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this is what a dictatorship looks like, folks.

Secret charges, secret detentions, semiautos to "confront" journalists from "covering" the wrong news. Disgusting abuse of policing power.

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lmao, he was shitting on talented op. i hope he saw it.

and dw bro, its not real. tho the shill would proably like that kinda thing

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but does it help with small pp syndrome? this is what we all need to know.

then we can finally stop clicking on all those "my friend found the secret to big dong" ads

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^ dont listen to shills, op. this shit is pretty f'n funny. make some moah ni🅱️🅱️a

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theyre questioning her being able to cover obama "objectively" for political reasons... none of them disqualified themselves from covering trumpf.


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I didnt see coronavirus in there? Where does it appear? I think youre right about the virtue signalling from politicians that want donations from the israel pacs and other benefits.

Or it is just a next virtue signalling proclamation by a gorup of Israel citizens among US congressmans that really don't have any real legal consequences for the Americans?

It does look like more of a proclamation than a law, that is encouraging other groups (DHS, social media companies, Interparliamentary task force) to take actions on what they're declaring is important in this 'resolution'. So it appears to be more of a 'promissary note' to entice further donations from the israel adjacent lobbies. (imo)

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the percentage is 'relatively' small. but it is concerning that it happens whilst they didnt bother to warn anyone. FUCK phizer

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this is probably for shills to make normies scared of not vaccing

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couldnt agree more. amen to the pacifism of the speculative coin "investing" job, its no more valuable than a canadian poop farmer.

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All these 'cryptos" have been used to get money out of complete retards.

And its working.

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