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Of course they are an ethnic group.

What is the word for someone who follows Judaism? (eg: Buddhist for someone following Buddhism). It can't be "Jew" according to you, since that is an ethnic group, and not a religious one.

You justify this by claiming the bad things that some people do are in some way intrinsic to that ethnic group.

Why not? If you replace "ethnic" with "religious", there are certainly groups whose religion promotes ill treatment of other groups. Where do you think Islamic extremism comes from? Does Judaism preach any different? What does Talmud say about slaves (especially pagan ones)?

Anyone following such a religion would be viewed with suspicion because it's not obvious to what extent they accept the teachings of their religion.

And if an ethnic group Y exclusively believes in one religion X, then logically any criticism of group X can be applied to group Y, it being a subset of X.

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He says Twitter was never as bad as Facebook or Youtube for censorship (and if so, it was against the wishes of Dorsey).

Hahahahaha. It was the very first platform to shadow ban me. Comparable to Reddit (which also did the same).

Youtube seems much better than either of these. Facebook didn't even let me open an account recently (got insta locked on opening).

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Methinks they are getting ready to remove vaccines as the primary defense, and promote lockdowns as the primary defense. From the POV of this theory, it was necessary to try out vaccines so the masses could see it doesn't work permanently against ever changing strains. Second, they helped identify those in government, media, military etc. who didn't take vaccines (the "resisters"/opposition).

If true, more and more of the adverse effects and inefficacy will be "officially" recognized in the coming days. Hence, the adverse effect profile and the inefficacy of mRNA vaccines and ensuing "pro-vax" and "anti-vax" groups linked to identity and political leanings were necessary [and therefore deliberate] to reach this stage. Let

Let us see if this theory is correct.

For what purpose?

If true, the future consists of work-from-home setups, with Metaverse being the way we interact (as opposed to in person), home deliveries etc. If lockdowns continue long enough, this will normalize. Eventually this: https://medium.com/world-economic-forum/welcome-to-2030-i-own-nothing-have-no-privacy-and-life-has-never-been-better-ee2eed62f710

We have access to transportation, accommodation, food and all the things we need in our daily lives. One by one all these things became free, so it ended up not making sense for us to own much.

The above quote is true for a normie. It makes little economic sense for the average normie to buy something when you have free access to it already. This is how they'll lure us.

Two systems. Same goal?

You know what's common between Communism (left-wing) and this sort of Capitalism (right-wing)? In both cases you own nothing and are promised happiness. The two "sides" fighting over each other over which system is better.

"They" will own everything (in communism "they" = government, in this sort of capitalism "they" = corporations, and in the Talmud "they" = people running the system = Je ws [whether as Bolsheviks or as the bankers]).

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Gets rid of excess iron for one (especially for meat eaters). We call it blood donation now. Perhaps one of the reasons women might be living longer than men (due to regular blood loss).

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How's this for a plot twist: This and the Israelis claiming "immuno erosion" (see here) among vaccinated is all coming out now along with Omicron. Next up: Vaccines may not be as safe as we thought. We apologize. Lockdowns are the only solution left.

The original strain was discovered around the same time in November I think, and became a problem by Feb 2020. We're on the same schedule this time too I guess. 2/22/2022? Credit for this theory: u/Mrexreturns

Meanwhile most resisters (the ones who didn't take the vaccines) have been identified in all arms of government, military, media etc. and will be dismissed or posted to locations where they cannot get in the way of the deep state (dismantling of opposition).

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Think about it. If merely the fact that the media is against you gives you credibility as "not part of the elite", then the same tactic will be used to elevate agents of the elite as anti-establishment figures. This is the main reason Trump is viewed as an anti-establishment figure. Theatre?

If the elite truly hate you, their media would ignore you and do their best to make you invisible.

Did Trump drain the swamp? Did he build the wall? Did he lock them up? Let me know when he opposes vaccine mandates (which help NWO to take over as follows: https://conspiracies.win/p/140c07Fbg1/x/c/4JIPf6wB9FZ ).

It was easy for the economy to recover in the short term by printing money. In the long run, he possibly set America up for hyperinflation. Jerome Powell made it happen, and Trump egged him on. And why does Biden want Trump appointee FED chairman Jerome Powell to continue? Maybe because they play for the same team?: https://conspiracies.win/p/140JAfwz00/biden-wants-trump-appointee-fed-/

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Yes Neanderthals had a practice of skull re-shaping. See my other comment.

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Skull binding maybe? When I was younger, I heard of a practice among Muslims of Pakistan (and maybe India) where kids' heads were re-shaped into a more oblong shape.

It's an old practice apparently:

For thousands of years, various communities around the world have bound cloth or pieces of wood to the pliable heads of infants to artificially elongate or otherwise shape their craniums. Neanderthals living 45,000 years ago show the evidence of such skull shaping, and the practice persists among some societies today.


In another culture, neck rings to elongate necks are common for example. In China, there was a practice of binding feet of women to reduce foot size. There's a tribe in Africa that elongate their lower lip by a lip plate.

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One of my leading theories about vaccines is they are a tool to separate the resisters (opposition) from the compliant via the vaccine mandate or by making it bureaucratically impossible to get an exception.

For this purpose, you need vaccines with dangerous adverse reactions in a small group (only some lots tainted). And then see who takes them anyway. Ironically, this means they are fanning both the anti-vax and pro-vax narratives, and making sure to link these positions with the politics and identity of each side.

As per this theory, the resisters (opposition) will eventually be expunged from all branches of government, judiciary, media, military etc. This will make the takeover easier.

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These CEOs are just employees (frontmen of a patsy ethnicity). I guess the Indian/Asian ones are more compliant with the agenda (immigrant mindset). Else they are replaced.

The real power is always with the owners (shareholders). Follow the money. Example: For Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (both of the expected ethnicity) have 51% voting power (source). Likely recruited by the Deep State while at Stanford (source).

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Scientists have said that the variant has more changes to its spike protein than any other they have seen. There are suggestions that it might have emerged from an immunocompromised person who harboured the virus for a long period of time, possibly someone with undiagnosed HIV/AIDS.

Professor Francois Balloux, the director of the Genetics Institute at University College London, said that the variant’s mutations are in “an unusual constellation” that “accumulated apparently in a single burst”.

32 mutations to its spike protein [Delta only had 13]. Including 10 mutations to the ACE2 receptor vs only 2 in delta

Yeah somehow all these mutations happened in a single burst that result in an even greater optimization of the virus for infectivity/virulence. Or perhaps because it was engineered?

In less than two weeks, [it] now dominates all infections following a devastating Delta wave in South Africa.


  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/omicron-covid-variant-name-vaccine-spread-b1965056.html
  2. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/article/what-we-know-about-the-omicron-b11529-covid-variant.html
  3. https://fortune.com/2021/11/26/new-covid-variant-south-africa-nu-mutations-delta-dominant-strain/

Lockdowns expected:

  1. "Not sure whether vaccine will work against ‘Variant of Concern’ Omicron, says Pfizer" [which would mean lockdowns are the only solution]


  2. "New York Declares State of Emergency Amid Variant Threat"


  3. "The Czech Republic has declared a state of emergency, Portugal reimposed strict fines and Austria imposed a national lockdown"


  4. Germany is having a record surge unlike any previous ones. Lockdowns probably coming.


  5. "European shares suffer worst day in 17 months on virus fears"


  6. "The WHO has warned against countries hastily imposing travel restrictions, saying they should look to a "risk-based and scientific approach".

    LMAO, they did the same in 2020 which helped to spread the virus.


Crypto regulations incoming:

  1. "Hillary Clinton Advocates For Crypto Regulation To Protect Dollar’s World Reserve Status"


  2. [India] "Govt lists ‘The cryptocurrency and Regulation of the Official Digital Currency Bill 2021' for Winter session"


  3. "Cryptocurrency: Should Bitcoin mining be curbed in Europe? Swedish authorities say yes"


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When I say elites, I mean the wealthy 0.0001% (people like Gates, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bezos etc). So do most people on this site. We think these people are the ones with real power, hence elite.

I see you have a different definition of "elite" (people with political power have ultimate power like Mao, Kissinger etc.). Ok, now I understand why we have different views. Let's see which one turns out to be correct.

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Yeah communist apologists (not talking about you) like to say this a lot ("that was not real communism"). But I can't see how an economy that surrenders everything to the collective is sustainable.

Humans are self-centered. We like to own assets to safeguard our future. So unless someone exists that wields power to snatch away anything we might have collected. that's exactly what we will do. That someone will have to be a central authority everyone can agree on (i.e. a government). As soon as you remove government or at least government powers, people will begin to collect.

For those who are efficient and able to generate surplus value, it is rational to to work for themselves (private enterprise) and collect all the surplus value created rather than surrender it all. So basically unless the government also runs enterprises, private ones will pop up.

No rational human will surrender their entire surplus to the collective (it is irrational). I'm not well read on it, but from what you say, Communism doesn't seem like it's based on rational thinking (unlike game theory for example).

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What happened to rich people's properties in the Khmer Rouge? I looked it up:

Land ownership is a vague and often contentious issue in a country where the Khmer Rouge destroyed all land records between 1975 and 1979. During this period, the regime pushed its utopian Communist ideal of an agrarian society forcing thousands from the cities to work in the fields in the countryside.

The Khmer Rouge regime banned private land ownership. When the Khmer Rouge lost power, many Cambodians resettled on plots of land wherever they could and essentially became "squatters." House and land titles were a distant notion. Rebuilding lives was the priority.

In 2001, Cambodia passed a land law that allowed any Cambodian living peacefully on a piece of land for five years to apply for a land title.

"The problem is a lot of Cambodians were excluded from the land titling projects if powerful people wanted that land,"... "They were excluded because in the end, it's the government itself that issues the land titles."

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/2011/11/25/world/asia/cambodia-property-development-controversy/index.html

So basically elites lose all private wealth and private power. How are they ok with that? They'd have to be pretty selfless towards their cause, whatever it is.

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Depends if their end goal is to get us starving, or whether it is also to establish a corporate takeover with them as the permanent rulers.

EDIT: To explain further, in the current system we can grow richer by owning assets which hedge against inflation and/or appreciate in value. So their of dominance is not total. In the new system, they own all the assets, and we rent them. Our only assets are our savings, which can be nullified through targeted inflation. Thus we can never break out of poverty (though we may think we can by working harder and saving more). We're reduced to worker bees that die when they stop earning (read working).

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Yes food, water, shelter, weapons are first priority. If the internet goes, so does crypto. If the government regulates against it, it will lose most of its "value" against USD - that's a risk I hadn't considered (but that's exactly what happened in India this week). Gold and silver is good in theory, but how do you tell the fakes? Hence, I think, most people will end up bartering anyway.

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How do the vaccines fit in this theory? As follows:

The vaccines could be a tool to identify the resisters. If so, we might see them expunged from all parts of government, media, businesses and under lockdown without the option to get employed. it's a death sentence.

All opposition is thus expunged in a totalitarian state (through mandates)...

This makes sense why the vaccines would have such adverse effects. It helps to see who'll take them anyway (identify those who place politics, money or career over everything else). Ironically, this means they're fanning both the pro-vaxx and the anti-vaxx sentiment. Tiffany Dover fainting was not an accident?

Indiscriminate depopulation theory and sterilization theory were bad theories/misdirections? The elite need people to maintain the system that gives them power. Compliant parents will tend to raise compliant kids. Why kill the obedient first? Vaccines are not killing enough people to get to 500 million or whatever target population the depopulation theorists are proposing.

If they wanted to sell a vaccine they could have created an inactivated virus vaccine which cannot be more dangerous than the disease itself, and hence avoid concerns in the first place.

How does the Cyber polygon fit in this? It helps accentuate the destruction of the economy, in case lockdown weren't enough.

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The problem with coins/notes is that who makes them (if there is too few of the required type)? With the a centralized authority (government) making them, there is some control on fakes and accumulation of wealth (if you allow private parties to make them, there is no regulation on fakes/hoarding).

But the government can choose to demonetize cash at any time by declaring them to be of no value from so and so date (something like this happened in India a few years ago, and possessing demonetized currency above certain amounts is illegal). Most of the cash is returned to government in exchange for bank transfer for the same amount. Very few coins/notes will be left. If there are very few number of notes/coins of the required type, there is too few for everybody to have, so those who don't have it will resort to barter instead. It is also difficult to make everyone agree on the value of a certain type of note/coin without centralization. And with gold/silver, how do you verify if it is fake?

The problem of fakes and centralization is why crypto was created. Any person can mine their own cryptocurrency if they don't have any (no need for centralized printing/minting). I agree blockchain tech has many problems, but the idea of using cryptography to authenticate is quite sound. There are now multiple alternative technologies in place of blockchains.

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Use crypto. Even with gold, how could you ensure that you aren't getting a counterfeit? This is the classic use case for crypto. See my comment further up. The only drawback it has is reliance on the internet and electricity.

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They don't need crypto to push out cash. They can already do that with debit cards. What does crypto have to do with it?

Crypto is decentralized. All government can do is establish their own crypto currency and try to outlaw the others. Even there, at most they can ensure that crypto exchanges don't exist, but they cannot prevent actual crypto transactions without shutting down the internet (which would bankrupt Big Tech). If you doubt the ability of crypto to circumvent the government, just look at the dark net which runs on crypto. Try running a dark net operation with gold or silver.

If you put all your eggs in cash, you've put all your eggs in the hands of government controlled, centralized currency. If the government demonetizes cash in exchange for a bank transfer of the same amount (was done in India a few years ago, but instead of bank transfers they issued new notes), what are you going to do?

Take some time to understand how crypto works. It's no different from gold, with the benefit of no counterfeits and long distance transfer and the drawback of relying on the internet and electricity. Also crypto exchanges may be outlawed suddenly (the same could be done for gold too).

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I think that locally some kind of computer assisted multibarter system could be established. As for something global - I don't know, but there should be solution. May be some kind of blockchainless digital currency, or something completely different.

You've just described cryptocurrency in a roundabout way.

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A more practical take:

  1. It helps separate those who will go to any lengths from those who have a conscience. It's a filtering system (Just as the vaccines separates those who tow the line from those that do not).

  2. Blackmail videos to keep them under control. Should they go rogue or develop a conscience later on, you can nullify their influence and credibility by releasing the videos. No one will believe them even if they tell the truth..

  3. The rituals also serve as mental conditioning to remove empathy. Empathy is a risk to the cabal. Zimbardo prison experiments shows how easy it is to remove empathy by role playing prison guards and prisoners. An interesting question: If you act like a psychopath, do you eventually become one?

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Maybe. But doesn't change the fact that Trump's appointee created this situation, and Trump wanted him to. Trump followers were fooled by him (it was easy for the economy to do well in the short term by printing money). In the long run, he possibly just set us up for a Great Reset: See my comment further up on how his actions might lead to a "reset" of the economy.

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