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You wanna come take my shit? Fucking good luck. Got snipe spots all over my property, including the detached garage which has an escape exit out the back onto the 3 acres of green space my property sits on.

I have caches of actual cash, ammo and more guns buried throughout that green space. I would actually LOVE to see them come take my shit. Fucking pick them off before they even got CLOSE to my property.

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sorry to burst your bubble, there is NO way whatever happens anywhere but MY HOME is going to affect me or my family.

Don't ever fucking assume you know where someone else sits.

My wife is beyond essential service ; she drives a fuel truck. I have my own construction business. I, me alone, choose where and when I work.

We're armed to the teeth. Been growing a LOT of our food for years, converting the garage this year to a full time greenhouse. Putting bees in there, this year or next, to pollinate all year long.

self sustainability is the way. Literally, fuck what ever is going on outside my property. There are many, many, many all across North America like myself an my wife.

We seen this shit coming eons ago. I've been red pilled before I was 10. We've been planning this our entire relationship ; 26 years this year.

We don't watch TV, read the news, only smart devices in our home is our phones, we don't purchase online = in store, locally only.

NOTHING outside our property affects us, trust me.

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Citing MSM as source? For real?

You using MSM as your source to prove your points? And you think those articles are telling the truth, right?

But you're a conspiracy / doomer?

Sounds to me like someone's got some wires crossed somewhere.

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There's no fucking food shortages.

What you really need to look at, is the incredible, what in the actual fuck, amount of food WASTE that AMERICA, yes, the good ol USA goes through a year.

We're talking over 103 MILLION tones in 2018 alone.

103 MILLION tones of GOOD food that basically didn't get eaten and either went bad or left overs thrown out.


There is no food shortage. Been to an empty grocery store lately? Nope, you have not.

by pkvi
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mmm.... you conveniently forget all the 'seeds' China randomly sent to everyone around the world not long after Covid started? Nobody ordered them, nobody asked for them.

Packets of seeds just started showing in people's mailboxes at random all over ; from China.

Tell me there's nothing fishy there.

by pkvi
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Unfortunately in Canada, we have the same types that thinking destroying buildings makes their point.

It's a fucking building. IT didn't do anything. IT didn't perpetrate the crimes against the natives here. All IT did was be built.

The institution of the church is another story. Blaming and taking your frustration out on a fucking building just shows how low skill your brain is. Just an excuse to destroy w/out cause.

Burning churches isn't going to do a fucking thing. All the native groups in Canada are speaking out about it, and none of them agree this is correct course of action.

It's the institution of the church and the gov't of Canada who are responsible for this, nobody else.

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exactly, that's why Swine Flu, H1N1, MERS and SARS weren't scaring people.

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little bit o' predictive programming to go along with that ;)


and mirrored


Remember, Free Masonry is about 'mirroring' Christianity.

Orange is the only colour that comes up 33.

Also take note the glass of orange juice is directly on the buildings.

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red string = red shoe club.

Cornell, Avicii, Bennington, and Bourdain. All were working on exposing the child pedo ring. All were found 'sucided' with a red rope or scarf. Bourdain and Avicii I believe were red scarves, the other 2 were red exercise rubber bands.

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Make it 3/3 lol. Excellent words. Someone over at awakening had a similar post and it IS nice to see the positive reflections from others. 100% correct, all is not lost.

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actually reality right here.

Unless folks are going to organize and act to PHYSICALLY take back our countries, this is reality. Posting shit online to others who already know.

Trying to red pill the left, as said by DefaultFreedom is not possible. They outnumber the right, and they have big tech and big media on their side.

What's the right got?? Telling each other shit everyone already knows. Waiting for a 2 weeks from now miracle that has yet to happen.

Reality is try to get in with local people of like mindset and actually PREPARE for it all to go to shit. Stop waiting for something or someone else to 'make it all better'. Preserve your life and the life of your family, work on self sustainability and fuck everything else.

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I know I've been smoking weed since high school. I've never had a cold. I've had the flu once in my life at 31.

I can count on one hand all the times in my life I haven't felt 100% normal / fine.

Weed is the only plant that you can cut the top foot off a plant, plant that cut and it will grow a new plant = positive cell regeneration.

It's why they give it to MS / cancer / parkinsons patients. It promotes positive cell growth / regeneration in your body.

If you check the data, regular weed smokers don't succumb to cell degenerate diseases and ailments. NOBODY I know that smokes regular ever gets sick.

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And there is this philosophy as well:

To be truly pure to yourself, you must master both the mind and body. The Fibonacci Sequence applied to yourself.

You can be a body building, non fast food eating, 2% body fat, bill of incredible health person, and be a racist fucktard.

You can have the heart of gold, help anyone whenever you can, have a higher intellect, give the shirt off your back ; but you eat McDicks 3 times a week, and your fridge is all processed crap.

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Humans aren't, and are still not, designed for sitting in an office staring at a fucking screen for hours a day. Before there was anything, we were all hunters / gatherers, and thus, daily and routinely partaking in some form of physical activity.

Real world, recent example: Wife and I are very active / involved with candle pin bowling here. A LOT, in fact, most of the seniors in my city / area bowl regularly. There are men who bowl, who you would swear are 20 years OLDER than my father, yet they are actually 10+ years younger than him.

I ask these guys what they did for a living. Most worked at the shipyard / VIA rail / sugar refinery. The worked their shifts, came home, ate, and sat in front of the TV with some beer.

My dad ran the economic development / management field for the phone company here. Sat at a desk all day, staring at a screen. Came home every night to supper, and then out in the yard, redoing a bedroom, building a deck, etc. He, even now @ 77 and triple by pass 5 years ago, does not stop.

I've been to a lot of bowler funerals over the last 10 years.

Proof is in the pudding they say.

by pkvi
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#1 How is this guy even still being used if the emails are true? Possible the emails was just another etagylati?

#2 A variant is the mutation a virus does as it starts to die. A variant is desperation to stay alive on the part of the virus. In no way could that variant be stronger than the original.

I don't believe a single word from MSM or anyone connected to them, or cites them as source.

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This is just a picture of a random galaxy. There's no pics of OUR galaxy from this perspective.

I could put this image into astro software and it'll probably tell us what galaxy is it.

There's quite a few NGC galaxies that are facing this way when photographed. This COULD be a CGI image, but there's too many faint galaxies in the background. Photoshoppers forget about 'back ground fuzzies' when they CGI space pics.

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lol yea I realized that I will look again, just blind fired when I saw the start of it. I should've paid attention, the back ground on hers was grey and the font wasn't like that.

I may have to screenshot it from phone and then put it on the PC. Don't have socials on the PC, don't have conspiracy stuff on the phone.

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I unfriended her across the board as soon as I saw it, but I should be able to find it.

by pkvi
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Same shit here in New Brunswick. We've been toted as being one of the 'safest from Covid' areas in the whole world, something like that.

We've only ever had a 150 cases was the highest at one time, in a province of over 700,000. But that's all BS so who cares.

My point, because we've been 'so safe' they're going to open up the Atlantic bubble because NB now has 75% w/ their first dose. And NB is going to full 'green zone'.

I ask the same : only one dose now and everything's hunky dory? Fucking bizzaro world it is.

by pkvi
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I totally agree actually. I've said since junior high ; we're only as smart as we've made ourselves. And, I won't ever argue there is definitely life, intelligent life else where in our own galaxy.

I just don't believe travelling through space can be done without blowing yourself up?

You got to go at least 6 or 7/10ths light speed to really get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. You need an engine that can do that.. continuously as there will be no gas stations in space. You need a material you can build a vessel from that can handle going that fast, continuously without needing hull repair.

And, that's where my biggest problem is. While you're travelling around space at 7/10ths of light speed ; what happens when you hit a .5cm space rock? How would you even navigate something like that in advance of you getting to it, travelling at those speeds?

You would have to have already, somehow, completely mapped out the entire galaxy, including ALL moving targets, in every solar system and interstellar space and their exact trajectories. That's millions of years beyond what we could do in a million years lol.

I think ONE day, we actually may discover / be discovered and have it confirmed both ways = we communicate back to them. But, honestly, I really believe that's the farthest it can ever go.

And that IS only based 100% on our 'knowledge' so.. I only let my imagination go so far ha ha. I don't think about 'force fields' because a force field on a moving close to light speed object? Would have to be an energy source we haven't discovered yet.

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