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So in short, we have:

• 74,243 mail-in ballots that were cast via early voting centers (i.e., did not have to be mailed out in the first place).

• 11,326 voters that registered on the day of the election.

• ~30,000 registrations recorded after election day.

• An out-of-date copy of McAfee.

• Queries that did nothing.

• Serial numbers that did nothing.

Soooo where's the fraud at?

Edit: I think this might be my fast recorded ban. Remember not to question Axol’s opinions folks. See y’all in 42 days!

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Not doubting the possible conspiracy, but there really isn’t a uniform rate of fire for a bump stock. Different designs have different distances of “bump” travel, which generate different RPMs.

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Dude’s fetish was eating shit. I’d kill myself too if that’s what I had to do to get off.

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Nah I meant mine, one chain below that.

Idk, here’s the indictment if you doubt me. I’m not sure where the other guy got his figure, but it’s wrong.

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I mean, multi-million dollar tax fraud is kind of something that you should be prosecuted for regardless of who you support.

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Not exactly. They’re accusing him of receiving about $2 million in compensation sent intentionally and indirectly through fraudulently inflated expenses.

End of the day though, they’re just trying to get someone to squeal on Trump, imo.

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This is a heavily moderated forum. The owner stickies his own posts and then bans people who disagree with him. All available in the logs, I suggest looking at his recent Reddit-hates-me post as an example.

Not to mention, raising claims that have continuously failed to be proven isn’t independent thinking, it’s just denial.

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I buy into COVID-19 existing. I also don’t doubt it’s as transmissible as the testing indicates.

I just extremely doubt it is as severe as everyone makes it out to be. If you are healthy and don’t have underlying conditions, I don’t think there’s any reason to be afraid of it.

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How to keep the right wingers entertained and distracted 101:

  1. Suggest new, damning evidence against a prominent leftist, RINO, [insert trending Twitter nickname here];
  2. Tease for a few months, maybe start a GoFundMe if you want;
  3. Release something that doesn’t even remotely support your claim;
  4. Watch Crowder, Alex Jones, and .win communities rage that your affidavit on a napkin hasn’t led to mass indictments and culling of liberals;
  5. Repeat.
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Realistically, I predate pretty much all users here. Feel free to review my post and comment history. I came here a couple days after this .win was first created.

People seem to forget that this place was literally founded by Redditors.

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conspiracies.win by now obviously is the only real conspiracies forum as in allowing all kinda debates and other crazy yet thoughtful ideas

I just came off of a week-long ban for a single comment telling Axo that his Reddit-hates-me conspiracy doesn't hold water. The censorship here is easily on par with Reddit, if not worse.

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Tbf, if you accept lookism as valid then you also have to accept some extent of white privilege as valid, since being white (at least, for males (sorry for the lame source)) is typically perceived as more attractive than other skin tones.

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