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There are HDMI USB sticks that act like cameras, so it's not too hard if you're smart and have some skills.

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Less shitty is a good start. Aim higher.

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Someone needs to ice that motherfucker and the one in China already and free all these people.

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Please invent a time machine. Go back to whenever Bidet and Fauxi were born and take them out Terminator Skynet style. While you're at it LBJ and the CIA fuckers that did JFK in. And then go back further and take out the fuckers that created the Jekyl Island creature and the guys with the red shield in the UK.

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That's pretty fucking obvious. You wouldn't want the most capable people of leading a revolt. You'd want them weak as kittens and as dangerous.

Wouldn't surprise me if uncle sam sold us out to the chinks back in 2008 in exchange for bail out money for the banks and the whole thing is to depopulate us so West Taiwan can invade the USA and take over.

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Let's hope whoever grabs the throne will put in place a freedom loving government without a central bank to fuck it over. Worst case scenario is putin will see this as an opportunity and invade and then enslave them all over again.

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I'd only wish that if the replacement was back to the found fathers original idea. Not this central bank owned orwellian nightmare

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Aw hell no. I don't want this land of ours to turn commie. Fuck the damn chinks. Why don't their fucking people revolt already and send their fucking Poo dictator to the guillotine?

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Careful what you wish for, I'd only want that if when it comes back we go back to a fully constitutional government as the founders imagined it. i.e. small fed, strong states, freedom for individuals, neutral and fair trade with all countries, no standing army, but armed citizens, no central bank, no CIA, no NSA, etc. gold standard, etc.

The sad truth is what could have happened to Russia after the USSR imploded could have been like that, instead it decayed into mafia style government. Sadly if there's another revolt here, we can kiss democracy goodbye as it will likely break down into totalitarianism.

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I'm with you bro. fight back, resist.

It won't get better soon, likely, it will get much worse soon, but maybe, in the long run, we can win.

If we lose, we die.

If we do nothing we die.

Resist with whatever way you can.

Remember, only 3% of the population is needed for a successful revolution.

Just read this here today, in case anyone missed it, go read and watch and understand what is coming, and fight it:


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Something about things changing every decade, IDK, gave me a headache trying to figure it out.

Hope when he wakes up tomorrow, after he gets over the hangover, he starts to edit it into something more coherent.

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Um, no, comes from the same root as memory and memetics.

They are however, a form of social virus, spread by virtue of being funny.

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This is exactly what they want. Once the collapse happens, they'll starve the public into accepting the great reset. Don't allow it to happen.

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Yes, absolutely it's totally transparent. How else would they get the public to accept the great reset? That was clear as soon as I saw "you'll own nothing and rent everything".

Gentlemen, the communists are here, they've infiltrated Washington DC and funnily enough that most capitalist of capitalist inventions, the banks themselves.

This is why all the trillions and all the printing. Just look at the M1 money supply and what it did in the last two years and how $1 today is worth $0.25 or less of $1 just from two years ago.

They're already hinting at the next horrors. Power outages, gas shortages, gasoline shortages, freezing winters, smallpox, whatever. etc.

Everywhere you look there's propaganda repeated over and over and over. The big lie. Silence it. Fight it with the truth, and spread it far and wide. Pull the curtains open and expose man behind it who told you not to pay attention to him.

Let them feel your hate. Let them feel your anger. Let them not be able to hide from it.

This is why the ports are jammed, while ships from china wait at a port we sold to the mother fucking communist chinese, and so the shelves are empty. They've bought out our politicians and fucked us over.

These fuckers must be routed out and removed before this is done. Every. Last. One.

There's a saying among the rich, keep them starving and poor and they'll worry about their next meal instead of revolting. Fuck that, revolt. Revolt now. Revolt yesterday, revolt tomorrow. They want to feed us insects, we will eat the rich instead. Figuratively. Literally, or feed them to madame la guillotine, I don't care which.

Tie them up in the courts. Protest in the streets. Fight them in your offices with paperwork, fight them in your churches with sermons, fight them in your hospitals without masks, in your schools, in your restaurants, anywhere and everywhere. Sabotage their plans. Don't let them sleep. Take them out any way and every way.

It's not enough for the truckies to win a concession from being vaccinated. It's not enough for a few people here and there to get a pass. EVERYONE MUST BE FREE of these parasites permanently.

Resist, refuse, fight back, in any and every way possible, by any and every means. Our friends at the CIA gave us plenty of ways to do that. Here's some: https://web.archive.org/web/20130305235007/https://www.cia.gov/news-information/featured-story-archive/2012-featured-story-archive/CleanedUOSSSimpleSabotage_sm.pdf

Refuse to feed them information and money. Vote with your dollars. Don't feed the MANGA companies. Don't feed the machine in any way that you can avoid.

Buy silver and gold if you can afford it. Buy whatever supplies you can't. Make friends and alliances with everyone you can. Help them when you can.

Remember, hyperinflation is coming, it's almost here. Who knows how much a dollar will be worth in another year or two. Stock up on food, medicine, medical supplies, first aid kids, all weather clothing, blankets, water filters, tents, tools, parts, solar panels, whatever you can, while you can. Get books too. Physical. On paper. When the power goes out your fucking iphone, kobo or kindle is going to less useful than a doorstop.

Bitcorn is great if you have it, but is useless when the power and internet go out. Remember all the solar flare scares and the "OMG the russian haxors are in our power grids"? that means they're thinking of shutting those things down. Have alternate plans.

This is the problem, if you don't know what's coming exactly, all you can do is prepare for everything possible, and hope for the best. But in an hyper-inflationary market your money will be worth nothing tomorrow. Not telling you to go in debt, but use whatever of it you can spare on hard, long lasting goods today. Worst case you'll have a lot canned food dinners to eat, and lots of useful supplies and tools. No biggie.

If you're in a blue city like NYC or LA, get the fuck out if you're able to.

Getting an RV and driving away might be good, but what happens when it breaks down and you can't get parts, or oil, or gas, or coolant, or tires, or a timing belt, or replacement batteries? And after a year, gasoline becomes worthless. Without infrastructure, there's no driving. Sorry.

Don't let them divide and conquer you. Doesn't matter if your neighbors and friends are on the blue or red team, what their religion is whatever else they want to drive us over, or if they self identify as trees, or furries, or sheeple.

Serve your community. Serve your family. Help whomever you can. Winter is coming, and it's going to be like no other we have faced. What's being done in australia will come here soon enough if we let it. Don't.

Be kind to everyone, but be firm on insisting on your rights. Never give those up. If you do, only slavery awaits you.

Remember, both parties are two sides of the same coin in the pocket of the banks. Those are the fuckers that want all of us depopulated - the banks, the money power. They're the ones who want the great reset. They're the ones who want to murder us. They're the ones who want to buy our homes and land so we rent everything. They distract us with bullshit nonsense circuses. Don't fall for it. They divide us into teams and set us against each other. Don't fall for it.

They're the ones who push stupid bullshit articles about how it's consumer's fault that we have disposable goods when they're the ones who loved planned obsolescence and profited while we wanted products we can repair and that last for a lifetime? But it's our fault that the seas are filled with plastic junk we didn't want or ask for when the companies they own produced products that break and wind up in landfills and waterways?

Did you see that article about how we should rent jeans - yes, rent pants? I did.

Did you see the one about how it's a bad idea to flip houses because it's a lot of work? Or how renting is better than owning? Or about owning less things and living in smaller places is best? Or the billions of bullshit articles about how eating veggies and insects is the way?

Or how we shouldn't own cars and self-driving cars are the future? Why do you think they want that? So they can control us, where we go and know where we go and deny us where we want to go. Yes, idiot, your fucking tesla is spying on you. Constantly. It's worse than facebook. Elon is not your savior, he's one of them.

Who the fuck do you think is pushing all those agendas?

No, no, your local bank manager is not evil, he's just a useless idiot tool fool that got vaxed himself and his wife and kids and mistress, and they'll all die too from HIV or cancer or mycarditis or other as of yet unknown covid vax side effects. He doesn't know shit. The ones that own the central banks. Those fuckers. The Elons, and Gates. They own it all because governments have allowed them to make money out of nothing and once they reach critical mass to keep making more and more while we make less and less.

Why do you think the FDA is trying hard to ban ivermectin and NAC and anything that actually might be helpful. Maybe it's because ivermectin might kill the parasites in the murdervax. Maybe NAC will help you detox the graphene oxide that will murder you. Who knows. I don't. I'm guessing. But I can read between the lines. So can you. Or at least learn to.

Remember what Jefferson warned us about. It's too late to accept his advice, as we've allowed the central banks to own us. But it's not too late to undo the creature from Jekyll Island. If you don't know what I'm talking about, educate yourself. We're nearly homeless and destitute on the very continent our forefathers fought England hard to gain because of Jekyll Island.

It's possible that jailing fauxi might work to release the floodgates of truth. It's possible that Bidet's overreach will get overturned in court and that will unleash the flood of truth. Either way. We might win easy if either of these things happen, but don't count on it.

We need more places like Florida and Texas.

The key is that it gets out that these are murdervaxes and that people are dying from them left and right. Once that happens, the powderkeg will be lit, unless that happens, they'll keep winning and our kids and our fellow humans' kids will keep dying because of these monsters.

It may happen on its own. They might not be able to keep the Newsom vax reaction hidden for too long. It may flip California. Who knows. We'll see. Doubt it. Oh too bad, look he's back: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-11-09/newsom-sudden-pause-on-public-events-sparks-social-media-speculation - maybe he got disappeared like they do in china to billionaires there. Maybe he was visiting the new Epstein Island, new manager: Billy Bloody Gates. Who knows.

But there's always hope at the bottom of Pandora's box, no matter how tiny and weak compared to the other monsters at play. Don't let that die.

We don't need F15s and nukes. Less than 3% of the population is all it takes for a full blown revolution, fuck needing colour revolutions, but if it has to come to that, if protests and lawsuits don't work, then it's on revolt.

We don't even need an insurrection. A full blown revolution with a new government has a great chance that a totalitarian one will replace the mostly broken one we have now. That's not ideal either. If it must be, then so be it, but let's leave that as the last resort for when it gets closer to australia style.

We need only remove the corrupt motherfuckers. The framework for good government is still here. Only the corruption needs to be removed, and stronger checks and balances are needed.

Until they're ready to pull the trigger on the great reset, and they will not be until things get desperate for the hoi poloi, we have a small window of opportunity to fight it off.

Remember the great depression, they need to artificially recreate that before the people will bend over and accept it. At this rate, it will never be bidet's to offer it. He's no FDR and this ain't no new deal. The banks fucked us over right before the great depression and brought that about, and eventually WWII.

They're trying the same shit again, only this time, they'll own it all, and we'll all be serfs. West Taiwan invading East Taiwan might be the powderkeg that starts WWIII as a hot war, but that will likely come after the reset. Yeah, fuck my social credit score. Just as every dollar is a debt (look up the meaning of "note" in the context of "Federal Reserve Note"), a negative social credit score is a win for me.

If you want to be a slave. Do nothing. Go along with it. Bend over. Take the killshot, die, maybe survive to serve, maybe be broken.

Whatever is in there, when that pfizer vax carrying truck spilled a few months ago, if it caused FEMA to get kicked out of the cleanup by the military so whatever graphene oxide or other evils are in the killshots don't get into the ground water, do you really think that's something you'd want in your arteries, or in your kids?

Or, choose to die with your boots on, never surrender. Fight them everywhere. Take back our country.

Find their bunkers and ransack them.

Do every little thing you can to fight back, any way you can.

Once we free our country, then free our brothers and sisters in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, and so on.

Resist these fuckers. Don't give in. Not an inch, not even a fucking trillionth of a yoctometer.

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Dear @axolotl_peyotl, As an atheist, I can proudly say, you're doing God's work man! Keep it up!

Yes, that's an honest comment, and not sarcasm. I love what you've done here!

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Yes, but is it graphene oxide negative? trololololo :)

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I wouldn't trust startpage anymore - they're private, sure but their results come from google, so you won't get honest results, you'll get google-censored results when it comes to anything of interest.

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eat shit and die and go fuck yourself with fauci's dick

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