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This nano biometric data that they're getting in audio form from the thoughts in your mind.. is exacly like the movie Chaos Walking (2021) with that Star Wars Daisey chick.


You can see somebody's thoughts with that blue purple cloud around somebody's head. This is the biometric data they're getting now.

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In the red dress with the butcher knife is Blondie's Debbie Harry.


UPDATED: 05:11 EDT, 14 November 2011

"Dressed in a floor-length red dress and with her trademark blonde hair Debbie took centre stage at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Gala and both shocked and disgusted attendees.

As the 66-year-old singer stood with all eyes on her, two life-size nude statues of herself and co-curator Marina Abramovic were rolled onto the stage.

With almost magician-like precision Harry produced a large machete and as the crowd of celebrities began to cheer she plunged the knife straight into the heart of her naked double.

We're not sure what message this action was supposed to convey but it was successful in shocking the crowd.

Fortunately the wounded dumby didn't spurt blood as Harry reached into its chest and withdrew its heart.

As Debbie held the heart in the air it was revealed that it was in fact made of red velvet cake.

The act proved controversial as some audience members began to chant: 'Violence Against Women! Violence Against Women!' in protest to the simulated violence.

One insider described the event as 'controversial and unnecessary' and added: 'This is appalling for women all over the world who suffer domestic violence.'

Dita Von Teese, who was at the evening along with Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richie, said on Twitter: 'This must be art, because it sure ain't entertainment.-Pogo.'

As the show continued a group of shirtless men armed with meat cleavers joined her on stage and began chopping up the two bodies.

The dismembered bodies were made of cake that was then served up as dessert and given to guests.

Debbie Harry said: 'I haven’t eaten a piece of myself... yet.'

Earlier in the evening Harry performed a song and was carried onto stage in a strange Lady Gaga-style moment.

The Blondie singer was lying down covered in a plastic sheet as dinner guests looked on confused.

After being taken to the main stage area she started singing Heart Of Glass before cutting into her cake double.

Marina Abramovic had received criticism for her masochistic art prior to this on-off exhibition but vowed to go ahead with the show regardless."

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Where I work they're all vaccinated and most caught the covid. Others probably were hiding that they caught it. I was wearing doctor masks before the virus and stay away from getting too close to them. During that time was a couple guys who weren't vaccinated and weren't wearing masks who caught the covid.

Where I live.. they used to have stats of the vaccinated percentage. It was like over 80 I think. But the boosters were less. Then the government stopped the stats site.

I'd check the city subreddit and they were all pro vaccine. But you'd see threads of them catching the covid and more than once too as time went on.

They all don't do masks. Lately, browsing instagram city location, when there's get-togethers like bars, concerts anything, if somebody would wear a mask they'd get a bad vibe, I bet. It's like this peer pressure.

I wear mine when grocery shopping or going to the mall and I don't care what people think. You still see some in the supermarket or mall who wear masks. The places I get glasses the staff wear masks.

I don't know what's going on with all this stuff. I'm hanging loose a few more years to see if there's funny business going on with them at work. They don't seem to be as sick when the covid was going around.

Last weekend watched a good documentary,


Before that, saw this clip which was from later on in that 2hr doc.


They're detecting MAC addresses emanating from people who got the covid vaccines. Mac means media access control, it's a blue tooth signal. In this video clip they ran tests in the wilderness where there's no signals. Groups who got vaccinated, those who didn't and those who also didn't get tested. They're detecting this MAC addresses that comes and goes it's not consistent the whole time. What is the deal with this?

The whole time during the pandemic, I was like.. I don't trust these swab tests, they're probably putting who knows what nano stuff on some of them. Maybe that's how they got everybody sick, while they were locked down. I don't know. Not enough conspiracy talk about possible shenanigans with the test swabs. I never got tested and if I can prevent that, I'll move to the bush before getting a swab up my nose.

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oh so the blue is like stocks going up or down, eh. I remember when the tech bubble burst in 2000 with the dot com boom and was thinking of domain names. Plus was starting to watch CNBC.. graphs.. the stock market. This site where you had pretend money. Was kinda neat.

So yeah.. the blue here is stocks eh.. and watch when they go down a bit.. but this shit keeps going up, eh.

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Was gonna get one of those when I was in bling mode before I got rid of the lot earlier this year.


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How I wound up there.. was scrolling my home page insta feed and saw Kevin O'leary from that shark tank tv show with a post. Something about.. does it make a profit and how much do they spend. I'm there.. don't listen to this guy cause he would of poo-poo'd Amazon later on.. nevermind in the early days.

Trying to find about their stuff saw this page with the chart.


I remember the early years.. well later on.. you'd hear about amazon but they wouldn't make money and they were huge.

In this article it mentions..

"Its business model, once reviled on Wall Street, has spurred numerous other companies like Uber and WeWork to emulate Amazon and forgo profits for the sake of growth — though many of these companies haven’t really proved that they could ever be profitable."

You gotta hang onto cash though in case there's trouble. I think apple would stockpile cash eh. Lemme check.


"Apple alone last week reported sitting on $202.5 billion in cash and investments. That's 7.4% of all the S&P 500's cash. And it's up nearly 4% from 2021. And this week, Alphabet said it's holding $169.2 billion in cash and investments, up more than 7% from 2021.

The massive cash pile held by just 13 companies accounts for nearly 40% of the $2.7 trillion held by all of the companies in the S&P 500. S&P 500 companies now have enough cash to give $8,131 to every man, woman and child in the U.S."

That's not much. lol

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"Seen as two of the most authoritative Monarchical symbols, the orb and sceptre are used at the coronation of each new Sovereign, full of symbolism and power. But why are they used and what do they mean?

The Sovereign’s Orb, as this part of the Crown Jewels is officially named, is a symbol of Godly power. A cross above a globe, it represents ‘Christ’s dominion over the world’, as the Monarch is God’s representative on Earth."

yeah.. you mean their God, which is Lucifer. lol. Just like on the dollar bill eh.. or when a celeb says "god" in an acceptance speech.

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To understand read "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream" by David McGowan. The hippie movement.. they set that up.. probably like punk. If you look into the hippie music movement characters.. a lot of their parents worked for the military.

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yeah I finished watching all of Stranger things.. it was actually called Montauk before. Let me find that.


So what are they telling us in this show.. and how do things vary from the real story. In the real story.. that Preston Nichols guy in the books.. it only gets mentioned in the 2nd book about how there were boys being roughed up in this place. Saw that a while ago in some youtube vid.. what was up with that.

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This was the link though but it cut it off earlier


"Solomon's Key to Wisdom - The Way to the Master

This comprehensive course in theory and practice, includes not only the attainment of the highest light seals of the Ars Goetia, but the ability to establish direct contact, interaction and communication with the respective demons.

You will be initiated into the highest secrets of the ancient magicians and learn to practically integrate your knowledge into your life and apply it for your benefit and the benefit of all.

Initiation into this system is the highest level of initiation. With this knowledge in hand and practical learning, you become the master of your destiny.

But note that this path requires discipline, diligence, thirst for knowledge and dedication. If you have this, you will gain abilities and possibilities that you never imagined.

First and foremost, you will learn to summon demons, control spiritual phenomena, subdue service spirits, and interact with the other world.

You will learn to move objects by thought power alone, to see and walk through walls, to transport yourself to distant places, to bend fate, to manifest your thoughts and desires, to send and receive energies, and much more.

Here you will learn secrets that are not in books because for centuries they were and are accessible only to certain people.

This course lasts about 5-6 months depending on personal progress.

Please understand that I check every interested person on heart and kidneys and I reserve the right to reject the individual. This is not a decision against your person!

Note: In order to perform these rituals, I need a photo of you, your full name and your date of birth.

Any questions?"

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The Babalon Working was a series of magic ceremonies or rituals performed from January to March 1946 by author, pioneer rocket-fuel scientist and occultist Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.[1] This ritual was essentially designed to manifest an individual incarnation of the archetypal divine feminine called Babalon. The project was based on the ideas of Aleister Crowley, and his description of a similar project in his 1917 novel Moonchild.[2]


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On beer 12 of 12 here.. heineken.. lol.. browsing my city location.. saw this..

"🔮 A genderfluid neurodivergent eclectic hedge witch with a passion for divination. Tarot, oracle card, pendulum and other divination readings. 🌌"

Thought of these wachumpskis.. I'm there.. what's this mean.. then I'm there.. i guess you just fuck them up the ass. lol

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oh man you just crap me right out.. can't do it.. got another 12 tonite and half left.. got another half in the freezer.. did you check that porn kings up to no good sample hit.. lol.. I think B3 was the original sample.. the instruments in the vid were off.. lol.. cause not those notes.. but any notes I'd get the proper pitch in melodyne. Then use sound forge to export the various notes. Double check those and were in key in melodyne.

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I finished reading that pdf earlier today.. so that was it. I guess you can't get large agglomerations of wealth but they had no tech.. so hmm.. what about hiring people to do work.. you pay them.. get paid by somebody else.. hmm.. how would you be able to get rich back in those days, eh.

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Who is this guy.. I like this guy.. "ApparentlyImAHeretic". I gotta keep an eye on this guy.. he's smarter than me.. lol.. hang on, lemme right click to new tab his profile. lol.

Guys who aren't here very much.. that's a good thing.. it means they're busy trying to win in the real world.. so respect there. lol. Who is this guy though.. this whole site is for "exiles" who were bad at mainstream sites. So.. keep digging.. you'll detect where he doesn't like them. lol. ok hang on, sir.

Scrolled a bit.. don't have time.. can't find it.. i'm out. lol

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what do you mean you're not on insta.. jeez.. I got a 15 buck a month prepaid phone from MTS.. well Bell took them over.. had to go get a new chip last month.. holy fuck you wanna hear about that.. 2nd in line waited 52 minutes, watched 2 NFL games on the screen. lol.. No data on my phone.. just get one of those, dude. I only use insta on my desktop. But you gotta have the bullshit phone for this 2FA verification bullshit like the crypto transfers, eh. So.. I need it for that.. but fuck phones I don't use them.

Dude.. do that.. get a bullshit phone and get on insta.. ya gotta check out those digging around the world I did for like a year and a half. I use desktop only eh.. so have chrome bookmarks of whoever I follow.. after couple months, then sort them into categories. Should see the "upper class" one. Well you can check the who I'm following but they're all mixed up. Then ya got the behind the scenes entertainment industry. That's interesting. But offline there's these city location folders.. so you check any of those and it's like who used that as a location. I like beverly hills. But have like bunch of those with major locations. Lotsa conspiracy stuff too, eh.

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haha.. hold on he's not a bot.. yeah.. porn kings up to no good. I think I got a sample of that keyboard hit and made an instrument from it. Hang on, lemme check where that would be in here.

yeah hang on I got it here.. jeez.

"10 - 41 synth wav melody bank numbers list.txt"

" 30. 030 - 063 - B6 083 - (B1 035) - porn kings up to no good sample (B3) [fixed 0.160 sec delay] (0:05)"

I gotta get where I made octaves from the hit.. lol. Oh wait it's a whole instrument.. It's in "41 synth wav samples melody instruments". Stuff I made from samples.. ok. Now where the fuck is this in this 2 hour behind the scenes video... haha..

You also got this one too, eh.. lol.

  1. 030 - 063 - B6 083 - (B1 035) - porn kings up to no good sample (B3) [fixed 0.160 sec delay] (0:05)
  2. 031 - 064 - B6 083 - (B1 035) - porn kings up to no good sample (B3) [fixed] (0:03)

So B3 is your "root note". The original sample. Fuck I spent years on all this shit, man.. for the "next generation" funturistic stuff.. but I gotta be able to work on it full time. Can't do that with shit job.. so busy with crypto past year and a half. lol. ok lemme go get the time of that instrument in the vid. lol.

ok so it's this "10 - 41 synth wav melody.sf2". Meaning later. You can see the sf2's at the top right of the vid. ok I"m at 10 then gotta go to instrument 30 in that section.. jeez. lol.

ok I got it.. the porn kings hit.. the first one I added delay to it.. haha.. you'll recognize it.. hahaha.. See I made my own keyboard instrument with pitch shifted octaves from that.. now you can do whatever. The next one is the regular one with no delay. Lemme get this.. hahaha.. 1hr31min34sec.


porn kings, up to no good.. rofl. have some of that.. hahahah. Now you can do "whatever" with that, eh.. hahaha.

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I don't know about you but this one seems a little, lol.. "harsh".

"CHASTITY "With the Indians, perfect chastity was the rule, not the exception. The rule was respected by the man, and he killed his wife if she broke it; and public sentiment approved his act. Unfaithfulness was an unpardonable sin." (44)"

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"The Tribe alone controls all tribal interests. The Tribe may give to one family the exclusive right to hunt or gather wood or forage or wild rice or fruit in one tract or range, but the family cannot sell this right, nor can they hire others to hunt or gather for them, lest the hunting be destroyed by overdrain. If one finds game on the range, and have it in his power, only so much may be killed as he needs and can use. He may not kill for the evil pleasure of killing and wasting. (41) When a man goes trapping and raids a beaver pond, he must not take all the beaver. He should leave at least a pair to stock again the pond. Leave also the dams and the houses, so that the beaver may recover and again restock the range. If one find deer in a deer-yard when the snow is deep, he shall kill only so many as he and his people nigh at hand can use. It is a dishonourable thing to kill so much game that it goes to waste. The punishment of those who so behave is that some day they shall suffer starvation"

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lol.. see at least these guys weren't wrecking the planet though eh.

""Notwithstanding the prodigality of nature and his independence of the cares which beset the modern man, the old Indian was not wasteful of his resources. He picked no more berries than he needed to stay the cravings of his hunger, and scrupulously avoided injuring trees and bushes which bore anything edible. He killed no more game than he needed for himself and his camp, and ate every part of what he did kill. When he built a file, he used only the fuel that was necessary, and before quitting the spot extinguished the flame with care." (40)"

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