Looking on the news footage about yet another hurricane, I catch myself thinking that it is something basically wrong in that imagery.

If you compare f.e. Florida devastaion images and current footage from Ukraine or Donbass and you are an engineer, than you obviously find out that poor villages on Ukraine damaged diring battles looks better than much more expensive realty remnants in hurricane devastations in US.

And main thing - as engineer you will notice that overhelming majority of US houses destroyed by hurricane is really just a framing from wooden sticks covered by sheets of plywood or drywall, or by planks in the best case, and often don't even have a proper foundation, while on the other side of globe people build their houses from stone, concrete or logs and they withstand even direct hits of shells or missiles.

I don't understand that. If you live in area where hurricanes are not a rare thing, why would you build your house from sticks and plywood instead of building one that will just withstand the storm.

In Russia framed houses exists too, but it is usually a cheap vacation homes where people spend weekends. If one decide to live permanently in a rural area, the house from bricks, concrete or logs would be built, even if there is no any historical records of hurricanes or tornadoes in region.

So why build houses that are absolutely not designed for the hurricanes in area where hurricanes are regular thing, instead of just building concrete houses that will sustain hurricanes with minimum damage? Replacing few windows are much cheaper than rebuilding even cheapest possible framed house from the ground. And you hardly have a probability of injury or death if a hurricane catch you in normal building.

Even more - I know that in Montana, f.e., where hurricanes are not an issue, some people build houses from logs, that with high probability will withstand hurricane. And even on some footages from Florida I saw rare untouched concrete buildings among the totally destroyed realty.

So what I'm missing here? Why in areas that often hit by hurricanes people don't bother to build normal, reliable houses from proper materials and instead continue to build a boxes from sticks and plywood again and again with the same result after next hurricane?

Watching latest Redacted where their guest told about faked self-conducted studies by BigPharma of their own mRNA vaccines to pass fake approvement process to show that all formalities passed, I think out yet another theory of what that mRNA vaccines really could be. May be too long, but I'll try to explain everything.

Shortly, the girl told that in that tests they had to show, that there are no any other proteins, except spike protein of alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus produced after cell will make protein according to the artificial RNA sequence in vaccine. Of course they failed to do that and even in their faked study you could see the traces of proof that there definitely some other proteins was produced.

What if all that vaccinehoax was not about money and even not about killing people instead of failed virus?

Imagine a group of insane globalists that dream about ultimate bioweapon they need for whatever goal.

Imagine scientists who are ready to serve that globalists for cookies.

Globalists are limited by their IQ. Scientists are limited by their knowledge.

So, globalists order scientists to create a modern time plague. Scientists running gain-of-function experiments trying to make harmful virus, as obvious straight-forward way. But scientists are limited with knowledge, and they don't know what combination of proteins in virus would be optimal for the task and main thing - they don't know how to write a RNA code to get desired result.

Time goes, and globalists, for whatever reason began to hurry scientists about result. Scientists got nothing and all they could give out is barely working SARS-CoV-2 or even just a computer model of it.

Globalists, who already prepared everything for their harmful virus understand that they are fucked. Virus does not work as they expected (or not even exists if you wish), so they press scientists hard about what the fuck, and what they need to fucking finish their fucking job they was paid for.

Scientists eventually override dumbness of globalists and explain them, that they don't know how all that RNA-proteine stuff works so they have to randomly replace some sequences in RNA in the hope they eventually hit the target.

Imagine a JPEG picture of a cat compressed to the size of few kilobytes. You have a very slow decoder that show JPEG picture, but have no encoder. You have no any idea how to compress pictures into JPEG, but want a JPEG picture of a dog for whatever proposes. You hire scientists and pay them to solve your problem.

Scientists try to replace some parts of example JPEG with cat to see if that change something to get a picture of something they could pose as a dog (gain of function research). They slowly get some results, mostly broken files and few pictures with garbage. They could spend thousands of years before they eventually get something resembling the dog working that way tossing bytes of JPEG picture.

How globalists could help scientists to create that picture of the dog they need?

Exactly - they could do a massive bruteforce using people they rule to decode all possible JPEG byte sequences produced by scientists in billions at once and then pick one that produces a picture of the dog they need.

So, you see where it comes.

Globalists who failed to get a virus from gain-of-function research was told by scientists that they need a massive bruteforce attack on the problem. They could create all possible mRNA sequences, pose them as vaccines, globalists will mandate vaccines and scientists will have at least few billions of human mRNA decoders that will produce proteins and instantly check produced proteins for properties globalists look for. It will be easy to sort out interesting results, because all interesting results will eventually fall into hands of medics globalists control. Knowing batch number it will be easy to find desired RNA sequence.

Looks like that theory explains absolutely everything in coronahoax/vaccinehoax - failed virus with faked "pandemic", untested vaccines, that stupid boosters (they didn't get satisfying result in first run, too many RNA combinations to test, so they have to continue), even batch numbers with different results, huge variety of side effects and even not banning VAERS and other similar vaccine adverse effects databases filled with results of that enormous bruteforce attack on the finding necessary sequence.

Humanity was used by globalists as a giant parallel RNA decoder to find a RNA sequence that will produce something they need. So all that coronashit is just an imtermediate operation done in a hurry to get some component vitally necessary for them to finally complete whatever globalists promised to do to their masters. Did they failed or not? Did we win? Did we lose? I don't know. But that's the story I have for now.

I'm done. Enjoy. :)

PS: Of course, if you have some thougts or examples that will disprove that theory, I'm all ears, as usual.


Since nobody interested in digging out that rabbit hole, I just lurked a little, and that's what I found:


Starlink have autonomous system with ID AS14593. This AS have only 206,080 IPv4 adresses that is too low for woldwide provider.

On "Graph v4" tab you could research direct connections AS14593 have with other AS'es. On "Upstreams" tab you could find upstreams of Starlink, i.e. channels Statlink use to connect to internet.

Mostly it connected to usual backbone providers and IXes, but there is some random networks I found interesting on the quick view.

  • AS46997 NATOLAB - Black Mesa Corporation, US
  • AS11164 INTERNET2-I2PX - Internet2, US
  • AS14630 INVESCO - Invesco Group Services, Inc., US
  • AS1798 OREGON - State of Oregon, US
  • AS2152 CSUNET-NW - California State University, Office of the Chancellor, US
  • AS207841 INFERNO - Inferno Communications Ltd, GB (some here will be enjoyed by that name)
  • AS34019 HIVANE, FR (suspicious because it is a very small murky non-profit network with direct connection to Starlink AS)
  • AS293 ESNET, US

You could continue that digging if interested. There are other tabs you could explore. There are tons of info you could find interesting.

SpaceX also have AS27277 autonomous system - http://whois.ipip.net/AS27277

Reading all kind of CBDC propaganda and those who are clearly against CBDC I absolutely can't get something real from that stuff.

Every single feature/option/whatever of CBDC could be implemented using current bank card/account system without single problem. Everything, from any restrictions to programming buying power or whatever. Every single thing that somehow connected to CBDC in everything written about it and posed as threat/advantage by whatever side is a question of a few minutes scripting in bank computers over current card/account system.

So, what is the real point of pushing CBDC crap by TPTB? Money laundering? Creatiing a base for some other narrative unknown yet, like kind of cyber threat fearmongering? What else? Anybody?

From https://www.zerohedge.com/political/woman-charged-stealing-15-million-chicken-wings-chicago-suburb-school-district

chicken wings, an item that was never served to students because they contain bones

I mean, WHAT? Is that true? Fellow Americans, please tell me that it is some local insanity or something. Or may be it is one of that anti-lawyer things like "do not put pets in microwave" in microwave oven manuals or "do not eat" on bags with silica gel in shoes box?

Some combination of




Wide spread assumption is that elites made some deal with aliens around 1970 and elites trying to fulfill their part of deal taking over planet and population.

What if things are completely opposite?

Shortly - more advanced aliens find out that humans are not developed enough for full-scale contact. However, elites have some knowledge of and may be contacts with aliens. Aliens told that it looks like Earth will be ready for contact in 21 century. IDK, some invention or some parameter of society development, or both, based on trends that was observed in science and society.

During that conversation with aliens elites made a good face, but after aliens departure they come to obvious conclusion, that joining of Earth into interstellar community will mean loss of higher power status for elites, as I wrote earlier. As soon as existence of any more developed aliens will be revealed it will immidiately mean that Earth elites are not highest power for humans and humans could flee from the elites control, and since space is endless, even if Earth elites somehow eventually reach you, you always could flee slightly further from them. But with high probability it would be just their complete and final fall.

So, they decided to stop scientific progress and do not allow social trends to develop freely to avoid passing alien's thresholds.

Take a look at diagrams at https://wtfhappenedin1971.com/ f.e. If pre-1970 trends would have been untouched, today we would live in completely different and significantly better world.

Same with science, continuing pre-1970 trend of growing number of fundamental inventions, that flying cars people dreamed about in 60s could have become already obsolete tech today.

Elites do not try to close the deal with aliens. They try to avoid creating conditions that could make that deal possible.

Presumably, elites know the date of next check meeting with aliens and trying to supress anything that could allow that deal.

That is why elites actions looks so illogical. They don't try to do something, they try to destroy as much as possible by any means.

Again, if elites had a deal with aliens to enslave humanity, their masters certainly would have provided some kind of textbook and assistance and highly probably nobody even noticed what is really happening, and their actions would not look chaotic and insane.

But if they just tryin to destroy all things aliens account as civilisation development, it would look exactly as it looks - imbecile trying to play wack-a-mole with population, destroying one thing or another, without any logic and plan.

And all that just to keep their status of highest power over humans and keep us under their total control.


https://ria.ru/20221213/gripp-1838371790.html - in Russian Use https://translate.yandex.ru/ to translate, google don't want to translate that page, and that's why:

The head of Rospotrebnadzor Popova announced the completion of the flu vaccination campaign

The flu vaccination campaign in Russia has been completed, it is too late to get vaccinated

Suddenly. :) When there is real disease, it easily could be "too late to get vaccinated". That same head of Rospotrebnadzor just a year ago insisted that it could never be too late to get coronahoax jab.

Really I don't know anybody who get a jab against flu. Even those who got a not-a-vaccine covid shot at the time did not. Interesting, that some tell that this flu .... 3,2,1... "worse than covid I got in 2020".

Really, nothing unusual in that flu, I already had it, and my wife too, after me (as it supposed to be with real infections) - day and a half with ache in muscles and some fever (didn't even measure temperature), than you wake up sweated and everything is OK. Really, no any surprise that it is "worse than covid". Even simple cold is worse than non-existent disease induced by nocebo effect.

Also interesting that there are no any even tiny mentions about coronahoax at all.

IDK, how it is going in West, but seasonal flu usually worldwide thing. How is it going for you, boys and girls? Are there some sudden revelations about necessarity of vaccination? Is it "too late to get vaccinated" too, or West have some other narrative?


For last few years I noticed that usage of something like "something is X years high!!!", "other thing is X monts low!!!!" become much more frequent around, intended to somehow force people to be alerted.

But what that phrase means really? Literally opposite to what they try to enforce in target audience.

Let's say phrase is "crop is 5 years low!!!". Awful, isn't it?

But it's not. It literally means that same crop was just 5 year ago and who knows how many times before. So, it is not unusual thing at all and it already happened, and we are here and skyes didn't fall.

Amasing how they use the phrase that state something is usual thing to pose situation as threatening. And many buy that shit without even trying to think on what they was really told.

May be it is in some schoolbook of propaganda tricks, and perfectly well-known by you, but I think it is interesting that usage of that trick is grow fast.

In any case, question everything, and I mean literally everything, even set expressions.


I mentioned a huge spike of using "it is whataboutism!" as an "argument" when somebody began to ask uncomfortable questions.

What really happens when somebody asking "but what about ...?". It is a search for the pattern, attempt to find some logic in that clown world and determine the real rules of clowns actions and a measure of cognitive abilities of opponent.

When you study some system, you always looking for similarities and drawing a parallels. Analogies is one of the ways we study how things works. "So, if I rotate this thing clockwise, that parameter become larger - it is like a volume knob", "In that country, people take off hats entering building, should I do the same to be polite?" and so on. It is a basic thing of understanding, just like observation, building models and other things.

So, if you asking "OK, you stand for "your body, your choice", but what about forcing vaccines on others?" and get a "It is whataboutism!!!" - you meet with propagandist who don't want you to study out who he really is and what he is about really.

"whataboutism" is just like "antisemitism", "racism", "conspiracy theorism" and other keywords our enemy use to prevent finding out truth.

Interesting, that blaming with "whataboutism" appeared relatively recently, it could mean that older markers used for same purpose loosing it's efficiency, so they have to think out something new.

Whatever, don't fall to that shit, compare everything, search for similarities and fuck those who don't want you to know how things really works.

PS: In Russia "whataboutism!" sounds like "you don't understand, it is completely another thing!" and was heavily used by liberals and NWO shills. Now it is just a source of lulz, there even a lot of "standard" memes making fun on those who use that kind of "argument". Interesting, that in Western social media this thing appeared much later than in Russia.


Seems that war declaration means canceling rights and power of Central Bank in the coutry that declared war.

At least in Russian laws, the power to govern all country finances and reserves goes to wartime administration and Central Bank powers become obsolete.

I didn't check all other countries laws yet, but I suppose they are not very different in the financial part. If you are interested in that rabbit hole - check that thing in the laws of your country. It could be interesting.

If you have examples that disprove that theory, you are welcome too.


AFAIK in Twitter you could create polls.

What if some twitter user with decent amount of followers or with some popular hashtag create a poll with a single question and Yes/No options:

Do you consider WEF a terrorist organisation?

  • Yes
  • No

Just that, nothing more, without any explanations and other stuff.

It does not matter what the results would be. What matters is openly and clearly throwing out an idea that WEF are terrorist organisation.

You could spend years trying to explain for wide audience that WEF is bad guys, but most will never accept your reasoning, because it is boring to read and you will use wrong language.

Most people minds thorougly adjusted to specific "tags" or "keywords". Even if they don't know what WEF is, don't care or do not agree, that keywords will trigger programmed response in their heads. And every time they will meet abbreviation "WEF", that subconcious association with "terrorism" will automatically pop up.

That poll will be, say, first phase. IDK, may be you have popular twitter account or know somebody who have it, try to do it. It will be perfect if it is some completely unrelated with any politics or conspiracies stuff, just some regular peasant account. Just a peasant ask a random question.

Poll is chosen because it is theoretically completely innocent, poll poster want to know opinion of others, not expressing something, so, theoretically, it will be very complex for them to find a reason for themselves to ban that poll, especially if results will be "in favor" to WEF. But for us, as I said, results does not matter.

May be put similar question on something like quora or something like that. Again, it does not matter what answers will be given, main goal is maximum audience coverage of question itself.

Second phase - all we need is to place "WEF" and "terrorist organisation" together at any occasion. It should not be pushed too hard, but every time you mention "WEF" in some public posts add "terrorists" or "terrorist organisation". Early or later that should began to spread, even through dumb virtue signallers who will remember that some three letters are "terrorists" so they should virtue signal on that three letters.

The idea is to use their programming, their language and their kind of tactic against them.

IMF, WHO and others could be treated in similar way.

Is it a stupid idea or there is something that could really work out in existing social networks swamp?


From Putin speech (and other statements) about NS1/2 attack:

“It’s obvious to everyone who did it,”

After that, Blinken issuing a separate statement during Stoltenberg's speech:

"blaming the Untied States for the Nordstream pipeline attacks is absurd."

What's happened with western politicians masters? That level of stupidity even in basic things is astonishing. Methane from blowed NS1/2 completely disabled ability to think among reptiloids? (see this post for details )


Humans are omnivorous creatures. And perfectly eat everything edible. Snails, shrimps, crabs, even china grasshopers. Everything that could be grown/caught and cooked is in our menu for the millenias.

The thing with "ze bugz", they force, is that they are not edible. Humanity survived multiple starvations, and nowhere nobody could make worms and bugs edible even facing death from starvation. You can't make worms and bugs edible at home. You need a complex factory process to separate edible proteins from poisons and harmful stuff in worms and bugs.

And, obviously, only corporations could build a factory for worms and bugs processing. You are not able to grow that perfectly breeding worms for your own food. That is the catch.

So, corporations force "eat ze bugz", prohibit everything you could grow by yourself, and then sell the cheapest possible for them proteins for all your money.

So, don't "eat ze bugz", fuck all legislations and grow your own food.


Of course it is not official, just a story from old university classmates who visited station recently to do some maintenance in their speciality area.

Zaporozhye NPP was built buy Russians during Soviet times. It uses very popular Russian reactors WWER that is used on many nuclear power plants around the world. After 2014 Ukrainian operator stop buying rods and maintenance from Rosatom and invited Westinghouse to experiment with replacing Russian made rods with Westinghouse counterfeit ones. For over 8 years Westinghouse tried to replicate original rods without any success. Useless Westinghouse rods was just stockpiled by Westinghouse retards in a barns around station. It is a very bad and dangerous idea to put rods made from some random shit into working nuclear reactor in attempt to sort out those that will somehow work. After taking back Zaporozhye NPP Rosatom had to find all counterfeit Westinghouse rods in reactors and replace them with normal ones. One of reactors was fully loaded with different experimental Westinghouse rods, but hopefully was never runned at some decent power level. Also, normal rods are heavily depleted, since Ukraine did not replace them in the hope that Westinghouse will made new rods for them anytime soon. So, reactors have to be silenced. There also was found a lot of unauthorized by IAEA changes made during experimentations. That is why West tried to fuck with IAEA inspection, even tried to kidnap them and shelling plant in a desperate attempt to hide the fact of criminal experiments on running power plant in populated area.

The market for nuclear fuel is huge, and big part of it is rods for Soviet reactors sold by Rosatom. Usually contracts are many decades long but Westinghouse dreamed to hijack that part of market if they will be able to counterfeit russian rods and impose some king of sanctions over Russian ones. That is why the West so outraged about loosing control over their test facility kindly provided by Ukrainian puppets. It is a trillion market and now they lost it. I suppose no other European country will allow such insane experiments on their power stations build around Russian reactors.

So, it is even not about some electricity shutdowns or anything else. It is about coverup of huge fuckup of Westinghouse.

It is also, fortunately, not about producing some nuclear weapon grade matirials, as some rumors insist.

Hardly IAEA inspection will say something about Westinghouse experiments officially, but Westinghouse will know that they know and so on.

PS: Meanwhile that Ukrainian "Energoatom" company have absolutly no clue about current situation on power plant and never had since beginning of the war. It is not Energoatom station anymore in any possible way. So anything they tell about it is complete fake. They are very afraid of possible problems from IAEA due to illegal Westinghouse experiments so lying non-stop to lay the blame to somebody else.

PPS: Don't take that as absolute truth, I can't check it by myself, but at least that story have no contradictions with other known facts and looks much more logical than any other I heard around.


I'm not quite understand western rage about gas prices.

OK, gas become more expensive, shit happens. But what is the problem to ask employer to rise your salary? It's not your imagination, employer perfectly know that gas price rised. You have skills, you sell them to employer who need your skills, it is a trade and there is capitalism around. Gas prices changed, so your skills become more expensive too, since you need gas to continue to sell your skills to employer.

Another question is about salaries. In many private talks with westerners, when things come to salaries, people refuse to name the numbers. IDK, in Russia we don't have any taboos about salaries, and it is common topic for talks, when people compare their salaries, bragging about recent rise or complaining about decline. With exact numbers. "I have 150kRUB/month. Wow, I work less than you and have 170kRUB/month. My business bring me 100-200kRUB/month. I work half-day and have 70kRUB/month. You all too rich in that city, I have only 80kRUB/month in my shithole". (we used to monthly salary numbers, as tradition) I never had heard that kind of talks on western forums or in private communication. Even talking with drunk western friends in bar it is impossible to talk about each other salaries/profits. What is it? Salaries is something intimate on the west and it is indecently to discuss them?

About that post: https://conspiracies.win/p/15IXpITedE/was-looking-at-an-oil-price-hist/

User funturistic found a similarities in some prices graphs and had a reasonable question about it.

So, what the hell is going on? If you are an engineer with open mind you already know the answer. For others, I'll try to explain it as easy as possible.

I thought a little and find simple parallel/analogy from engineering world, very obvious and simple. You will get it easily.

Just imagine you have a noisy audio amplifier. You want to find a source of noise and fix it. You measure voltages inside amplifier circuit against shield/ground/case and everywhere you see the same noise. Say, you have an amplifier power supply with -15, 0 and +15 Volts outputs. Against shield/ground, every output show that noise. But when you measure voltages between 0V and -15V or 0V and +15V or -15V and +15V there is no any noise at all. Outputs are clean and stable. So, it is obvious, that the source of noise is unhinged shielding/ground wire, not amplifier itself. As soon as you tightly tie shielding/ground wire to, say, 0V of power supply, noise will immidiately disappear and you will see clean and sensible signal on the input and output of amplifier.

Another parallel, even more simple:

Imagine that you want to study changes of water level in the lake. But to measure it you select a board of boat full of jumping clowns as reference point instead of lake shore or bottom. You measure water level with your wrong reference and find out a lot of noise. Clowns are jumping in the boat and the boat is heavily pitching. You measure distnace from boat board to bottom and shore and see the same noise. Does that measurements have any sense in lake studying? Absolutely not. You choose wrong reference point, and measuring not the changes of lake water level, but exclusively the activity of clowns in the boat.

And here is exactly the same thing with gold, oil, bitcoin, whatever. You observe only the noise in ground wire, fucking clowns twerking in boat, and that noise/twerking is same for anything you try to check or measure. So, you just select wrong, unconnected reference point to study values. Source of that noise/twerking is not oil, gold, crypto, whatever themselves, but clearly the USD itself.

Unless you select correct, stable reference point or thorougly tie currency to some decent reference value, there is no any sense to analyse your circuit or measure lake water level by that noisy shit.

I understand that it could be hard to accept that fiat currency (USD) is not an universal common measure for the value of commodities, and in no way could be used to do any conclusions about economy. It is especially hard to accept if you indoctrinated with that bullshit named "economy science", but for any sane engineer it is just an obvious fact. USD (and any other fiat currency) is an unhinged source of noise in the system. And highly probably, it is unhinged purposedly to allow noise, and noise is completely artificial and intended. That noise allows extraction of wealth from the society by real USD owners.

You can't study economy processes in society using such reference point. And you absolutely can't make any sensible conclusion about economy using that thing. Looking on the prices of commodities in fiat currency you could only observe fucking clowns twerking in the boat, nothing else.

Any "economist" who use "price in USD" for making any research or conclusion about the state of economy is just a charlatan or one of that clowns twerking in the boat. And deserves nothing but the punch in the lying face from any sane human being.

Capitalism in its western form have some restrictions. Some ways of making profit accounted as crime.

  • Killing competitor is a crime.
  • Theft is a crime.
  • Patent infringement is a crime.
  • Insider trading is a crime. And so on.

So, capitalism could have restrictions.

What if there could be another capitalism, with another, slightly different set of restrictions?


  • Killing competitor is a crime.
  • Theft is a crime.
  • Usury is a crime.
  • Profiteering (all that stock games) is a crime.
  • Intentional limiting of customer in a bought product usage (all that "planned obsolescence", "usage licenses" and "authorized service only") is a crime. with keeping all other freedoms of private business you could find in western capitalism.

Will it still be a capitalism? Do capitalism you defend should have usury and profiteering as essential part of it?

Just asking for a friend who think that western type of capitalism is doomed and sooner or later will be completely demolished by insane elites. So we will have to build new type of capitalism, that have no vulnerabilites that allow creation and existence of elites. :)

What rules and restrictions such capitalism should have to avoid a core possibility of elite formation?

Take in mind, that under "elite" I mean parasitic bastards, like current ones, not a meritocratic elite, like best engineers or best business organizers.


Of course you all are perfectly familiar with insane obsession of elites with that "climate change", and especially CO2 "pollution".

Let's assume that elites are somehow differ form human race for whatever reason. For simplicity let's call them reptiloids as it is de-facto settled term to describe them.

Let's take in account, that CO2 have few peaks in absorption spectra in all InfraRed (IR) regions. There is near IR and far IR regions. Near IR (NIR) is just a red light, that is too red to be sensed by humans as visible light. Unlike Far IR (FIR), it does not represent radiation of heated bodies (at least heated to normal ambient temperature range, not thousands of degrees), so have no any significant interference with termal balance of our planet. NIR is what your IR remote control blink into TV or other device. It is not heat, it is just a light we do not see. However, camera in the phone could easily "see" NIR flashes of IR remote control unlike FIR.

So, they use FIR absorption of CO2 as a reason of "awful climate change". It is a complete lie, of course, greenhouse climate is not a problem, it is a solution.

As you of course understand, the optimal concentration of CO2 (1200ppm, 3 times more than we have now ), will effectively not only keep and guide the energy of the Sun as FIR to the higher latitudes, but also will reduce NIR light from the Sun reaching the Earth surface.

And here is critical part of theory - NIR light is vitally necessary to keep reptiloids intelligent.

Without decent amount of NIR lighting during day, they are just dumb animals with intellect of chicken. Less NIR lighting, dumber reptiloids. So, it is not FIR CO2 absorption they really care about, but NIR we don't see or feel by our senses. That is their "another dimention" or "supernatural property". They just highly sensitive to the part of spectra we are not care about at all.

So, all that mess is just because CO2 level in atmosphere become slightly higher (or it is a Solar Minimun reduce NIR in sunlight, if you wish) making elites dumbier than 6 years old. They know it and in an enormous hurry trying to, at least, reduce CO2 level in atmosphere, to get more NIR lighting around. As they are failed or too late to prevent NIR shortage, they become dumber and some time ago they become so dumb, that now nearly all their actions do more harm for their agenda than making some use. Since they are dumb and at the same time still own an enormous power, they grabed when was smarter, their stupidity do enormous harm to the humanity.

What to do: Produce more CO2. Fuck carbon footprint. Use open fire and "unsustainable" (as of Agenda 2030), i.e. non-green, tech with highest possible carbon footprint. Go, and make a tasty barbeque on the wood or charcoal right now. Use wood and coal to heat your house. And so on.

This theory gives answers to following questions:

  • Why they are so absessed with CO2 concentration
  • Why they looked wise and intelligent in the past and looks like imbeciles now
  • What could we do to defeat them

New question this theory rises:

  • How exactly NIR is consumed or used by elites?
  • Could we use NIR filters or sources (LEDs, f.e.) to manipulate them?

PS: Additional interesting fact: Incandenced bulbs have much more NIR in radiation than modern LED lamps used everywhere now, even in their homes and HQs. And nearly total replacement of incandenced bulbs to the LED bulbs perfectly coincide with drastic fall of elites intelligence. Especially funny that this happened with noticeable help of their own narrative about "green" shit. Some country leaders even prohibited use and production of incendenced bulbs. That lowered NIR irradiation of environment even more with all consequences.


One of the corner-stone of modern "democracy" is a declared necessity of elections necessary for authority rotation.

But literally none of "democtrats" ever talk about rotation of higher level authorities, like IMF, WEF, WHO and other persons and institutions that represent higher levels of authorities than country leaders.

According to the logic of "democrats" if you must have a right to elect a local sheriff or mayor, with many order of magnitude you must have a right not only select all that global institutions, but also must have a right to vote for changing state regime, political system and other things that is much more important than some prime ministers or presidents.

If "democrats" do not even allow a thought about electing bosses of local bosses, than their idea of "democracy" is just a hoax.

Obviously there is no any sense to choose from puppets of one master, regardless of if master is some person or some institution.

Until "democrats" began to talk about direct elections and rotation of UN, IMF, WEF, WHO and other global institutions, there are no any sense to take their propaganda seriously at all.

PS: That is not about validity of elections procedure itself, we all know that they could be easily rigged, it is about giant and obvious hole in logic of "democracy" propaganda.

PPS: It is also about worldwide "democrats", not just US Democratic Party alone.

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