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The egypt stuff was pretty cool in all that. If you've ever read the channeled book during the 80's.. the Ra material.. apparently the pyramids were made by "thought". I'd be curious to analyze some chunk of stone under electron microscope to see if it's "normal'. lol

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Have you read the Svali stuff? Ex illuminati mk-ultra programmer. Lemme get it.



It's like your neighbor is a teacher or something.. and late at night they'd travel to a military base for training. It's like lower level people in society. Not just elite. So the military would be completely compromised.

But they got shit going on under churches eh. Like Svali talked about when growing up they'd reach an age and would go to a ritual under the vatican. So that whole lot is corrupt.

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All of Hollywood with the pics where most of them cover one eye. Who knows. You know they're all involved in the occult. What you know about them is like who knows.. there's handlers though for sure. Has anybody you known in the real world, dealt with a celeb behind closed doors. Probably not a whole hell of a lot. Then ya got what they do during their spare time. Who knows.

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We got free healthcare here in Canada. What goes on is you'll wait half a day if you go to emergency. You can wait I don't know, half a year to get an operation.

What you wanna do is take people who don't have jobs, pay for their training so they can be doctors or something instead. The doctors here they don't get paid crazy amounts like the US.. but they do make quite a bit I think. If the government is gonna get involved in this free healthcare thing and wants to cut costs, you can't be paying hundreds of thousands per year to the doctors. You wanna get people who don't have jobs, train them but they gotta work later for lower wages. lol

If the government is going to be shovelling however many billions into "pils". Maybe they should pay to start their own pharmaceutical company that does research. If you leave it to the normal pharmaceutical industry they don't want to cure things because they don't keep making money from you taking pills instead. But.. the government would rather pay however much per pill instead. Doesn't make good business sense. If you're gonna get involved in trying to do free health care you can't roll the way they do.

What else do we got around here. If you call an ambulance you still gotta pay for that.

Glasses you gotta pay for that.

Teeth.. they really don't like that.. any trouble they'll pull 'em out for the poor people. You gotta pay for whatever dental stuff on your own.

Sounds like it's crazy in the states though where if you get injured and go to the hospital it costs like hundreds of thousands. That's obscene.

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It's only a minute, you can search for the whole TED talk.

How about when he got kicked out of India for problems with the oral polio vaccine.


"Correlation between Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis Rates with Pulse Polio Frequency in India"


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That was pretty good for putting it in context. But I don't like all this throwing out AA batteries and they think it's "green". Both technologies suck.

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"Finn claimed that he was called a “bald c---” and was also threatened by his shift supervisor, Jamie King, in a dispute in July 2019.

The tribunal determined that using this insult was a “violation against the claimant’s [Finn] dignity, it created an intimidating ... environment for him, it was done for that purpose, and it related to the claimant’s sex.”

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WTF with this one. How stupid are people getting out there these days. They get all "offended" and sue you over the dumbest bullshit.

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How about instagram and youtube if you had anything to say, wondering about the vaccine and people would have their accounts shut down. Would they be able to say those things after this?

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The 15-word ruling allowing the law, which had been blocked last year, to take effect has significant potential consequences. Most immediately, it creates new legal risks for the tech giants, and opens them up to a possible wave of litigation that legal experts say would be costly and difficult to defend.

Texas’s law makes it illegal for any social media platform with 50 million or more US monthly users to “block, ban, remove, deplatform, demonetize, de-boost, restrict, deny equal access or visibility to, or otherwise discriminate against expression.”

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How about the first Teslas where it was literally a trunk full of AA batteries.

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How about the "trading pairs" where you can buy crypto with like BTC. lol. I wondered about that earlier. I'm there.. how's that work. A few are only in this BTC type where you can't get them with the USDT. But I wouldn't want the shit in that if BTC's nosediving.

How about the ones that are in gold. What are these again.. "stable coins".. I thought about this pax gold.

"Which crypto is based on gold? Gold-backed cryptocurrencies like PAX Gold and Tether Gold are digital tokens whose ownership is recorded on the blockchain, similar to popular crypto tokens like Ether and Bitcoin. Each PAX and Tether token represents one troy fine ounce of gold."

Like what are you gonna do if the US dollar or this USDT goes down the shitter some day. Lemme check if they got trading pairs in this I guess it's PaxG. What's this Tether gold.

"Tether Gold (XAUt) is a digital asset offered by TG Commodities Limited. One XAUt token represents one fine troy ounce of gold on a London Good Delivery (LBMA) gold bar. The fractionalisation of XAUt tokens is possible up to six decimal places (i.e. in increments as small as 0.000001 fine troy ounce)."

hmm.. I don't think I've seen this around Binance. lol.

"The live price of XAUT is $ 1,858.42 per (XAUT / USD)"

Lemme just check BNB where they have all kinds of trading pairs when you go to buy it. Betcha I'll see this BNB/

"PAX Gold (PAXG) is an asset-backed token where one token represents one fine troy ounce of a London Good Delivery gold bar, stored in professional vault"

So it is paxG, eh. ok let's check BNB/PAXG or this BNB/XAUT.

Not really seeing it. They got EUR or GBP but I don't see just the regular USD. They even got RUB. lol.

I don't know.. I could picture there being some trouble with the US dollar where you buy a loaf of bread with a wheel barrow.. like ya wouldn't want the shit in USDT at that point. Let me check this Pax Gold cause I've seen that around.

They only got it in Paxg/USDT, BUSD, BNB and BTC. You'd think there'd be a trading pair where it would be like backed by gold so if the shit goes down the shitter you aren't left with Zimbabwe dollars. lol.

Edit add-on.. going to close windows.. looked it up..

Tether Gold Price (XAUT) Note: This coin is not listed on Binance for trade and service

So I guess it's just this PAXG. But it's not a trading pair. You'd think the tether one would be doing ok because USDT is the top stable coin.

Edit add-on.. saw this about PAXG.

Binance Lists PAX Gold (PAXG) 2020-08-25 07:27 Fellow Binancians, Binance will list PAX Gold (PAXG) and open trading for PAXG/BTC, PAXG/BNB and PAXG/BUSD trading pairs at 2020/08/26 12:00 PM (UTC). We will then open trading for PAXG/USDT at 2020/08/28 12:00 PM (UTC). Users can now start depositing PAXG in preparation for trading. PAX Gold (PAXG) is a digital asset issued by Paxos. Each PAXG token is backed by one fine troy ounce (t oz) of a 400 oz London Good Delivery gold bar, stored in Brink’s vaults. Users that own PAXG will also own the underlying physical gold, held in custody by Paxos Trust Company.

ok so it's in brinks vaults. lol.

So what do you do with this if you buy some PAXG.. isn't it just like whatever the price of gold is, that's what it would be. Lemme check what happened with it yesterday. 24h Change -0.38%.

What do you do with buying this.. like I don't know.. It's like buying gold? And then it's in a trading pair. USDT, BUSD, BNB or BTC. And aren't you kind of stuck in whichever one you bought it in when you got it. Like if I wanna buy some in the BTC type.. I'd have to buy some bitcoin.. then I can buy that PAXG/BTC type. But if BTC goes down the shitter and you wanna cash out.. I guess it's like if I'd do it with USDT like I do now for whatever. I'll have however many USD for it but instead I'd have however many BTC. I don't like the sounds of that at all. You'd want shit in this whatever and have PAXG be the right side of the trading pair. Like let's say I wanna buy some I don't know.. ETH/PAXG. Then if the US dollar or BTC craps out you don't double lose. But if those other cryptos go down, ETH would as well. I don't know, man. lol

Edit add-on. Hang on.. saw this..

Can you exchange PAXG for gold? Redeem for Physical: You may redeem for a Physical gold bar by initiating a sell request through the Paxos wallet dashboard on the PAX Gold page. For redemption of PAXG into Gold Bars, you will need to have a minimum of 430 PAXG plus fees given that London Good Delivery gold bars range from 370-430oz. Dec 24, 2021

Like if I wanna buy gold.. why would I fuck around with any of this shit? lol. You know what I mean? I guess if you'd buy it in like ok.. PAXG/BTC and then BTC skyrockets.. then you go.. ok I wanna cash this shit out into gold. lol. And they gotta cough it up.

Edit add-on.. looking into these guys.. lol. They got a little video.


I watched it then thought.. I think it's a hassle if you wanna buy gold.. like they can be out of stock. This is a way to like buy some, it's for sure they got it cause they're checked by some other party so it matches the tokens out there. Like.. if you wanna buy this shit and think the price of gold 'll go up.. sounds like less of a hassle. At least this isn't gonna go down the shitter too hard. So its a way to have your money in something other than like holding USD. lol. Zimbabwe dollars. So it's not really a trading pair. lol.

Look who's buying this shit. The order book.


Change it to show like 100. These guys aren't fuckin around, man.. like half a million dollars on some of them. And then you got the price, if you zoom out the graph.. not all over the place. Like crypto's crazy.. this isn't fluctuating too bad. Going down a bit lately but not much.

"What is Pax gold used for? About PAX Gold (PAXG)

PAXG allows for exposure to Gold markets without using an ETF, futures contract, or other derivative product. PAXG was initially issued in September, 2019 and has seen significant growth in market capitalization and volume as gold prices have fluctuated significantly in 2020."

I guess it's a way to quickly change your crypto or USDT into gold in case there's trouble. lol

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Monero.. checking it in a 2 chart window beside bitcoin, at 1week intervals to see them both. Monero went down the shitter last May like everything else. Was at 500 bucks.. down to 100. lol. It went from that to 300 in the fall when everything was going up. Past month going down like everything else.. it's at 180 bucks. So this shit's being manipulated like the rest of the tokens.

It's like how the illuminati have all kinds of products out there to make you think you have choice but they run all the shit, eh. It's like those infographics of who owns what companies. The media is pretty bad. So, same shit with all these crypto tokens. lol. Monero too, ok.

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I've been analyzing crypto graph behavior, part-time with my spare time after work, for a year now. Your BTC is as low as it was last spring before it went up again till early winter.

However.. just from that 30k yesterday it's up to 32k this morning. It's pretty rough though right now if you zoom it out. Past month, any gains it goes back down. Like where's this headed, eh. When it nosedived start of Dec, it went from 60k to 40k. That was pretty rough. Lately it's just been hanging around 40k since like Jan 21st when it started to get out of the decline of Nov-Dec. But it going below 30k, all bets are off. haha.

It's like when you lose crypto money and try to recover.. you have less so you need bigger gains. Like if you lose 30%, it'll take you 50% gains to get back to where you were. Let's say you're betting 10k, lose 30%, you have 7000. To get back to 10k, you'll have to get gains of 50%. So it sucks. How about if you're down to 300 bucks.. the losses don't seem so bad. But when you get higher up, you can lose a lot. It's all about this "percentage". lol.

So, bitcoin here at 30k.. the losses will be less than when it's higher.

And then if you're watching all the tokens behave at the same time, you see some odd behavior. You noticed it a lot when there's hard nosediving where not even one is in green on the past 24hr top gainers. Check multiple graphs beside each other and bitcoin in one of them. They can have similar "swing points" where they change direction. What varies is how much more up or down they change by. You'd think those would be different. If BTC starts going red too hard, it'll stop something that's spiking up. It's like gravity for everything else.

Let's take a look here at the past month see who's doing good. Betcha there won't be too many. Checking crypto bubbles.. for all the binance coins at the same time. Everything's red below 0%. Only one is TRX.. lol.. the 8 cent token. Sort it the other way.. ouch.. top loser -68% and lots are around that.. like -50%. That's losing half your money. 15 per page here.. let's just click by page to see how bad it is. 10 pages down, that's 150 coins.. and it's still at -40%. lol.

You'd think if this shit was "legit" and not "rigged".. just one of them wouldn't be losing like this and going in a different direction.

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Maybe he's a clone cause he doesn't look like Tom.

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hey you know about crypto? I've been analyzing crypto graph behavior for a year now.. what a bugger, eh? It's going up you bet on it, goes the other way right after.

Was neat when I noticed the 8 leveraged tokens on binance where if it goes down that type is going inverse so you can make money when everything's going down. But it's still a bugger cause you get a hunch where ok it's gonna go up now. Kind of tough to tell if something's gonna go up.

What are you up to with the crypto? I'm not one of these hold guys.. only day trading, minute trading but lately just observing cause too much losing.

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The tabs.. oh the ones on the left is running ghostmouse to get binance chart windows going while I'm in the kitchen. See my instagram funturistic page for what those tabs are.

The insta tabs was looking up Peter Thiel. How did I wind up at that guy.. He wasn't around but when you look for a name there'll be profiles. I'd right click each one in a new tab. They'll have little bogus profiles they make like decoy ducks. But he's not around lately. Almost like before the virus. Let's check his twitter. 1 tweet from 2014. Like this guy isn't into the social networking. How'd I wind up at him.. maybe scrolling insta conspiracy hashtag. Let's check my browser history for when he first pops up.

He had one profile that was inactive but a few followers. I checked those.. was a red flag on a couple people because if anybody I'm following is there, like if they're from the upper class folder, red flag. Was also a blue checkmark. So was probably the only more real one of Peter's profiles. Where he could talk to people. Was 0 posts though. Was odd because only following 3 and they were like hip hop guys. So who knows, unlikely him. These black guys usually don't have interest in these nerds. So it's odd either way.

Then I was looking up his Palantir technologies.

This is how I wind up at this guy.. was checking reddit conspiracy new tab. A guy says did elon buy twitter for mind control. Gets downvoted to 0. I'm there, let's see what he has to say.


What he said was kind of interesting though.

"what if he is planning to use the wealth of Twitter user data to train AI/ML models and predict what people will tweet/reply next.

specifically influencers/politicians. then tailor what THEY see on the platform based on his models, aka mind control to control the masses?

it would not be hard to generate/reorder some tweets to incite certain individuals to high impact propaganda"

Scrolling the comments.. somebody says "Elon Musk bought Twitter to collect information to give to Roko’s Basilisk when he eventually creates it"

I'm there.. what's this "Roko’s Basilisk". Look that up..


"Why are techno-futurists so freaked out by Roko’s Basilisk?"

It said " LessWrong’s founder, Eliezer Yudkowsky, is a significant figure in techno-futurism; his research institute, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which funds and promotes research around the advancement of artificial intelligence, has been boosted and funded by high-profile techies like Peter Thiel and Ray Kurzweil, and Yudkowsky is a prominent contributor to academic discussions of technological ethics and decision theory. "

Was looking up this Eliezer Yudkowsky, not on insta. Kurzweil is, private but almost no posts. Too old. So that's when I looked for where they mention Peter Thiel. When you look him up, you see the balding Elon pic by a 4:3 aspect ratio CRT monitor beside him. So this guy's up to something even though he's not around.

Usually when they don't do social networking it's because they're scared if they get boozed up and fuck up. It's like some A list actors. They'll get their ass handed to them by the cabal. haha.

These other tabs.. was looking for a illuminati cabal meme illustration pic where it was higher level famous people all buddies together I think bush, clinton, obama.. maybe alan greenspan or something and fire in the background. Was around years ago but not in recent years.

That last tab the pirate bay was downloading the stepford wives movie 2004. When I'm looking around for things, see stuff like in the insta conspiracy hashtag, then get sidetracked post something about it here.. close tabs then try to go back.

Oh yeah the winamp.. the skin is the "winamp modern". The playlist is I went though internet-radio.com years ago. Play one, it opens it with winamp.. then save m3u playlist file. Check another station it plays it with that but clears the playlist, so add the previous m3u file to add those. Then save. Do one at a time and later you have a playlist of internet radio stations with various genres from whatever countries. As time goes on some don't connect.. just delete those. It's time for a new run soon to update it. lol. Only got like just over 100.

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Checkin that born in 52 all star high school class year.. it's bad like comparing the powerhouse born in 81 to kim kardashian's even number birth year of 1980, loser class.. ok this born in 52, you get fuckin what's his name.. miramax guy.. haha.. harvey weinstein.. ok so these guys are losers.


ya got number two, patrick swayze who winds up dead before he gets old. I grew up as a teen in the 80's so was familiar with him.. was always this bit of who knows about the gay there with him.. but him winding up dead.. don't fuckin get me started about anybody in hollywood who winds up dead. They get eaten by them at occult ritual statanic calendar dates in caverns under the beverly hills, ok.

who's next in this page.. jeez. Liam neeson.. he's ok.. but when I check for movies in recent years on the pirate bay.. it's like ok he's trying to do more of those nail the bad guy movies.. jeez.

You don't fuck around with any class year though.. like Paul Stanley from kiss.. his ear was malformed so the long hair.. like none of these characters are losers ok.. but it drives them.

What the fuck about Christopher Reeve though.. anybody who winds up dead.. red flag, ok.

We noticed something interesting.. Stephen Segal.. same class year.. that's why buddies with Putin.. haha.. It's kind of like that north korea with the basketball guy. probably the only guy who can talk sense to putin is segal, if we need him for later.. hahaha..

edit add-on.. I gotta look up if stephen is on insta.. haha..

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The thing with people is what is their high school class birth year, right.. I got into this earlier tonite.. so even odd number birth year.. think of the class a year older or younger. It's like waves in time. Some are better at sports.. more nerds.. politicians. Putin's a born in 1952.. so even number birth year. Check that all star team birth year.. jeez.. ok lemme get that site again.. lol.


So Putin's a 52, eh.. like let's check that class..

First thing you gotta remember.. is what year did they graduate high school... so 52.. 62.. 72 he turned 20... early 70's.. I think 70 he turned 18. So think of how things were in 1970. The hippies stopped.. not this peace love shit.. but the singer, songwriter bullshit music.

So he wasn't one of those later 70's disco type dudes, eh.. lol.. bit older than hippies... so that generation.

But this right mouthed.. who knows now. He's not like them. They don't fuck around and like.. it's not bullshit the stuff they do.. haha.

But he is bad though and part of the cabal.. from Donald Marshall, I think he said on his insta that he was there at cloning center shit.. so he rolls with them. But they probably let him do his right mouthed stuff..

But you gotta remember.. older generation, eh.. Like I'm a right mouthed tilted axis.. born in 71.. You get these waves in time.. like 10 year gaps.. so.. class of 81.. they hauled ass. My class, they couldn't get off their ass.. But 61.. so those years 'll be like I don't know.. some type of similarity sort of bits of things.. I don't know.

Like if you go from 81 that powerhouse high school class year.. to fuckin 80, they're losers. lol.

So putin with born in 52.. like I don't know.. but just even number birth year.. then off the probably 51 which were more winners. Lots of these aloof politicians who, when they go to do a high five to somebody it's like aloof losers, eh.. not sports stars. lol.

So him and the right mouthed and who knows what.. early 70's when he turned 20.. like whatcha gonna do with that back then.. like he's fuckin old, man.. I turned 50 and was born in 71.. so he's gotta be in rough shape with the body breaking down.. hahah..

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But now you get into Donald Marshall. Look into his shit.. really long story. How when celebs go to sleep, their consciousness gets transferred to a cloned body of themselves at clone centres. Before you get into this, you gotta know Donald's story of how he got into shit in the 80's. I think he was raised illuminati.. as I always say, read about Svali, ex illuminati's stories. So he was born that way.. during programming he showed a propensity towards like musical stuff.. so they had him do things with that.. and bands in the 80's would do his things. Later he lost his "muse" and couldn't get the new ideas going. Not sure if it was like mandela effect or who knows, what man..

But he talks about the queen being a bitch while those ceremonies at the clone center.. while the rest watch. If they wake up at home their clone body drops to the ground, eh. Luciferian stuff.. but I think the real occult ceremonies they still have to do in person with their real bodies.

Now you get into David Icke's interview with Arizona wilder.. the british royal family. There's also what's her name there.. cathy o'brien.. mk-ultra sex slave for few presidents.. her tales.. books.. her husband there.. this shit is all "revelation of method" eh.. just like fuckin what's his name in the 90's.. fritz springmeier.. research before the internet.

But Donald Marshall.. he's still around... the way they don't wind up dead is suspicious.. but grew up illuminati.. not just elite, eh.. could be your neighbor. Read Svali.. But I think Donald on instagram mentioned Putin along the way.. so even though Putin is right mouth tilted axis.. he's bad.

But never noticed this right tilted axis mouth on Putin.. so he ain't gonna roll like nobody else. Even fuckin Musk is probably left tilted axis mouth.. lemme check. Let's just see him on Rogan.. be able to tell in a few moments. Firing up other tab for youtube vid.

Jeez.. hold on.. rogan 1470... skipped to middle.. fuckin musk.. is he fucin right mouthed.. no fuckin way.. it's like 99.9999% of the population is left mouthed and behave that way, ok. Like, you know what you're dealing with, they're larvals.. lol.

Fuckin rogan.. is he right mouthed.. wtf. yeah wtf with all this shit man. lol.

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he's smirkin as he hit him.. and chris is sittin there for the planned sucker punch.. like come on. The other day I was going to youtube to look for something..was some tyson fight shit eh.. big guy.. click on it.. lol.. lemme look that up. Check browser history for tyson lol..

"Mike Tyson - The Brutal Knockouts against Monsters"

20 minutes eh.. I remember him in the 80's as a teen.. Later was like.. oh yeah when he bit that guy's ear, eh.

But yeah.. you don't just stand there waiting for the sucker punch like fuckin Chris Rock..

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Listen.. I'm out buddy.. over half of beer 8. This fuckin Pabst is bad.. lol.. 4.9% though.. but something "off" about it.. like when did mr hyde get all fired up and bite sides of doors to workout his bite.. and lose it.. that's real beer. This stuff is "tame". lol.

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