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Now this is the conspiracy shit that I signed up to see. Keep rolling with it, I love it.

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That's different. Sanctuary cities are based on the principle that the federal government cannot commandeer state officials to enforce federal law. Sanctuary cities are just refusing to cooperate with federal immigration officials.

Comparatively, all enforcement under the COVID-19 mandates is done by federal officials (i.e., OSHA). The argument the states will use is based in the 10th Amendment guarantee to state rights in certain traditional areas of state governance, not any sort of analogy to sanctuary cities.

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This will get downvoted, but this is how the law works.

The Twitter user seems to be misunderstanding American federalism. The supremacy clause of the Constitution plainly provides that federal law prevails in a conflict between federal and state law. The caveat is that to be a federal law, the law must be constitutional. The argument that will be advanced by states like Texas is that the federal law unconstitutionally encroaches on an area of state law that is protected by the 10th Amendment. This is different than saying state law overrides federal law — it's saying that the federal law is unconstitutional, thus no valid law exists to conflict with the state law.

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Source on the vax death numbers?

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Looks like it’s from a speech by Thomas Renz. Same guy who just got his law license and has lost about every lawsuit that’s been filing, and losing, COVID-restriction suits.

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Is the point of this post that the CDC is hiding deaths, or that the COVID-19 CFR among the fully vaccinated is higher than is being reported?

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Had to stop by to see how the copers are trying to spin the AZ results, lol

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Shiva’s conclusion is based on data relating to 17,000 duplicate ballots. That for figure has since been directly contradicted by the released audit itself (page 8), which only shows about 9,000 duplicated ballots, split fairy equally along party lines. More so, the results explicitly state there is no evidence that these duplicates were counted more than once.

Unsurprisingly, Shiva is an election fraud bot and is talking out of his ass.

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Dude, the literal audit report itself directly contradicts this. The thing that Shiva is summarizing not only does not support this, but provides radically different numbers and explicitly disclaims this kind of conclusion being drawn.

The copium is heavy around here today.

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Whatever Marjorie is citing is straight up wrong lol. The released audit results (page 8) only show about 9,000 duplicated ballots, split fairy equally along party lines. More so, the results explicitly state there is no evidence that these duplicates were counted more than once.

Once again, the election fraud narrative is shit.

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Sorry the results aren’t what you wanted, but the press conference presented absolutely nothing more than the same speculation about chain-of-custody errors that existed before the Audit.

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Story story: we have no proof the ballots he won were fake or illegally cast

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I love the QAnon folks, even if for nothing else, just because of how entertaining their theories are.

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So in short, we have:

• 74,243 mail-in ballots that were cast via early voting centers (i.e., did not have to be mailed out in the first place).

• 11,326 voters that registered on the day of the election.

• ~30,000 registrations recorded after election day.

• An out-of-date copy of McAfee.

• Queries that did nothing.

• Serial numbers that did nothing.

Soooo where's the fraud at?

Edit: I think this might be my fast recorded ban. Remember not to question Axol’s opinions folks. See y’all in 42 days!

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