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Nobody is more “panicked” about this evaluation than the “two more weeks” crowd.

Can’t wait to see where they move the goalposts this time.

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As you should.

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I mean..... the fact that you immediately reply to me indicates that you do, in fact, GAF.

Seems you might actually care a lot, and for that, I’m flattered.

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They’re helping out their very best friend, America.

The building collapsing seems suspicious because there’s been two dozen posts here this week about how a building collapsing is suspicious.

I believe some of the posters are disingenuously distracting from something else.

I believe the others are genuine, if not Schizofrenic.

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And yet, I’m still seeing a large amount of people saying they can’t wait to vote for Trump in 2024.

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Yes, it’s a shitty building that has been rotting away for half a decade that finally collapsed.

The idf is involved because of the large Jewish population of that building. Some being from Israel directly. Over 1/3 of the population of that area of Miami is Jewish.

If a building in another country collapsed, and dozens of the missing were Americans, America would be over there in exactly the same fashion.

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First you post about magnetic vaccines, now you’ve made several posts about this nothingburger.

What actual conspiracies are taking place that you’re trying to distract us from with these larps?

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Water under the bridge. We’re not always going to see eye to eye. But you need variation of opinion in any community. It fosters growth and prevents echo chambers.

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Anyone who downvoted this post is ok with censorship, as long as it isn’t their perceived “side” being censored.

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That area of Miami is more than 1/3 Jewish.

Did you happen to see the list of names of the missing?

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“Kid” refers to Christopher Reid from Kid 'n' Play, who composed the show's theme song and was a partner in the production company.

You want to hunt pedos? Talk to your priest.

Enjoy your larp.

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That’s really all this is.

And I believe that some, not all, but some of the people that post these “conspiracies” are just looking to distract people.

There are real, legitimate issues people should be looking into.

IMO, this isn’t it.

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