by pkvi
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I think this post perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the conspiracy community at present.

Take and idea, mutate it to its wost possible outcome, then feign outrage as if it's happening.

Fear sells.

by qbqb
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Dear diary, today I finally came out to the world


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If by "automated trucking" you mean "kangaroo drawn sleighs" then yea you have a point. But unfortunately for Australia, they haven't innovated anything since the boomerang. They don't have cyber billionaires competing for quickly evaporating market space with the means to do so. There is no Australian Tesla.

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Has Pfizer developed a medication for "overactive fork syndrome" yet?

Oh yea, Adderall.

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And yet, here you are lmao

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I have a pack of hatershills following me everywhere.

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I am fucking thrilled that you two Tardbots found each other. It's a match made in sheol.

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All you have to do is not suck their feminine cocks bro. That's it. Can you handle that? I don't think you can.

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The toppest of keks

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Wow. It sounds like that .2% is really mopping the floor with you. Sounds like they're better than you in every measurable way. Not much you can really do about it besides complain to other alphabet agencies online. Stay mad though!

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Tell me coyim, are the trannies in the room with us now?

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Spicy. OP is ~300lbs with cheeto dust coated fingers, is a neet who hasnt seen another human in 2 years let alone his dick, but it's the "shedding." Okbuddy.jpg

They'll claim to be fit, eat great, blah blah blah...but they're here unironically which means none of that is true.

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Quarantine isolation and mask wearing weakened your immune system over the past 2 years. It'll come back.

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best worst documentary ever

I believe it.

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I thought it was made public that they modified the weather in order to have clear skies for sportsball matches in the middle east.

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