So the Eastern half of the world awoke to this news on TV. News channels have been non-stop about this.

Relevant: Klaus Schwab indicates Putin, Merkel, Macron, Fernández (Argentina), Trudeau etc. are his apprentices: Source:



This never happens. Modi is one of the most protected world leaders.

There are always 3 routes prepared, and PM will use any one of them. The one he used was leaked, 'protestors' swarmed there, and the police didn't intervene (were seen having tea with protestors). Modi was pinned from both ends on a bridge for 15 mins.

Obviously the police were ordered by the state government to stand down. The Chief Minister of the State, the Chief Secretary and Police chief were supposed to be in the convoy, but bounced last moment. But since no attempt was made to kill Modi, I think this was a warning shot, probably the last warning he will receive before Feb 2022.

Recently, his Chief of Defence Staff was killed in a helicopter 'malfunction':



  • 2014-01-06 11:18 Tony: You two free for dinner on 12 or 13 January?
  • 2014-01-06 14:12 Mary: Not 12th for me and 13th is John' s hand surgery. When are you back and for how long?
  • 2014-01-06 15:04 Tony: Back on 12th. But may have to go to somalia give me some dates. Mlk day? [Editorial note: MLK day is Jan 17th]
  • 2014-01-07 00:36 John: That might work. Somalia? Geez.
  • 2014-01-07 01:12 Tony: Mary not free. Would love to get a pizza for an hour? Or come over
  • 2014-01-07 09:16 John: Are you free sunday mid-afternoon?
  • 2014-01-07 11:37 Tony: Yes. Only wanna see you and mike Berman
  • 2014-01-08 00:23 John: Call when you get back.
  • 2014-01-08 00:23 John: How is the trip?
  • 2014-01-08 00:38 Tony: Very good. I'm seated with the kids so little wired [Editorial note: 'wired' means 'tense with excitement or anticipation; edgy' (definition source)]

Evidence source:¬itle=&date_from=2014-01-04&date_to=2014-01-13&nofrom=¬o=&count=50&sort=6#searchresult


  1. 'Pizza for an hour' suggests they are not talking about the food item, but something 're-usable'. This establishes that the Podestas use 'pizza' as a code word for something 're-usable'. The need to use a code word indicates it is an immoral/illegal thing needed for about an hour. Its 're-usability' rules out intoxicants/drugs.

  2. 'Seated with the kids' making Tony feel 'wired' suggests they are not kids he is familiar with. Generally people are friendly towards kids, his response to their presence is unusual.

  3. John Podesta is no stranger to using 'food groups' to refer people (different 'food groups' for each race and gender):

    Yet "dates" in the above chain refers to dinner dates, rather than the fruit (not a reference to Black kids, which you might think of since it's in the same line as Somalia and MLK day). Pre-debunking in case shills try to use this as a strawman to direct away from the bolded bits.

  1. Create a virus (creating the problem).
  2. Lockdown.
  3. Crash economy. Print money.
  4. Inflation.

Several rounds of step 1-4. We're just done with one round. The currency is not devalued enough. With the Omicron variant (COVID-21) already out there, we've begin the next round. This process will take years (first round took two years 2019-21).

  1. Ban cryptocurrencies in effect (eg: By preventing trade against USD, or by declaring them a currency and therefore you need a banking license to deal with them etc. They can't directly ban it because of how the technology works)

  2. Devalued currency from hyperinflation. This destroys everyone's dollar holdings (close to cashless).

  3. In the old days, banks could issue their own currency. There were multiple currencies in circulation at the same time. We're halfway there with crypto already. Move to such a system again, since USD is too devalued.

  4. New crypto currency issued by private banks and/or a private Central Bank (let's call this collectively the "banking consortium") backed by an International cabal of corporations.

  5. Big box stores accept new currency. You need money and USD is worthless. You can only get a hold of the new currency by selling your assets to the banking consortium (since they created it, they are the only source of it). Now you see why step 5 is needed. Can't have you dealing with crypto that isn't controlled by the elites. Their currency must be the only solution.

    Looks like an obvious takeover attempt, so they'll probably do it through a fund established by the government, with privates owning a stake in it (a bit like the Fed).

  6. The mega sale devalues all assets. They get to buy it cheap.

  7. You own nothing and you're (not) happy.

I agree with u/Mrexreturns that lockdowns are coming. I disagree this is a communist revolution. There is no communism without state ownership. The elites will never agree to state ownership of their assets. Instead we have a new form of totalitarian rule similar to the movie "In Time".

All this time, you will be under the impression you have choice. If you work hard enough, you can "make it" (their version of the American Dream). But of course your income is only ever at par with expenses, and you have no savings.

PS: Obviously, I must be missing many things and don't know whether this theory would even be doable from an economic perspective etc. Happy to be corrected.


IMO we shouldn't fall in the trap of having to prove Graphene Oxide etc. There is more than enough data to show that vaccines have a horrible side effect profile, comparable to the disease in many cases. So a person should have the choice which set of side effects they would like to suffer. Their response is likely to be one of:

Individual level arguments:

The vaccine (1) reduces possibility of death/suffering (2) reduce viral load you spread to others (3) ends the pandemic.

Systemic level arguments:

(4) Hospitals will fill up and even accident victims won't get care. (5) The normie is a leftist telling you to "deal with it" or "f***-ing die".

For (1) you say I'm ok dying and suffering on my own terms. Not for you to decide for me. If not, why don't we ban adventure sports too?

For (2) you say if someone is worried about reducing the viral load they catch, they should be using an N-95 mask and faceshield, use hand sanitizer, follow decontamination procedures after returning from outside and stay under voluntary lockdown. In other words, they should be sacrificing their own liberties for their own security. They pay for their own security rather than you pay for theirs.

For (3) say the vaccine cannot stop infection, hence cannot stop the pandemic.

For (4) and (5) you say if an individual must take a risk for the sake of society, then the society has a reciprocal obligation to take care of the consequences the individual may face. However, this is no such recourse for COVID-19 vaccinations. In fact, the person is ostracized for speaking about the adverse reactions. If society is so hostile to the individual, then it is rational for the individual to be hostile to society as well to negotiate a better deal for himself. If they say COVID-19 is a risk too, you can say it is a risk I'm taking for myself (one party). Whereas the vaccine is a risk I'm taking for society (two parties). Hence, reciprocity becomes an issue.

In addition, people who smoke, eat unhealthy, drink too much, do drugs etc. are also filling up hospitals for an avoidable condition. Should we ban these things too? Should we mandate physical exercise like we mandate getting medical treatments (i.e. vaccines)? How about an obesity tax? Why single out unvaccinated people?


EDIT: Added another argument I had overlooked.

Suppose Trump is part of the cabal/swamp.

Election fraud is "proven". Trump found winner. Courts say not our jurisdiction. Military steps in to re-instate Mr. Trump. They say no new elections needed since he won. He returns as a hero with 40% of Americans following.

Military sticks around, for your "protection". Anybody opposed to what seems like military takeover/fascism are overpowered by millions of Trump supporters who will follow their leader no matter what. Even if he shoots someone in the middle of 5th Avenue. The military is full of Trump supporters, so they have the critical strength needed to maintain control. Q seemed right after all, they say. We'll never doubt him again.

Trump passes some "temporary" orders that seem like fascism but are for your protection. But over time these will become the new normal. Q is used to explain away any doubts among supporters.

Trump "dies" so soon after he just won, in false flag event done by "liberal freedom fighters". Sympathy wave is used to bring his son into office.

Trumpers see blood. Civil war is initiated by paid agents from both sides. More fascism to reign the new, higher level of chaos. Which then becomes new normal and so on in a downward cycle.

This would explain the effort put into the Q op. Why the swamp was not drained. It would mean the opposition to Trump from all quarters was controlled opposition all along, designed to prime people's minds. A kind of mass hypnosis.

People on both sides seem hypnotized. Whatever the 4 years were, they did do something permanently to Americans' minds, on both sides. Trump supporters also seem like blind followers.


Someone is throwing a lot of money at this, looking at the ridiculously many Reddit awards. People buying bill boards and such.

Could be the elite:

Main street is absolutely correct that the squeeze will cost the hedges $100B+ losses at the end of it (all squeezes combined). How much of that will go back to the elite (as the counterparty to the trade), is anyone's guess. It might lead to a market crash, especially if they go after silver next. Although, some think the silver thing is a distraction from GME due to it being promoted by suspicious accounts: Other say the opportunty is real and we just need to wait till after GME battle is won (since we only have so much capital).

It may well be a sacrifice the elite is willing to make to usher in the Great Reset. Or it could be something they DID NOT initiate, but supported after seeing it as an opportunity to usher in the Great Reset. How? The government gives money in exchange for an equity stake, resulting in ownership. From what I understand, the plan is for people to own less and the government to own more.

Or could be not the elite:

Because it's the average people (the voters across the political spectrum are united on this) that are putting their life earnings into this to see the elite lose, there will be great pressure on the government not to bail them out again. That will nullify the sacrifice of the people. Fastest way to unite the people against a common enemy. I'm not sure uniting people across the political spectrum against the elite and the government is part of the elite's plan.

Or maybe it's a plan by the "Resistance" to bring down the elite but uniting the people against the elite. Ever think about that? This might be the start of a movement.

We don't know. Only thing we know is that without the squeeze, status quo will continue.