just blatant lies and have completely opposite effect on audience.

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You even eat up to 3ug of thorium daily.

There are only two sources of gamma on the Earth - radioactive matarials, including those that are in soil, and from space as solar flares producing particle showers that ends in gamma in atmosphere and gamma radiation from outside solar system from different sources like our galaxy kernel and different interesting objects outside Milky way.

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It will be an excuse for companies to do mass layoffs.

It will be used as an excuse for everything. Governments stupid laws, corporations idiotic goods, fines and taxes with nobody to object to and so on. And all that on the top of that AI existence lies.

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Do they have the enrichment facilities? The weapon factories?

Had once. Mostly research ones, not industrial, but enough to create something. Buildings was sold out long ago, but equipment could be still there in some state. It's not easy to sell such equipment. There was some attempts with Westinghouse to somehow ressurect something, but AFAIK, nothing came out from that, even for NPPs.

But that signature would have spiked across Europe and from the depot in the UK to the airfield

I didn't check that and I don't know the path to look for. Also, if such cargo didn't stay long enough in one place during transportation to leave significant trace. Even if there was some spikes, then it will be nearly indistinguishable from daily fluctuations and without knowing when and where to look for, it will be very hard to find something.

Meanwhile, there are quite a lot of strange spots with relatively high background levels over Europe according to that REMon maps. And not in France who have intensive nuclear exploitation. Didn't dig a lot, but some places look strange.

Meanwhile all the handlers would be bleeding out their arse with their hair falling out.

No. Gamma levels of such magnitude is not harmful for humans. You need literally put DU inside body to get noticeable damage from alpha and beta to the cells as it happened in areas where DU shells was shot and so produce dust and residents occasionally consume it with food and water.

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Really, Ukraine have technology for nukes from USSR, few R&D institutes was located in Ukrainian Soviet Republic, but have no skilled personnel to make them now, thanks to Western education system installed and thorough getting rid of any Soviet legacy.

So nukes bullshit could be excluded.

As for detection, thing is that low radiocative material in volume have higher influence on background than high radioactive in small volume. It is like thousands small lightbulbs over a large area vs one bright one but very small. Single bright lightbulb is easy to shadow out, while with thousands of small lightbulbs you will not see even your own shadow relatively far from that heap.

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They start making new factories, and production, and get other factories making components. Etc.

That's not a progress. It is a replication. Makes sense for your assumption about AI.

But that did not resolve weird thing with 155 vs 152 shells. Can replicate 155, but can't 152? Looks like that AI is too conservative for AI in questions of replication.

These shells would leave signatures everywhere. So I doubt it was that reading, until exploded.

That was exactly one of ideas behind unrolling a worldwide network of radiation sensors. To track movements and deployment of aything nuclear. However that was shown that it more likely show movement of nuclear garbage in large amounts than warheads.

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Let me explain something.

I'm looking for any signs of some real scientific and technology progress. Not that stupid computerisation of everything and not naming things as what they are not. I don't care who do that progress.

My theory of everything in conspiracy theories world is that sometime around 1970 scientific and technological progress of humanity was intentionally stopped by evil forces ( repliloids, TPTB, whatever ) who really rule the world. So, to determine who is that evil forces, their connections and where their influence is weaker you need to track any science and technology advancements all over the world.

I thought that they use West as their base to rule the world, but today that assumption looks very weak.

That situation with ammunition and warfare tells a lot from that point of view. In the previous history of humanity wars, ironically, often was a kikstart for many inventions that are useful for humanity and that eventually rised humanity on the curve of development and progress.

It is obvious for me now, that West is lost its status of TPTB base or was never their base really. Things on the West looks even worse than things that happened after destruction of USSR. Degradation of industry and science is unbelivable. Serioulsy, it is worse than what we expirienced in 1990s with destruction of education, science, manufacturing, and so on.

However I don't see any progress here, in Russia too. It is mostly legacy and Russian ingenuity, not something that could be really named scientific/technological progress as it had to be.

I'm thankful for our converstions, because it is important to hear critical voice to stay reasonable.

They emptied out dozens of rockets depleting their supply, it takes how long to reload.

Thats what make me do my conclusions - AD missiles is consumables. It should be produced in large quantities to make AD systems ready to do the job. But as MSM states US MIC could produce only ~250 Patriot missiles a year. How is that? It is insanely low amount accounting number of systems on duty and that AD missiles have definite shelf life and have to be replaced periodically. Before the war Ukraine had more than 200 of S300 systems with hundreds of missiles for each one. And it's only Ukraine. You could not maintain decent preparedness without ability to manufacture tens of thousands AD missiles a year.

That means either US MIC have nothing to do with any battle preparedness, either it have something that makes AD missile systems obsolere and latter means huge breakthrough in technology I'm looking for. But there is nothing pops up about that at all.

So, the progress is effectively stopped not only in "third" and "second" world, but in the "first" one too.

How are encased shells radioactive?

I told you - big amount of old encased shells will be radioactive. And it will be cases that emit radiation, due to long term exposure to radioactivity from inside. Fe is not very subjective to radiation, but any steel have a lot of additions like Ni, Mn, P, C, Cr and so on that gladly produce radioactive isotopes under influence of radiation from the core. May be that is the reason why that shells was dumped into Ukraine. It is even profitable than to utilise them due to old age as radioactive garbage according to UK norms.

Examples of unlimited of billions spent on rockets and ammo and drones. So what's building them?

Rockets are produced by the West in so small quantities, that is beyond insanity for the war time. As for drones, I think China have a huge profits on drones. But amounts are not impressive, really. One MLRS salvo is dosens of rockets and in decent battle you have dosens of MLRS salvos from one MLRS, while drones are still in the state of experimentation, not full deployment. Shakhids/Gerans could be accounted as on duty, but they are closer to shells or rockets than to what we usually account as "drone" today.

Also interesting thing with soviet TU-141 drones that was build when there was no such word. Ukraines most succesfull (except one TU-141 who decided to fly to Croatia, through multiple borders undetected) drone strikes was done using that old beasts presumably slightly modernised for supplement GPS system to assist main inertial navigation in hope to add some accuracy. But in USSR that drones for some reasons was produced in very small quantities (around 100), and was never accounted as something that could be really useful. Why? Who told higher command that this things are useless? Why the same things today are suddenly considered very useful and modern?

AFAIK, US also had some drones in 70s but also decided that they are not worth attention. And then, suddenly, drones become a thing. Everywhere, among all top military powers.

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Upgrading with what? Some electronics shit that adds nothing to reliability if not worsen it? Catalysators to the tanks exhaust? Replacing glass optics with camera and LCD?

hypersonics being shot down.

It's impossible with anything today. If you have something that maneuver at hypersonic speed, no existing system could do that. You need hypersonic missile more meneurable than hypersonic target and have at least same speed.

Seems nobody here get the main thing about Russian hypersonic missiles. Main thing is not that they are hypersonic. Main thing that they constantly maneuver approacing the target at hypersonic speed. That was the main breakthrough and main achievement, not their speed. Many ballistic missiles have hypersonic speed approacing the target. But they could be easily shot down because their trajectory is completely predictable. Just blow something with ton of nails on the trajectory, ant hypersonic ballistic missile is done. Same with 60s variants of hypersonic cruise missiles. They are fast, but can't maneuver at that speed.

Maneuverring at hypersonic speed is very complex problem. It was more complex than solving problems with maneuverabiliyt that appear with transition from subsonic to supersonic speed. Same thing with supersonic to hypersonic. Old tricks does not work at all. And this is the key feature of hypersonic missiles. They are unpredictable. You can't catch them with a trick that works with ballistic missiles, that are hypersonic too. You could blow something on its way, when it is dozens miles away, but it just will not pass that cloud of debris. And since it moves too fast and change course also too fast, no existing AD system can even reliably target and track them. Even S700 that is in development had no success in shooting maneurable hypersonic targets, AD missiles have to be much more maneurable than target at at least the similar speed and for hypersonic speeds it is a very complex problem.

You could shoot AD missiles randomly, in the hope it occasionally hit the target, but as a circus with Patriot in Kiev shown, that does not help at all. Yes, I know that Patrion is far from gold standard of AD, but things will not be any different with any other system including S*00s.

Laser systems have a chance, but there is no radars fast enough to make tracking of hypersonic possible to target laser beam on the hypersonic for noticeabe time to burn it through. And all that weather things like clouds, fog and rain with snow don't make things easier for laser weapons.

And that retarded Russian missiles use old style inertial targeting, so to jam their targeting system you have to invent something that changes gravity and inetrtial mass. TR3B anyone?

Meanwhile factories globally are manufacturing increasing arms and munitions.

And still can't produce fucking dumb 152mm shells for only reliable howitzers that really work on battlefield.

I see that as something completely insane and as a giant flashing sign with "something is totally wrong!" text on it.

NATO could make as many 155mm shells as it want, but there no single 155mm howitzer that could survive long enough to utilise them. But at the same time each old soviet howitzers from 60s easily shoot 152mm shells in quantities more than all NATO howitzers cobined shoot during that war in total. And they, suddenly, don't need maintenance, they don't freeze in winter and overheat in summer, their optical sight don't need batteries and electronics replacement after the rain or ford. They just shoot, as howitzers should do.

There is something broken in the core of Western MIC. It can produce "advanced" weapons, overcomplicated, with bells and whistles, but completely unable to make reliable, working ones. They make Lamborginis and Bentleys instead of Toyota 4WD pickups with lifted suspension, completly ignoring all that mud and lack of roads.

Western car and agricultural machinery industry have similar problem. Even web development suffer from that bells and wistles problem, It is something very wrong in the very core of all Western industry. If presentability and modernity becomes much more important that reliability, repairability and simplicity, than it is regress, not progress.

Sell more and replace stock.

That is the main goal - sell more. Nothing else matters. Don't you see a huge and fatal problem here?

And you didn't name anything that could be named modern western weapons that have some really useful features of the scale of maneuverability at hypersonic speeds. Force shields? Completely new propulsion system? Adamantium or neutron matter? Anything?

PS: And meanwhile, radiation levels in Khmelnitsky seems have new background level. https://redata.jrc.ec.europa.eu/chart/timeseries/daily/UA33429 Stays around 0.15 uSv/h since May 12 with same variations as earlier. Seems sensor is fine. So, only two possibilities left - some local uranium glass vase near sensor or something slightly radioactive was blown with warehouse.

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F35? Are you serious? It is a maintenace nightmare comparing to the MIGs.

There is something weird with all that.

Look, for the real battlefield you need a reliable and easy repairable devices that does not need a weeks of maintenance for a hour of work. What is the point of military equipment if it could show any results for only few first shots and then it is unuseable? It is very good for sale demonstrations and profits, but it is completely senseless for a real battle.

Look at Ukraine battlefield - none of Western weapons show any success at all. That old S300 and Grad MRLS do much more damage to the Russian forces than all western weaponry combined. So exchanging really working military equipment to the "modern" one have nothing to do with military power.

What is the problem for the West to start manufacturing S300 rockets for example, to empower NATO allies who have S300 legacy from Soviet Union times? Don't tell me that Western factories could not copy that old, but reliable things. If so, West is already fucked completely and there is no any sense in all that military pride parade at all.

152mm shells mistery is a good example too. All 155mm NATO howitzers do not survive fire rate needed for real battle at all. Heavy maintenance after 30 shots when you need 300 a day means that things just unuseable, regardless of their "modernity". Old USSR stuff sustain that without any problems. Ok, it is not easy to start manufacturing of some soviet howitzer copy from scratch. But what is the problem to adjust factory that manufacture 155mm shells to 152mm? Tuning fucking 3mm down is now a lost knowledge? What the fuck is going on?

This insane approach of making hugely overpriced overcomplicated and unreliable weapons infested the minds of Western MIC long ago.

There is definitely something else behind that new weapons race. And it have nothing to do about real battles at all.

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Devil is in the details.

It would be perfectly valid theory about "rearming" and "modernisation" of NATO arms stockpiles if there was some evidence of appearing something really new on duty in NATO countries. But I can't find anything new at all. Only same old things that are differ from what is sold (no, it is not donated! it is sold for a money US transfer to Ukraine) to Ukriane only by manufacturer, and not by any properties important. Sometimes I even see something that makes thing worse in terms of mainteinance complexity and cost of ownership.

Where is TR3B planes, force shield AD, laser rifles and so on?

Replacing AK with M16 of MIG/SU with F and Eurofighter have nothing to do with modernisation in miltary power or advancy sense. It is all about just making money.

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And if you need longer period, I found it from same source for you: https://redata.jrc.ec.europa.eu/chart/timeseries/daily/UA33429 From 15 Apr to 15 May. Long enough for you?

How to get it - https://remap.jrc.ec.europa.eu/Simple.aspx On the map find Khmelnitsky, click on hexagon, wait, on the left panel Khmelnitsky item will appear, click on it, window with chart will appear.

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I need to be able to see over a much longer period to be able to speculate. On current conflict and prior for months.

I think they have that info, may be behind paywall.

My assumption is that natural variations are caused by changes in space weather, so nearby towns will show same change at the same time if change is natural. They does not. Also, daily variations are daily, so they don't last longer than day. Also, it is much more probable that you will see sharp rise from average with following staying at that level in case of accident. And if you suggest that there was previous accidents and they are regular, then background level in that area before the accident will not be equal to towns nearby. Backround easily could rise sharply due to accident, but it can't fall in the same manner, it is a long process. And background level jumps from previous consequent accidents will accumulate, so you have no chance to see exactly same level in that are as in nearby towns.

So, week of data with sharp rise in the middle is more than enough to make some conclusions if sensor is function normally and data is not manipulated.

Incased shells don't give that reading. Not into the atmosphere.

Easy test for you for ~$1. Buy a 2% thoriated tungsten welding electrode or ask for a short remainder of such if you have a welder among friends. Thorium undergo alpha-decay, but it decays into other elements that have noticeable gamma emissions. So it will have very low gamma radiation, adding something like 0.05-0.1 uSv/h to your background in close proximity. Then put it in steel box. Wait a year. You will find that box will become slightly radioactive too, may be 0.02uSv/h over background. Longer exposure will give higher radioactivity of casing. You know, all that high energy alpha, beta and gamma do nasty things with innocent elements sometimes making radioactive isotopes from them.

As for "into atmosphere" big amount of slighlty radioactive material will emit much more gamma-quants around, so you will register them on relatively large distances. If you have a coal powerplant around - ride to it with geiger counter. Coal ash is slightly radioactive, and working coal powerplant have higher radiation level than working nuclear power plant due to heaps of coal ash nearby. You will register higher radiation levels few miles from ash storages of power plant. And it is not in atmosphere, because in that case you will have higher background at much longer distances. It is heaps of ash have a lot of decays and some of their gamma-quants have a higher chance to reach your detector.

You're speculating it was munitions.

I clearly stated that it is my speculation. What's the problem? Any speculation is good enough if it fits observations. Your speculation about some new manufacturing process that started in Khmelnitsky exactly day before explosion that needs radioactive materials in so big amounts that they are detectable from a distance (?) is not different at all and rises much more questions.

But how abnormal is it?

Sudden rising of background after few days of low background and staying at rised level for few days is abnormal. Usually it is a clear pattern of some accident with radioactive material.

Again, I told you that I'm not exclude sensor malfunction or local contamination, next few days will show if that is a case. If it was an accident that level will stay for a long time. If it was a malfunction or local contamination you will see abnormal sharp drop in background level.

Or that information is just manipulated for whatever reason.

IDK. If you will measure body temperature for a week and suddenly in the middle it will rise from 36.6°C to 38.2°C - will you need a full history of body temperature for years before or it will be enough for you to make some assumptions without full-scale statistics research?

The shape of curve change is suspicious, not amount of change or its absolute value.

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Who knows what caused the readings?

Nobody, except stuff who service it. But if it works OK and shows real current background, than it is an interesting phenomena.

The readings aren't particularly accurate, they are reading what exactly, looking for signatures of precisely what compounds?

No, they usually vary during days and seasons, but usually, if you had background level at one average for a long time and suddenly that average changed, it is a sign of either sensor malfunction, either sensor contamination (somebody put a vintage vase from uranium glass near, or trashed old smoke detector near), either change in background level.

Also, towns around have no such change at all, so it is not solar/space radiation change - you could choose "Area radius" on the top of that window and add other nearby towns graphs to the plot.

Will see, if background will continue to stay at the new level, then with high probability some incident with lightly radioactive materials happened.

Perhaps it is created by industry? Or involved in certain production of?

May be. Or with same probability it could be delivery and extermination of that DU shells in warehouse.

I really didn't think ammo produced this because it's incased.

Not necessary. If it is some old things, then case will become radioactive too from the inner core. The ton of old DU shells will have same effect as ton of uranium ore. If you bring a ton of uranium ore into the town, then background in the area around the storage will slightly rise.

So it would have to be production, or let's suggest detonation, or an exhaust?

In any case that looks like something radioactive appeared day before, then was destroyed. It can't be nuclear explosion or some serious accident with powerful nuclear material, and represent no any health danger.

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Increase of gamma readings happened day before the explosion. I found source of data with more detailed graph - https://conspiracies.win/p/16b6IK81EE/x/c/4TtrbKs7van

And there is no any reason for panic at all. 0.15uSv/h is perfectly safe. It is just an interesting observation that could confirm the theory that DU shells was in Khmelnitsky warehouse if that data from REMon sensor in Khmelnitsky is true.

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Stop shouting they're nukes

I didn't. Nuke explosions have no habit to produce radiation rise day before blast and drop right after the blast. :) Also they produce much larger levels in proximity to the blast than that tiny 0.06 uSv/h change, that will be definitely noticed by residents, because geiger counters are relatively popular home appliances in exUSSR after Chernobyl disaster.

Did you read my comment with details?

Or you just missed with answer to that comment - https://conspiracies.win/p/16b6IK81EE/x/c/4TtrbPUF30b ?

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